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Real Modern Living Vampires and Sub Groups

There is a time and a place to use very specific labels and categories. And then there are situations where the more general categories serve better….it all depends on context and particular scenarios...
'Dracula was not from Exeter,' insists Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker’s descendant has rejected reports that claimed his ancestor’s most famous creation, Count Dracula, hailed not from Transylvania but Devon. Writer Andy Struthers told the Exeter Express ...
The Witches' Guide to Physical Sanguines

We now come to the third general type of vampire in the Vampire Community. This type of vampire is probably the most mysterious when viewed through the lens of the practicing Witch. The Physical Sa...
Real Division in the Greater Vamp Community

There are some people who refer to the Sang/Psy dissension, when pointing out the main cause of disagreement in the GVC. This could be a reasonable observation, except that some Sangs will fight amon...
Archaeological Remains of a Vampire

According to report in the National Geographic News, in 2006 archaeologists in Italy had a unique vampire sighting of their own. They discovered the very real remains of what is believed to have been ...
Psychic Generators - What do You Mean?

A friend of mine asked me to draw on her energy….basically, to feed from her. I told her that I was going to wait 15 seconds from the time that I posted my last comment [We were private messaging.] an...
Why Are So Many Vampires Silent?

Where are all of the Vampires? It seems that we are a vocal bunch, but could it be that there are only a tiny handful of us that are so loud, it seems like we are a large chorus of vampiric voices? ...
Witches’ Guide-Hybrid Vampires & Spiritual Sangs

From the Psychic Vampire, with the energy-feeding habits, we move onto exploring another category of Vampire from the Vampire Community. This category includes two types of Vampire who still engage in...
New York's Historical Vampire Club

The remarkable Long Black Veil or "LBV" events truly hold a unique place in the history of New York City's nightlife. LBV began in 1997 as "Long Black Veil & The Vampyre Lounge" on the second Wednesda...
Inside the world of a self proclaimed vampire

A make-up artist and self-proclaimed vampire says she drinks human blood directly from the wound of her partner every week as she 'loves the metallic taste and texture.' Georgina Condon, 38, from B...
Real vampires of NOLA, a dissertation article

A doctoral student shares insights from some of his qualitative interviews for his doctoral dissertation. John Edgar Browning met his first “real vampire” in a Gothic apparel store. A docto...
Staged Reading Of Dracula At The Lyceum Theatre...

Staged Reading Of Dracula At The Lyceum Theatre In 1897 The first theatrical performance of Dracula took place one May 18th, 1897 at the Lyceum Theatre in London. Arranged by Bram Stoker to...
Adapting Carmilla

Adaptation is a special art. From Lord of the Rings to The Maltese Falcon and Moby Dick, the manner in which a story translates from one medium to another fascinates me. But what I find intriguing ...
Hammer Vampire Films

Hammer Studios is a revered name among major horror movie fans. Hammer Studios re-defined how horror movies were made, and especially vampire movies. The Hammer Dracula series in particular completely...
Gypsies and Vampires

In the opening chapters of Bram Stoker's novel Dracula Jonathan Harker discovered that he was a prisoner in Castle Dracula but he was given hope by the appearance of a band of Gypsies:A band of Szgany...

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