Ascendant Grimoire[A Coven Book of Shadows]

This is Coven of the Ascended's collective Book of Shadows. This is constantly being added to/updated, so please stop by for new information. (Last Updated on September 3, 2021. Enjoy)


Manifestation:bringing or attracting something into your life through belief or thought charged with intention. Manifestation is a good example of "mind over matter." If you have ever thought about how nice it would be to have a particular object or eat a certain food for dinner and forget about that fleeting thought-that is, until a family member brings home a surprise pizza for dinner or someone randomly gifts you that object- you have unknowingly engaged in manifestation. (While many may argue these are coincidences, these examples are only a small fraction of experiences a person has when using Manifestation.) It isn't always out of your control either; If you make the decision to consciously practice and intentionally manifest, you can do so more regularly. If your manifestation doesn't work, try again. You aren't the only one sending your intentions up into the Source, but by doing so more periodically, having strong intention, and by choosing something realistic to manifest, your odds on receiving a positive answer are magnified.

Different Ways to Manifest

1. Scripting:
Write a story about what you want to manifest into your life(write in the first person as if it has already happened).

2. Practice by Manifesting Something Small:
All you have to do to manifest a small cup of coffee is simply set the intention to manifest it, thank the universe for it, believe it's possible and drop it from your thoughts and go on your way about your day.

3. Create a Vision Board:
Vision boards are a visual or physical representation of our goals and desires that we want to manifest into our lives. Keep it somewhere where you glance at it often.

4. The 55x5 Method:
Choose an affirmation of what your like to manifest and write, say it in your head or speak it out to yourself privately 55 times for 5 days.

5. Visualize Before Falling Asleep:
Focus on your desires and your feelings of already having them over and over in your mind into you fall asleep and your subconscious will do the rest.

6. "Segment Intending"
Think ahead and be aware of events that have the potential to lower your vibration. Define how you would like to feel and set mental boundaries that can protect your energy. (Be very careful not to focus or think too long on the negative energies, events or such that you're trying to avoid. You only need to remember what they are long enough to set defensive boundaries and to set positive intentions for that period of time).

7. "Wouldn't it Be Nice If?"
Instead of framing you desires with an "I want" statement, reframe it using, "Wouldn't it be nice....?" This softens your request to the Universe and puts you in a better position. This way acknowledges that manifesting is out of your hands once intentions are set and they work better that way. [This one works for me very often, even when I don't intend for it to happen. I've thought of how nice it would be to hear from someone I haven't heard from in a decade and they have called...a childhood friend I lost touch with stopped by my house one day after I randomly thought that it would be nice to see them!
This only works if you have the thought and drop it. Think about it then go on with your day.]

8. Which Thought Feels Better?
Take a piece of paper and writes your thoughts down. After you write the first, write a second related to it. Then evaluate which thought feels better.
[This works to bring positivity into your life by embracing more positive and wanted thoughts over the less wanted ones. ]

9. Clearing Clutter for Clarity:
Clutter can lower your vibration by taking away your enjoyment of the present moment. Go around your living space and put things you don't use or need into boxes to store.
[Our living areas are an extension of us and can negatively or positively effect us. Keeping our physical spaces clutter free can help us keep our minds free of unwanted thoughts and such. This helps us to ensure that this clutter doesn't make its way into our intentions and show up unwanted in our manifestations.]

10. The Wallet Process:
Put $100 in your wallet to keep there, not to spend. By doing this, you can increase your vibration by reminding yourself that you are abundant.
[By holding onto the money you are emanating energy of abundance and will manifest more of the same.]

11. Pivoting:
Whenever you feel negative emotions, think for a moment. You know what you don't want, so what do you want? Use your negative feelings to remind you of positive feelings and how you would really like to feel. [Forget about the negative and visualize the positive and how you feel when you experience them.]

12. The Focus Wheel Process:
Write 12 good-feeling statements in a circle. Then, circle the statement that feels the best to you And repeat the process by putting that statement in the middle. [Here is an article explaining more about what this is and how it works.]

13. Finding the Feeling-Place:
Focus on a good memory, a good day, or even your future dream life. Focus on how good it feels to live in your desire, not in the absence of it. [We often think about what we lack; when you're manifesting this is the last thing you want to do, or you will manifest what you want least. When you find yourself thinking of what you lack, think of what you have and what you want in life and focus on the good energy that this makes you feel. This will help you manifest what you want most.]

