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The proud black stallion is the gatekeeper for the F.A.Q. You will notice it is the same as used in our crest.

On this page you will find everything you need and want to know about the daily musings in our family. First I will post the rules and then I will explain a little further some of the things in the coven.

Coven rules.

  • No drama. In my time on VR I have seen too much drama, and it is something I will at no point tolerate. If one of the members turns out to be a drama queen/king, I will blind them or in worst case exclude them from the coven.

  • All members must read the VR guidelines, found in the FAQ, and understand and live by them on their continued journey on VR.

  • Once a member, you represent the coven. Keep that in mind if you decide to make a rating comment or posting in the main forum.

  • VR is one large community, so you must play nicely with the other houses and covens. This means no bashing of any kind!

  • There are members of all ages and genders so when posting in our coven forum, a soapbox is encouraged, also please mind your grammar just a bit, to make it readable.

  • The only thing I ask is that you make a minimum of 16 favours per week. Keep in mind, that 1 favour is given every 15 minutes, so in an hour on VR you get 4 favours. For those of your mathematically challenged, that works out to 4 hours a week on VR. We need the favours to trade our and your friends in, and 16 favours per week is not that much, especially with the new favour system. However, more favour is always greatly appreciated if you can spare the time.

  • If you should have a problem in the coven, take it up with me, your coven master, or my wonderful Assistant Coven Master. DO NOT run around to everyone else.

  • What happens in the coven stays in the coven. Keep it 'under the rose', as the Romans once said. This is common sense, but unfortunately there are some people who just do not comprehend what that means, so if you get kicked out, traded or whatever, YOU WILL NOT take anything with you. What ever you see or say in the coven is confidential and is of no one else business!

  • What is this coven about, and why did you start it?

    This coven is about sharing knowledge and gaining more. It is about communication and helping others, mainly other coven members but also put our different skills at other ravers disposal.

    The idea for starting up this coven came when La Petite Mort was disbanded and my friend wanted to create a new home for that family. She never felt home in any other coven and even this attempt was mediocre at best. We gave it a try and the Coven of the Ancients was founded the moment she became Sire. I felt more at home than she did and eventually she couldn't take it anymore, due to certain VR members, and so she sadly left. Being that it was a joint venture, with me having done so much for the coven, I didn't want to see it go the ways of several former covens, I stepped up and took the reigns and here I am before you, the new Coven Master of the Coven of the Ancients.

    The Coven structure

    The Coven of the Ancients is made up of several different Chambres, each one represented by a Lord or Lady. This is not a position as such, but it is more like a position of choice.

    The Primary tier consists of:

    • Coven Values (Under construction)

    • Art of the Ancients

    • Ancients Alliance

    • Roll Call

    The Secondary tier consists of:

    • Temple of Code (Under construction)

    • Ancients Hierarchy

    • Sprachen / Languages

    • Chambre of Pride (working title)

    The Tertiary tier consists of:

    • F.A.Q. (This page)

    • Test Page

    • Ancient Souls (Coming soon)

    • Ancients Amour (Coming soon)

    The Quaditiary tier consists of:

    • (Still in planning)

    • (Still in planning)

    Each Lord or Lady is responsible for their own Chambre, and all contents must relate to the Chambre's name, but that does not mean any Lord or Lady is restricted to submitting materials to the other Chambres.

    About the coven representation and the reason it was choosen

    The medieval theme of the coven naturally is associated with the horse. These magnificent animals symbolizes freedom, power and wisdom. No matter in which lore you delve into, the horse appears as a guardian, a protector and an enchanter.

    In Shamanism, the horse is also very important; below is a list of what the horse represents. Look through the list and you can see why we chose it.

    The Horse represents:

    • Power

    • Stamina

    • Endurance

    • Faithfulness

    • Freedom to run free

    • Control of the environment

    • Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation

    • Interspecies communication

    • Expanding one’s own potential abilities

    • Friendship and Cooperation

    • Travel

    • Astral travel

    • Guardian of travellers

    • Warns of possible danger

    • Guide to overcoming obstacles

    Coven crest

    Our coven crest depicts a black stallion in a gold shield, which is draped by a banner with the Ancients name, all of which is overtop a purple velvet curtain. The curtain symbolizes royalty, but also the veil of secrecy that keeps us alive to this day. Modern society is still not quite yet ready to comprehend what we truely are. The Shield is banner is red to symbolize the blood we hold so dear, a common phrade is "blood is thicker than water", and our banner drapes the shield loosely, since nothing is permanent. The shield is gold,to sybolize that all wars are costly, so we try to minimize our conflicts where possible. The black stallion is our noble Coven-representing animal which guards the values we stand for.

    I see a second coven crest, what is it for?

    This second crest is NOT another crest. It is infact a Values Shield which depicts 5 top values which the Ancients stand for. The Coven Master has determined the order of importance for these top 5 values. They are on the shield in German, because some other Societies have used latin, french, spanish and other languages. Being that the Coven Master prides himself on his herritage, German is used on the Shield to depict the values. These values are:

    * Ehre - Respekt - Pflicht - Treue - Wissen *

    Ehre / Honour: Jens holds honour above all other values, because without honour, all others are meaningless. You can't have respect without honour first. You cannot provide Duty, without honour. Honour brings loyalty. Honour allows access to more knowledge... and so forth. Honour prevents lying, honour upholds truth, honour allows for friendships to flourish.

