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04:24:53 Oct 09 2020
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October 31st: What are your traditions on this night? How was it when you were a child? Whether it be by bon fire or tricks and treats, tell us how you spend the night for crawly creeps.

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05:05:00 Oct 09 2020
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Halloween for me went through different stages through life. First we always went trick or treating... then my parents went through a religious thing and we went to Hallelujahs at the church and had to dress up like bible characters and tell their story.... THAT SUCKED..... then I reached an age where I no longer did either of those things and handed out candy. Once I had children it's always been a thing to take them trick or treating and it is a tradition that I make Witches Brew every year as well. One year we threw a REALLY awesome Halloween party (which would be so fun to do again one year)

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11:08:58 Oct 09 2020
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Witches brew is the best! I could use a nice warm mug this time in the morning. Yes I remember that party very well it was so awesome. Costume contest, scavenger hunt, and scary food challenge. I have always went trick or treating when I can, both as a child and as a parent. If I am home I dress up along with the kids and take them to the doors. Usually these days I have to work on Halloween but I wish I didn't. Thankfully on VR it's almost like a taste of the holiday everyday.

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07:11:55 Oct 10 2020
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Omg that sounds so fun!!!

I never had the fun of this American holiday growing up, and now as a parent, have learned the round abouts of it. My favorite thing to do when the kids were younger, was bake Halloween themed desserts and candy to distribute in parties, school, homeless shelters and kids hospitals. I'm gonna miss baking and doing that this year because of covid, and due to unforeseen events that have happened, I will miss it entirely. My kids no longer trick or treat, but they do the dress up and artfully transform themselves with fx makeup, into creatures inspired by their imagination. My daughter is an artist, so she does the transformations for both herself and her brother.

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Firebrand (79)
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08:05:30 Oct 13 2020
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I used to celebrate it with my students... get them all dressed in black orange or purple. I'd give out sweets... nothing much. Then I binge on horror movies and books.

Not so much nowadays, although I do conduct a vampire ritual on the night of All Hallow's Eve, without fail.

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02:22:21 Oct 18 2020
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MorningStar, Your kids sound so creative!

BloodRose a vampire ritual sounds interesting can you spare any details on that?

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Marplot (14)
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03:53:44 Oct 22 2020
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When I was little I would always go out and about either with my mother or on my own and I remember running around, kicking up leaves, howling at the moon and eating tons of sweets late into the night. In my teens I would still go trick or treating, but at the time I was exploring my path in witchcraft and growing in the goth culture, so after collecting sweets, I would always go to the cemeteries to pay my respect to the departed and then complete a mediocre Samhain ritual.
Nowadays, I just like to dress up in a beautiful, extravagant gothic/vampiric outfit and go out with friends, and my teen traditions of visiting cemeteries and Samhain Rituals still stick with me to this day.

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18:32:00 Oct 26 2020
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As a kid when out trick or treating and then back to school for a party with friends
Teenager went trick or treating with friends and then the cemetery to party with friends afterwards did a ritual to my deceased grandfather
When son was little we first hit the nearest mall for trick or treating and then friends and relatives after he went to bed did a ritual for all my relatives and friends that are no longer with us on this realm
This year will be taking grandson its his first year and then a ritual with his mom for his sister who only lived a few years when she was born 5 years ago and will do another one when get home for those that left this realm

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21:19:20 Nov 01 2020
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I hope everyone has had a wicked holiday, any stories of this year's festivities?

I had to work, my costume was a real full contamination suit with a covid mask, w00t.

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02:51:51 Nov 21 2020
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Communal bonfire, feast, celebration of the harvest, and sacrifice.

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05:28:40 Dec 30 2020
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Very traditional Doru. Thank you for sharing everyone. I am going to close the thread Hope to see one like it next year.

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