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Poetry by PandorasBx

Heart Shaped Box

You have left me empty,

Darkened my very soul

And taken with you

What once was whole

Cruelty your game

Violence your role

Killing me quickly

Was never your goal.

Your shuttered eyes

I should have known

Carried your malice

And turned me to stone.

You beg me to stay

I'll barter no more

For now it's my turn

To even the score.

Lover Of None

Stifled by my hate,

suffocated by your deception,

blinded as I was,

without direction.

Lover to you,

yet never a touch,

across the miles,

I bore too much.

Yet still you came,

and choked me down,

swallowed me whole,

without a sound.

Consumed by you,

lover of none,

to be no more,

to be undone.

The Boy and the Girl

The children are seated upon the bench,

arms folded in quiet defense

The girl glances the young boys way,

her lips tremble as she thinks to say

I don't want to play your game,

the girl mutters to the boys disdain

He looks at her in disbelief,

why do girls always give me grief?

He tells her in his grown up way,

but its the only way I like to play

The little girl doesn't want to give in,

Its not fair you never let me win

She jumps up to go on her way

but he stops her and asks her to stay

Tired and ready for her nap,

the little girl turns and snaps,

Well its my turn to run and you to chase me,

but the boy just says that its his way it must be,

The little girl just rolls her eyes,

and tells the little boy goodbye.

Poetry by Cadrewolf



A shadow of a chair,

Sits ominously alone;

A golden beam of light

From a star that glows.

A name, not a name;

No figure to be seen

A memory has boon lost;

A brother to you and me

For whom the chimes toll;

It will toll for thee;

With an absent heart,

Maybe a tear you’ll see.

Bells of sorrow

Echo through the room;

Our heads are bowed,

For a prayer that comes soon.

Solemn voices sing out,

A hymn to the heavens;

For at the last chime,

The clock has struck eleven.

For whom the chimes toll,

It will toll for thee;

With an absent heart,

And a soul that weeps.

For the loss of love,

Or a friend so dear

A life long companion,

The laughter of years.

Don’t mourn a loss,

Instead look in your heart;

Remember the laughter,

When friendship did start.

Back through the ages,

Of smiles and tears;

The hills that were climbed;

And the future you feared.

For whom the chimes toll;

It will toll for ME;

With an absent heart,

For I’m only a memory.

Poetry By Vampiricgurl2486

Blackest Rose

Rose so black, deep and dark, stem of Hunter Green. So many people overlook you, misunderstand what You Mean. You have no color, Darkest Beauty, but plenty of Depth to your hue. You have no clue, you'll never know how much admiration I have for you.

She looked at me With much disgust when I tried to share your beauty. It is this, my love, I feel it is my duty. She's gone forever. Why, who knows? I'm left here all alone. Blackest rose, it's you and me. We're left here to stew and groan.....

Dark Love

It is a night of dark desire, a song of blood,

wolves vent their cry. The ethereal one


Night shrouds her pale form,

an everlasting desire.

Her raven hair cascades over

pale and delicate shoulders, and her

full blood red lips part slightly, to taste the

blood streaming from the

pale flesh beneath


Now a night of ecstasy,

I hunger.

To My Friend

You're The DIET To My COKE,,

You're The STAR To My BURST,,

You're The FRUIT To My PUNCH,,

You're The POP To My TART,,

You're The POWER To My AID,,

You're The FRUIT To My LOOP,,

You're The SWEET To My TARTS,,

You're The LUCKY To My CHARMS,,

You're The ICE To My CREAM,,

You're The LOLLY To My POP,,

But Mostly.. YOUR MY FRIEND :P!!!

Darkness Shines

The Darkness Shines for the creatures of the night. they shine for the love of the nature that surrounds the night. for the night calls to its nature animals that lurk in the night.

The animals of the night come with excitement. For they have been waiting all this time for it to come night. And now the time has arrived. the night creatures come crawling out of their homes with much happiness and joy.

They start their work or looking for food that has been left for decay. as of snakes,they search for the predators that lay in the night that aren't ready for the strike of the snake. The snake eases up on its victim and as the victim still has time to escape the snake strikes at the victim and fights with it. The victim has no control whatsoever over the snake. the snake drags the dead victim into its stomach and eats it. for the night is a very special time on earth.

For animals,that is the only time they get to eat. for the daytime,they sleep. For we people as humans,some enjoy the night better than the day. For the night for some of us may be the best time for us to do what makes us happy. For we think about night and what it means to us. we will accept it better than we do now

In the dark...

