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19:13 Dec 29 2023
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The new year is just around the corner. Yet it seems the human race has lost its old luster on this holiday too. The gathering of friends a family counting down the last second to the new year.

All I here as of now is that Society now is gonna sit on a couch streaming the holiday and will not expierence the festive event. Oh how things have changed. Much like the youth of today and the events of me growing up outside all the time..

Don't get me wrong. It is what your heart desires to do on the holiday and you celebrate your way. As I will celebrate the holidays my way.

The clock of time is still moving and the time will change with societies path not mine for my time is limited with age. Carry on all and make your time the best for your heart.



23:08 Dec 29 2023

Feel the same.


23:41 Dec 20 2023
Times Read: 111

My mind seemed to wonder with thoughts of mortals once more and the actions of the words they give….. For ourselves are to be different than those we see around us. I have no right to question the looks or views of others for the views I hold within the realms of my mind are that of the structure of my life and have the same profound structure of another person’s life. A mirror or a picture is a distorted view of the real person, for the outer shell is only an illusion of what our society is to give; the inner beauty is what is held within each of us that make us unique in our own way.

The creativity of the mortals soul and is seen in the art that they give to us, for they are small glimpses in the voids of each of our souls. Words are the most feared weapon that mortals have, more powerful than weapons that humans have created. For they show love and passion, yet in a twist show hate and destruction of life to another living thing. Words are written story of life and the flaws in the structure we call society.

For us to pick and remark on others views and looks is covering the flaws of our own life and the secrets we hold within the realms of our mind. Words are interpreted in many ways even if the word holds only one meaning in our own written language. Humans with ignorance have so many times looked at the outer shell of others with words of hate, societies laws of the structure that if we don’t fit in the social community and its structure are we deemed imperfect or different.



03:46 Jan 02 2024

My thoughts Exactly as well!


01:03 Dec 19 2023
Times Read: 144

What kind of mind fills with mistrust or hate or even the powerful feeling of love. Is it a logical person who puts their life in numbered order so that their whole week is planned out to the tee? Or is it the creative person who takes everyday as a new challenge or stepping stone into a future that only holds mysteries and lies. For if a logical person has planned their life out and it doesn’t go by the numbers; than how come they are so easy to blame a person or a thing that has no direct involvement with the situation that they have concurred to happen. For example, a person who falls so short on a test or a job opportunity, and looks to the heavens and says we’ll I guess god said it wasn’t to be.

Yet we don’t take the blame for the lack of studying or the lack of ability that lost us the stuff we blame someone else. Or for the person who has had trouble in their life and the world seems to fading in around them, they blame someone else or pick so much at another person that soon they have laid the blame off on someone else. For is this right or wrong. For the creative person who has failed at something; they know exactly who is to blame for they know that they have come close and didn’t succeed. Better luck next time, or wait tell next time I’ll show them. for they have taken a blame out of the reach of everyone and put it on the very soul that has done this to them. Which is themselves, how ironic.




01:10 Dec 17 2023
Times Read: 163

Ba humbug. At the bar tonight and there having Christmas party to all the regulars. I guess that’s fine. But I want to watch the game not listen to people singing Christmas karaoke. Wow.




03:09 Dec 09 2023
Times Read: 198

What the heck now I can log into VR. Did we get an update




21:30 Dec 05 2023
Times Read: 217

Life seems to be every changing, for mother earth has in my opinion had enough and the heat and fires and storms seem to plague her soul to dispense with the infestation that we have given her. I shake my head for the world seems to be based on hate and the hustle of everyday life. Childhood was great and we had nothing to do except enjoy our lives before we made it in this big world. Now it seems kids want everything and much more. They do not want to work or raise their lives but to leach of what they think have coming to them. I just cannot understand this concept. I grew up on the streets and left home when I was young to face this world like so many before me have. Yet I do not know…what has our society become. Where we should get everything for nothing and assume the lies of others to make ourselves more dominant over the less secure society here. No I show no favoritism and treat all equals for in my life and in my soul we all are family and friends. I put not mark on others unless they push this wolf into a corner. I shall carry my thoughts inside the doors of my mind and think of good thoughts to carry me forward.



10:51 Dec 06 2023

Yes, I firmly believe we are living in the end times.


02:50 Dec 01 2023
Times Read: 194

Why is this world so complex, that someone such as me cannot get a grip on what is reality. For everything in this world that is beautiful is only a mere image of total blackness. What is said about this is no matter how much good is in this world that there is abundance of evil such the same. For we try to see the truth in a person, but no matter how much we look we cannot see the real monster within the bone jail that we call ones mind. No matter how much we do for people or what good we do for our community, which we ourselves become an evil vampire that lurks around the corner. Yet to our dismay, that is what society has given to us.



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