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Rules and Information


The Vampire Rave Banner Exchange is a true 6:5 exchange. This means that as a member, you receive more impressions from the exchange than you sent to it. For every 5 banner impressions you send, you will receive 6 in return.

Other exchanges may promise you this, but it's unlikely that they can deliver. You can't give away more than what you have? Right? Read on...

Vampire Rave runs the exchange on all pages. Vampire Rave does not "collect" on these impressions. It gives them away to exchange members. The result is several hundred thousand impressions per day that go into the exchange pool. Extra impressions for you, as a member.

Be suspicious of other exchanges that promise you more impressions than you send. You should also be suspicious of exchanges that promise to a 1:1 ratio. If they're giving away free impressions for sign ups, and their ratio is 1:1, they're trying to give away more than they have. Most reputable exchanges will promise no more than a 5:6 ratio. Many operate at a ratio as low as 1:2.

The Vampire Rave Banner Exchange CAN deliver on its promise to you of a 6:5 ratio. Vampire Rave runs its banners at the top of Vampire Rave pages. This gives you great position and great visibility. Additionally, you receive 1000 free impressions for signing up.


We offer 3 ad formats for you to choose from:
  • 120 x 120
  • 468 x 60
  • 728 x 90
  • You can run multiple banners in multiple sizes from and pointing to multiple sites. Our system is one of the most versatile banner exchanges you'll find.


  • Your site must be vampire, gothic, occult, dark, spiritual, science fiction, or paranormal in nature.

  • The exchange will not accept sites that contain the following: pornography, nudity, self-mutilation, BD&SM, smut, disregard for animal/human life, or any activity deemed illegal by law in the United States.

  • You must display the banner code unaltered.

  • You may not place banner exchange code in pop-ups, pop-unders, any type of hidden window, or in any manner that administrators feel obscure banner exchange banners.

  • If you have a very low click ratio your account may be suspended. You can avoid this by placing exchange code in a prominent location on your website(s).

  • You may have multiple banner exchange accounts.

  • You may place exchange code on your personal profile pages of social networking websites.

  • Your account may be terminated at any time, with or without cause.

  • Vampire Rave Banner Exchange rules and policies may change at any time.

    Your account will be instantly activated, so you can get started immediately. However, all accounts are routinely reviewed. Any breach of conduct may result in immediate account termination.

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