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Online chat rooms that have a vampire theme.

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Vampire Rave's Vamp Box

A 'shout type' chat box available to level 18 or above and all premium members. Refreshes on page reloads. provides a one hour history. Also has a chat room based page. Additional features availa...
Gothic and Vampire Chat

Chat with hundreds of people all over the world in our FREE Goth Chatrooms! Enjoy visiting where plenty of Goth and Vamp people from everywhere in the world join our chatrooms and hav...
Vampire Chat

Are you totally into vampires, are they your biggest passion? If so, Vampire Chat is your dream come true! Join our Vampire Chat Rooms and talk to other vampire lovers from all over the country. You w...
Vampire Scene Chat Rooms

100% FREE Vampire chat rooms on! Connect and chat live with Vampires and Vampire friends around the world. If you're looking to interact with Vampires and Vampire friends then you hav...
Portal of Dreams

Vampire and Horror HTML based Chat and Roleplay.
Vampire Revolution

Vampire Revolution is a part of, it is a chatroom where apparently real vampires and humans talk about vampirism. They also help anyone with questions about it and answer to the bes...
Real Vampires

Real Vampires is site where real vampires are discussed, what is fact and fiction about vampires and whether they are born or made, the latter is said to be myth. This is the main site. http://www....
Shadowclad Chat

Welcome to Shadowclad. This is a place for Vampyrs and those interested in Vampyrs to mingle and get to know one another. I'm simply an observer and listener -- not a Vampyr but I have a soft heart fo...
Les Vampires Chatroom

Les Vampires Chat room is open nightly for general discussion, questions and social chat to everyone in the community. There are also scheduled topical chats every other Tuesday evening starting at 8p...
Vampires! A Dark Alleyway Chat room

The General rooms are intended to be for out-of-character general socialising. The City rooms are intended for game discussion, and may or may not be in-character. The Roleplay rooms are intended ...
Planet Vampire Chat

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel #bloodlines has been created by PlanetVampire for fans of Bloodlines, Redemption and the World of Darkness in general to hang out together and talk about the games we...
Vampire Chat City

Our vampire chats feature free vampire webcam users in our free vampire chat lines! Login and check out our free vampire webcams and vampire chats and talk to some real vampires online any time of day...
Chatalot: Home of the Vampires

Home of Vampire Chat with a touch of Goth tossed in. Very enjoyable and friendly chat site. Several public and individual chat rooms to select from. A Fantasy Role Playing Site, and much more... ...
Dusky Chat

A chat, talking on vampirsm: psychic and sanguinarian. Held Monday nights at 11pm ET, 10 CT, 9 MT and 8 PT. It bills itself as a Vampire: The Masquerade free zone and does not wish roleplayers to att...
Vampire Teen chat

This site offers multiple theme room options for users, as well as a touch on the darker side of humanity for those under 18 within its vampire section. Anything from open roleplay to system and much ...

Showing 1 - 15 of 23 Entries

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