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22:48 May 27 2006
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jordan i am sorry but i dont marry cheaters. any thanks to the person who u cheated on me with, thanks.

and for all of u out there that are sayign i am lying heres my fuckign proff:

On 21:53:43 May 27 2006 wrote:

ok look Im a sorry about the whole reading thingy an whatnot...but you still think jordan is innocent...yeah well here is something you should ook at...an I dont care if you tell him ...go right ahead...but I think you should read this....I would start from the bottom if I were you...

ahhhh baby yea

On 21:04:49 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

slides my cock in and out slow at frist then starts going faster and harder and kisses u

On 20:58:01 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

mmmmm..yea....you feel so good! *bites my lower lip in pleasure

On 20:39:25 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

takes my cock out of your ass. and speards your legs apart and puts my cock in ur wet juicy pussy. is this what u want baby kisses u

On 20:33:13 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

mmm....put in my wet pussy baby

On 20:32:34 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

slides my cock in n out of your ass

On 20:27:57 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

owww....not there...oh wait its starting to feel good!..lol

On 20:25:02 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

takes my cock and speards your ass checks and puts my cock in your ass

On 20:21:38 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

mmmm...feels good baby...*walks over to the arm chair and leans over it waiting for u to take me from behind*

On 20:18:47 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

kisses ur neck while ur biting my neck

On 20:15:03 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

*gives one final suck and kisses it..comes up and bites his neck*

On 20:12:05 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

that feels so good awww

On 20:07:47 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

Do u like that baby? *starts sucking him*

On 19:58:35 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

awh that feels so good

On 19:52:44 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

*traces the tip of my tongue along the shaft of your hard cock...circling the head, while looking seductively into your eyes*

On 19:50:06 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

lets you go ahead getting excited

On 19:46:01 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

*giggles in excitement....takes of your belt with my mouth and pulls down his pants*

On 19:44:25 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:


On 19:33:56 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

me likey too! *waits for him to rip off her shirt now*lol

On 19:28:59 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

woo me like

On 19:26:50 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

whooohoo...*rips off his shirts in hast*

On 19:24:24 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

take off my shirt

On 19:21:56 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

I can what? lol

On 19:19:33 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

um sexy u can take if you want kisses u

On 19:11:17 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

oooo..heheheh *my eyes widen in excitement and I push you over and straddle you kissing all over*

On 19:09:14 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

kisses u more slowly moving my hand down ur back and grabs ur ass

On 19:05:20 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

*sucks his tongue slowly. while tracing her fingers down his back*

On 19:03:15 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

kisses u back and gives a little tonuge

On 19:00:38 May 27 2006 sakura wrote:

how is it then? *kisses his neck slowly*

On 18:59:53 May 27 2006 jordan wrote:

i see how it is

well thats all of it...an yet you still wanna marry him dont you?





03:26 May 27 2006
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There are many things in this world that people love and adore in life time. Some people love it more then others. But its always theri own passion.

And for me i have more then one thing that i am passiontate about. people say you can only have one, but ffor my case of life i have seneral. I carry then clase to my warm but cold heart.

Frist, it comes to the giving back to my country. I am only doing what i think is best. Giving back as my founding fore fathers did when this country was being borb. After i am finished with my high school carrer. I will go into the Marines ( Active duty). And fight for what in my mind is right. To keep the people in this country safe. But the Military in not all thats close to my heart.

Another one is y art work. From my drawings, paintings, to my songs, stoires, poems, and my thoughts of a child stuggling in life. This is one of the things that eeps me "ME". Many people have the gift, but do they us it.

One of the others things that keeps me clam and wroking hard is my sports. Sports are the first thing that i found i was good at. It made me. Even if i was hurt i wouls fight throught the pain, even if ther was bloodsehd. What doesn't kill you makes u stornger. Sports keeps a person heathly and fit. Sometimes thats a good thing for the soul andmind. It will also help in the Marines.

BUT the marines, sports and yes even art is not as important as family.

Fmaile is somethign i am very passionate about. i have not had a great one. well one at all/ but i am veyr greatful that i have friend. and the family that i do have i cant see. so when i do gt to see them i am also very greatful for htat. my friends are the closets things i have to a real famil. they are liek my sisters and brothers. i would die for htem, and do anything for the, i dont care if thier not blood they are still family. and no one can change that. and no one ever will.

these are some of my passions. but the most imporant to me . i am a very passionate person. so take it to consideration of your passtions in life.




Absent Mother

16:59 May 25 2006
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A lot of kids have both parents of ones that want them. Some kids only have one due to death or some other sad thing that hads happened in thier lives.

Their partens would believe then, when they came to them with a problem. Most kids dont have to worryabout if they mess up if they will be living there the next day or a weekk form then. But I did

At the time my mother left me and my sister in the apartment, taking my brother with her. Her and my brother moved in with her new boyfriend Ray. That man thought he was God's gift to women. This man would do things to my mother i would love to permently (KILL) hurt him for. And when he didi hurt her i would be there for her. But was she ever there for me?

My sister and i was forced to grew up fast. In the proscess i grew up hard and sometimes i could be quite mean. My anger would get hte best of me. Fights were nothing, 2 to 3 everyday. My sister said i was putting my anger out in other spots of my like, because the way my mother treated us. To this day my sister and i dont trust her. Disapointed in her actions towrrds us and her ways.

