Meet the House Staff

immortalxkiss - House Master
Allow me to welcome you to the House of Nocturnal Retribution. My name is Nicole, though everyone around here just calls me Immy. I've been a member of Vampire Rave for well over 17 years now, and I've been part of the Admin team on one level or another for 16 of those years. The position of Master Vampire, and thus the role of House Master here, is a recent one, as I was promoted in January of 2023, and it is an absolute honor to have been chosen for the job. I've run many of my own Covens, so the position of Society Master is not a new one, though heading one of the permanent Houses is definitely uncharted territory for me. As for the person behind the screen, I'm a woman, in my mid-30s. I was born and raised in Southern California. I'm a daughter, a sister, a sister-in-law, and an aunt. I have no children, but I do have two cats who mean the world to me. I'm in a committed relationship with my amazing partner, he's ColdSun here. All-in-all, I'm unashamedly a nerd, I love Star Wars, Tolkien, video games, reading, writing, anime, and so on. I desire to make Nocturnal Retribution a home for my members, a place where they can express themselves freely, a place to laugh together, a place to bond with like-minded individuals. I feel like this is not something I can achieve in the time I've been Master of this House, it's something I work on every single day.
vHellsGuardianv - Assistant House Master
For starters my name is Cat but most know that about me. I am an animal lover and I rescue ferrets outside of this website, currently I have 7 ferrets and one cat. Yes I know odd mix but back on track. I joined VR back in 2006 after a traumatic event in my life wont go into details with that. After coming to VR I made my fair share of mistakes and a nasty reputation to go with it, yes I regret all of it. Over the years I have served many covens, even ran my own but nothing will compare to serving Nocturnal Retribution. I know it might sound silly but you never forget the place that gave you not only a home but a chance to prove everyone around you that you are possible of change. This house has become the main reason I still log on to this website half the time. I thank immortalxkiss for the opportunity to serve the house as her AHM and second in command, she is the one I fear letting down the most.
Words from the Master: While it's no secret that Cat and myself have had a troubled past, I'm honored to have her as a member of this House. She has gone above and beyond for Nocturnal Retribution, created pages, graphics, and building up our forum. While I was not looking to create a hierarchy within my AHMs, I feel that Cat has earned her place as my second in command, my Hand, if you will. She has shown true growth and desire to free herself from the shackles of her past here, to instead better herself as a member and as a person. I couldn't be happier with the changes she's already made within herself and I look forward to seeing the person she becomes.
LadyVampir - Assistant House Master
Hello and Welcome to House of Nocturnal Retribution. I am known on the site as VampireWitch39. I made this profile to seek entrance into this House, and its kind Master Immortal gave me entrance. Rich in history- this great house has held many a member that I respected over the 17 years I have been a member of the site. I was honored to be given Assistance House Master and would see the vision of the Master is withheld in any way I am able. A little about me - I am an older woman, no children, and happy with my life. I enjoy taking photos of items from urban decay to beautiful flowers. Love to play with makeup looks – from bridal to special effects. Enjoy a good horror, Supernatural, and Sci Fi tale in movie or book form. And of course I love vampires.
Words from the Master: I have looked up to VampireWitch39 for just about as long as I've been a member of Vampire Rave. So when she asked if I would allow her to become a member here, I of course said yes. She's always been someone I could look up to, someone I could seek help from. So, giving her the position of AHM was a bit of a no-brainer. She's earned it, and I'm honored that she is a part of this House.
ColdSun - Assistant House Master
What can I say about myself that hasn't already been said about me some place online? I've lived a life full of diverse and at times contradictory experiences. Throughout all of my trials and tribulations though, a few things have remained a constant. I've always been absolutely enthralled by anything and everything technology adjacent. As such, it should come as little surprise that I've always found myself part of the internet subculture. Building software? I've been there. Building, encouraging, and participating in active discourse through various channels of media? BBSs, IRC and AOL chatrooms, forums? I've spent many a late night and early morning lost within their walls. In addition to my faciniation with the various ways to connect with others, I've also found great pleasure in getting lost in well-crafted narratives and experiences through gaming. While gaming was originally a form of escape, it has become a core component of my interests and ways to connect. Perhaps due to my love of culture that incorporates the morbid and alternative perspectives of existential reflection, I was pleasantly introduced to this wonderful community by the love of my life immortalxkiss.
Words from the Master: it's hard for me to write anything here without getting personal, as ColdSun is my partner. Though, with that said, I will state that I never would have gotten as far with this House as I have without his help. ColdSun, while he may not be active in the forum, does a lot for me and for the House as a whole. He's created layouts, he's helped me find my words when I was struggling, he's given me lots of advice when I needed it. The overall look of the new Nocturnal Retribution is thanks to him. So, while he's not super active and while he may only be here because I asked him to be, I'm thankful for him and for all the help he has given me.
Vodka - Assistant House Master
Hello everyone! Give me just a moment to straighten out my hair and my collar as I attempt to look professional. No not that kind of collar I know what you’re all thinking! Come on people, scrub out those minds…that one is hidden under the other one, I must keep up appearances after all…*pokes the mic* Is this thing on??? Oh right, introductions…that is the reason we are here after all. My name is Vodka, as you can tell I employ a decent amount of sarcasm and humor. I was appointed Forum Master on June 22, 2023, much to my surprise, joy, and enthusiasm. I was invited to join Nocturnal Retribution by vHellsGuardianv and inducted at level 20. I have been a member of VR since March 27, 2023, so not all that long. In those 3 months I have met some of the most amazing people and have built friendships that I hope will last. Three of them are in this House, I was not expecting to be accepted so readily as I have been met with a lot of adversity IRL. I have a rather large personality and it is not for everyone. This is a great House with a lot of beautiful souls and I cherish each one that I have gotten to know. For anyone who is new, allow me to share some advice; it is simple, you get what you give so with that said, enjoy the site, be respectful, be yourself, and welcome home.
Words from the Master: I'll admit, I don't know Vodka very well, but I do seek to change that. I will state that she has shown true excitement and an eagerness when it comes to being a member of Nocturnal Retribution. She's been active, she's been friendly, and she's just been a joy to have here with us. She's the kind of member any Society would be trilled to have, and thankfully, she's chosen to be a member here.
Rebirth - Forum Master
My profile name Rebirth I felt would be a great fit for the house. My main profile on the site is LadyBloodMoon. I have been on the site since 2006 on one profile or another. I first found the site right after my dad passed away. It took me to a place to question everything. While looking at different religions, I started a interest in paganism. When I discovered the site it was a lot of fun. Talking with different people from different walks of life. Making friends with those of like minds. Some that have become more like family. I am a mom of three. I am also a grandmother, and a wife. I still have two kiddos at home. I spend most of my time with homeschooling and school activities. I am honored to be apart of the house. The house represents the same qualities that I hold myself too. I enjoy watching the house grow, and thank you Immy for the opportunity to grow with it. I like to write poetry and short stories, I study many different topics and I am a spiritual person. I enjoy nature, I take a lot of landscape and nature photography. I also enjoy learning coding and creating photos for profiles ETC. Also posting and having fun in the forums.
Words from the Master: Rebirth is actually one of the few members still in the House who were here before I took over, and I appreciate that she's chosen to stick around here after the change in leadership, as she didn't have to. She's been such a wonderful addition, definitely helpful in getting things built up again after I took over as Master. While I may not know her well outside of her interactions here in the House, I have known of her, as she's been around VR for as long as I have, and she's always been someone I held in high regard. As with all my staff, I feel Nocturnal Retribution is all the better having her here with us.

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