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Vampire Rave is the social networking website for vampires and goths. We are a home for real vampires across the globe. If you're looking for a darker gothic or vampire social network, you've found it.

Vampire Rave was designed as an online resource for the vampire community. Our goal is to catalog everything there is to be cataloged about vampires. This is an immense task and we have a long way to go. With your help we will become the largest vampire database, resource, and community on the Internet.

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Featured Game

Iron & Blood

Iron & Blood Product Description
Iron Blood is a 3D fighter based on ~Ravenloft, a fantasy horror setting in the world of ~Advanced Dungeons Dragons. Strahd von Zarovich, vampire lord, and Lord Soth, deathknight, and constantly scheming and plotting against one another, and a party of heroes has become caught up in their power struggles.

This group of adventurers must face off against the most malicious and evil monsters and villains the land has to offer if they are to survive and find their way back home.

At the beginning of the game, players must choose from a pool of characters that includes the forces of good and evil. Paladins, wizards, warriors, assassins, were-creatures and more can be chosen from. Once they've got a character picked, they must face off against a series of opponents in one on one matches to the death.

During the matches, which take place in closed off arenas of various types, players can use weapons, magic, special moves, and anything else at their disposal to destroy their opponent.

It has some very bad reviews here but, at the price its a giggle

Submitted by dtrainerbondage

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