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This guide will help you get started in the wonderful universe of Vampire Rave.

Vampire Rave is a vampire and gothic social network. Our members are all predisposed to darker themes and ideas. Together, the members form a unique and robust community.

As a new member you now have a profile. However, as a new member, what you can do at Vampire Rave is limited. As you spend more time here and prove that you're not just here to start trouble, you gain more and more site power and privilege.

Vampire Rave operates on a Status System. As a new member you start at level 1. As you spend more time here and do more things at the site, your status and level increases. You don't have to do anything special, this will happen automatically. Levels go on up to infinity, but the goal is always to reach level 100, a Sire.

Vampire Rave offers multiple layouts. You can change how the site looks by clicking the drop down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Next, click on Choose Layout. You'll only see this if you are logged into Vampire Rave.

Because there are different layouts instructions can vary. All the instructions in this guide are for the layout Phantasm. If that's not the layout you're using right now, it's suggested that you switch over to it.

As a brand new member you can:

•  Edit your Profile.
•  Set up and write in your Journal.
•  Set up and edit your Portfolio.
•  Join a Mentorship, if invited to one.
•  Send up to 10 messages to other Vampire Rave members, per 24 hour period.
•  Rate anything on the site: profiles, portfolios, articles, and things in the Vampire Database.

You're limited in how many messages you can send for a very good reason. Because Vampire Rave limits what its new members can do, we have almost no problems with spam. You may hate this limitation now, but you'll love it once your level increases. At level 4 you can send 30 messages per 24 hour period. At level 10 you can send unlimited messages. It won't take you long to reach level 10 if you follow the instructions in this guide.

Imagine, a social network where you don't have to deal with messages from people promoting their webcam, band, or Nigerian money scams.

Ok, let's get started and get you on the road to Sire.

Step 1 - Edit your Profile

Your profile is your public face at Vampire Rave. You want it to look good. As a premium member you can do all kinds of neat things to your profile. But you don't need to be a premium member for your profile to look good.

Upload a few pictures and write at least 3 paragraphs about yourself. That's enough for now. You can work on it more later.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Journal

Take a few moments and write at least 1 journal entry. Your Vampire Rave Journal, unlike other online journals, is broken up into 5 sections. Premium members can rename their journal sections, so if you're not a premium member you're stuck with the default names.

You'd be surprised at how many people will stop by and read your most recent journal entry after visiting your profile.

Step 3 - Find A Mentor

You need to find a Mentor. When you join a mentorship, you gain a 1% status bonus. Additionally, you can ask in the mentorship forums all the nagging little questions you have as a new member. As a new member you can't post to the public forums yet, but you can post in mentorship forums.

The only way to join a mentorship is via an invite, so you need to get a mentor to invite you. Take a few moments and browse the mentorships page. A mentor is limited in how many pupils he or she can take on. Each mentorship lists how many pupils they currently have and how many open slots they currently have.

Browse the main pages of a few mentorships. When you find one you like, send a message directly to the mentor. Explain that you're a new member and you'd really like to join their mentorship and learn more about Vampire Rave. Send 3-5 messages like this. When you receive an invite (it'll show up in your message center), join the mentorship.

Don't worry about getting locked into a mentorship. If you join one you don't end up liking you can always leave it and join another one. Also, since you're only allowed 10 messages per 24 hour period, you need to conserve your messages right now. As a new member you may start receiving bites and other messages from Vampire Rave members. You should hold off on responding to these messages. Conserve your messages for Mentors. After you're in a mentorship, then you can start sending messages to other Vampire Rave members.

Step 4 - Update Your Status

Ok, you've spent some time fixing up your profile, writing a journal entry, browsed a few mentorships, and sent off some messages to Mentors asking them to join their mentorship. It's time to update your status. In the Phantasm layout, click the drop down menu, click Personal, then click on Update Status.

If you've followed the instructions thus far in this guide you should be at least level 2 by now. Maybe higher. See how easy that was to go up a level?

There are a couple of things to remember when updating your status. For starters, you can only update your status once every 10 minutes. If you try to do it more frequently, you'll get an error.

When you log into Vampire Rave a status update is automatically performed. You won't see the results like you do when you manually click on the link, but you will see your new level at the top of the screen. This also means you can't update your status manually for at least 10 minutes after logging in.

Now, take a few moments and read all about the Status System. That page explains everything that goes into the computation of status. You don't need to understand everything on this page. Status computation is pretty complex. But if you're ever curious about how your status is computed, this is where you find the information.

Further down that page lists the Vampire Rave authority structure. Farthest down there's a chart of Status Powers. The status powers chart lists what you can do at each level.

Step 5 - Browse The Main Forums

You can't respond to public forum threads until you hit level 5. You can't start a new forum thread until you hit level 12. These limitations apply only to public forums. The limitations don't apply to private forums. Your mentorship forum is an example of a private forum.

If you're under level 5, just spend some time reading a few threads. Get a general feel for the tenor and tone that exists in the main forum. If you're level 5 or higher, post a few replies. Posting to the public forums is one of the ways you can achieve a status bonus.

Step 6 - Read About Societies

Vampire Rave is unique in that it has a Society System. Vampire Rave is arranged into Houses and Covens. These Houses and Covens compete against one another for standing. Alliances sometimes form between Houses and Covens.

There isn't a lot of difference between a House and a Coven. A House is run by a Vampire Rave administrator and is a permanent fixture of Vampire Rave. A Coven is started by a Sire (a member of level 100 or higher). A Coven can be disbanded by its Sire and is therefore less permanent.

Vampire Rave members are inducted into societies. You do not have a choice as to whether or not you want to be in a specific society. Once you hit level 20 you're free game. Any society Master can induct you. Forced induction is a core component of Vampire Rave. You're on a vampire site after all.

Not only can you be inducted into a Society against your will, but your Master can trade or release you at any time. If you're released, another Society can induct you. If you're traded, you may log in one day and find out you're in a new House or Coven.

One of the biggest advantages to reaching level 100 is that once you do, you can no longer be forcibly inducted into a House or Coven. You can still join Societies, but once you're in one you can leave it at any time. Masters have no hold over you. Additionally, at level 100 you can start your own Coven if you wish.

You don't have to worry about Houses and Covens too much right now. You can't be inducted until you hit level 20. However, it would be a good idea to read up on the system a bit and understand how it all works. For further information, read the Society FAQ.

Step 7 - Rate Some Stuff

Ok, now you're really starting to get a handle on how Vampire Rave operates. You're in a mentorship and should have posted to your mentorship forum all the new questions you have. You've read a little in the main forums, and you've read up on Vampire Rave Societies.

Now it's time to rate some stuff.

Profiles, portfolios, articles, and things in the Vampire Database can all be rated. Spend some time rating. Rating things on the site is another way to achieve a status bonus. You don't have to leave comments. Comments are optional and in no way affect the computation of your status.

Step 8 - Read The VR Manual

This step is boring. The VR Manual is boring. But if you take the time to do it, it will make you a better, more informed member. The answer to just about any question can be found in the VR Manual. Get use to using it.

Step 9 - Update Your Status

If you've done everything in the guide thus far, you should be at least level 10 by now. If you're not at level 10 yet, you should be pretty close. At level 10 you can send unlimited messages. You can chat it up with other Vampire Rave members and meet all kinds of new friends.

Enjoy yourself at Vampire Rave!

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