In the dark I stand alone

In the dark I think this is my home

I think of you in the dark

I think of our possible love in the dark

I believe in you to lead me to the dark light

So here I am in the dark as I await

In the dark I stand alone

For every tear I shed, you take a piece of light

With every piece of light you own my soul

I love this, but will you ever return my love

In the dark I stand alone

Even the hurt can not keep me away

I still fight to be in you veins

In the dark I stand alone

In the dark I think of you as home

Poetry By Martin

you know ...

have you ever tasted blood ?,

you know ...

as nourishment.

i have, i didn't like it ...

but i liked the idea.

have you ever hurt someone ?,

you know ...

for sport.

i have, but the terror in thier eyes ...

terrified me.

have you ever been burnt by the sun ?,

you know ...

when it's light burns your exposed flesh ...

I have, but to hide in the shadows ...

would seem cowardly.

have you ever thought about eternity ?,

you know ...

eternity on earth.

i have, but forever's a long time ...

too long for me.

do you ever daydream about things ?,

you know ...

sexy, seductive, supernatural things.

i do, but when i look into a mirror ...

i want to see myself.

i guess i'm just destined for the mortal life,

you know ...

suntans, grey hair, and grandchildren.

a life of short years ...

to love and to cherish.

by martin

body and blood

sheep and ministers

drink from the same cup

of sin and blood

that once refreshed

the son of man.

all are greedy

for thier share

of salvation.

they don't realize

that the cup

contains cheap wine,

and that the son of man

absorbed thier sins

as he was being betrayed

before his fathers eyes.

you can drink,

but can you read ?

you can ask,

but can you receive ?

you can pose,

but do you believe ?

it's easy to look good

in the eyes of greedy sheep

and narrow clergy.

that's why the prince calls them cattle

and feast at will

on the fear and uncertanty

they carry from the cup.

want a cracker to go with that ?


The monster used to beat on me

when I was but a child.

With bloody fist and swollen wrist

my innocence defiled.

For many years I pushed it back

but now I see the truth.

Your mind was full of madness.

My scars I wear as proof.

I guess I could have evened up....

settled up the score.

But then I'd be the monster

I'll never open up that door.

The Winter of my Soul

Ice is forming in my heart.

Blood that once ran fast and free,

now trickles,

through the ice cold arteries of my soul.

I've never known this Winters chill

that fills me to the bone.

Hates cold stare of emptiness.

No life,

No love,

No home.

The Winter of my Soul is grey,

more black than it is white.

Ice now solid in my veins.

In death I will delight.

The Closet

when I finally found the truth,

the truth was hard to bare.

the truth was like some ugly clothes...

clothes I wouldn't wear.

in the closet of your mind

were many shirts and ties.

some of them false promises,

all of them were lies.

for years I would have gotten dressed,

but now that seems insane.

I'm out here naked all alone,

running from your pain.

Mt. Tabor

I'm up here on the mountain,

the mountain of our dreams.

Wishing you were with me,

wishing you were clean.

The things you've done,

the things you do, the things that you will do,

don't matter on this mountain,

when I think of you.

Maybe what you did was bad.

Maybe it was good.

Maybe when you did it,

it's all you felt you could.

The birds are singing in the sky.

The dogs are hard at play.

My heart has never been the same,

since you went away.

damaged goods

i always hear people talking about

looking for, or finding

that perfect soulmate

the ying for thier yang

how perfect they must be

but perfect wouldn't work for me

i also hear people saying that

opposites attract

come on now

gimme a fucking break !

if ya really believe that

you'll be back to the well

and what's this talk of

opening up to another human being ?

you know, letting down the wall

saying what you really feel

and what you truly believe in

now that would take some courage

hmmm, makes me feel like

damaged goods, but that's alrite

inperfection is fertile ground

for unholy alliences the heart

where yesterdays persicutions

can become tomorrows dreams

and blackened hearts can join as one

by martin


the devils hands have been busy

molding my future.

mixed up broken dreams,

lust, and desire

are the clay of my demise

maybe if i pray to god,

god ... no god.

what would he do for me anyway ?

he allowed his son be crucified as he watched on.

where can i turn ?

isolation has been my way

of trying to outrun the demons of my past,

and now i find myself alone

in a sea of temptation.

with only myself to blame.

the devil is now building walls

from the clay of my lust, and desire.

six walls with no windows, or doors,

as i watch on

mesmerized by her beauty.

i find a strange feeling of kinship

when i look into her eyes.

she seems so alone ... like me.

i feel as though we are one.

as the spell is cast.

i try to touch her,

but she's out of my reach.

her beauty is intoxicating,

yet i know in my heart ... she will never be mine

it is not our time.

i need to walk away

before it's too late,

and the madness of the moment,

locks me away ...

in a box of clay.

by martin

Poetry by Doru

Visual Embrace

As I walk by you,

are eye lock softly,

for a visual embrace.

