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Profile for Dracum


Vampire Rave member for 11 years.

Member Name: Dracum
Status: Nihilist (19.42)
Rank: Regular Member
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Account Type: Regular Member


Birthdate: SET ME PLEASE
Location: Chicago


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Quote: Ignorance is bliss, isn't it bitch?!?

Currently residing in the city of Chicago. The cold winter is about to end and I cannot wait to be prowling the nights once again. I do prowl during the winter, but there is a lack of play things during the winter.

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Industrial, techno, rock, alternative, classical, depends on my mood. Deathline International, Kevorkian Death Cycle, Atomic Babies, Funker Vogt, PWEI, Terrorfakt, God Module, Kidney Thieves, Postishead, L7, Four Non-Blondes, Acumen Nation, Union Underground, Nitzer Ebb, 16 Volt, Velvet Acid Christ, Hocico, Icon of Coil, Stromkern, FLA, Front 242, Chemlab, And One, C-tec, Wumpscut, Filter, FeindFlug, Bjork, Massive Attack, DJ Waldgiest, Covenant, Das Ich, Evils Toy, Deathline International, Orgy, Placebo, Pixies, Weird Al...

We will never be able to reach our maximum capacity... so why should we even try. Be as it may. People are not created equal. You either dominate or get preyed on by the wolves. Voice your mind. Only the weak follow like sheep. People that do not care to be in charge of their own lives have no place in mine, unless you are my underling. Friend or foe, which ever you are, is what you will either hate or love, will become something once you know it, you may either end up embracing it or its inevitable.

Narcissistic:Very High

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I am Cappadocian, I am the messenger of death. Lack of emotions does not bother me at all. I came into this world alone and I shall walk it alone. Death is my only friend. I feed it and it feeds me.

My first true adventure while with Cappadocian, came on a steamy night. Dissection asked me if I want to accompany him on a little journey. It was late, but I decided to go. We arrived outside of the Malkavian clan hall. I called them out while Dissection mortally wounded them and then we staked. Our first victim of the evening was Godskills. He was the weakest kill I have ever seen. He didn't even last two rounds against Dissections blades. After we staked him and left him to rot. We wandered around a bit more till more Malks showed up. The next victim was Seolin, I took the pleasure in staking and decapitating this one. As we were about to head back to our clan hall, Vanja came out of nowhere and attacked the two of us. We fled without any problems. I returned to my tomb and enjoyed my slumber after the nightly workout. It was the first blood I drew since Cappadocian, but it will not be the last!

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After several nights of hunting in the city of Solace I decided to make my presence know to more than just the clan of Malkavian. I have encountered many a time members of the clan Ventrue attacking me while I was in Solace. I decided to take one and make an example out of him. There were several for me to choose from. I saw two of them fighting against the dreaded Timelord. I decided to lure one by summoning him to me. When he came to me the Timelord had done some nice work to him already. All I had to do was to finish him off. Bah! He escaped, so I pursued. I caught him in the middle of Midgaard, I quickly drew my weapon and removed his worthless head from his already decomposing body.

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The taste of that blood was so satisfying that I decided I needed more. My body twitched as the feeling came back to me as I took the little Ventrue's head. I decided I could use a stronger target. Behold I came across a tower of mages which were being slayed by a Brujah by the name of Gotmilf. He was already at the top of the tower, so I flew as quickly as I could up there. As I entered the room that he was in there were corpses of witched was lying at my feet. I used an old black magic spell a great necromancer taught me in my early years. This spell allowed my prey not to escape so easily. For being Brujah, I was very disappointed in the fight that pursued. My prey dropped to the ground faster than a starving dingo. He barely scratched me at all. However the jolt that I got from removing his head was far more satisfying than that of the previous one. More about this fight are also written in other scrolls.

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Several years have past since I've recorded any adventurers. As I was in Midguaard fighting a Toreador rogue, who goes by the name of Spear, Gohan of Gangrel appeared in the area and began to assist the rogue. Short time later another Gangrel by the name of Eskorakas appeared in the area and also began to attack me. I was able to fend them off and get away. Since I did not know of any alliance between the two clans I started questioning various leaders of Gangrel. Behold I would get no response at all. Utterly disrespected I asked again at lower levels of the clan. Mooman's response to my questioning was that Cappadocians were scum. Mind you I should of ripped his heart out were he stood, for some reason this part of the Gangrel seem to be in large packs. I decided to get away from it all and headed into the murky waters of what is known as the undercaves. I was down there for a short period of time when I heard the wind cry. I pondered why the wind would cry so I asked it why, its reply was simple 'it's for you.' I was shocked and knew something had to be done. Then I was sent word that four of Gangrels elders were about to descend to my location. Other Cappadocians receive the word as well, boldly Sarcoth questioned the Gangrel party on its purpose. He got no straight answers from them and did not risk confrontation with the four, for he knew he was no match for all four of them at the same time. He sent me word of this as quickly as he could. I devised a plan, I would head out into the black water and greet my visitors and hopefully with the help of the nasty morkath I could pick them off one at a time. This is exactly what happened. I also returned word to Sarcoth that if any of the war party attempt to flee from me to stake them. First, the one they call Zap was left behind, she was the biggest so I knew she would be able to catch back up. I took my hiding position as they got near the entrance to the undercaves. As I was attempting to scry Zap, Mooman wandered into the same area I was hiding. I quickly grabbed for my blade and attacked him. As I was hacking away at the worthless victim a morkath walked in and begun to attack me. I had to run away for surely this beast would rip me in half. Mooman escapes, quick to taste the special stakes I sent Sarcoth. Shortly after Godsangel escaped as well, though the morkath did all the work on him he still got the taste of the finely crafted impaler. As I returned to my hiding spot Zap came running by obviously fleeing from a morkath. I leapt from the shadows to attack her. She kept running but I was not about to give up in my pursuit. At last she made it to the undercaves. Fast on her heals I ran towards her with my blades drawn. I knew she was badly wounded from the attacks of the morkaths inflicted upon her lovely body. She fled from me into a small cave where there were several cave fishers. They almost finished the job but she escaped and again my fellow prince showed her the bring and shiny. Owain of Tremere was near by and removed her head. Lan being the only one left moved slowly through the deep water. I saw him lurking in the shadows and attacked. He started to run from me and fell into an abyss. I returned back to the undercaves and await for another party to come after me, for some reason I know this is how I am to live my life.

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Last on: November 12 2007 at 23:27 GMT

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