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4th Edition

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Highlighting this Month’s Edition is Beliefs, Spirituality.

Editors and Staff: Dakotah, Erinyes, Seidr, VioletXHemlock, Erinyes, Von, MooniePie, LadyZombie

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1. From Our CM's Desk

2. From The Desk of Von

3. Belief and Spirituality by Dakotah

4. Pow Wow with LORDMOGY

5. A Journey Through Tears and Memories by MooniePie

6. Covens and Alliances

7. Living Heath Section by LadyZombie

8. May1st - Beltane

9. Read My Journal Please!


By Erinyes

Greetings to all coven members and Vampire Rave at large.

This fourth edition of the Arcane Argus is dedicated to spiritualism. Arcane has always been open and accepting of all spiritual beliefs or lack of beliefs. We are all different and the world would be a better place if everyone could accept those differences.

Our paper continues to grow and improve with every edition and I want to thank all of you for helping to make that happen. If you are a contributor or a reader you are part of the Argus family. Special thanks go out to Dakotah and his staff for all their blood, sweat and tears.

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By: VonEaland

Believe it or Not...

What is belief?

What do You believe?

Is belief the same as faith?

Do you have faith in a God?

Do you even believe in a God?

Do you even have religion in your life at all?

Christianity, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, Pagan, Wiccan, and Nordic, amongst many other belief systems are everywhere…

On VR we see mainly Paganism/Wiccan and Christianity. We all know there are many, many more out there so which one are -You?

To be brutally honest, -Who Cares? -Really? Should we even try to impose our beliefs on someone else? Why do people feel the need to attack others with religion?

“You MUST believe in MY GOD”

Get lost you total Crank... if I wanted religion in my life I would be sat in a church no beat it ya weirdo...

That’s usually what comes out of my mouth when someone preaches religion at me...

But what comes out of your Mouth? Take a minute to reflect on your own belief and faith and say to yourself what you would say to someone who preaches another faith at you?

So going back to the top of this article I asked ‘What is Belief’?

Belief is to hold an ideal close and adhere to its teachings; you live your life by following the foundations of that belief...

This I have no problem with at all, Each to their own I say, Live and let live..

Again I asked ‘What do You Believe in’?

Myself, I believe the world was created by the big bang and life went along and hey presto here we are living on a spinning rock orbiting the sun… Marvelous... don’t ya just love the world? NO? You believe something else right?

Ok, so lets us say there is an all-powerful being sitting somewhere watching over us? What is he/she/It called?

Say it out Loud… Go on Give thanks to your God... Lovely... you now feel empowered that you have connected with your all mighty...

You feel energized and loved; you take comfort knowing you are being watched over… In your heart of hearts you are deeply rooted in your faith, your belief holds all you hold dear close to you and those who share you belief become a community... You meet you pray or give thanks, some atone for sins some praise the earth and the moon, the goddess and the god, stars, trees the sun. Odin, Zeus, Satan, Jehovah and many more…

So how do they compare to each other? Whose faith is the best? Let’s start a war to find out… Oh it’s already been done… Many times… is this even necessary?

Why do people feel the need to kill in the name of their belief? Extremism!! Damn that’s got a lot to answer for…

Imagine a Pagan starting a war over the moon, or someone who practices Wicca starting a war over a candle, Ridiculous I hear you say? Yes it is so why do Christians and Muslims constantly go to war over a stupid book?

I guess that is a conversation for another time. But it does bring in to question the need to push a faith onto another person or peoples...

I ask ‘You’ again... ‘What is ‘Your’ faith?’

Say it out loud right now....

I respect all faiths, beliefs and religions we are all entitled to our own beliefs so how does VR portray belief?


Profiles filled with iconography, scriptures and teachings… we are all individual in our beliefs so we feel it would be good to have a profile strewn with our beliefs.. Does anyone see these profiles and think I want to attack you?

Probably to be fair… there are some real crazies on VR but they are very much a minority…

All in all VR is a very accepting and multicultural place, doesn’t that make you feel proud? In a world so full of hatred and greed, we have a small corner of the internet where we can all come together and chat, play, flirt, fall in love without prejudice and judgment…

Isn’t VR a wonderful loving place? Yes we have drama, quarrels and fights but things like that happen in life usually when someone is being a real tool…

But have you ever seen a religious argument on VR?

I haven’t...

