Site Updates

Oct 29 2021
I've completed a hardware upgrade. VR is now running on a new server. There should be a noticeable improvement in site speed and responsiveness.

Jul 03 2021
A major update to Vampire Rave has been completed: The Stream.

You can read more about it and how it works here.

Jun 26 2021
New page added: Code Base Updates.

This page tracks changes I make to the Vampire Rave code base. As I continue to add new systems to VR you'll see the Lines of Code value go up.

I wish I had added this feature back when I started VR. Unfortunately, this page will only track changes since May 1, 2021.

You can cross reference this page with the updates page to get an idea of what the changes were. For example, on June 7, 2021 I added 13,164 new lines of code. This was when I brought Vamp Cams back online. Yes, it took over 13,000 lines of code to get Vamp Cams running again. Actually, it was over 17,000 lines of code if you include the new chat server code.

This page will automatically update once daily, but only if I make changes to the code base.

Jun 07 2021
Vamp Cams are back online. It's a new system fully integrated with the new chat server.

May 30 2021
I've completely overhauled Vampire Rave's chat server. The new system is online here.

You can read more about the new server here.

This chat server will serve as the foundation for many of the new updates I plan on bringing to VR. I know many of you want the webcams back. This is the first step.

Apr 09 2018
As many of you know, webcams have been very buggy. Since the last Chrome and Firefox update, they're currently not working at all.

For the past week I have been working on a major fix for webcams. It's a very big and complicated section of Vampire Rave. I've made very good progress so far.

I hope to have the new system online in the next week or so. The new system will have some new, added features for Premium Members.

Jun 14 2017
New Premium feature: Phantasm Links.

Premium Members can now customize the empty space at the top of the Phantasm layout and create customized links. Links can be internal to Vampire Rave or external (anywhere on the Internet).

To get to this new section, click the Phantasm hamburger menu, click Premium, click Phantasm links. You can create up to 9 custom links. How many you actually see will depend on your screen resolution (it doesn't break mobile viewing).

Here's an example.

Jun 13 2017
Updates have been made to the Message Center.

• The Message Center is now 100% emoji compatible.

• You can now send attachments with your messages.

You can attach jpg, gif, or png files to your messages (including group messages) that are 1MB in file size or less. Messages you send with attachments have the following icon at the top:

Clicking the icon will open the message attachment in a new tab.

Message attachments are saved for 1 year. All attachments (including those in your Saved folder) are deleted after 1 year.

• There is a new folder: Trash.

When you delete messages from any folder, they are moved to Trash first. Items in your Trash folder older than 30 days are automatically deleted each night.

If you click Delete all Messages in any folder (except Trash), all items are moved to Trash. If you click Delete all Messages in Trash, all Trash items are permanently deleted.

You can only move messages out of Trash to Saved (you cannot move from Trash to Inbox).

As a reminder, messages in Saved are never automatically deleted. Items in other folders except for Trash are automatically deleted after 1 year. Messages in Trash are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Jun 12 2017
Webcams have been overhauled. Chat is working again. Webcasters have a few new features including a permanent ban list and the ability to kick viewers from their webcast. Anonymous chat is no longer allowed. If you are not logged in, you can view a webcast but you cannot chat in it.

May 23 2017
Simple browser detection has been added to the main homepage. If you go to https://www.vampirerave.com, the site will tell you if you're using an old browser and should update.

Detection is only on the main homepage.

It's far from 100% foolproof, but it will catch old versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and to a lesser degree Opera. Other browsers are not supported.

May 10 2017
SSL site encryption has been enabled at Vampire Rave.

This was a long time coming. There are some implications that come with this change. Read more about it here.

May 09 2017

• Page tracking wasn't working right. It's been fixed (Removal of 'new' markings after you visit a Profile).

• When you click through to a Profile, from the all Profiles page, there is now a link that directs back to the all Profiles page. The link remembers you "place". It also works after you rate a Profile.


