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TheSYSTEM: We're all old farts
23:37:45 - Mar 30 2017

Lav: I get the feeling we've potentially spoken briefly before, but it could have been almost a decade back.
23:16:25 - Mar 30 2017

Angelus: you're well read and,will be... i like a good mind.
23:14:59 - Mar 30 2017

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Profile for AlphaBitch

Malignant Spirit


AlphaBitch carries the Mark of The Prince House Membership for AlphaBitch AlphaBitch carries the Mark of the Master

Member Name: AlphaBitch
Status: Malignant Spirit (49.90)
Rank: Regular Member
Honor: 136    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation: Test of Faith (Coven)
Mentorship: Pupil of The Fountain of Youth.
Account Type: Premium Member
Referred By:



Birthdate: January 31, 1992
Age: 25



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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Within the smoke hazed room you glance over to the far corner and its like cupid hit you across the face with a sledge hammer. Perfect little devil wrapped tight within leather glances your way...your blood start to boil as you appraoch her. As the noise fades does your consicious state. As if moments later you wake tied to a chair with a steel ring around your neck....the same little devil standing in front of you holding a small black bag...a smile on her face. You try to struggle against your bonds but your little attempt only draws her near. She raises her boot and starts pressing gently on your jewels as the pain leaks on your face she licks her lips. Then she leans down and whispers your my little play toy lets begin.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So lets get the introductions out of the way shall we. My name is Catelyn, but I prefer to be called Cat or Kitty. I would suggest keeping all pet names and cheesy pickup lines to me this is an easy way to annoy me. Before you even ask I am taken by RebelWolf end if discussion. I am the famous Cat people will warn you about.... some of you will eventually find out why they warn you about me because of stupidity. Some of you will discover I am a harmless kitten all of this depends on how you approach me and speak to me. I also to tend to not play nice in the sand box...if its mine then its mine fuck off.

I am your basic little goth girl with the heart of an emo.. I am your basic outcast which didn't phase me I actually despise the human race. I am a strong willed individual and I will not hesitate to speak my mind. I have a foul temper and I tend to try to hide my temper but when it does show off it usually means run. I have a twisted sense of humor also...yes I am the type of person to laugh at someone bleeding out but do not mistake this for I am cruel person I actually have a heart of gold and this feature tends to get me hurt and used a lot. I am the type of person who cares more about other people than myself.

When it comes to a lot of profiles if you truly pay attention they are covered in beautiful women. So with this being said I am a very proud bisexual woman. I do not hide this. I tend to be more attracted to men over females. I guess I am picky which is not an issue. I do not hide my sexuality so if you have a problem this fact about me tell someone who cares. This is not a formal invitation for all the creeps and slime balls of this website to attempt to crawl up my ass. I do not mind helping you with self-mutilation. Your balls or tits will look nicely in a jar above my fireplace. Yes I am a sadistic little bitch that gets off on the pain of others in some cases.

Within this world the best advice I can ever offer anyone is nothing is ever is as it appears to be....and well I am the best example of that I can give you. On this website I have a nasty rep because of drama whores but not the point. I am your basic bad ass little freak. I know you are confused by that so let me explain...I love Bondage more than most people actually this is something I can not function without. So before you even ask I adore BDSM and yes I live within the lifestyle. I am what is known as a Switch...which means I am both Dominant and submissive. I will bow only to men but I dont mind making a bitch learn their place so to speak.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now lets discuss my interests shall we...I have a big heart for favorite genres are Heavy Metal and Rock....I do listen to Rap, R&B, and other types of music. I do not listen to gospel so dont ask. I do love to read favorite Author is Edgar Allen Poe...favorite pieces is The Cask of Amontillado and The Raven. I love to write and I normally major in Horror Short Stories and Poetry. My biggest passion is graphic you can tell by my profiles. Lastly I adore animals but I hate birds, fish, and cats. I own two little ferrets. Nami and Nado have been there for me in ways most humans havent been.

When it comes to my profiles I tend to show off a different aspect of myself...Well lets focus on this profile shall we. This profile is focused on a side very few people get to see unless I am mad. I am a Mental Sadist. I love to twist and fuck with the mind. I am a Dominant towards females mostly...but if a male catches my attention I dont have an issue putting his dick in a cage and claiming another little toy for my collection. I know I have a profile focused on my submission now I have one on my Dominance. So enjoy the show.

Lastly my adding and rating policy. Well how do I put this I do not like having to add the same fucking person every damn day so after the third name change I start ignoring your messages. I wont rate you or add you. Also I do not give honor I only take it dont bother asking for mine. If you earn my block good for you it wont come off and having other people bug me about them will only get them the same treatment so think twice before annoying me. I have more than one account and some of them tend to hit ratings me. As I said I dont play nice with others....and I dont give a fuck if you like this fact or not.

Profile Created: Mar 03 2017
Last on: March 30 2017 at 22:55 BST

Times Viewed: 2955

Times Rated:276

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Mar 30 2017
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Mar 30 2017
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Mar 29 2017
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Jun 28 2016

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