The Horde

A cure is invented for an undead nature

plague breaks out

in an attempt to bring a new salvation,

but the cure's flawed,

humanity turns, the essence which sustains

life now suffers in the form of a drought

Never truly seeing what is real

trying to face this reality unable to let go

lost in a drifting maze where

thoughts of bliss is something that no one knows

knowing is a crime, big brother watches you

just to erase the person you are

left with only scars

to let you know who you once were

now you can only reflect on your past from afar

Slowly losing the fight for tomorrow

waiting to remember

but a pain like fire breaks your concentration

wanting not waiting

for a timeless December

A generation lost to time with fading memories of a life

that was banished through it's own sanitation

One will rise to bring the self back to the people

allowing them to see that big brother

is just a symbol that can't control you forever

as if from a book that was dreamed up,

life finds it's own means through individual endeavors

Finding enlightenment in the mist of the darkness

knowing that nothing can keep a strong person down

with knowledge that can't be forgotten through time itself,

memories no longer lie to waste on an empty shelf,

inner peace is now easily found

But corruption takes hold

the innocents that was once treasured is now depleted

seeded through others hate and disbelief,

societies only flaw in which it's own mind was deceived

Like an animal learning to crawl

we forgot civility and took a fall

now we react on instinct in it's most basic format

not being able to decipher truth from nightmare,

we're left to pick up the pieces of a forgotten puzzle

that used humanity as if it were a door mat

Resistance breaks out, fighters arise,

to bring back what was lost taking centuries to fulfill their mission

speaking of legacies almost as if they were prophecies,

every evolution and devolution is formatted

from someone else's vision

Perception takes over with the up bring of critical thinking

people start to push the boundaries

of what is fact and what is assumed

almost as if it were a falsified religion in it's own

rights in which last rites are now forbidden

And like all things forbidden

it's broken like a trance when a sin appears

and as if through a piercing glance,

every memory reappears

as if everything you once held dear were always near

Almost like an illusion in which when you see the black cat twice

you know something has changed like the windows are now brick walls

there's no one left to take the fall,

nightmares become reality, sanity fades

a new dawn is just a miss-judged, humanity's pace

is slowed to a crawl

Mass genocide is the result

of the malnourished sense ability

almost undead in nature,

life force leaves through osmosis

sanity is no longer reality

only treated as if it were an allergy

Void of all emotions makes

the world grow into a dark matter state

freedom of self awareness is non-void,

ruled as a diseased fate in which

it's forbid to reincarnate

In God's eyes

we're no longer adored

for we are

The Horde

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