The Vampire Rave Status System

The Dark Network operates under a Status System. There are more than 100 levels. The higher your level the more power you have on the site. For a full listing of the Status Levels (and the number of Vampire Rave members at each level) click here.


When you sign up for a free Vampire Rave account, the system tracks your site usage. It keeps track of how many pages you've viewed and how much time you've spent here. As you spend more time here your status increases. A number of things are taken into consideration. Your overall status is based upon the following:

  • 50% is based upon your Time Spent
  • 50% is based upon your Pages Viewed

    These two statistics form your Base Score. Bonuses and Penalties are then applied to your Base Score, forming your Total Score. Your Total Score is your Vampire Rave Status Level.


    There are 12 Bonuses. 5 of these can be negative (a Penalty) and can adversely affect your Total Score.

  • Ratings

    This Bonus can range from 0% to 5%. It takes into account the total number of things you have rated.

  • Database

    This Bonus can range from 0% to 10%. It takes into account the total number of entries you've added to the database.

  • Forum

    This Bonus can range from 0% to 5%. It takes into account the total number of public forum posts you've made.

  • Profile

    This Bonus can range from -3% to 3%. It is based on your Profile rating. If you have not set a Profile up, your Profile rating is zero and this Bonus will be -3%. Creating a Profile and getting it favorably rated is one of the quickest things your can do as a new member to increase your Total Score.

  • Journal

    This Bonus can range from 0% to 3%. It takes into account how many members have marked your Journal as a favorite.

  • Friend

    This Bonus can range from -3% to 3%. It takes into account how many friend lists you are on. It does NOT take into account how many members YOU have marked as a friend. Friend lists on the Dark Network are one-way in nature. If you mark someone as a friend they may or may not mark you as a friend in return. Due to this one-way relationship, the number of members who have marked you as a friend is directly correlated to how well you are liked on The Dark Network.

  • Blocked

    This is a pure Penalty, as the value of this Penalty can only range from -3% to 0%. This penalty measures how many members have blocked you, and therefore, how much you are disliked.

  • Overblock

    This is a pure Penalty. The value is either -10% or 0%. This penalty measures how many members you have blocked. If you have blocked more than 25 members you are assessed this penalty.

  • Society

    This is an all or nothing 1% bonus. If you are in a Vampire Rave Society and have posted to your Society Forum in the past 48 hours, you're awarded this bonus.

  • Mark

    This bonus can only have values of -10%, -5%, 0%, 5%, 10%, or 15%. Marks are a function of Vampire Rave Societies and are more fully covered on the Vampire Rave Society FAQ.

  • Mentor

    This is an all or nothing 1% bonus. If a Dark Network Mentor is mentoring you, you're awarded this bonus.

  • Referral

    One of the higher bonuses, this bonus can range from 0% to 15%. It takes into account how many members you've referred to The Dark Network.
  • For a more complete overview of the Dark Network Status System, Bonuses and Penalties, and how they are applied, please refer to the Vampire Rave Manual, chapter Status System.

    Whenever you log into the Dark Network you Status is automatically updated. Additionally, you can manually update your Status every 10 minutes via the Update Your Status page.

    A commonly asked question, is How much time do I have to spend on the site to advance to level _______ ?

    There is no one answer to this question. The Dark Network Status System is very complex. This means where one user at a certain level viewed X number of pages to advance to level X, another user may require more or less page views to reach the same level. Bonuses and Penalties have very large impacts on your Total Score. If you spend more time rating, posting to the Forum, and rating Database entries your Status will climb much quicker than another member who has done none of these things, but who has spent more time on the site.

    There is no cap to the Status System. Levels continue on indefinitely.

    Certain members have an administrative status. This status is in addition to their site status. These members manage Vampire Rave.


    Acolyte's are Vampire Rave members who have agreed to assist new members with site questions or problems. If you have a question, submit it via the help page and an Acolyte will respond.

    If you are interested in becoming an Acolyte, you can apply at Dark Network site Vampire Rave. You must be at least level 65 to apply.


    A Dominar is a Forum and Chat Administrator. Dominar's are appointed by The Prince.


    A Procurator assists in the management of the Vampire Rave Database. Procurator's are appointed by The Prince.


    A Sentoran is a Profile, Portfolio, and Journal Administrator. Sentoran's are appointed by The Prince.


    A Consul is a special, reserved position. It is not a position of ascendency. In most cases, a Consul is a former Vampire Rave Administrator. A Consul has all powers of Acolyte, Dominar, Procurator, and Sentoran. Consul's are appointed by The Prince.

    Peacekeeper and Regent

    On most Dark Network sites these positions are the same. On Vampire Rave, these positions have different powers. A Peacekeeper is known as a Master Vampire on Vampire Rave. Master Vampires run Vampire Rave Houses. Vampire Rave Regents administer Vampire Rave Covens. Each are appointed by The Prince.

    The Hand of the Prince

       The Hand is the top Administrator and reports directly to the Prince. In the absence of the Prince, the Hand makes ruling decisions. In the absence of the Prince, the Hand IS the Prince.

    More information on the Hand can be found here.

    The Prince

       The Prince is the creator, founder, and final arbiter of The Dark Network. All site updates are performed by The Prince.

    Status Powers

    The Vampire Rave Status System is primarily for measuring how long a member has been registered with Vampire Rave and how active that member has been during their membership. Some site privileges are based on your status level:

    Level Power
    Can send up to 10 messages per day.

    Account can remain inactive for up to 180 days before deletion.
    Account is never deleted for inactivity.
    Can bite other members. [Vampire Rave]
    Can send up to 30 messages per day.
    Can reply to (but not start) public Forum threads.

    Can post to the Stream.
    Can submit entries to the Database.
    Can submit links to the Open Link Directory.
    Can stalk other members. [Vampire Rave]
    Can send up to 40 messages per day.
    Can start new public Forum threads.
    Can post Announcements.
    Can Post Events.
    Can post to Vampbox and other public Chatrooms.
    Can send up to 50 messages per day.

    Can be inducted by a Vampire Rave Society.
    Can create Member Pages.
    Can send unlimited messages per day.

    Can create public polls.
    Can start a Dark Network Group.
    Can submit member articles to the Vampire Rave article base.
    Can apply to become an Acolyte
    Can act as a Mentor. Can mentor up to 5 pupils below level 80.
    Can mentor up to 10 pupils.
    Can mentor up to 20 pupils.

    Can no longer be forcibly inducted into a Society. [Vampire Rave]

    Is free to leave any Society. [Vampire Rave]

    Can petition a Society for membership. [Vampire Rave]

    Can start a Coven. [Vampire Rave]

    Can form an Alliance, if the Master of a Coven. [Vampire Rave]

    For every 10 levels beyond 100, you can mentor 10 additional members.

    The higher your status the more weight your ratings will carry throughout the site. The power of your ratings is directly proportional to your level. As an example, a level 10 rating is worth 10 times the rating of a level 1 member.

    Additional Topics:

    [ Status Definitions ] [ Status Tables ]

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