Coven Rules

Coven Rules and Requirements Are as Follows:

1. NO DRAMA of any kind. If I catch your ass creating drama ANYWHERE on this site, ESPECIALLY while you're representing MY coven, we're gonna have a problem.

2. No sexual harassment, especially of minors, racism, or abuse of any member in any way. This will result in immediate blinding. If you break this rule, I may decide to set your ass up and hand you in to the cops. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME.

3. Respect ME and your fellow coven-mates.

4. What is said in the Coven, STAYS in the Coven. I detest tattle tales. Snitches get stitches where I come from. Usually wind up in DITCHES.

5. All Vampire Rave Rules and Regulations will be followed at all times via Cancer's Terms Of Service.

6. If you want to be traded, you must come to ME first! If you do NOT, and you ask behind my back, there will be NO TRADE AT ALL. Now, as I've had to deal with stupidity Myself regarding this rule, there ARE exceptions. If someone else approaches you first about helping them in their coven and you're already in one, that's not you going behind your CM's back. That's you going to your CM telling them you've spoke to another member about a trade. That would be the exception. ;)

7. All Members must bear the Coven Crest on their profile with pride. Failure to do so will result in automatic blinding until it is put up. Seriously it's a fucking picture. Put the fucking thing up.

8. You MUST be active within the Coven forum if you want to hold any type of JUICE in this coven. You don't post, you don't get status, so don't fucking ASK. However, there are NO posting requirements and NO favor requirements. I have a life. I expect you to have one as well.

9. All members of the Coven should rate and add each other to both their friend's list and journal's list. This will not only help with your levels but will also help with making more friends. Failure to do so will result in being blinded. You have one day (24 hours) from the time of blinding to rectify the problem. If not resolved, you will not be allowed back in the forum.

10. You must be 18 years of age or older to join this Coven. Why the age limit? I find that when younger members are allowed in the group, they cause problems that I don't really need. Exceptions CAN be made to this rule. If you are under 18 and still want to join, message the CM, Premier Sire sippa or any ACM who will then direct you to the CM. I will decide for myself whether you are MATURE enough to enter. ANY MEMBER who is UNDER 18 is on a probationary period for their first 90 days. I wouldn't suggest screwing up during this time. Also.. The ONLY person who can screen underage members for entry to this coven is ME. So if someone ELSE asks you questions pertaining to MY coven and YOU being UNDER age?? You let ME know ASAP and that person WILL BE DEALT WITH.

11. DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT EVER block the COVEN MASTER under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Now.. do I give a FUCK about being blocked? Hell to the NO. But guess what?? YOU will care when I block you the fuck back and send your ass to Omen because you were DUMB ENOUGH to block your OWN CM who has CONTROL over YOUR PROFILE. See the Jail page for a list of RETARDS who did NOT heed this warning. ;)


12. Any ritual spankings held in this coven must be cleared by me (sippa) and notice of said spanking posted in the Members Announcement Thread lol

These rules WORK. They've been used in other covens because THEY WORK. You can't run a drama free coven if you support drama ;) Any CM's who would like to use these rules, please FEEL FREE to copy/paste. Just let me know ;)

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