I have talked about faith with those who carry one in their hearts but no one has tried to convert me…

My Best Friend on VR is Full Blooded Cree, he holds his belief very close and his heritage holds its foundations in that belief and I admire that very much but not once has he tried to push it on me…

To be fair it makes more sense to me that Christianity and in another life time I would be sitting near him in a Pow Wow…

To learn about someone belief is much different to converting someone to a belief…

So why do people try?

Who Knows?

Ask ‘Yourself’ this question......

Does ‘My’ belief matter to anyone else By Me?

If the answer is –Yes- then you are in it for the wrong reasons…

If the answer is no Then –You- are at one with your Faith and You will be happy that way…

Belief and faith is a very personal thing, you hold it so dear because it gives you inner peace. Sharing it with others of the same faith breeds a community spirit. If others want to join in they will, please don’t try and convert others...

Your Lords message is only important to ‘You’ and those like ‘You’, everyone else has their own belief, to try and turn them is asking for conflict or offense.

Live –Your- belief –Your- way be happy and be safe.

So I turn this back on to you the reader...

How would you feel if someone tried to pull you away from your beliefs?

Does that make you feel unsettled?

Imagine how the rest of the world feels...

Think before you act... Treasure –Your- loved ones and may you be cradled forever in the arms of Your Gods.

This fourth edition of the Arcane Argus is dedicated to spiritualism. Arcane has always been open and accepting of all spiritual beliefs or lack of beliefs. We are all different and the world would be a better place if everyone could accept those differences.

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By Dakotah

When I began this topic for the 4th Edition my idea was to interview someone here on VR who lived the Vampire Lifestyle. None responded to my request and the Vampire’s I use to know are no longer active. So I will write about what I have learned from those in the past. I will not touch on the aspect of drinking blood. Even as a reporter, a writer I feel that is a very serious matter as body fluids are exchange and only someone who does it in a safe environment I think is the only one qualified to write about it. I will only touch on the Lifestyle a little.

The vampire lifestyle or vampire subculture is an alternative lifestyle. It is said to have its foundation in the gothic lifestyle. Vampires like from the books and the movies are not real. There are no scientific facts that support any type of vampire as being real.

The Vampire Subculture is like any other system of beliefs, where people commit themselves to the lifestyle, maintain ethical tenets within a hierarchical system and participate in rituals. This lifestyle was created in Western culture, stemming from cult symbolism, horror films, Anne Rice fiction novels, and the overall styles of Victorian England. The Vampire Subculture exists in opposition of the Judeo-Christian principle of mainstream Western Society; Vampyres pride themselves for practicing principles that are antithesis of Christian ethics.

The Vampyre Subculture is known for its Christian controversy, as well as crime. There have been serial killers who have killed people to drink their blood, such as Tracey Wigginton who killed a man in 1989. Not all Vampyres associate with these criminals, but the controversy for the subculture still remains.

Now my readers we leave this belief and I will take you with me into my own. I am Cree and was raised on a reservation in Canada. I feel blessed in the Elders I was raised with, there teachings and the life style. I did my first sweet lodge at the age of 8 years old. It was an experience I will never forget and one I hope to share with my own children the night before their first one.

Until the age of 19 that was the only one I had been in. My journey, my life did not truly begin till at 19 when I re-entered the same lodge. I was not expecting anything. I had become a non-believer. There was no Gods, No Creator. He was only in stories the old ones made up to try to get us young ones to live by certain life rules. My only experience in a church and white man’s god was the bragging rights I had that I had sex with a girl in a Catholic Church when I was 16 and almost got caught by the Priest. Up to this time in my life I as your typical ignorant Native boy who felt the world owed him because of what happen to his people years and years ago.

I never went hungry. I never had to walk miles and miles watching your loved ones drop dead while the lands you lived on were taken away and the new government did not see you as human beings but like cattle to be moved where it suited them at the current time. Oh yes, I played on this to the fullest. And I used it as an excuse to do drugs, commit crimes, join a gang, steal, hurt people and sold drugs. The world owed me. The world owed me nothing. These horrible things that happen to my great grandfathers people did not touch me at all. But I borrowed the injustice of it.

