Everything you ever wanted to know about... but were afraid to ask

So you REALLY want to know EVERYTHING about The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas but just couldn't get the nerve to ask?

Well, worry no more. In this article you WILL learn a thing or two about the house and all that concerns it. (Get ready!)

Welcome to The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas, a house that values friendship, respect (of both members and non-members) loyalty, fun, and above all prides itself on honor and strength AND knowledge.

The Basics: (The name, insignias, symbols, and codes of the house)

The Name
(pronunciation and origin)

First off, you might wonder how to READ (and pronounce) the name of the house correctly? What does it mean? And where in the world did it come from?

Caomhnóir-an-Eolas - Quiv-nor on e-olas.


The name, spelling, or even the pronunciation may sound alien and weird but don't worry, it's not like the language used in Lord of The Rings (but hey, close) it's actually Gaelic. If you're wondering why it is Gaelic, go on, ask the House Master.

The House Crest and other insignias that represent the house:

Look and study the House Crest well. What do you notice?

Two dogs, one BIG feather in the center and some weird inscription? Yeah, that's it, BUT that's NOT REALLY it.

Symbolism. It's the use of symbols to invest things with a representative meaning or to represent something abstract by something concrete. And, like it or NOT, the House or even the Crest alone has a LOT of symbols hidden that won't be noticed by the inexperienced eye.

Let's identify these so-called symbols in the house crest first and 'translate' them.

It's not Scooby-Doo and Scrappy Doo. NO. They're Boxer Dogs. IRISH BOXER DOGS. Inspired by the faithful pet of the House Master (Katz!)

What's the point? Why can't it be the Batman's insignia or Care Bears?

Well, for one, they're already taken. It won't be ORIGINAL anymore if the house borrows those signs and The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas ALSO stands for originality.

Factoid: During the second half of the 19th and early part of the 20th centuries from a number of breeds, boxer dogs were chosen to do police work and even as a guide for the blind because of their courage, strength, and agility. In Germany, the boxer dogs are also a big help in hunting and guarding. Unusually faithful, intelligent, and alert, the boxer dog makes a splendid pet. (- Encarta Premium '06)

Also, the House Master chose the Boxer Dogs to represent the house members because (He said) "the most important aspect of the members of this house is their loyalty and their strength of character."

So, in short, the boxer dogs represent the House Members. NOT that the members are dog-chow or anything but the members protect the house and all that is in it and it's attributes in general.


On the center, DEAD CENTER of the Crest, you can see a BIG plume or feather. Does it mean the house members would pin it on the sides of their heads and dance like Indians? Nah.

The feather, if you look at it closely, is actually a QUILL. What IS a quill?

Long ago, in the days of Shakespeare, Dante, and Goethe, things like the lap-top, palm-top, or even the computer didn't exist. They didn't even have the electricity! People from their time used the QUILL for writing. And yes, Harry Potter uses it too.

What does the QUILL stand for? And why is it significantly and conspicuously positioned in the center? Why not some hammer and a piece of stone tablet?

KNOWLEDGE. What we read in books of long ago that have given us KNOWLEDGE about things were written (like it or not) with the use of quills. And the stone tablet was way long ago, the house members aren't CRO-MAGNONS, you know.

The QUILL or (of course) KNOWLEDGE is at the center, since it is the thing the house MAINLY values and it is very significant to everyone in the house.

Thus the QUILL is guarded by the boxer dogs. Meaning, the members of the house guards and values knowledge, and THUS THE NAME of the house:


The House Creed: "EX UNO DISCE OMNES" color>

Below the boxer dogs and the quill there's this inscription- The HOUSE CREED: EX UNO DISCE OMNES. (Relax, it's NOT Gaelic!)

It's Latin. If you're familiar with school seals and/or house crests, there are always lil' inscriptions in Latin.

And in The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas, it means, FROM ONE PERSON, LEARN ALL PEOPLE.

Why can't it be something like "In God We Trust" or something simple? Again, that's taken. The inscription may seem a lil' awkward, but if you look at it closely, you'll learn that it means:


Why sharing, why that?


Every member of the house, even if they're just regular members, when they learn something (or anything) that's interesting, the members share it with each other AND LEARN FROM IT. It's just like teachers. In school, teachers, of course, teach us what they know and EVERYONE would learn from it.

The Hart (or Deer)


Aside from the Boxer Dogs, the Hart or the red deer ALSO represents The House Caomhnóir-an-Eolas.

It's-not-your-ordinary-everyday deer, also it's NOT Rudolph and it definitely isn't BAMBI!

The Hart or the red deer is a rare kind of deer. It's not found everywhere; don't look for it on your backyard. Unless, of course, the mountains of Europe or Asia ARE your backyard.


To (again) quote the House Master, He said "Our house is represented by the Deer as we stand for integrity and I like to think nobility."

Well, He's right and don't argue.

Long ago, during the times of Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and even the barbaric Huns. Their leaders, before going to battle, would wear a special helmet on which on top of this helmet is an antler of the deer. It stands for nobility or of excellent moral character.

