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08:39 Jul 22 2024
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15:09 Jul 19 2024
Thank you, Reaper. I hope you have a good rest of your day.


19:57 Jul 19 2024 (-0 GMT) ReaperSoulMate wrote:

You're very welcome and thank you so much for you taking the time of the day to respond as I have been waiting for you.
I understand that you wish to furthermore no contact I will deliver this message to your wish's.

I hope you heal from the pain you've been hurt from.

Just take note don't let that control you or ruin your life with a positive note feedback from my own thoughts.

I hope you get out of that dark mindset and set you're self-free from the pain you hold on to.
I don't want you stuck in a dark place like pieces of this world.

19:26 Jul 19 2024 (-0 GMT) VvOnceBittenTwiceShyvV wrote:


Please let them know that I don't have any desire to have contact with them.
I forgive them but I do not want a friendship with them because of their past actions towards me.

Thank you for passing this along to them.

Best Regards,


17:31 Jul 18 2024 (-0 GMT) ReaperSoulMate wrote:

Hey Sabrina,

This is Reaper, writing at Benidicts request. They're really hoping to talk to you, and they wanted me to reach out because they're not able to themselves right now.

I know things have been difficult between you two, and I understand if you're still upset. But Benidict really wants to talk things through. They feel there's a lot you both need to discuss, and they're hoping you'll consider giving them a chance.

If you're open to it, I can give you Benidicts Discord name so you can connect with them directly. It's totally up to you, of course, but they're really hoping you'll say yes.

Let me know what you think.





08:28 Jul 22 2024
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The war isn't over I still got free speech over here -Grins-
You will regret for copying me and others.




08:27 Jul 22 2024
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You can't make me depressed bitch. IT won't work this time.

05:13 Jul 10 2024
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So, after I watch my family members dog my family member tells me I need to grow up after watching their dog for a week straight

I knew the Facebook post was about me and I texted my father asking why is his new GF writing about me and talking shit about me on Facebook when I haven't said anything but people only visit me when I'm dying when I lost 4 pints of blood back in 2018 and they tell me I need to grow up I have no idea what's going in that brain cell of their self's but I think they are losing more and more the more they speak.

My family is such a hypocrite they tell me not to post drama, but they do it themselves on Facebook.

behind my back and my cousin halves to show me the drama being directed at me again just like my dad's dead wife that passed away after I helped her ass with house problematics such as cleaning difficulties



06:14 Jul 10 2024

More like they need to grow the fuck up :D

06:15 Jul 10 2024

Fuck yeah they do.
Then they tell me not to write stuff in the past and now look where we are they are doing it after they tell me not to do it.


18:01 Jul 09 2024
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Sacrificing humans in this old house and turning them into wendigos did you lose?
Against me I saved men and women from being tossed in the lying fake fallen star the real star dwells in hell.
I saved one human so far from being Tossed in the house I was looking in the mirror and ran into the attic to merely only grab a and steal it in the Astral projection world are you missing something did you notice? I stole your stuff?? Yet.

And sacrifice?

I'm not going to tell you if my soul is black or white, so you don't know which Test passed through the gates of hell.
I saw the 6 of you.

standing around with red candles and blood and red cloaks.

in a house that's been abandoned for years what the fuck are you doing?




I call Earth Hell in a world where humans think people can be perfection. OR only Exist to matter.

09:39 Jul 09 2024
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I just want to say he's a fake and not everything he says is true.
He claims to be true but calls other people a fake or man or women child this man's ego proceeds him.
This is one of my biggest pet peeves.
Someone who thinks they are so mature, but they are still the same themselves.
Towards certain individual.

I got so many nicknames for people right now it's not even funny at this rate and people think these people are changing when they are still the same towards me.

they only see so little.

One side of it instead of full side of it.

Want to know why he isn't nice to me?

Because I never put up a Pitcher of myself so these other humans will never know what I look like.

For that reason, it's a society test to see who is true and who isn't.

for my own purposes.

and safety.

I never felt truly safe leaking my photos or phone numbers or locations and ID's.

IT's a very high concern of mine.

I'll Never use cash app for security.
Like TikTok.
And facebook or youtube just close family members I Really trust.

Yet I trust No one?.

But Family.

Microsoft can't be trusted.


I can name so much and gave so many reasons.

The System.
The Eye on the system money dollar bill.

I searched for answers, and I didn't like what I found.
Through Astral projection.

The Underground people humans use blood magic.

I had to make my journal so cryptic on Vampire Rave for Vampire Rave humans to understand.
What I have found in my years of searching.

In One state of mind, I found a house casting a star on the floor wrapped in blood now Satan the Devil don't use that type of magic only Witch's and occults be careful out there.

Satan only uses his Star and no Blood on it and No Candles.

Satan's star stands for his fallen Angel Side that's why he uses it in Hell.

It's Merely a Memory.-The Under Ground Time Traveler Messager.




17:54 Jul 08 2024
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Love is useless when Huaman's don't know what love truly feels like. And I'm not talking about intimacy or matching interest.




17:40 Jul 08 2024
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Humans be like I can call them names all the time without the same treatment back.
And other people be like I can make fun of this human because of what they like.

Then theirs these humans.

I can do it, but they cannot.

Then you got humans like this I'm on God Side, but I will slammer you.
Even though you are also on God Side.