• Page tracking wasn't working right. It's been fixed (Removal of 'new' markings after you visit a Portfolio).

• When you click through to a Portfolio, from the all Portfolios page, there is now a link that directs back to the all Portfolios page. The link remembers you "place". It also works after you rate a Portfolio.

• There was an issue where you'd click into a Portfolio and then get an error message, No Such Portfolio. This has been fixed.

• Added picture counts for each member/portfolio to the all Portfolios page.

Apr 30 2017
New skin created for Phantasm: Phantasm Purple. It is available to Premium Members in the Skin Manager.

This skin demonstrates how you can put image files in the gutters of the Phantasm layout. I've also posted the Phantasm layout pack under Layout Packs. This pack provides all the files necessary to create your own Phantasm skin.

After the new site goes live I will be re-skinning my personal profile in Phantasm. If you want your profile to look great on mobile, the only way to achieve it is with a Phantasm skin.

Apr 30 2017
I've completed updates to all the old layouts. They should all be working properly. Please report any issues via Report a Bug.

Apr 30 2017
Major changes have been implemented for the layout Eternal.

The layout was always slow. It used the CSS file as a configuration file for picture rotation. This has been removed. Eternal Boys, Girls, and Epicene now randomly pull pictures from the database. This change affects Eternal skins. You can no longer define custom pictures to rotate.

The public skins Eternal Harry Potter and Eternal Lestat have been removed. The layout can still be skinned, but you can no longer define the pictures that rotate.

Apr 21 2017
I have completed the site overhaul. I have finished editing every single Vampire Rave page, with a few exceptions.

I haven't updated the Games section because I want to totally overhaul it. I've taken the section offline for now. It will return in the future.

I still need to update the Vampire Rave Banner exchange, but that system technically sits outside of Vampire Rave.

Everything else is done and beta testing will start in the next day or two. I need to refresh VampireRave.net so it reflects a more current version of VampireRave.com.

Apr 12 2017
Updates have been completed for all items under the Personal Menu. This includes the cell phone section, which required an extensive update. It's been modified to work (in theory) with any cell phone carrier world-wide. There is now a custom field where you can directly enter an SMS carrier address.

Mar 13 2017
Updates to Mentorships have been completed. Notable updates are virtually identical to those of Societies.

Mar 09 2017
Updates to Societies have been completed. A few of the notable updates include:

• The Society navigation menu has been overhauled. It's much more logical and easy to navigate.

• The new navigation menu includes links to other members of your Alliance, making it much easier to jump between members of an Alliance.

• Enhanced Chat, Forum, and Poll pages, inline with existing site updates.

• You can now utilize JPG, PNG, or GIF image files, anywhere within a Society or Alliance. (Previously you could only use JPG files).

• File Storage system overhauled, as described in previous post. Societies now receive 20MB of storage space.

• Inductions (via either the Free Members page or a Profile page) are now much easier and intuitive.

• Fixed up the Sire petition system. The process should be much easier now.

• Massive overhaul to the Trade Log page. It's much more logical and easy to read. Logs are now stored for the past 90 days (30 days was the previous limit).

• Overhauled the Trade system. It's much easier to use now.

Mar 06 2017
Extensive overhaul of the File Storage system.

• File types you are allowed to upload have been modernized.

• Updated (modernized) all the copy-and-paste code.

• Expanded storage space. Premium Members get 50MB. Societies and Mentorships get 20MB (previous limit was 10MB for all).

• Max file size limit, per file, increased to 8MB.

• Added filters to narrow/expand the display of files.

Feb 27 2017
Updates to Alliances have been completed.

Jan 22 2017
A few operational changes:
• Message Center inbox messages are now saved for up to one year before automatic deletion (the old time limit was 30 days).

• Polls are no longer automatically closed after reaching 600 votes.

• Postcards have been eliminated. Spammers were using them.

Jan 20 2017
Updates to the forum have been completed. A few of the changes include:
• A total layout redesign.