Rest assured that the members of the House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas are noble people.


Like Boy-scouts and Girl-scouts, The House has Honor Codes too. And there are SIX of them.

•Integrity: The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.

Members of the house are high in integrity. As what Buffalo Bill said true to friend and foe.

In layman's terms, the members of the house aren't "plastic." The members are FOR REAL, inside and out.

•Sight: Vision: Sight is significant to the House. Since in learning and gaining knowledge SIGHT is very much important. And this doesn't only apply for the outer vision, members should also keep a look out for what's INSIDE or the content of thing. Kinda like, x-ray vision huh?

In learning, you should keep your mouth shut and your eyes open. - ancient Chinese proverb.

•Honesty: Quality, condition, or characteristic of being fair, truthful, and morally upright.

If there's one thing the House considers trash or even the House Master hates, despises and DETESTS, it's LYING and being UNTRUTHFUL.

A story, if you may, that concerns a no-longer-member of the house and also the breaking of the HONESTY code.

This person lived a lie and was untruthful. Which is a BIG no-no. This person was punished. BLINDED. And for sure, will never get un-blinded and/or be transferred to another house.

The point here is that, when someone (no matter HOW HIGH that SOMEONE'S position is in the house) if he DOES SOMETHING WRONG the person would be immediately punished.

From the Master Vampire: “I won't ask much of the members of this house. All I ask is that you are honest and straight forward. The members of this house shall not be fixated on ratings or status. I will expect the members of this house to apply their honesty and moral codes to every aspect of this Vampire Rave. I will accept no excuses for lapses in this area”.

"Never LIE, never steal, never cheat and never drink". - From the movie Hitch.

"Honesty, isn't the best policy, it's THE ONLY policy."
- Archie Andrews

•Loyalty: Devotion. A great attachment to something or someone.

Loyalty is ALSO one of the important things in the house. Why is IT important?

Plainly because, if you're NOT loyal, then you're UNFAITHFUL.

Wouldn't it be very BAD if one of your friends is a rat fink? Think about that.

Again, the boxer dogs, represent loyalty. The members of the house are expected to be loyal, either to each or to the house in general.

An ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness. - Eldbert Hubbard.

•Honor: strong moral character or strength, and adherence to ethical principles.

It is also one's DIGNITY. Honor is respected in the House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas. It is important, because the House holds it in a high pedestal and the members MUST abide to it.

•Nobility: High ideals or excellent moral character.

Since the House is also represented by the Hart (or red deer) which stands for nobility of heart and integrity, the members show it not just to fellow house members but also to everyone.

New nobility is but the act of power, but ancient nobility is the act of time. - Francis Bacon.

THE HOUSE ENFORCERS/ASSISTANTS (A lil' background about them, their marks of protection and main functions.)

King`Tarquin LadyJigsaw, Radu and MyAngMong. They are the four enforcers or assistants to the House Master.

Don't worry, they're not like the four horsemen of the apocalypse that's said in the book of Revelation, but if you'd think it that way, sure!

Rude-flaming is (and ALWAYS WILL BE) a BIG no-no in the forums. As much as possible, refrain from doing rude flamings or else...Also no fighting, BIG no-no where MyAngMong is concerned.

Let's get to know them one by one (click on their pics to go to their profiles):


His job is to assist House Master Daire & Radu with any needs demanded of him in regards to the house.


Aside from other stuff (checking new profiles or people who have potential in becoming a member of the House) LadyJigsaw keeps a look-out in the House Forums. She is our newest AHM. Promoted August 6, 2010.


Main function - General boss of the House Assts. Daire's right hand. Vampire Rave profile and portfolio of the month judge. Once a month, Radu chooses a winner from the portfolios and profiles throughout Vampire Rave who has excellent profiles that we should go check out on VR.


Her job is head of the Details Masters, head of the Host and Prospect Program, keeps an eye on the forums and generally holds down the fort in the event of Daire and Radu's absences. She also chooses House members Portfolio and Profile of the Month awards. MyAngmong was promoted to the position on August 14th, 2008.


Marks Of Sight
(Scribe's Marks)



In order from left to right: Radu, MyAngmong, King`Tarquin, LadyJigsaw, and InnerSanctum.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketReal vampires love Vampire Rave. THE MARKS OF PROTECTION (their significance)

Top: Daire
Second Row, left to right: Radu, MyAngmong
Third Row, left to right: King`Tarquin, LadyJigsaw
Bottom Row: InnerSanctum.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketReal vampires love Vampire Rave.

Don't worry, they're NOT plaques of appreciation or some trophy. NO.

If you see even one of these marks in a members profile, it means that THAT member is protected by the one who granted the mark.

It's not like the members needs protection because they're all going undress the mattress like in Godfather or anything, it's that, the mark would make the member "immune" to trading. If someone wants to trade a certain member for a another house or coven, he must first ask the enforcer (or EVEN the House Master) for permission.