Then Humans be like Are you cursed or an AI?

No, it's called being smart and out doing most people and trying the best you can.

Then another human goes I'm a Good Nasserist
There isn't no such thing as a Good One welcome to reality.





09:31 Jul 07 2024
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My list so I don't get accused to what's active.

08:33 Jul 07 2024
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Profile List.




Intelligent is increasing look around

15:07 Jul 05 2024
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👀You’re 🥱 bored of TV because you know it’s all. Hoax or a joke same old stuff that humans make you’re not bored you’re getting more smart and coming to a realization humans are fake as they come on television try watching something else other then 📺 Tv I’ve learned this from myself that not repeating Human History increase knowledge




Intelligent is increasing look around đź‘€

15:06 Jul 05 2024
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You’re 🥱 bored of TV because you know it’s all. Hoax or a joke same old stuff that humans make you’re not bored you’re getting more smart and coming to a realization humans are fake as they come on television try watching something else other then 📺 Tv I’ve learned this from myself that not repeating Human History increase knowledge




09:00 Jul 05 2024
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Ah my soul was so tried this mid morning to where I couldn’t get my Death voice out to call the beast back in doors I had to bang my head on the door frame just to wake up my inner self 🚪 I did it though i didn’t have much strength I also don’t know how much I have left my Death side seems to be stronger as time gets darker I don’t consider clocks like people think I do I’m such into the past of moons 🌑 and ⭐️ ✨ stars




07:25 Jul 05 2024
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Only one female on vampire rave figure out my profile theme you’re very clever this shout out goes to you!




07:17 Jul 05 2024
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you can’t tell me to chill when you don’t take you’re own advice to begin with.

It’s not like you have ever chilled once in you’re entire life I can feel you’re lies




04:58 Jul 05 2024
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I try to forget all the mean thing people say to me but it’s stuck on replay over and over and I just get more mad as time goes on because they never apologized for it.




Ship Anchor stops banging when I grab it.

04:22 Jul 05 2024
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I just love how certain people can get away with saying rude things to you and be little you for over a year now where in 2024 and the exact same people keep being abusive towards me while I keep giving them grace for being bitches.

Now I normally don't complain but today where going to I hate when people complain to me their friend is on their phone while they are also on their phone and do the exact thing to me what there friend does this is really idiotic move and by choice I call them hypocrites because they complain about the person doing it while they do it to them self's not to mention I wont forget about the people who made a website of me to make fun of me thinking I was a redneck like what two years ago.

These same adults claim they are mature but show no signs of it and not to mention fake physic's and occults all over the god dam place.

Only using it for Greed from Dead people and I thought I was crazy but I guess other people are better off worse then me.

I use the word hypocrite religiously on the constant basics.

Oh I'm home alone and I heard banging on inside my old room like an ship part.

so I looked around for signs ever since I went back to take some of my old stuff.

I haven't heard banging or walking since my object been calling me by the way its this.

Real vampires love Vampire Rave.




07:32 Jul 02 2024
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Humans be like don't hold grudges on other humans while the same Human gave advice still didn't take their own advice and they wonder why I'm mad about hypocrites.





22:19 Jul 01 2024
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22:17 Jul 01 2024
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Thunder Ass Mocking me.




19:35 Jul 01 2024
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You don't have a heart condition to deal with drama.
You don't get heart pain from stress when drama comes
You don't take 325MG Iron Dose to stay alive.
Fuck off.

I don't half to credit the Music Artist every time I make a profile
I don't half to put Credit:
This or that or whatever band,
I'm not here to please you I am not a people pleaser.




Don't be an american Hypocrite

16:06 Jul 01 2024
Times Read: 458

You want to rate my profile a 9 when it looks better than yours okay.
Lamo. When you're the one that complains all the time about in mature people




08:00 Jul 01 2024
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Here is what I do with my toxic family members I just blocked my uncle tonight and my grandma who is 65 years old causing drama for no reason and bragging about they get more money than us which is 10,000$
I don't need to deal with this none sense what was done was done and they said enough in nasty long novel while I left them a lovely, nice novel and a block they don't get to wish me a Happy Birthday no more.

Coming up in July towards the end of the month.

Just like I didn't get invited to my cousin Sean wedding or Christmas party.
I'm their Karma this time they don't get to come to my Birthday party.
And watch live stream movies.
With me.




Trust no one because of intentions. (?)

07:08 Jul 01 2024
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My uncle is also being very abusive and attacking my family to watch a grandma when the father works, and the GF does not.

Saying they need to watch my grandma, but they never think to think about me rather they like to abuse other people first then talk behind my back.

Not my fault I don't have a car and I walk everywhere throughout town and still my uncle never response to my text when I say I can watch her and offer myself up let alone others who don't work. Based against who does.
I don't drive because I will fall asleep behind the wheel on highways, they make me sleepy, and the illusions zones me out no one will ever understand and not to mention I get visions before bad things happen where it causes me to sway into the next lane and I was always right due to car damages about to happen it was long time ago.

There was a car that was goanna hit us at the time.

MY uncle wrote my dad a nasty letter and I wrote a kind letter back saying I never complain and talk shit about people like (you) do unless you give me a good reason now it's a good reason.

I'm sick of drama in every direction.

now coming from my uncle then brags he got 10,000$ from grandpa more than my dad and my dad only got 500$ from their death.



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