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Inside the world of a self proclaimed vampire

A make-up artist and self-proclaimed vampire says she drinks human blood directly from the wound of her partner every week as she 'loves the metallic taste and texture.' Georgina Condon, 38, from B...
Staged Reading Of Dracula At The Lyceum Theatre...

Staged Reading Of Dracula At The Lyceum Theatre In 1897 The first theatrical performance of Dracula took place one May 18th, 1897 at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Arranged by Bram Stoker to...
Adapting Carmilla

Adaptation is a special art. From Lord of the Rings to The Maltese Falcon and Moby Dick, the manner in which a story translates from one medium to another fascinates me. But what I find intriguing ...
Hammer Vampire Films

Hammer Studios is a revered name among major horror movie fans. Hammer Studios re-defined how horror movies were made, and especially vampire movies. The Hammer Dracula series in particular completely...
Gypsies and Vampires

In the opening chapters of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula Jonathan Harker discovered that he was a prisoner in Castle Dracula but he was given hope by the appearance of a band of Gypsies:A band of Szgany...
Vampire Bat's Preventing Strokes?

A drug study using the saliva of vampire bats has recently stepped back into Press headlines. The study had been previously halted because of potential risk to the humans who were being tested on with...
Tony Sokol’s Vampyr Theatre

When one links theater with vampires, one things Anne Rice and her creation of that dark performance troupe in eighteenth-century Paris, but Tony Sokol says this was not the original inspiration for h...
Vampire skeletons found in Bulgaria

Has the zombie apocalypse spread to Bulgaria? Not quite, experts say, though archeologists there have uncovered two “vampire” skeletons from the Middle Ages, given that term because they were gored...
Roumanian Death and Burial Customs.

The following account of customs connected with death and burial among the Roumanians is derived from three sources : 1. My own observations during eleven years’ residence both in town and country ...
Croatian 'Dracula' revived to lure tourists

As evening mist slowly embraces the village of Kringa in the heart of Croatia's picturesque Istrian peninsula, a few young enthusiasts gather in a bar trying to revive the legend of a 17th-century loc...
Vampires: The Romantic Ideology Behind Them

The French Revolution constituted for the conscience of the dominant aristocratic class a fall from innocence, and upturning of the natural chain of events that resounded all over Europe; the old regi...

The Obayifo (pronounced oh-bay-EE-fo) is the West African version of the vampire, although it differs from the more common European view of the blood-seeking demon. Known by a few names - obeyifo, a...
The Vampire Bat: Facts and Information

Physical Characteristics The vampire bat is two and three quarters to three and three quarters inches long. Its tail is two and a half inches long. It weighs eleven sixteenths to one and five eight...
A Bio of Bela Lugosi - Count Dracula

Few actors have ever personified one of their famous characters more than Bela Lugosi. 25 years after playing the embodiment of evil in Dracula, Lugosi was put to rest in full Count Dracula costume, i...
Miss American Vampire Pageant 1970

One of the things that fascinates me about horror entertainment is how the ideas portrayed therein over the past 200 years or so have created a multi-generational line of spookyvolk that's linked by a...

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