Then at 19 when an Elder shoved my stupid ass into a lodge after days of being prepared for it, did I let this go and ONLY then did my eyes open. It did not happen right away. It was hours of sitting there sweating, listening to the chants, the drums the prayers when I became dizzy, lightheaded. The Elder before began to multiply. One, then two, then three, he was dividing. Each one told me to close my eyes. I awake upon a mountain top to a beaver sitting on a log speaking to me. The beaver told me to stand up and walk into the cave behind me. I did as he asked me to do. He told me in the cave was an item I had to bring out. He said I would know what the item was.

Caves always scared me because of the stories I grew up with about evil spirits living in caves. The deeper you go in the worse the evil spirits are said to live. In Caves where old drawings are discovered most of the drawings end in the first chambers of caves because of this belief. This is true. So in this cave I go and right away I knew what the object was. It was a blue stone. I picked it up and I carried it out.

See during my ignorant years as a youth one night my best friend who I grew up with died. It was from a drug over dose. I found him about 4 feet from where I was sleeping, dead. He had this necklace a blue turquoise he always wore. I brought the stone and laid it down at the beaver feet during my vision quest. I opened my eyes and the Spiritual Leader said to me, “We live, we die, and like the grass and trees, renew ourselves from the soft earth of the grave. Stones crumble and decay, faiths grow old and they are forgotten, but new beliefs are born. The blue stone will always have meaning for you, Sean.”

There is no way he could have known what I saw, what I experienced except for something beyond myself. That day I started to believe in Creator and my belief has grown. I have not shared this with many people and here I share it with a whole community. I found a peace that day.

“Love one another and help one another.”

"sákihitók mina wicíhitók."

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World News: Happenings Outside Arcane

People in the News:


By Dakotah

I had the pleasure soon after I became of member of this site to chat with LORDMOGY. He is real. He is honest. He puts it out there. He also served in our Military. A true warrior and retired after giving his service to the county. I asked him if he would write up a editorial on his belief system and share it with us all. This man is someone I admire, someone I strive to be like. Someone I will always look up too. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.



My earliest memory of religion is being afraid as a man submerged me in what seemed to a little kid as very deep water. It was a Baptist church and as its name sake, Baptism is its main ritual practice.

I then remember my mother joining another church. This church, I suppose, fell under Pentecostal or Holiness. You see, Christianity has many, many different branches. In this church, I was yet again baptized, but at a beach this time. I remember the focus was on giving money, studying the bible, and being told not to listen to anything negative that people would say about the church's Pastor or the church. I remember the Pastor idealizing Elvis. I remember the building going through a remodel which resulted in glittered walls and a throne being raised high on the pulpit where the Pastor set. He made an entrance into church via a spotlight, surrounded by ushers, pulpit nurse, and amateur body guards while the congregation was made to stand as Elvis' intro theme music played while an announcer introduced the Pastor as he walked down the aisle and then made his way up to sit above everyone else in the building on his thrown.

I remember seeing the large amounts of cash he collected, the high end cars he owned, the beautiful houses he lived in and hearing him tell stories of his yacht and other luxury possessions as I lived in a house with holes in the wall, rats and roaches running around, utilities being turned off, peers teasing me for us not having grass in our front yard, people breaking in and other things associated with lower income living. I remember being discouraged from attending other churches, but I did anyway and attended my Girlfriend's family's church. We were also discouraged from listening to the sermons of other preachers. I remember a religion were I was made to stand outside establishments and ask and beg strangers for money in support of the ministry.

I remember a religion of speaking in tongues, wild 'in the spirit' shouting/dancing and casting out demons and having the preacher having a direct chit chat with the 'All Mighty' himself. A religion of faith healing instead of going to an actual medical doctor, anointed oil and strips of cloth, and laying of hands for a miracle healing. A religion of fear. Fear of being possessed by the devil or one of his demons. Fear of dying to the point where we would shut ourselves in church every New Year's Eve praying for whatever until Midnight. Fear of being cursed with a curse by a wrathful displeased God. Fear of not making it into Heaven and burning for all eternity in Hell first, then in a lake of fire along with Hell later after some cosmic war was fought.

I remember being made to go to church so often and the sermons lasting for so long until I was held back in the third grade for catching up on sleep during class and missing many lessons. I remember the tent revivals and visiting pastors that also drained our members of their earnings. I remember the Pastor moving into radio broadcasting and television ministering, which of course required even more financial support. That was religion to me growing up.

