Coven Rules

As Well as reading the rules on this page, we request you are familiar with these as well. The entire VR Manual, The Main FAQ, and the Society FAQ.

1. Members of the coven will be of all ages. Please respect that there will be members that are older and younger. (There may even be some of the little ones from the site.)

2. Be respectful of other memebers state of being and differences. We are all here to work together and to learn from one another.

3. You do have to play nice with the other houses and covens. This site is one large commuinty.

4. Your coven lady is the only one that can set rules. But I'm always open to new ideas. If you have one, please don't hesitate to message me with one.

5. Yes, we do want to have the strongest coven. But we can only do that with everyone's help. Work on getting favors from the prince*we do not have a mandatory favor limit just do what you can to earn favors* and make sure that you spend time working on your profiles. When you up date, make sure that you make a post in the main forums about it.

6. "The Mark of The Sire"


This will be given out for a number of reasons. But typically it will be given out to those that work for the better of the coven.

7. At any point in time, if you would like out of the coven, all that you have to do is ask and I will let you go.

8. Please keep your quizes to only one or two on your profile. This is a personal thing. They clutter profiles up and they get rated down for them most of the time. I know they are fun to do, but post them in your journals. (That's what I do.)

9. Please read the manual for this site, I know that it takes a while, but it will help you in the long run. Also make sure to check the FAQs.

10. Anyone can post a tread in the forums.

11. You don't have to spell everything right. (I can't spell to save my life, so why would I make you do something that I can't.)

12. Soap boxes are encouraged.

13. I may be the head of the coven, but the coven is only as strong as the sum of it's parts. You all have value here.

14. We do have little ones in the coven, so keep it tasteful. I'm not saying to censor yourself at all. Just pick the right words.

(Anyone that actually knows me, knows that I have one hell of a mouth, but this goes even for me too. I have to play by the rules too.)

15. Try not to step on the betas/masters toes about things.

16. If you are in need of help, be it from this site or in real life, you can talk to your lady or put the problem to the whole coven. We are one family and we look out for one another.

17. The only crime in murmur is the taking of what is said in confidence in our family to the outside world. This is a show of lack of honor and will be taken care of severly.

18. NO FLAMING!!!!! I don't want to see flaming of admins, other coven/house masters or other members of this coven or of others.

If you wish to apply to join this Coven please use the structure found here And follow the directions on the page fully.

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