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Real vampires love Vampire Rave.

On these walls we lay the stories of our creations, the reason of their existence, the will that thrive them, some of their secrets some of their hidden agenda.

Of course it will not reveal everything, otherwise there would be no more point in having a storyline would'nt it?

Enjoy your time, and don't be surprise to see some of us making apperences here and there.

We are a role playing Coven, but also a real poeple coven where we enjoy the good in life, play, fun and pleasure in all sorts and its pervertitudes.

Let the curtain rise!!! And Break a leg ;)

Lord Ahriman

A demon lord that has chosen to leave the crepitude of Hell to come and rule above where the nights and days fight for a moment in time to rule.

He has not shown himself often, but at times when he does, was mainly to conquer, destroy and punish those who deserved his wraith. One day a slayer cross his path, he made a deal with the slayer. His power is one you do not desire to cross.

He lives in the guts of the Inn in the soul itself of the Lost Souls Inn.


A slayer like no other, born a vampire, yet gifted by the dragon lord with his rights and powers. She bares the mark of the soul captor, she serves at time the soul captor in bringing back those "damned soul" into his captivity. As a slayer, she will slay those who do not follow the kin rules no matter if its friend of foe.

Her name is feared and not mention much, as once mention the clock is ticking for the one who has been condamned. She shows up on her own will, she does it day or night, tahnkx to one of the dragon lord's gift.


A child who was curse to stay in limbo by her mother, still when offer freedom she chose to remain there, to serve the kin. Being a direct descendent herself, her birth right gave her the freedom to chose death or servitude as a spectral being.

She mainly appears to give avdvice, or reveal informations, to mark down what is happening, blessed with the scrib power.

Her presence also means your name is written somewhere, either the book of life , or the book of death. She wont say, but you'll know eventually.

Lady Neneka

One of the Inn,s permanent resident, she takes care of the bar, will serve you awsome drinks, and make sure the pole dancers are doing their jobs. She runs the place with a whip and tequilla. We are not quit sure if she is humans or vampire, or some other creatures but we kow she makes people enjoy their time and her drinks are from out of this world. She will listen to you, but also make you talk even without you noticing it.

And her chicken wings are the best in the world, no kidding, makes you wonder what they are made of ;)


A misterious being, solitairy, not often speaking but watching over the Coven, he is the silent one, yet don't mean he can't take you down , all depends on his will and desire

He seems to be human, but it still needs to be determine, at times he is swift like a wolf and quick as a wereworlf hidden in the woods. He patroles the forest around the Inns at night, no one knows for sure if he is watching or hunting, if you find out, let's hope its not to be his meal.


Sitting by the InnS, lord's side she simply one day vanished, no one knows if she was cursed, pull into oblivion or simply chosen to retrait into the abisse of Hell where she rules while awaiting her Lord's return.


A vampire true blood, her and her mate had children, even as vampires they were blessed with children, she wonders around in a small village, sometimes between living and dead, she is a shadow from the past still continuing living amongs mortals with her children.


She lives within the Inn, in the only forbiden room, the one we are not allowed to enter, and that is impossible to find, the room itself changes place within the Inn, making sure to never be found, to be kept scelled, she is the soul of the Inn, sleeping, in an eternal sleep, to never be awaken.... or maybe to wake for the final destruction.


The seductive, the desired one, the one all creature wish to submit to, yet now many are priviledge of her domination, she choose only the elites, only the ones who have shown they worth over and above all others. When she enters everyone bows and many lust upon her touch, as she does grant small gifts of her touch at times, yet it is worst then a withdraw of an addictive drugs once she removes her hand from your skin, even if it was for a short moment.


She is the gard of the Inn, she bitch hard and will kill in one swing, either for protecting the Inn and its Lord or simply for fun because she enjoys the kill. She can be calm and will look as silent as dead water, but she will be as deadly once she awake, no one gets away from her sight no matter how far you go, she will hunt you down and kill you.

She does not know the meaning of the word mercy.

Well for now this is the main ones.

(other characters to come, still in building process)

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