14. Releasing Resistance to Debt:
Create a spreadsheet and write this: It is my desire to keep my promise regarding all of these financial obligations, and in some cases, I will even do twice as much as required.
[This affirmation will send your intention to pay off your debts into the universe, allowing the universe to send you ways to help complete your intention. You are basically manifesting help in settling debts.]

15. Turn it Over to the Manager:
Imagine yourself as the CEO of a large corporation and you have a manager who works using the Law of Attraction on your behalf. Every time you want to get something done, send the request to you manager(the universe) and trust that it will get done.

If you'd like to read about this second set of techniques in more detail visit the source I listed. This article will tell you what technique you will need for the specific need or intention you have and will explain how to do them in more detail. Everything wrote in [ ] parenthesis are details and pieces of advice I have added. At some point I am going to write down and share my techniques, but I have shared these because I know that most work and I can tell that the others could work too, as long as they are done right.
If you want to try these and you haven't done this before, I'd recommend trying 2, 3, 5, and 7 first. Start off small with a compliment or a message from a friend. Make sure you are in a good state of mind, meditate and clear your head, then get to it.


Techniques for Grounding:
-Sit or stand with your palms open. Imagine your spinal cord flowing into the earth, rooting with it deep down below. Feel the negative energy flowing out & dissipating, and feel clarity and calm grow beneath you.
-Take several deep breaths, envisioning anything toxic and problematic exhaling with your breath & leaving your body.
-Stand outside and take your shoes off. Connect with the earth and feel its natural energy wash over you.
-Self-care is a form of grounding, so you may want to go for a run or stretch. Drinking a glass of water helps too, since water purifies and cleanses our bodies. Eating healthy and connecting with the food you are consuming is a wonderful way to practice grounding, mindfulness, and self-care as well.

Cleansing is useful to ensure an object you're using for magic or other activities is refreshed & positively energized, not full of old, potentially negative or harmful energies.
-Close your eyes and envision the space you're in clear of all harmful, chaotic, or negative energies.
-Fill a spray bottle with water to use for cleansing(add a few drops of essential oil or herbs if you'd like).
-Burn palo santo, cedar, sage, or other traditional herbs for a smoke cleanse. [Don't do this is rooms/homes with small animals, children or babies because it can be harmful to them].
-Salt can cleanse objects like crystals. Just submerge the object in salt and let it purify. (First check to make sure the salt is not harmful to whatever it is you're trying to cleanse).
-Moonlight & sunlight can be used to cleanse objects as well (Again, be sure that the water/light is not harmful to the objects you're using).

Apothecary of Magical/Medicinal Herbs, Flowers, & Plants
Aloe Vera: Used to soothe irritated or sunburned skin.
Echinacea: Promotes healing from a cold or flu.
Feverfew: Used to reduce migraine pain.
Ginger: Settles the stomach.
Ginseng: Energy-inducing.
Lavender: Used to promote sleep & calm.
Mugwort: Promotes stomach, liver, and menstrual health.
Peppermint: Aids digestion and cools the skin.
St.-John's wort: Stabilizes mood.
Tea Tree Oil: Used to cleanse the skin and ward off colds.
Turmeric: Anti-Inflammatory, especially for arthritis.
Valerian: Promotes sleep.
Violet: Used to relieve irritated skin and calm the nerves.
Witch hazel: Used to clean minor cuts and tone the skin.

Caution: Be sure to consult with your doctor before using, as many herbs have negative effects if used wrong or mixed with medications. Also research(or ask) how to apply & use herbs correctly to utilize the positive aspects of them.


Moon Phase Magic: Moon Phase Meanings
The New Moon: a time for seedling dreams and goals, the time for manifestation. It helps boost your spell-work and adds extra power to your wishes and intentions. During this time you can kick off a plan, start something you've been dreaming of doing, create a wish jar, visualize your goals, or cast a spell for opportunities.
The Full Moon: generally considered to be the most potent lunar phase, kicking your magic up a few notches. It's a great time for spells and rituals that require you to do the hard work-binding, banishing, removing barriers, and working on yourself in potent ways. Where the new moon is good for bringing and pulling in, the full moon is great for almost anything, especially kicking to the curb unwanted ideas, feelings, or toxic people's effects on you.
The Waning Moon: all about the vanishing moon, so focus on using this moon to banish, remove, bind or say good-bye.
The Waxing Moon: provides opportunity to add a new ritual or routine to your life, focus on a new project, or cast a spell to bring something to fruition.

