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Kilanna carries the Mark of The Prince. Sanguis Dracones (Coven)

Vampire Rave member for 16 years.

Status:  Nightmare (97.41)
Rank:  Member
Honor 0    [ Give / Take ]
Affiliation:  Sanguis Dracones (Coven)
Account Type:  Premium
Referred By:  Smoking
Gender:  Female
Birthdate:  May 18, 1982
Age:  41

Normal, IL (yea no one normal in this damn town lol)



Bite Kilanna

Stalk Kilanna


Happy Halloween to all the fiends :P

- COVEN: I am in the Legion Coven.....

- I am humorous, I don't think anyone should go around life with no sense of humor. Life is to short to be bitter. Frankly so am I only 5ft even lol. My other measurements are NONYABUS, imagine that what you will it to be. I have long curly dark brunette hair, blue eyes.

***100 Nosey Questions*** by longtallsally28
The Basics
Name: Krystin
Age: old enough
Month of birth: may
Any Siblings?: yes
Parents still married?: mom widowed
Occupation: my business
Do you like your job?: does it matter?
Any pets?: no
Hair color: dark brunette/almost black
Eye color: crystal blue
Shoe size: no clue like being barefoot most the time
Any Tattoos?: yes naked mermaid on lower left backside
Any Piercings?: hah wouldnt u like to know
Current mood: evil
Current wardobe choice: naughty
What are you listening to?: whatever the fuck i wanna listen too
Who did you last speak with on the phone?: my mother
What do you currently smell like?: lavender
Movie you watched: watch shit loads of movies
Magazine you looked at: none
Thing you ate: nachos yummy lol
Book you read: Her Vampire Husband
T.v. show you watched: True Blood
Time you cried: um wtf?
Took a shower: last night i like to be clean or take baths with glass of milk a book and a single candle
Got a real letter (a.k.a Snail Mail): yr ago
Ate at a restaurant (not fast food): last bday olive garden
CD you bought: oh please lol
What is/was....
The best thing to happen to you today?: still breathing?
Your most prized possession: myself
Your first vehicle: rather "borrow"
Your current vehicle: did i mention borrowing lol
Your favorite quote: "I;m not mean, your just a sissy"
You bedtime (on average): whenever the fuck i wanna go to bed
Your best trait/characteristic: lemme ask my other self lol
Your worst trait/characteristic: the cold hearted bitch i can become
Do You....
Store things under your bed: a bong and a bag
Daydream: constantly
Have a computer at home: laptop, its my bitch lol
Live in the city, suburbs or country: guess it a city now
Live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home: townhouse
Own a cell phone: well duh
Have a good luck charm: charm braclet
Collect anything: not really
Attend high school or college: nope
Make good grades: does diploma ansewr this fucking question?
Have You Ever....
Had a surgery?: c-section
Had teeth pulled?: yes
Broke the law intentionally: i got bored lol
Ran away from home?: just around the blockk, ran away from my nanny she was no marry poppins
Broke a bone?: no
Cheated on a test/exam: like i'd rem that shit lol
Had a friend pass away: yes *sighs*
Been issued a citation/traffic ticket: only if cops caught me lol
Been in an auto accident: never
Lied to someone: duh
Been lied to: duh
Your Favorite....
Place to be: home
Place to visit: hot springs, arkansas
Place to chill: the roof
Non-Alcoholic drink: apple juice
Alcoholic drink: vodka
Type of food: read the res of the profile lol
Meal/Food dish: definate carnicore
Dessert: chocolate icecream
Shampoo & Conditioner: wtf who give s shit i clean my hair daily
Toothpaste: stupid fucking question
Salad dressing: ranch or itallian
Ice cream: read above on desert
Fast food establishment: arby's
Color: pink and black
Season: spring
Holiday: Halloween
Perfume/Cologne: dont wear any it attracts bees
Video Game: Xena or Buffy even doh shooting ppl kinda fun hahaha
T.V. show: stfu lol
Smells: roses
Article of clothing: huh? do i look like a fucking mall rat?
Book: anything keeps me reading nonstop
Children's Book: pierre
Candy: skittles
Car: camaro
Do You Believe....
In Karma: yes, watch ur danm back bitches
In God: yes
In Heaven & Hell: yes
That aliens exist (extraterrestrial variety, not illegal aliens): never met one yet lol
That ghosts exist: yes
In horoscopes: kinda
In others you know (family, friends, co-workers etc): kinda
In yourself: duh
Your Opinion....
On the death penalty: works if the person a pofs
On reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools: sure
On homosexuals in the military: wtf? i aint in the military but i am bi
The war in the Middle East: long as i aint in it
Schwarzeneggar...Governor or Terminator: liked him better as terminator and um btw this stupid ass fucking question
Current gas/fuel prices: ridiculous lol
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-Family, is like any other they drive me crazy, but gotta love at least some of them. My parents were married for 31 years, My father was overall a good guy when sober. Did I like him? Not all that much. My father died september 9th 2010 on his bday no less, wasn't unexpected by any means, but was major blow. My mom and I get along well enough, where I got most of my humor. She very smart to. But she needs to get off her fucking high horse, I 'm getting older that shit don't work no more. She shorter then I am so picture her lecturing me with that index finger, think I'm intimidated? I have 1 sister who I can't stand. Her name is Debbie she needs a bowflex haha! No kids, not married.......yea I not looking up to her fuck that. I trained my sister to fear me lol. Got 3 older brothers, Mike, Steve, and Matt. Mike is a workaholic, was divorced but remarried his ex wife no kids. He was one got me even introduced to vampire world. He wasn't a vampire though. He made a joke once saying vampires eat to much damn ketchup. Steve was a family man, married to his high school sweetheart with shit 6 kids ; Josh, Jason, Tiffaney, Jacob, Jaden, and Emily. Josh shares my birthday which is awesome. My brother Steve passed away 2009 :(. Matt is my favorite brother. He has done time but no worries he didn't kill anyone, or I don't think he did.He is getting married again, but no telling when since they want to wait till Cody's return. Cody and Mallory is his brats. They both lil shits but I love them. I'll corrupt his kids, he'll corrupt mine....doesn't make much sense though since he corrupted me. I am not married hopefully one day. I have one son named Justin he shares his birthday with my brother Matt. Don't ask me about his father, I will want to kill him then won't have child support if I bury him 10 ft under okay lol. I would of had another child but I had a miscarriage. So there the immediate family take some of the other's would you? lol