I always thought taht a mother was to care for her child. To hold them with so much care. Just like the very first time when the mother would see her baby boy or girl for hte first time. But no my fucking mom puched me away when i needed he the most. i told her things that even a stanger would believe if they knew only a little of me. I told her things of what Ray has done and did to me. She said i was a lier. That i was a sluty bitch, and i only wanted him to my slef. How coudl she even say that. I HATED that man with a passion. Not only for what he did to me, but for taking my mother away form me. He helped her turn on me. That fucking bastord.

It really makes you think whos the ones in life that wont stab you in the back, because just cuase your there for them. DOESNT mean in and shape or form that they will be there for you. Even if you are blood. A lot of peopl could care less/ Pushing me away like my mother did, made it where i was forced to live with my father. I had to l leave everthing behind me. The people i loved my firneds, and most of all MY SAVIOR: my sister Tab.

And not that i cant' see her. i put it all inside my mind behind a thick brick wall. I let no one in. I wake up. I pput on a smile and go on with my life. I let no one see my emotiongs. And when they do its rare.

Peopl look and they think they know that person form one look. I am more complicated then that. Rember that we all have closed doors. Some open tem once in a while, I on the other have choose not to.




*- Dream fore-fillers -*

02:41 May 08 2006
Times Read: 520

Once a great person said to me this thing. " if you take a look at a pitcure that spoke a thousand words, it can say a million more. All you hve to do is listen" -S.j.D.-

This person i am about to talk about, is a person with a great and young sprit. THis person is me. " S.J.d. Yes, i know, i know its werid that i am write about myself like this but its a story that has to be told in the eyes of a thousand. And held in the arms of a child. I hope me story helps in many ways. So please just listen to mine.

When your a child the wrodl is different. But some childern have to grow you faster then others. i was one of thesee childern. I grew up guick and i grewe up strong. i was a different for my age. at the age of five. i knew how to make that best fuzzy drinks around. But as many years pasted down the long and winding roaa. a road with tall hurteals and short ones.

I learend to work my hardest and put all the love i can into everything i do. but i have a dream of my own. to my family un-know. i wnat to make this me. to shine on who i really am. i have told my father and grandparents. on what i wnat to be. they all disagree on some point. they want me to stay here. and be safe. but id i stay here. i will just be sitting back. letting the dreams run through my fingures like sand. I want to be a solider. the best of the best. i want to be a marine. not for me.

but for everyong else. alson to the familys un-known. i wouldn't do it for the pay check. not for the knowlege. but for the freedom that you will have. also for the freedom of the souls to come. so i take that dream and i work at it. i work hard in school. and when i get our. i will leave for training and work my hardest for you. four months in-between is all i have to go. after that swet role of paper is lied gently in my hands.

then i say me fare wells, and dues. but this thought willalways run through my mins. did i make ia difference so you can become of your dreams? or will you be liek the sand?




coming and going.

21:46 May 07 2006
Times Read: 525

there u where sitting on my bed. looking at me with starnge disorder. i am trying to read your thoughts. as times before. u come and gone. but never for long. there are times i will see you 3 nights of a week. up to only seeing u for one day out of 4 months. u tounght me, laugh at me, u even smile at me. with the tears to come. lat night u worned me of whats to come. u told me a story of your life. things hathappend and how u be came what u are today. ur just a little boy. u dont look older then 6, but yet you have been areound for hundereds of years. u know so much. i cried to hear the pain you have gone through in life. its said to see, what u could of done in life. and even what u could of been. but you come to me. u siad in your story that one day there will be a perosn that will set u free, so u can move on. is that person me. is this y u hunt me in my hours of time. sometimes i even think that i see u in the hall way as i walk to class.... but have to look twice. and then your gone. do u send the other ppl to me as well. cuz there are ppl that come to look for u. or are they the ppl that u say u run and hide from. u told me that one time they tried to hurt u. did u do something to them in your past life. when you were alive and walked the earth with your bar feet. did u hear something or see semthing that u weren't sposed to. is this why they come for u. and hunt me as if i know to. what do they do to u. do they try to hide ur walking sould for no one to knwo what theyhave done in this part and time and past. they must have done somethign really bad to scare u like. i sit and wait for u at times to see if your goign to come at night. i hope that the ones i hear walking down my hall, is u. but u even come in if its u. i sit and wait for the door to open even thought i lock it. it still opens. i hope u are ok. well times are going to come and past, i am waiting for u. watiing always waiting to hear whats tears ssare goign to fall fast.




dreams in hunting

21:19 May 02 2006
Times Read: 528

they push at night, and even in the day. i feel the pain evey time i look at me. i see it inside. they dont care. they ripe the soul that lies within. they push and pull at me more. i cant get them out. they dance around and play as if its a game. i cry inside trying to rain on their party. the blood and people dieing, is lifes own dream, but when i see them its as if they are really. i feel the blood dripping off my fingers. i wash the blood of my stained clothes. i hear the voices in the back of my mind, laughing at me. dont they see what this is doing to me. i sit up at night. i hear them talking in my room. snickering at me. as if i am a freak. i have no idea what i am. but i know for this that i am different. i set alone in my room in my conner praying to myslef for freedom. the one thing i cant give myslef. i wrtie the stories down as after i view them with site of the mind... then the next thing u see them on the news or in a the next lost town paper. its werid i share them with myself. is it wrong that times i laugh along with the shadows, in my room? they get mean at times. so i say nothing. i see them they change in form. as times get harder andmore will come. i will sahre, to u if u wish to view.



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