My soul feel it knows you,

but cannot recall the place,

yet as the moment passes,

and you fade out of sight,

my eyes lock softly,

to my next visual delight.

In The Distance

I see you in the distance,

not knowing what to say,

you look right through me,

as we pass each day,

I know I must forget you,

but my mind wanders back,

to the night that I held you,

until your eyes glossed back.

Poetry by Frenetik

Obsessing With The Clock

Time. Time spent obsessing with the clock,

its back turned more often than not.

The comfort I've sought after has never felt more wrong

and these forever-minutes have never been so long.

Picture a weary, waiting girl staying sane inside her fear

I see an anxious, manic turmoil when I look into the mirror.

Appearances deceive you more often than not-

Time. Time spent. Obsessing with the clock.

The comfort I've sought after has never been less wrong,

forever-minutes composed of seconds far too long.

I see an anxious, manic turmoil when I look into the mirror...

Picture a weary, waiting girl staying sane inside her fear.


I can't make a sound as you look into my eyes,

possibilities left suspended in an open doorway.

You start to speak. You see me wince.

You step back and I'm attached to this floor,

hands reaching for something I can hold.

I take hold of all the wrong things,

and you give in to me.

I hold you closer than you've ever been

still against my heart.

My arms wrap around you

locking you in love.

(but I've never kept you anywhere...

no, I've never even tried...)

When you look into my eyes,

I can't make a sound.

I'm left to biting tortured lips

holding back a flood of pleading

holding back the weight of

a thousand phrases stuck in my throat

that I let go in the open air

between lips and bodies

that part for a moment

and fall back into place.

Fists clenched, unsteady breath

and confusion like a substance

drenched in something so boundless

I can't imagine why we aren't holding on...

but how can I hold on

if your gaze is towards the door?

and how can't I hold on

if I'm craving something more?

Every morning there's a sunrise

lighting up my room.

My favorite mornings I lay drowsy

saying goodnight to you.

I offer you my heart

in a dreamy loving haze.

You tell me to go to sleep,

but I've been sleeping here for days...


inside the light box, we'll do fine

now in the daylight, thinning line

so intoxicated

i can't walk straight

don't drug me again, my

eden is a dark place

my eden is a red face

your eden is a small place

so much mud

kisses that smear

i can never brush off

no. but i never did try.

Eye Opener

I can't figure out exactly where I stand,

stranded in the spaces of with or without you.

My stomach rejects me, over and over,

and I'm drowning in the aspects that

I cannot control.

Eye opener, I want to vomit

as soon as I hear your voice.

We're several days apart.





so I'm creating every phrase I can't hear.

I'm concocting better situations

and I'm begging for the worst...

Maybe I'll turn around and smile today,

pretend that I'm standing on your good side,

and that I knew it in a doubtless fire

that started in my heart...

but my stomach rejects the thought.

I'm just trying to stay afloat

in all the aspects that

I cannot even hope to control.

Eye opener, I just want to disappear

every time you move under my skin.

With so many months apart





I'm nursing every phrase I'll never hear again.

I'm coddling better situations,

but I'm falling in love with the worst.


Poem by "V":

You got that brain snot itch?

Then be my zydrate bitch

It will start when you give me your heart

Then a taste of heaven will make your legs part

I'll have you on all fours as I whip your butt

Then oh yessss... you're not my zydrate slut...

Daddy's little girl...zydrate

Gonna take her for a whirl...zydrate

A needle to the butt...zydrate

Now she's my dirty slut...zydrate

Do you want more...zydrate

Then be my little whore...zydrate

Better than a heroin high...zydrate

You'll be the apple of my eye...

I'veeee got heaven in a vial

A sky blue liquiiiid smile

You've got a pain that just won't go away...

Say pretty pleaseeee... and be under my sway

When I say show me your titties... you scream I'll show my breasts

Daddy gives you the needle and you squeal...that is the best

Reply by XXFayeBelevidoricoXX:

For that vial of blue glowing liquid

I will do whatever you bid...

I got that brain snot itch

Now you use it to control this bitch

I would then get upon my knees

I would beg you with pretty please

Go ahead and put it anywhere

It's all I could do to make it fair

In Amber's lust-filled sentiment

I'd let you have me 'til I'm spent

I'd let you fuck my soul

For just a hit of that glow

Show me what you want to take

Tell me that there is no mistake

Please make my blood boil hot

I prefer under you to be caught

Pinned with the needle in me

You on top of me, fit like a key

Unlock my inner slut filled mind

My body, the contract you signed

Take me hard and rough

Make me safe, place me in cuffs

For that vial of blue glowing liquid

I will do whatever you bid...

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

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