-Pets, I have had many pets. I have had dogs mostly labs. I have had rats, mice, and a gerbal bet they still buried in my backyard lol. Of course I have had fish had a whole aquarium of salt water fish which was cool but pain in the ass to clean the tank. Shadow died few years back, had her for very long time ever since I was 6 or 7 29 now so yea sucks but it happens. My brother had piranahs one time lol. Had lizards. All I can remember; wouldn't mind white tiger for a pet lol. Currently no pet's right now not sure if will get another or not.

-Friends, I have to many damn friends lol and very short "shit list" and I doubt it anyone you know : )..

-Significant Other, single free to mingle!

- Other ways to contact me:
*Yahoo: misspinkie012000.

*My Obsessions*

-Making food





If you chose add me, be my guest just please message me telling me so I can do the same. Thanks.

Favorite Foods

- Italian

- Chinese

- Mexican

- Home cooked meals

"Give me the grub!"


-I like different types of music not that picky....

*My Protector(s)*

*Special shout outs*

-To all my friends on VR, love you bunches

-Dislikes: Anything that will piss me off!

-Likes: Anything that won't piss me off!

Member Since: Jun 28, 2007
Last Login: Jul 20, 2022
Times Viewed: 32,192

Times Rated:1,500

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Dec 14, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Oct 22, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Oct 20, 2023
Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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Jun 14 2021

I had to apply some security updates. I needed to take the site down for a few hours to complete everything. I did it in the middle of the night.. When hopefully, most of you wouldn't notice :)

Superior Sire

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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.
Real Vampires love Vampire Rave.

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