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10:21 May 27 2022
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When i lay in my bed at night..
You know around a good 3 or 4am.
My mind does NoT shut down.
I'm constantly thinking about things.
Mainly.. these things.
1. If the government designed this
New super covid.. to lower human
Numbers, this means they want
People to die, but they arent going
Fast enough, so now they gotta
Introduce a vaccine to Off more
People, but that's not going fast
Enough.. so they bring in this.. more
Food cost to starve people to death,
Bit that's not fast enough.. so they
Decided to Recall a load of food
Due to killer bacteria, but only when
People start dying from eating it,
But that's not enough, so to starve
People further they kill off animals
We eat by killing them with viruses,
Bit that's not enough.. so they decided
To start a fake war, but.. that's not
Fast enough.. so they came out with
Making everything higher priced,
But.. not enough.. so now they bring
Out monkey pox, but.. I fear.. what
Else to lessen it even further? What's
Next? Can't be nuclear war.. no..
Because that's too much too fast.

2. Food recalls. Higher prices.
Is making prices higher.. is that a
Punishment from the government
To recall all of our stim checks?? In
A sneeky way? Food recalls.. is this
A sneeky way for them to fake ...
Getting back the food .. they gave us
During the first of this pandemic?
Because people are saying, all these
Foods that are recalled are still being
Consumed and no one is getting sick.
It's the thought of the recall to
Make people think they are sick,
So the government can store free
Food for themselves. You know..
So they can be safe from starving.

3. I watch too many vids at night.
So, things seem to come togeather
In the back of my mind. About the
Ancient past. How people could
Do more back then, then what we
Can do now, so quickly. The scripts
The carvings... everything that makes
You think.. maybe.. we been here
Before.. I mean.. maybe somthing
Happened and we are starting over
Again as higher beings. So much stuff
Is being discovered, and it points
Out.. that things might have to
Reset once again. Nibiru is coming
With inhabitants, more.. well
Different wars.. I mean we are
Already killing ourselves. Earth pole
Shifts, the sounds in the skies.
It all adds up.
If I had it my way, i would just not
Have it. Bit, it seems our government,
And the government below the
Government wants to reset it all.

4. Life, all of us. Why can't we just
Come togeather and fight out the
Truths, and not be afraid anymore..
So we CaN grow better as a planet.
If it wasent so so many secrets..
Maybe.. things could have been better.

5. The anonymous. I see the say
Things. Trying to scare the government,
But.. they have never done a Thing
Yet. All this talk.. and nothing.
I fear when they do, it'll cripple all
Of the world's internet. Nothing
Will work again. No computers,
No phones, no tv, nothing but maybe
Radio. It's like.. I want them to do
Somthing, but it'll punish us ALL.

6. My friends...
Where.... where are they?!
I used to have so many.
So many crushes too.
Lately.. in the past 8 years,
They been vanishing.
And not a word.
I hope they are all ok.

7. It's confusing.. this one.
But, i have several Elders or/and
Guardians. No.. not parents.
The other kind.
I know they get busy, why I got
Several. Sadly.. my last one..
Is my last one. The other have
Vanished for years now.
I miss them, and the teachings,
Stories, care, and protection.
I know I'm not a big baby anymore,
But.. I'm still considered... Small.
From what im told.
Where are they?
Hope they are ok.

8. I like being alone, now.
But I don't. I miss love,
Companionship, sharing,
Laughter, and connection.
Since my hubby passed almost
5 years ago.. I got to be
So alone.. with my cat and dog..
And loss of friends and guardians..
I'm not shure...
If I care anymore.
I been so empty, starving...
I'm not shure if I can be happy,
With anyone anymore.
Do I want it? I donno.
Do I need it? Not shure.
Happiness.. closeness... to be
Full and comfort? Do I care?
I.. don't... know.

9. I fear.. only one thing.
My two animal companions.
If I shall pass away.. they will
Be alone. If i die in this house.
No One Will Know of months!!!
They.. might die with me?
And if I'm found.. what's to happen
With my babies?
I made a will,
But.. it's not legalized.
I have no family.
I AM.. the Last of my bloodlinage.
No one is alive in my fam..
But me, and I'm the last of my
Families on both sides.
I hope if or when I leave this
Vessel.. my will can be found..
And they can go to my only
Friends or one elder guardian
I have left.
I am all my fur babies have.
Just me.
It scares me.. for... them.

10. Are you still reading this?
You think.. I think too much?





00:52 May 13 2022
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Due to prices rising and food recalls,
And a doctor's visit..
I have decided.. maybe this was a
Lost case.
I guess I did everything at the wrong
I'm giving up on the super
Healthy lifestyle.

It's just too expensive.
And my doctor says that it's actually
Hurting me more then helping.
Blood sugars rose..
And I have gotten more depressed,
And ache in my joints..
And well, a giant hole in my pocket.
So many food recalls.
From popcorn to chicken, to fish,
And beef. Now, breakfast foods.

Prices are explosive here.
A small pack of chicken is double
The price of a large pack I used
To buy.
And now our president said.. in
Late august.. prices will rise another
22%. And might rise another
26% after the new year.

I'm just sick of it all.

I'm stocking up on can food.
And stuff with long shelf life.
It's going to be a hard future.



01:08 May 14 2022

For real. You have a great idea with the can food though.

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