Daily Moon Magic with the Zodiac
Each day the moon is in a different sign of the zodiac. Whether you believe in astrology or not, you can use the qualities of each zodiac sign as tools to boost your spirits, dial up your happiness, and remove blocks.
For this practice, you'll want to find out which astrological house the moon is passing through on a given day. From there, you'll want to ask these questions:
-What can I learn from the moon being in this sign today?
-How can this moon inspire me to be a better version of myself?
-How do I like the moon in this sign?
-Is today a good day to make plans and get stuff done?
-Should I spend some time doing self-care today?


When the moon is in the signs below, you'll want to....
Aries: Think things out, drink a glass of wine, finalize projects, not rush to conclusions.
Taurus: Get to work on projects, enjoy life, take a nap, be mellow, tend to some gardening, meditate in nature.
Gemini: Communicate ideas, make things happen, finish your task list, be the life of the party, make a killer playlist for the week ahead.
Cancer: Allow yourself to feel things strongly, organize your closet, celebrate your vulnerabilities, take a bubble bath, help others.
Leo: Be ridiculous, have a party, create things, show your feelings, start a workout regimen, make bold moves.
Virgo: Organize your things, take stock, find gratitude, prepare meals.
Libra: Make deals, make love, say you're sorry, go to a meetup, check-up with your friends.
Scorpio: Focus intensely on your intentions, focus on positive energies rather than dwelling on the negative, avoid rabbit holes, have amazing sex, use glamour magic, meditate.
Sagittarius: Create a bucket list, complete something on your bucket list, remain grounded-but have fun.
Capricorn: Apply for a job, pamper yourself after a task well done, keep your head down and finish something.
Aquarius: Think outside the box, start an uprising, create something amazing, dress vividly, laugh out loud.
Pisces: Read a beautiful book, make floral arrangements, go to the beach, visualize dreams, dance.

Symbolic Qualities of Trees

Apple: magic, youth, beauty and happiness
Ash: sacrifice, sensitivity, and higher wisdom
Aspen: determination, overcoming fears and doubts
Beech: tolerance, past knowledge, softens over-criticism
Birch: new beginnings, cleansing of past, vision quests
Cedar: healing, cleansing, protection
Cherry: death and rebirth, new awakenings
Cypress: understanding of role of sacrifice
Elder: birth and death, Renaissance of Faerie realm
Elm: strength of will, intuition
Hawthorne: fertility, creativity and magic
Hazel: hidden wisdom, dowsing and divination
Heather: healing from within, immortality, and initiation
Holly: protection, overcoming of anger, spiritual warrior
Honeysuckle: learning from the past, discrimination, change
Lilac: spiritualization, realization of true beauty
Maple: balance, psychic expression, promise
Oak: strength and endurance, helpfulness, continuity
Orange: clarity to emotions, release of trauma
Palm: protection, peace, opportunity
Pine: balance of pain and emotions, creativity
Spruce: new realizations, healing, intuition
Sycamore: communication, love, learning to receive
Walnut: eases transitions, following a unique path
Willow: magic, healing, inner vision and dreams

Symbolic Qualities of Flowers

Baby's Breath: modesty, sweet beauty
Basil: integration, discipline, dragon force, often used for protection
Begonia: balance, psychism
Buttercup: self-worth, power of words
Cactus: manifestation of riches and beauty
Carnation: deep love, healing, love of self
Clover: luck, love and fidelity, kindness
Daffodil: power of inner beauty, clarity of thought
Dahlia: higher development, self-worth, and beauty
Daisy: increasing awareness, creativity, inner strength
Gardenia: happiness, healing, and renewed joy
Gladiola: receptivity to divine will
Hibiscus: femininity, sexuality and warmth, new creation
Hyacinth: overcoming of grief, gentleness, inner beauty
Iris: higher inspiration, psychic purity
Lavender: magic, love, protection, healing and vision
Lily: birth, godly mind, and humility
Marigold: fidelity, longevity, loving sacrifice
Morning Glory: breaking down of the old, spontaneity
Rose: live, strength through silence, passion
Rosemary: power, clarity of thought, sensitivity
Snapdragon: will force, creative expression, clairaudience
Sunflower: opportunities, self-actualization, happiness
Violet: modesty, fulfillment, psychic sensitivity

(Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of all of the flowers or even all of their "definitions". More will be added as I get to it. If there is something missing you wish to see before I get to it let me know and I will add it faster. Enjoy!)

(To be continued, so stop by periodically for new info.)

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