The House Master (Some things you don't know about him.)

Who is The House Master?
profile for Daire/

The Master Vampire Daire (DA-RAH) runs the House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas. You might ask, WHO IS HE? Is he just THE Master Vampire who adores to RIA threads and types FAST? Or are there more things to "discover" about him?

Well, there are.

The Master Vampire Daire is from Ireland, a photography student and is a lover of good books, movies, and music of his taste.

He is the strong and silent type. It may seem like he's not there, but you can be sure that he IS there watching and observing your every move.

The House Master also loves a good debate on various interesting subjects, which is also the reason why members keep up on occasional discussion on books, movies or ANY interesting subjects in the house forums.

As mentioned earlier, he hates, despises AND detests liars and those who are un-loyal. So, if YOU are, don't mind presenting yourself in his house. And also, he doesn't like cell phones and bling-bling.

Aside from good books and movies, he is also a BIG fan of (everybody’s favorite) Batman. Like Batman, The Master Vampire "sees" things as black and white (no, he's not color-blind) RIGHT and WRONG. No MAYBE. No gray areas, no shades or purple and nothing in between.

The Master Vampire Daire likes his members to be like The Boxer Dogs. (NOT LITERALLY) To be loyal, strong, dedicated and straightforward, either to the house or to anyone in general.

See? He's not JUST the forum assassin and is fast in typing.

As a whole, no one really knows WHO or WHAT The Master Vampire Daire is REALLY like. He is an enigma. BUT, what the house members know, or even the non-members is that he IS a good friend and a MUCH BETTER enemy.
Which would you choose?
The MARK of the Master Vampire

This is The Master Vampire, Daire's mark:

This is his mark of Protection:

From the Master Vampire: “This is the Mark of sight, it is awarded to those who I deem to have insight into the inner workings of this house and our perceived reality.”

It's not like Amun-Ra's ALL SEEING EYE and Buddha's third-eye. Why the eye and why sight?

Sight is one of the house's honor code (explained before.) The eye, like it or not, is ESSENTIAL IN LEARNING. When you learn, you gain knowledge.

Ever heard of the quote Better Vision, Better Brain and Better Learning?

When you see something YOU LEARN about it and the more you learn, the more you get curious and curious about this thing and the MORE you devote yourself into learning more.

WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE? (How the members interact)

You might wonder, "WHAT DO THE MEMBERS of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas do?" For one thing, they don't eat people or speak ill about someone OR something. NO.

The members of The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas, do a lot of crazy stuff. Yes, they do and that's a fact.

Crazy to the point that it won't be OUT-OF-THEIR-MINDS-crazy. NO. Think of it as well-mannered frivolity. Yes, THAT! ;)

In the house forums, as mentioned before, the members share their ideas and thoughts about a certain (1) book (2) movie or (3) song. And not THOSE "bubble gum" and "pop corn" kind of books/movies/song. NO. ONLY the interesting ones that is WORTHY of a good discussion.

The members don't stop at that. No sir! They also interact with each other by having fun. How? By contributing jokes (Caomhnóir-an-Eolas Comedy Club) and the cheese (All THAT is Cheesy) And give out facts about themselves (15 facts) and posts their birthdays for everyone to know and NOT forget to greet (My birthday is on) and also give tell everyone what book they're reading (Those weird squiggly papers.) and who could ever forget, the place to relax and get a lil' drink (The Wine Cellar.)

Every week (as explained in Monsieur Radu's section) the house members would choose a fellow member who's profile is very much interesting to them. The member (and his profile) who gets more votes would win and would be posted in the news section of the house.

And new members or inductees CAN'T escape the VERY WARM WELCOME given out by the house members.

As a whole, Members of The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas doesn't ONLY gain and give knowledge, they also know how to have fun and even learn while having fun and other things that are well-mannered and interesting.

All work and no play makes one a dull boy, all play and no work makes one a mere toy. -
Mother Goose

The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas as a whole (wrapping it ALL up)

The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas in a bird's eye-view is not just an ordinary house. A House that respects it's members and even non-members. A House that honors pride and strength, treasures friends, fun AND laughter. Shows nobility, integrity and HONESTY all the time, all the way.

A House that isn't blind, deaf and numb to all the issues that envelopes the world. And a House that puts knowledge in a high pedestal.

Most importantly, a House that makes you feel AT HOME.

And contrary to SOME belief, the House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas doesn't have ass-kissing, but if there's one thing close to that, it's ASS-KICKING!

The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas KICKS ASS!

Again, WELCOME to The House of Caomhnóir-an-Eolas. Feel at home. Relax and make sure you dust your feet before entering.

(From the House's Main Page:)

"Above all things, The House Caomhnóir-an-Eolas prides itself on loyalty and honor. Keepers of knowledge and history, as well as strength in pride, are values all members must possess. Our creed and honor code speaks to what we are about. Holding fast to its idealism, character and wisdom are what holds this House firm in bond and firm in foundation."


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