Then came the time when I joined the military and traveled hundreds of miles away from all I've ever known. When I wrote a letter to the Pastor, who I was raised to believe was also my God-Father, I did not get a letter in return, but rather a flyer from the church's staff inviting me to the next Sunday Church service and enclosed was an envelope to send my tithes in. That day I ended all ties to that church and that Pastor. I later heard stories of a large number of children having been conceived by the Pastor with certain members of the mostly female congregation. Wow!

But when you are raised in a faith and it's all you've ever known, and it teaches you the dangers to your soul should you ever stray, it's hard and a very scary thing to change your beliefs. So I accepted an invite to attend another church where I was stationed. It was a little different than the church I grew up in. It was a lot less entertaining with its low key sing alongs. No one screaming and crying and running around the church knocking over chairs and people screaming gibberish. It was a church that preached more about love and not fear and the church gave financially whatever they wished and weren't shamed into or coerced into giving not just all they had on them, but making pledges to give money they didn't even have yet. I remember wanting to separate myself from anything "worldly" so I gave away all my music cassette tapes and only purchased and listen to Christen cassette tapes for about two months.

But no matter how Christian I felt or lived, there were still the unanswered prayers, the doubt, the loneliness, the comparison between the type of fun Christians enjoyed and everyone else, the constant guard from sinning, anything not glorifying God was of the world and considered sin or wasteful of my time and energy.

Then the questions would come challenging my Christian beliefs of which all the answers I'd ever learned to give still came down to faith. I couldn't prove anything. Where were the miracles outside of nature? Then personal tragedy and bad times hit different family members. I discovered the same people who were so into God and forced me to remain in church and never sin were found to be sinning themselves. It's taught that these are times when a Christian's beliefs are put to the test like the character Job of the bible when God allows Lucifer to do all manner of bad things to this guy, but although he questioned why, he never lost his faith in his God and was rewarded with all this positive stuff in the end. However, losing my faith in Christianity is what was happening.

Leaving home and being exposed to other people with different beliefs, coming from different backgrounds, having their own prejudices was very beneficial to my personal growth as an individual. I felt it was time to confront everything that I had been taught to fear even though those same people were partaking in those very same thing. I started at 19 years old with losing my virginity. However, it was better with the second girl I had sex with.

The first one complained of feeling too much pain. She was no virgin and she even had a kid and I'm average size so I'm not sure what was going on. The second girl was biting the sheets and even though we promised not to tell anyone of our hookup for professional reasons, it got back to me that she went around bragging of the size of my average size sex tool. Then I taught myself to dance from MTV videos and started frequenting dance clubs. I later turned 21 and went to my first strip club. I had my first taste of an alcoholic beverage. I was being accepted into social groups and was making more friends. I was enjoying life, but I still had this fear that if I died, my soul would suffer eternal damnation.

One day I met a friend who told me about her Native American Spiritual beliefs and I was curious how there was someone who believed in a type of religion that wasn't Christianity, but they weren't an Atheist either. That's when I went to a local book store and started my study into different religions including Satanism. I was actually shocked that there was actually a Church of Satan and they had a Satanic Bible. Really? Then what really blew my mind was that most didn't even believe in Satan, they just named it that to piss of Christians and be a direct opposite to Christianity. They promote enjoying being human.

They believe in exposing yourself to as many pleasures as you wish without harming anyone that hasn't harmed you. They also proceeded to expose a lot of contradictions in the Holy Bible. However, while claiming not to believe in the God of the bible, they spent a lot of time denouncing those that do along with those that practice 'White' witchcraft. Now I first heard of witchcraft and voodoo while attending the church I grew up in, but I never heard of 'White' witchcraft.

Sure there was the TV series 'Bewitched' that I enjoyed watching as a kid with its Female Witches and Male Warlocks, but that was all Hollywood stuff. However, now I'm reading about people who actually practice all manner of the occult. I'm reading about different Spiritual Paths that do not follow the standard definition of a religion. I'm also learning about how the religion of Christianity came about. Now that was an eye opener. I realized then that you can't only use a religion's book in studying about it, one must read other source material.

From 1988-2005 (17 years) I bounced back and forth between living a normal life and then attempting to live a more Christian life due to marrying women who considered themselves Christians and wanting to have a Christian based marriage only to continue to discover they weren't all that Christian themselves. They were struggling with their own balance of wanting to believe one thing, but finding it very difficult to walk the walk daily.

