Now, on to the Coven and it's rules.

This Coven is made for any kink, kink friendly, open minded, and would love to openly talk on different arts no matter what they are. If anyone has a problem with another, it is to be taken up with me, and I will deal with it. This place is open to any kind of intellect, no matter the topic, and is open really to anyone. However, I must put some ground rules.

1. Bashing.

No bashing each other in here. Again if you have problems, come to me or an ACM.

2. Position.

If you wish to have a position, and one is open, then one must be tested for that position; I am fair, and I only want those who know what they are doing. All answers to these tests are in the manual or in the "rules" thread (first post in it is the reasoning for the testing).

3. Abuse of Position.

No one in position in the Coven will abuse their position. Once it is found out that you have, you will be stripped of that position, and an extra 1000 favor will be required to fulfill your marque (described below). Depending on the severity you will be blinded.

4. Activity.

I only ask for a minimum of 2 posts and 20 favor per week. It does not take long to do this, and because of this, I really am not asking much. If you wish to do more, then I will commend you. I will keep a monthly track at you are in here.

5. To Leave Terre D'Ange.

No one will be traded out until they fulfill their own "marque" (This will make sense if you read the main page first). To fulfill this marque, you need 15,000 favor. If you are Sire and wish to stay here, you are more than welcome to stay or even come back as long as you like. To get 15000 favor you can earn it yourself, have someone else trade you for that amount, or split the mark between you and the person you are wishing to be traded by. Your last resort is self-deleting.

6. To Enter Terre D'Ange.

You will need at least a 9.0 rating on your profile, you need to be open-minded, and willing to respect all the rules.

7. Upon Entering.

You will need to add everyone, rate them, add their journals, and introduce yourself in the forums as well as read the rules. I wont have anyone break rules and say they didn't know them when everyone has access to them.

8. Once Read.

Once you read these rules, you need to let one of the High Admin know that you have read and understood. That would be myself or NoticLusicCaelum, currently.

9. Confidentiality.

What is said in the Coven or between coven members outside the forums, STAYS IN THE COVEN! Break this rule and you will be blinded, and another 5000 favor will be required to fulfill your marque.

10. Marks.

Do not ask for marks from me. You will get them as you have earned them. I mark those of position, for they have earned them, and those who are making an effort, hence, they earned them.

11. Problems.

Any problems inside or outside the Coven (but having to do with a Coven member) come to the Admin for help. No one gets kicked out of the Coven for what they do. Anyone who I believe should not see Coven information such as the forums, will be blinded until they make their marque or make Sire, whichever comes first. Period. Never will there be a trade out unless the 15000 favor is made up by the individual member's means.

12. Have fun.

I am laid back, curious, and fair. I want all my members to have fun. Just follow the rules and we will be fine.

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