    Respekt / Respect: Respect is gained by performing duties sucessfully. To gain the respect of your superiors, you move ahead in life. It is one of the natural laws of society.

    Pflicht / Duty: Duty is your willingness to sacrifice for the Coven. Be it time, effort, sleep... those who make the effort will gain my respect.

    Treue / Loyalty: I want to see members form friendships within my Coven. We are a family of sorts and by Lilith, we shall be a strong family. Loyalty is what comforts us, protects us and provides a path to duty.

    Wissen / Knowledge: The Coven Master believes that the more one knows, the easier life gets. Knowledge IS power, be it trivial or complex! Learn everything you can and you will see what Jens means.

    What is the Sires Mark and how do I earn it?

    The sires mark is made up of a silver tri-ring design with a band around that. The blood-red behind the rings represents loyalty, family and unity. The top-most two inner rings represent those from whence I came into being (my parents). The left ring, my father's side of the family and the right, my mother's side. The lower and remaining ring represents me and my future family.

    To earn my mark is simple. All you have to do is participate well in our coven. Participation means posting in the forums, posting in the main VR forum, sending messages, playing the VR games, and rating other VR members, etc. Explore the site, see what you can learn from it. Talk to people and make friends, and most of all be respectful and honourable. I will be watching your actions and if I see that after a while you've behaved yourself and done good for the Coven of the Ancients, you will earn my mark. I want to see passion for fun and compassion in your eyes.

    Once you have my mark, you need to remember that I can take it back just as easily should you stop representing the coven in a good light. It is important that you show yourself worthy to keep it.

    REMEMBER: Earning my mark will add 2% to your overall level on VR. If you're close to the next level when I give you the mark, you should go up one level almost immediately.

    S/he was mean to me, and is causing me problems, what do I do?

    The first thing to do is to message one of my assistants, tell them the situation, then they will deal with the parties involved so as both sides of the story will be heard. This coven is built on communication, because I have found that most problems can be solved by talking. This talking should not be on a childish level however and, by this, I mean badmouthing, etc. That is not only degrading to the accused, but also brings you down to their level. We are all capable of maturity and should act that way. Keep in mind, an Ancient wouldn't act in such a manner, as it would make them seem lesser than peasantfolk. No self-respecting Lord or Lady would want that.

    Do not expect me to take sides, I am friendly to everyone and in my eyes you are all equal, so do not beg me for my sympathy either. I will only get involved if the ACMs cannot reach a solution to your problem.

    If all fails, I will in worst case resolve to blinding of both parties for a period of 48 hours. If that doesn't work, you'll get either traded or kicked.

    I am not happy in this coven and want out, what do I do?

    First off, I hope this is not the case, but if it is, just send me a message with a valid explanation as to why you wish to be let out.

    If you wish to go to another society, you must leave us with minimum two choices in prioritized order so I have something to work with.

    I will not hold anyone against their will. You can also choose to simply be kicked out and be on your own, however, if you choose this, I am not responsible for where you end up, if you do not like it, tough luck.

    Trading and pricing.

    I am always up for a good bargain when it comes to trading in or out. I am always willing to be fair and discuss what works for both parties. I, as Coven Master, reserve the right to waive fees or increase worth if I so choose, but that doesn't happen very often.

    Why was I blinded?

    I am not one to blind members without reason and my choices to blind are never personal either. I will blind members if they do not follow my rules. If unblinded, you commit another infraction of the rules, I will simply blind you again. I will decide how long you will be blinded for and it is not up for debate either, so don't try. You'll find, with good behaviour I will be less strict. Otherwise, rude behaviour will put you up for trade faster than you can jump your next victim and bare your fangs to suck on their necks. If you end up getting traded, you have no option as to where you end up, it will be to the highest bidder.

    How do I earn favours and what are they?

    Favours are a form of currency on this site, used by societies to basically buy/trade members to and from one another.

    Also, favours help the status of a society as well (although member level status and member profile rating play a part too). The more favour we get, the higher our coven moves in the standings. The higher we go, the more we get noticed, which why I keep stressing the fact that we all need to earn at least our minimum favours, but we encourage you all to do more, along with raising your levels and improving your profiles scores -- but that's another story.

    To earn favour, simply browse through the site, read journal entries, participate in forums and rating profiles, portfolios, the VR Database, member articles and other things. Check out the entire site, send messages and enjoy your stay on VR. It is THAT simple.

    You can also enter contests which if you win could get our coven huge favour at once, but it is harder to win favour in those.

    How do I get our coven symbol on my profile.

    To get our coven crest on your page, just copy & paste the following code into your profile description wherever you'd want it to appear. Remember to keep brackets as is.

    How would I get a coven rating symbol for when I rate others profiles?

    Rate-pic-stamps are only for PM (Premium Members), and those who are PM can ask anyone who does graphics (like me) to make one for you (providing I have the time to). Regular members cannot use a Rate-pic, but can include a pic in their rating comment, if they use an original comment each time.

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