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MikhailTheMagnificent carries the Mark of The Prince. Sete Diabolica (Coven)

Vy ne ponimayete.... hahaha... oh well~
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Rostov, Russia


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"So love me like you do~ "

Hello VampireRave. I'm not exactly new here, as you can obviously see. I'm in my mid 20's now and I've been put in a situation where my life has changed dramatically. I'm glad it happened early on in my life at least. I plan on everything being much simpler as I get older. I am very much a simple kind of man. I am currently in a relationship... So no, I'm by no means single. I'm fond of antiques. I tend to collect a few as well. I like to have things that people would call useless and give them a purpose again. Even if it is just for decoration. I'm not one to judge harshly on anyone or anything. I consider myself pretty easy going and for the most part, nice. However, I know that I have my moments when I don't paint a nice picture of myself. However I do not deny that all human beings have these moments. I work with people in life or death situations, and have a Masters in Medicine. I wouldn't be surprised if I was in the business for the rest of my life. I'm at a place where the respect is good, the pay is better, and I am quite comfortable where I am. It will be an honor to meet many of you and get to know you better. However, introductions never seem to do justice for an individual, so I hope you enjoy speaking with me as well. I do want to thank you for reading this if you did.... we all know that reading is a dying art and I feel like my words are useful, even if only one takes the time to do so. Thank You.

Погиб Поэт! - невольник чести- Пал, оклеветанный молвой, С свинцом в груди и жаждой мести, Поникнув гордой головой!.. Не вынесла душа Поэта Позора мелочных обид, Восстал он против мнений света Один, как прежде... и убит! Убит!.. к чему теперь рыданья, Пустых похвал ненужный хор И жалкий лепет оправданья? Судьбы свершился приговор! Не вы ль сперва так злобно гнали Его свободный, смелый дар И для потехи раздували Чуть затаившийся пожар? Что ж? веселитесь... он мучений Последних вынести не мог: Угас, как светоч, дивный гений, Увял торжественный венок. Его убийца хладнокровно Навел удар... спасенья нет: Пустое сердце бьется ровно, В руке не дрогнул пистолет. И что за диво?... издалека, Подобный сотням беглецов, На ловлю счастья и чинов Заброшен к нам по воле рока; Смеясь, он дерзко презирал Земли чужой язык и нравы; Не мог щадить он нашей славы; Не мог понять в сей миг кровавый, На что' он руку поднимал!..

И он убит - и взят могилой,
Как тот певец, неведомый, но милый,
Добыча ревности глухой,
Воспетый им с такою чудной силой,
Сраженный, как и он, безжалостной рукой.
Зачем от мирных нег и дружбы простодушной
Вступил он в этот свет завистливый и душный
Для сердца вольного и пламенных страстей?
Зачем он руку дал клеветникам ничтожным,
Зачем поверил он словам и ласкам ложным,
Он, с юных лет постигнувший людей?...
И прежний сняв венок - они венец терновый,
Увитый лаврами, надели на него:
Но иглы тайные сурово
Язвили славное чело;
Отравлены его последние мгновенья
Коварным шепотом насмешливых невежд,
И умер он - с напрасной жаждой мщенья,
С досадой тайною обманутых надежд.
Замолкли звуки чудных песен,
Не раздаваться им опять:
Приют певца угрюм и тесен,
И на устах его печать.

А вы, надменные потомки Известной подлостью прославленных отцов, Пятою рабскою поправшие обломки Игрою счастия обиженных родов! Вы, жадною толпой стоящие у трона, Свободы, Гения и Славы палачи! Таитесь вы под сению закона, Пред вами суд и правда - всё молчи! Но есть и божий суд, наперсники разврата! Есть грозный суд: он ждет; Он не доступен звону злата,
И мысли, и дела он знает наперед. Тогда напрасно вы прибегнете к злословью: Оно вам не поможет вновь, И вы не смоете всей вашей черной кровью Поэта праведную кровь!


I am one who can enjoy pretty much any genre of music. Of course, I have my favorites and I will not claim to like them all equally, for I'd be lying to you. However, I like very many. Honestly I don't wish to go through an annoying list saying who I like. I suppose if you get to know me you will find out on your own accord. I love music that reminds me of a time in my life... those are the ones I am most fond of... mostly because they make me feel as I did growing up, and despite a rough life and childhood, I had some very happy moments that I will take with me to the grave.


I don't watch much TV. I do have Netflix though. I am one who can watch a series over and over and not grow bored. An odd gift I am assuming and few people like to do that. As well as the movies, I enjoy many different kinds of films and TV shows. Comedy is by far my favorite. Nothing makes me happier than a moment when I can laugh at myself or others (I mean this of course in a nice way). hah.

Vampire...or to many of us here, Vampyres, are things that I feel many people do not understand. This idea is clouded with belief and myth of what this amazing creature is. Lesser of a human and more parasitic in nature, a vampyre is reliant on something and someone. According to many people, if it be in physical or psychological manners. Vampyres are often glorified for the belief that they are somehow stronger, more beautiful and mysterious in behavior. However, I've found life of a realistic vampyre to be one of many secrets and hiding of ones own identity. Those who brag are not of this kind. It is not something anyone would wish upon someone or something. To be dependant of something is a terrifying state of uncertainties and vulnerabilities. I find it hard to believe a few cases of "vampyre" breeds in this environment. I am not a skeptic, only a realist. They do exist in their own world, but not of one full of 1/2 blooded were-wolves, pixies, and fairies. If you feel this way, I shan't intrude on your fantasies and beliefs, only know that I do not believe in fabricated tall tales such as these, and so do not play along with liars. I will leave you to your case of insanity and be on my own merry way.

Images of Myself:

I don't like to take pictures often... so I don't have very many to offer. I'm sorry.

Family Comes First:
I have a large family... none of them blood, but the closest things to that. I have a brother, almost a son who has lived with me since he was 1 year of age. Though we are nothing alike, he has shown me over and over again why I love him so dearly. I have another person I would call a brother, closer to my age. He is more like me, stubborn and headstrong and we often times butt heads, but when I need him he is there and has never left my side. My parents are people I don't know well, though I have heard much about them and wished I would have met them at a time when I could have retained some sort of memories of them, but I was taken in by two very caring people who treated me as their own. I have many other close friends.... too many to list here, but they all know that I care for them very deeply and I would never let anything happen to anyone that I care for or love. Blood is thicker than water, most say.... but when there is no blood to compare... water seems pretty damn thick to me. There's nothing I wouldn't give for a friend. A REAL friend who is nothing less than a brother to me.

It's easier not to have one honestly. I am not one to judge ones profile on the looks because that's not fair. If it looks like someone put effort into the page, I will rate a 10. However an empty page, I will not rate. I don't like to rate lower than a 10, I would just rather leave without rating. Feel free to rate me however you choose. I will admit however that I do return all rates and msgs. If I have not done so, feel free to inform me. I get lost from time to time.

If One would ever need to contact me for any reason
here is a number of ways to get ahold of me when I am
no longer online.

Text Message: n/a
(no calling available, only texting option for this number)

If you do decide to message me,
simply tell me who you are before prattling on.
I tend to block unknown numbers.

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