In 2005 I decided to just give up on Christianity. There were just too much historical evidence I came across of it being the type of religion I just couldn't consider being a part of. There were parts I did enjoy and agree with that had more to do with philosophical beliefs of wisdom, but that's where I drew the line.

From 2005-2011 I decided to just live a life based on Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.

However, in 2011 the Universe crossed a young female's life-line with my own. She introduced me to what I later discovered was called a life style known as BDSM. BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM). However, she only enjoyed the Sadism and Masochism with sexual Submission thrown in for fun. It was hands down the best short lived relationship I had ever experienced.

It was in my study of the BDSM culture that I came across, once again, the topic of Witchcraft as well as Vampyrism spelled with a 'y'. I watch every video on the two topics I could, read as much information online as time permitted before my body had to sleep, joined forum groups on social sites including Vampire Rave. I began to meditate and search inward listening to my true calling. I began journaling what I truly believe. Letting go of all my internal fears I'd learned to develop since childhood. Facing facts and only having faith in what I chose to have faith in.

By 2013 I came out as having converted from Christianity to Paganism. I defined Paganism as one who follows a spiritual tradition other than Christianity, Judaism or Islam. One who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods: a hedonistic person. As a Pagan I had a choice to follow a tradition created by other humans much as religions were created by other humans or create my own Path. However, I did agree with some of the teachings of other beliefs. So I chose to be eclectic and create something intimately mine and based on my on faith and combined with those teachings I agree with.

Paganism was my calling and MOGYOLOGY is the Spiritual 'Path' I created and chose to travel. MOGYOLOGY is a monotheistic belief that also contains aspects of Hedonism, Paganism, Theism, Vampyrism and BDSM. The Spirit Of The Universe is my God. I also incorporated Magick/Witchcraft into MOGYOLOGY. I decided instead of praying to a deity hoping my prayer will be answered I'd instead cast spells while tapping into the power of the Spirit of the Universe and willing my manifestations to fruition.

It has been written that Magick is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation, ceremony, ritual, the casting of spells or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature. Magick is focused on achieving results more so than religious worship. Magick's primary purpose is Personal Spiritual Growth.

I grew up witnessing people being told to say certain prayers, the use of prayer cloths to be carried around on one's person, the use of candles, the use of oils, partaking in ceremonies known as a supper, teaching of spirits, angels and demons and much, much more. However, all of this was done under the guise of Christian Religion.

To me, Magick is how I communicate with my God. However, I do not feel magick allows me any sort of "control" over my God. I consider my God beyond the limits of human ability and is the supreme being and principal object of my faith. It is my faith that allows his power to manifest itself within my life in addition to all that he does in nature. To me God is the creator of nature. To me God is the Spirit of the Universe (SOTU). When I marvel at nature and the universe, I marvel at my God. When I die, I will once again become part of God in the same spiritual realm he now exists. However, if I have failed to learn the lessons I've been made human to learn, I will be reincarnated either as human again or something else. I believe in Ascension. That my actions throughout my life will allow me to ascend and become something more upon death. There is a little truth in every fantasy whether believed or not. Much like a well-known TV series whereas Ascended Beings exist as a form of energy in a higher plane than the one in which corporeal beings exist, my belief is that there is some truth to this.

You may call the way you want something positive to happen a wish, a prayer, luck or whatever. That is your belief. You have the right to believe whatever you wish.

I believe my Magick is my Method Of Tapping Into The Power Of My God. My Magick will brings about something positive in one of two ways; a Blessing (anything positive that was made possible by human interactions) or a Miracle (anything positive accomplished without any human interactions).

So I Believe In Magick. I Believe in My God.

By 2014, recognizing I was truly on a spiritual journey, I had claimed the title of Warlock in the Pagan Community and was officially ordained a Pagan Minister by the Universal Life Church with the title of Warlock Lord.

This was my journey. This is my Path.

Serenity & Happiness to you all...

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A Journey Through Tears and Memories


by MooniePie

Before I get into my tale I want to give a word of caution, for lack of a better term. This isn't the humorous writings of me. This is a serious and dark preface. I am not writing this for attention, pity, condolences or even understanding. I am writing it to cut open a piece of my mind and myself to share.

While some may not like me, or respect me, at least have some respect for this sliver of my soul. This is all true.

I want to believe.

I need to believe.

I have to believe.

