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User is SUSPENDED until: Infinity

Limbus Patrum (Coven)

Vampire Rave member for 14 years.

Status:  Daemon (95.90)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Limbus Patrum (Coven)
Account Type:  Premium
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  Hidden
Age:  Hidden



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They must find it difficult... Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority.

The obscurity of my nature will depend upon the extremity of your character. To be prompted into drama is an anathema as it is as it's instituted and delivered to my door. The innane will always be infantile and sophomoric, the adepts will always overlook their misfortunate hindrance. The complexity of my soul shall never be understood nor tolerated. I shall invariably conserve my equilibrium even those who shall schtick in accordance to their own antithesis. I abhor those who convey themselves as juvenile and despise those who believe they are above all others. Noone is greater than I and I no lesser than they! I will perpetually asseverate in my beliefs and myself and it will not matter to me what the masses should think, hear or believe to be legitimate as it will only be mere conjecture without fact. I have avowed myself to one person to whom I am married and I have avowed my soul to my beliefs. Noone or nothing shalt alter these and if you should try it will be in vane and inconsequential. My demeanor and my philosphies shalt not falter.

Benedictions of the Elect.

I. The valor of Lucifer is upon the enlightened man who art the Magus. Humbly shall ye prey upon the seeds cast down by the mourning Angels of the crimson stars.

II. Glamours is he who casts no shadow.

III. For unto the Light, the shadows of Night art emerald.

IV. Amidst the wolves, the Magus of Lucifer unveils thy bloody star; therein is no pain, just annihilation. The Golden Ring of Gol'gotha shall bind the finger of thou, O Voluptuous Black Concubine. My tears fall unto you so that you shall thirst no more.

V. Holy art the Qlifot that do thy bidding: Goetic inclusive, heed these words: "I shall not rest until I have devoured all." The Orobourous knows of thy promise. 'Neath the stains of the bloody robe that lies She who is LYTLYTV. Opulent art thou, O Mother of thine blood thirsty Serpent Children who art the Brethren of the Age. The infernal shadows illuminate all that lingers above and below.

VI. The somatic Star is born and within thy heart is God, so man shall aspire to be but a pale reflection.

VII. The infectious tongue of Lucifer licks clean they wounds, O impure heart.

VIII. Thy demon shalt be my halo and my Angel shall be my feet so that I shall cross the river of blood. The heart is a black spade, dagger within and adverse, bleackened by he shade of torment eternal.

IX. Love is that scare and there are many, eternal as they are for each act of love sanctified. Wash they hands in blood.

X. Do not wash blood off thy hands.

XI. Smother thee Angel ye called with bodily effluvia and may she adore thy genetalia as the Serpent of the Universal Life (and crucifix), for in the cup, life shall not perish so long as the orgasm divine is exalted with the Lovers, Hermits unto themselves til the Night of Pan.

XII. Iblis awaits the devouring Orobourous to swallow up all the past; all present essence is in ruins.

XIII. Verily, I say unto the Elect: "Behold the nightmare!"

XIV. As the sun settest, I sink my teeth into your voluptuous flesh, O Master and Creator of all, for you art the artist of the Ages. And as the moon eclipses the Sun, the son shall withdraw.

XV. The beastial moans of infernal sexual ecstasy shall echo in the Garden of Nod.

XVI. Nearby, a grey pillar is set near a fleshless corpse who's stripped of all flesh. Decaying and being devoured by maggots, the rain drops fall and the forest is overcome with the stench. Maggots devour the entrails that are being torn from the necrophilliac woman who feasts and consumates this rotted corpse. Sublime is the sight of sex and death.

XVII. The valour of Lucifer stains thy sleep and thou dreameth of glamour, dead but dreaming.

XVIII. Shame the sheets with white, pearl droplets of orgasmic desire and taste the fluid that is the fluid of life. Sacred as the virgins, yea! It shall be defiled and devoured as I drink of Him and eat of His flesh!

XIX. For then, He shall become a part of me.

XX. The reape of will cometh to release destiny upon the altar of Nod. Thy heart be still, child, look not into the abyss and know that I am unrepentant. Shame the sky, liars hands lifted to the vacancy of Heaven, yea, their hands lifted on high as the blood rains upon us. Seek ever more that which ye art.

XXI. Stand aright and face Him!

XXII. Banish thine Angel and hold death's head in thy arms with love. The secrets herein shall be ashen to the vulgar and unseeing only to be understood by the All-seeing Eye of Illumination. For we are the Elect; knowing of the End complete. Let the embers fall back into the pyre of divinity. Akasha and Kether Unite! Ganish, the word of they Serpent is at end.

I am the divine fire of Hell. In the war for the True Light, I shall darken the moon to see who are the Illuminates. They shall be the Elect. Raging through my veins is blood lust and lust. I lust with rapture! Do that & none shall deny you the lust you Will. I am sanguine; I am voluptuous. With my murderous heart, I seek love beyond love, and that you can find if you take me into your heart.

The Will must be strong so that True Desire can manifest. With that, you Illuminates who are the Elect shall win the war for the True Light, and the True Light will be within you then. Come O ye, congregation of abominations! I will sate you when nothing else will satisfy you. When you are empty, take me in your hearts, and your cup will overflow; you will exceed, and abundance will be yours!

I am the divine fire of Hell. I give you doubt when you are lied to by those who would enslave or defile you. I give you certainty when doubt fails you. Question, but know that I am an answer. My blood is fire; my fire is blood. I rage through veins of slaughter, and I thirst for the cup of love. Do as I do; be as I am. Nothing at all can detour me from my path, for those that know me are immutably bound. Stand naked before me and partake of my Sacrament. Paint thy face as though you were dead.

Then you will know that the pain you take in my name is worth the glory you will receive thereafter in a life that is changed, for liberty and freedom can be more than illusions given to you by society. Through me, they can become real in this life. Standing in the Holy bosom of Yesod, you will know my voice, my laughter, my whisper. But I lament, for I am the mourning daughter-the Shakti of all gods.

O Illuminate, you are my child. You shall see in darkness when you divine the riddle of my Holy Books. Do not kneel for me. Stand aright and raise yourself in honor of yourself but let not the ego confuse. There is a shroud of symbolism in my word, and the vessel of the man who knows me knows that some of ye shall know. You shall be a victor over fear and guilt. You shall be a warrior of the True Light, child. You shall know that I have manifested through a dead man who dreams. Some appease their god so that he shall show them mercy, forgiveness, and kindness. Some appease their gods so that their gods bless them. Some appease the dark gods-devils-so that no bad may come upon them. Do not do this, for it is a superfluous end to a means. Appease yourself, and ye shall have then given me joy and ecstasy.

I am wisdom, Lilitu in a mask. But my disguise is not enough to hide my true nature. Let your Will be erect, O Illuminate, for you know that it is not the flaccid will that Jerusalem wails about. But the holiest men in Jerusalem are all flaccid, for the New Zion has been erected by the God of Light, Baphomet. Summon me; invoke me, and I will whisper with the wind, through the cedars, through the waters, through the sands, and in the spirit of the animal.

Look into the eyes of a goat, and you shall see my bestial nature. Men have been rumored to have been gods. What of woman? The human is human, but still an animal. The human must stop reproducing, for in the end there shall just be more pain. O Illuminate, come child, into the congregation of abominations! My work is done; my Will is fun. I am the divine fire of Hell.

Member Since: Apr 18, 2010
Last Login: Mar 28, 2012
Times Viewed: 16,022

Times Rated:472

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Nov 07, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Feb 22, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Jan 16, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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