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Premium Membership Benefits

A Dark Network Premium Membership offers a number of extended features not available to regular members. One Premium Membership is good for ALL Dark Network websites. Current websites include:
  • Vampire Rave
  • SciFi Section
  • Power Punks
  • Bloody Feather
  • Acrimony
  • Gothic Invasion
  • Some features outlined on this page are for specific Dark Network websites.

    • Advanced Viewing Options

    • See who has rated you what.

    • See which Friend List's you're on.

    • See which Favorite Journal lists you're on.

    • See who's Stalking you. [Vampire Rave]

    • See the last 10 VR members who have viewed your Profile, Portfolio, or read your Journal.

    • Fewer site advertisements.

    • Advanced Management Options

    • You can block Biting. [Vampire Rave]

    • You can block Stalking. [Vampire Rave]

    • You can Lurk. (Log in and not show up on Online lists)

    • Journal Customization. You can rename the sections of your Journal.

    • Advanced Membership Options

    • Open/Close/Move your own Forum threads.

    • Upload a custom sound file to notify you when you have new messages waiting.

    • Change the style sheet for your profile. You can have different style sheets for each Dark Network website.

    • Pre-made Profile skins are available.

    • Change the color of system graphics on your profile.

    • Use of extended HTML tags in profile.

    • You can embed audio or video clips in your profile.

    • Expanded tags include: <object> <param> <embed> <bgsound> <IFrame>

    • Profile Stamping. You can configure a pre-defined comment and easily leave your stamp on any Dark Network Profile, Portfolio, or Member Article.

    • File Storage. Premium Members receive 10 megabytes of space for storing image, sound, movie, and text files for use on Profile, Journal, or other Dark Network pages. The system even includes the HTML code for showing files, simply copy-and-paste.

    • Change Member Name - you can change your Dark Network member name to something new at any time.

    • Private Journal Entries - you can create journal entries that only you can read. Not even Dark Network administrators can read your private entries.

    • Private Chat - you can set up private chat rooms and invite other Dark Network members into your room. Regular members can only set up public chat rooms.

    • Upiori - You can send encrypted messages.

    • More Webcam Options - you can utilize special borders for your webcasts. You can block all anonymous chat.

    • Account Protection

    • Profiles for Premium Members are backed up each night. A 7 day rolling backup is maintained. A Premium Member can restore their profile to its previous state for any previously backed up day. This feature allows Premium Members to quickly restore their profile if they make an editing error.

    • VR Store Discounts [Vampire Rave]

    • Premium Members receive a 10% discount on Vampire Rave Store items. To qualify for the discount at least 4 months must remain on your Premium Membership. [Vampire Rave]

    • No Status Restrictions

    • You can Bite or Stalk at any level. [Vampire Rave]

    • You can post to Vamp Box at any level. [Vampire Rave and Gothic Invasion]

    • You can chat at any level.

    • You can submit Vampire Rave articles at any level. [Vampire Rave]

    • You can start a new Poll at any level. [Vampire Rave]

    • You can post to the Forum at any level.

    • You can send unlimited Messages at any level.

    • You can submit links at any level.

    • You can create member pages at any level.

    • You can start a new Group at any level. [SciFi Section, Power Punks, and Gothic Invasion]

    • You can submit articles and apply to become a writer or columnist at any level. [Acrimony]

    Premium Members ensure the future of the Dark Network. Several membership plans are available:

  • 1 Month Membership
  • $4.95 ORDER
  • 6 Month Membership
  • $16.95 ORDER
  • Yearly Membership
  • $22.95 ORDER
  • Lifetime Membership
  • $150.00 ORDER

    A special FAQ has been constructed for Premium Members. You can view it here.

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