It doesn't have to be in a God per se, but even just believing in a divine being brings me some kind of peace. A higher power that is filled with kindness, forgiveness and the ability for divine intervention. Even the thoughts of there being a spiritual world filled with entities, ghosts and spirits brings me comfort. It may frighten others or make some scoff with disdain, but for me it fills the three things I've listed above.

Why do I need these as I comfort you may ask? I won't go into gory details, but there are three major events that happened within 7 years of my life. Events that changed me as a person and the way I view the world.

I watched my mother die before my eyes. It was not a quick death. It was an extremely painful process. I remember my mom in her hospital bed screaming for Jesus to take her now as the septic shock spread through her system from a ruptured bowel line. I remember her being hooked up to numerous tubes, bags and machines, her body and mind being kept alive for about 4 days. I knew her soul was gone. I could feel the emptiness of it in the room. After my dad and I came home to quickly shower and get some kind of sleep, the phone rang that she opened her eyes. We raced back up to the hospital. As soon as we entered the room, a foreboding feeling seeped deep within my being.

My moms eyes were always beautiful. A brilliant green filled with life, love and a vitality that made time with her feel magical and fun. The eyes that looked at me when we entered that room were not those eyes. The eyes I seen were gray and lifeless- pits of a bottomless once was. As she tried to speak around the tube in her mouth, I'll never forget what she said 'I love you'. And then she was gone. Like the most beautiful candle snuffed out with nothing but pain and tears left in its wake.

Fast forward about two years later.

I got the call my father was in a fatal car crash. A drunk driver had hit him head on.

I sunk to the floor and screamed to no one, to someone, to anyone that could hear me. No, please. I can't lose another parent. I just can't.

As I rushed up to the hospital, I felt just so numb. I didn't know what to do. I could feel every bit of myself breaking.

Then they told me he was going to be fine. If he hadn't of been in an SUV he would have died. He was dealing with a shattered foot that took surgery to fix and some scraps and bruises. He wouldn't die. It would take time to heal, but he would still be here.

A few days of being in the hospital, I was tasked with going to take pictures of the car my dad was in along with the van the drunk was driving. I put on my brave face and said I'd do it. That I could handle it because it needed to be done and only I could go into the lot to do it. So, I took my disposable camera in and braced myself. Then my eyes landed on the totaled Yukon that my dad was driving. The front end was all the way to the steering wheel. I braced myself even harder to do what I had to do.

As I opened the door my mind reeled as I took in the scene. The brake pedal was bent from my dad applying so much pressure. This is what shattered his foot to the point of it only being held on by flap of skin. His bloodied shoe was still on the drivers side floor board. Blood coated the door and the seats that were bent from the impact. As I got out my camera the dread hit me. I climbed into the back seat of the car to get shots of the front and it started to hit me even harder. The fear of the accident. The screaming of my dad and the friend he was with. The possibility of death. I can still feel the sweat as it trickled down my back and dotted my forehead.

As I walked from the junk yard, I took one look back, stopped and thanked whatever power, whether it be God or any divine being, for the life of my father.

And now the final event.

I have a blood disorder called Factor V Leiden. It is a mutation that can increase my chance of developing abnormal blood clots. It is heredity from my father's side. Along with that I've inherited back issues from my mom's side of the family. So I'm always pulling a muscle in my back or having my back go out.

I had a horrible pain in my side. I thought I had pulled a muscle. So I just took it easy for a few days. It was getting harder to breathe and more intense in pain. As I laid in bed that night, this feeling of 'I am going to die' just settled over me. I knew if I didn't get to the ER within a few hours, that I would be dead.

After numerous tests and cat scans the results came back. I had a very large blood clot that somehow gotten lodged within the bronchus of my lungs. They don't know how it gotten wedged but it did. They told me it was heading to my brain. If it hadn't of lodged, I would have been dead by morning.

I didn't want to die. I am glad I didn't die.

I can't tell you why I knew that death would have been on the horizon for me if I hadn't of gone in when I did. But I know what I felt. Whether it was another form of divine intervention or me being in tune with my body, I just knew. And I am glad I listened.

While there are more than these three reasons as to why I believe in a higher power, these are the three most important ones. I need to believe in something. I need to know that the essence of an amazing and beautiful person is still somehow tied to a life. Even if its not a life we can explain, a life nonetheless. I want to believe that divine intervention has graced my life and made situations turn into a different direction so lives would be spared and lessons could still be learned along the way. I have to believe whether it be for purely selfish reasons or so that my mind won't shatter with grief.