• Preview post added.

• Limited emoji support. 😈 You can use emoji's if you use the associated decimal or hexidecimal code. This functionality will be further explained and implemented in the future. A great source for emoji codes is https://websitebuilders.com/tools/html-codes/emoticons/.

• A new easy-to-use quoting system. When you quote a post, a link is automatically created to the original post.

• Forum search has been totally overhauled. It's much more intuitive and usable.

Dec 29 2016
Updates to the Member Pages section have been completed.

Dec 25 2016
Massive overhaul to the Portfolios section completed. The section has been modernized. New features:

• Better picture viewing/navigation.

• Better picture uploading.

• More file types. JPG, GIF, and PNG are now accepted.

• Larger file uploads allowed (up to 8MB). Automatic picture resizing to 1024x1024 max.

• You can rearrange the picture ordering in your portfolio.

• Free members get 50 pictures, Premium Members get 500 (previously was 20 and 200).

There's one more modification I want to make - albums. It's a pretty big update though and it will have to wait.

Dec 19 2016
Updates to VR's internal advertising system have been completed.

Dec 07 2016
Updates to all Dominar admin pages completed.

Dec 06 2016
Updates to the Polls section have been completed.

Dec 04 2016
Updates to Member Articles have been completed.

Dec 03 2016
Updates to VampBox have been completed.

Nov 29 2016
The Journals section has been completed and totally overhauled.

Oct 29 2016
Massive overhaul of Vamp Cams. The old system was based on Flash. It was not mobile compatible. Flash has been removed and the new section has been re-written under HTML 5. The new section works on most mobile platforms. There are a number of new features with the new system.

Oct 18 2016
Updates and enhancements to the Profiles section have been completed.

Once major change, is how profile backups are stored. VR is now storing backups for all members, for the past 7 days. Previously, only backups for premium members were being stored. Backups for all accounts are being made, but only premium members can access their backups.

What this means, is a member can now make their account premium and instantly have access to the past 7 days of backups to their profile.

Sep 28 2016
Total overhaul of The Immortals page. The page is now broken down by Sire grouping (Royal Sires, Arch Sires, etc). There are now 12 pages instead of 1.

Sep 28 2016
While working on the page The Top, I found an error in the computation of profile and portfolio ratings. The bug comes up when someone with a status level of higher than 255 rates a profile. There are currently only 3 Vampire Rave members who have a status level greater than 255.

I've fixed the error, but it won't be implemented until the new VR server goes live. The error can be seen when viewing The Top. There are members with a rating higher than 10. After the fix goes live, the highest possible rating will go back to 10.

Sep 24 2016
Updates completed to all sections under the Services menu.

Sep 19 2016
I've finished updating all the sections under the main menu. This includes The Vampire Database, which has had a complete and total overhaul. You can now also browse SciFi Section's and Power Punk's database's, from within Vampire Rave.

Aug 23 2016
Report a Bug has been completed. This new section is a comprehensive website bug reporting tool. Users can now easily report site bugs and attach screenshots. Cancer will be the only administrator that moderates this section. Reporting bugs will make it easier for Cancer to find, address, and fix site issues.

Aug 20 2016
A complete redesign and overhaul of the Message Center has been completed.

Aug 11 2016
Site News section modified and updated.

Contact page modified and updated.

Help page modified and updated.

Aug 11 2016
New page added: Site Updates (this page). It will be used to announce and track all future updates and changes to Vampire Rave.

The login page has been re-worked. It will now show you all new site updates since your last login.

Aug 10 2016
The Honor section has been re-worked and updated. Honor is now stored for 90 days instead of 30. Honor is recomputed every night to account for inactive members.

Aug 09 2016
The Acolyte queue (for Acolytes) has been re-worked and updated. A new page has been added, Acolyte Log. All Acolyte questions and answers are now stored.

Aug 07 2016
Phantasm has been completed.

May 22 2016
Development has begun on the new Vampire Rave layout Phantasm.

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