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imi's soul in the wilting

17:37 Nov 18 2012
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To be that of a gentleman and a lady, but not here and not there, or where else I'm not in Monterrey that sit and you'll be there you will find, what's yours and put one hand ... ...

And cry and I'm looking for and bloodthirsty, and I want and I died, circle, And fight and tris, and tired, and red, galen, green, my Heart is full of tears, impetrite, see you, touch you in inemaginabil, perfume, pure, fantasma, eyes painted so the whispers of the night under the moon ...

Ooo, youu Ms. starry, Countess of me, is I am here you ther i see, th, And crying and sad again louder, and louder in his circle,, born conjor in thousands of surface Of your lips painted red in the fresh summer cherries and sweet like honey bees, yellow flowers, why are you coming in the way of your "not hurting your body celesticThe Green, make your Crown, to be my Countess and I yours you know, What i love, eternal, what happy we'll be,



21:00 Nov 18 2012

Interesting to read..


Traveler in paradox.

17:31 Nov 18 2012
Times Read: 361

****SORY FOR MY ENGLISH I DO NOT KNOW TO WRITE SO GOOD,,SO I TRANSLET ON GOOGLE WHAT I FELL THIS IS WHAT I FELL EVERY DAY ON THIS SHIT WORLD ENJOY:(**** I turn back to the past, mind and body, I let this present, and my dreams for the future.Add affair with my thoughts carry germs on this sheet of paper flowing from me in which everything is likely to have any meaning, or even a work whose my living on this earth imfect, rotten, sclavism heresy.On this earth clorofidat, rotten, dirty mix full of pus shit of the thousands of "I" that I see next to me to be that day, and probably therefore that beg well-being and fate as mine.I share in thousands of rivers, stones SAPs spokeswoman "oduri" of fears, spasms.I live one-and going for 27 years curses in I those simbols and mystical "dava" this country. "It's one thing getting used much too cruel for the world and that life on Earth ".I go in the Galactic spaces, studying celestial angelic characters, posedate meat taste them bodies only with new knowledge,i create an evolution of a new era, a new era of time to come, the end will not come I will rebuild itself with micro-cells, with the atoms of the Earth, with my white blood cells, with the merger of the astrelor, with the wings of angels 2000, on "Everius".Maybe a milieniu or two over his carnal mind will merge the fans(amateurs) of thinking, knowledge emisferilor portativele sucesive of the conjugate on the archaic grads, undefined by the other contemporaries and disciples of the great obscurilor Budah. put great mark on the difficulty of things in the curtezanii of the great religions.The end is just too farfetched thinking of human knowledge led to over-active extremities.We the people are like lying, we are born out of nothing, but we believe in all the liars in the before time impregnata excessive when we have the power to be born.We have a surplus of intelligence, just watch some teribilistice ideas, punctuoate on indocronologia ponderala-our stupidity is reused for years, those-and reflexes, those combinations and caressing, touching, and earthy fragrance.We are like the Titanic dip inside, wrecks the look, as there are plastic surgeons, we are and like some dusty forgotten books in an antique, dust our own thoughts, yellow yolk of an egg and warped.Smell of the sheets, the ashes.I'm you, but you're not me, I can be like you, you can't be like me, I'm your copy, your personality mostly in body language, see through the eyes of your insecurities, Sally, emotion, love, loneliness, and death will come for you and for me.See your grave digging, the lead as of Bacovia, see Earth clay as Adam's format. See and cross your name my sealed waiting to appear ^ i. but I do not feel fear for me, neviitabilul will happen, and the sleep angels will wake up to play revival.World War I ended, but no verdict I've received, I'm still unsure of traumas to come...........The time is 3 oclok, morning, I'm in a million of hormones unleashed coals ready to erupt.In a oxidized, lubrificat, slippery.Many individuals macinati alcohol are lead and the evolution of the industry.Events, world acclaim as a Union of saturated grevisti of their lives full of daily routine, trying to sarmanii dezamorteze subconstientic of epavele daily that worrying about.I was invisible and subtle, eluding me from nedectectabil landscape, while hallucinating the masseur with a hourglass almost finished.I'm in the same and afund place captured by my isteriea, hear out raindrops, as a song of a pianist about to go into coma, who tries the quality as well as how it would be for the last time, but it's the same things, but nefirescul and irreversible even after Motzzard's death.Frenzy, my alergiea is micro-focusing of a playwright, does all my drama is just a part of the neintelesul of myself?...F I'm not wrong, guys are real, the Mirage I am?!,,,,,, but no, I'm not