I do not feel comfortable with organized religion, but I still find it fascinating to see the beliefs and practices of others. When I was younger, I was saved. I remember sitting in church and just the love, the power and the moment swept me up into doing something that I wasn't even sure I fully believed in. I just knew that I wanted to do it; and I did. I don't regret it. There was something in that moment that was beautiful. Even if I didn't fully believe in what they were preaching about, I fully believed in the people around me that were filled with their own personal power of belief so great that it may have been able to change anything.

While I am not a religious person, I am a spiritual one. Being spiritual is just one of the things in life that has brought me comfort when I thought that my life was going to be broken beyond repair. When you get down to the core of many religions, they have pretty much the same ideals. I find the ways different religions worship fascinating and beautiful. I admire those who have strength in their belief and belief in their strength.

I do not need a Church to worship in. I do not need one single God to believe in. I do not need one specific religion to follow.

As I said before:

I want to believe.

I need to believe.

I have to believe.

While the beliefs I hold are eclectic, I will still believe. It maybe my own way, but I will believe.

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LOCAL NEWS (Inside our Coven)

Happenings Within Arcane

By: Dakotah

The family keeps growing.

Since our last edition we are happy to welcome our newest Alliance members.

Welcome Dark Souls (Coven) with Artorias as their Coven Master

Our newest Coven members.

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Living Health Section

Lady Zombie's Corpse Kitchen

By: Lady Zombie

Good Evening and hello there happy campers. It is now fun fun cook time with your favorite rotting corpse, that's right...Lady Zombie and her Corpse Kitchen. Well I hate to disappoint you all but I am soooooo not spiritual. I grew up a Jew and well I celebrate the holidays but I do not go to synagogue every Saturday. I know Yiddish and not Hebrew but I do pray in Hebrew and in English every day. Other than that, yeah I am not spiritual. So being inspired by my dear friend Dakotah, I thought that I would post a few recipes I got when I was younger from my friend Julie and her family. She is not Cree, she is Navajo so yeah that will have to do. Enjoy and always eat well kiddies :)

Navajo Fry Bread


· 2 cups oil for frying

· 4 cups all-purpose flour

· 3 tablespoons baking powder

· 2 tablespoons salt

· 2 1/2 cups warm milk


1. In a large heavy bottomed frying pan, heat 1 inch of vegetable oil or lard to 365 degrees F (185 degrees C).

2. In a large mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder, salt and milk; mix well. When the dough has pulled together, form it into small balls and pat them flat.

3. Place 3 or 4 at a time into the hot oil. When the rounds begin to bubble, flip them over and cook until golden. Drain on paper towels and serve hot.

4. Use like a chalupa or taco

Navajo Venison Stew


v 2 pounds deer meat

v 3 Large Carrots

v 1 whole onion chopped

v 6 cups water

v 5 pealed chopped potatoes


1. Chop everything up and throw it in the slow cooker. Add salt to taste as it cooks.

2. Let it cook for 8 hours and then serve.

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By: Erinyes


May 1st is the traditional day to celebrate Beltane (or October 31 - November 1 for the Southern Hemisphere ). This celebration of renewal has been practiced from the beginnings of mankind. It's truly ancient and new again each Spring.

April showers have ushered in the time of planting and renewal.

An excellent way to celebrate as a solitary practitioner or in a group is by planting seeds. You can plant in a single clay pot on your windowsill or a bigger garden outside. Whether you are old or young you can appreciate the miracle of a sprouting seed as it emerges from the earth.

Beltane is a beautiful time if you look at it with open eyes.

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Read My Journal Please!

Journals Around Arcane

By: Dakotah

XxElviscatxX's for as long as I can remember always post in his journal spiritual passages and in keeping with this Edition's Theme I quote from his journal entry:


10:52:21 - Apr 06 2016

Times Read: 85



Off topic yet absolutely news worthy due to its Awesomeness, LordMogy wrote in his journal that after many weeks of hard training Bandit Baker has graduated Puppy School! :

00:41:37 - Apr 21 2016

Times Read: 10

And yet another family member brings the Awesomeness by graduating tonight!

Congrats Bandit!!!


Arcane Argus is looking for Staff Writers and Reporters. Can you write? We are looking for Reporters and Staff Writers to do VR Related columns. You do not have to be a member of Arcane to apply for a position on the paper : Contact Dakotah.

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