from happiness ...I feel, I can taste the atmosphere, to see even an Ant how to chew the grass, guys can't do what my nauntrica can ...ecteze.I'm super light, my subconscious is working on an advanced level...................................I woke up, the time is 17 and 20 minutes, I grind the unbearable pain of the head, like some flash floods of water that I glimpse core ready to go outside.I opened the window of the inacperii where I got hooked lesul putrefact as I aierisesc my ticaitoare thoughts like those rusty clockwork.In my sleep I measured the time I turned in small spherical clusters where I settle the womb of a nightmare with the reality of where we started.Illusion, amagire, I'm getting ready to leave the crypt in which I hid the shape, start to the real temnitza of the other part of my brain, small, glassy, gray., I turned the city of botosani, adventure, a loner as a wolf in my infometat, walking to the "Dungeon", I see around me foreign travelers, who follows the course or day without senns, I feel free, I know where I want to go ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ....It's almost evening nothing not "she" disappeared permanently in the Park, a inlacrimeaza, my eyes looking like a dried up so the illusion.I went looking for him and that mirage and looked at the picture in a photo album.Nelamurit, tasting, adaptable, with desire and segmented, to find it.8 in the evening, give a call, get the information, has been found, run like a horse after horse, nealaptat, gallop, keen on Sally's more pofticioasa of her warm milk, the divinity to human alchiimic of the sulfur in the Symphony for the senses Center of my heart.A prievesc, a kiss, rubbing, face, my body shaking, vibrating in all incheeturile.I grow wings, but still said she did not notice me,,,, tristetzea me down the first cloud reached ... slightly.I am sorry I hurt your stomach, hungry,,,, are still invisible, nedectectabil, still a mirage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and are not getting out of the labyrinth of the mind.So break me torment ... ...The smell of burnt flesh, I came down from heaven to hell,,,, I soles sting.I get up but her nepasarea, strafundurile mau called back, hell, in that hemisphere, and Atomic sulfur and mercury ... ... ... ... ... ....Fuck you subconsciously, chlorophyll to inchipuirii my heinous, nepretuirrea, kill me a dream, Sally, a fight, FUCK YOU!!!I'm eating tzantzarii > >, I get up, and go crazy on the street,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ...I look around me, I see everything sicken, prototypes of more hideous characters who want to stand out, who put in their face all sorts of advantages perspectives and even their own characters.I see a great dead with fish that struggle, to come to the light, see hot volcanoes ready to erupade propia lo disease, disgusting, sick of life that oxidata.Bodies used for women conductors of puroiate diseases, their blood that traffic through Sally to be used by others.I loved and still love such a creature, with a sense that, facade, worth it, I straighten my forces to liberate them from the loneliness?.......... > >...............................Analysis ghestopate, war in milieniul you will obscuric your high wet salive prescripti, suvoaie of the saurutatzi aghina in your hectic life of tears, dezamtz and egos, WILL your DRUNK!!.Wake up and begin to fight, raboiul slightly dominant now began, soldiers, weapons golasi bombs that are incornati-you will.Eternity has finally taste or wormwood will mumifica even atop of your heart serpuitr, as Eve in the garden of Eden language!!12: > 10.111,,,,, I can transport the negative energy of the others in the hemisphere, to maruntesc, its a purific.Mercury to make red wine or drink out of it, as well as such as honey, a transport your bodies, to feel my iluziea to contopiti my unviresul with yours.We can dance, his hoinarim the past as if it were a part of a puzzel.Not caring about us, our constiintza no longer struggle from the fundamental principle of delagatii that I have on.Shoot me, I will lift the current and steps outside to look and infometat, invisible, nedectectabil, numb from my ego neegalabilul sadomasochit infometate many fantastic orgasms of the look of my eyes, I see your eyes. Mam got to decode Maher as on a hard concrete trusta.I started my disheveled to Maher mil clean of my subconscious.To translate imaginabilul as a verse of the davinci code read, report mmele, odice moves in lethal weapon, I mix my limajul used with someone else 's, enumerez, names that will meld with mine,,,,.World War II is going to occur, I strnueasca my rusty bolts "my madness is back with a new look" I fear me and what will follow to Capt. in the following days.I don't know if I'll ever get to reintregesc other words on this forgotten land, these sheets of paper ... everywhere I see this even if it's just an illusion of my false.





13:39 Nov 18 2012
Times Read: 368

It's late, it's past midnight and cold outside, the House is open, me stove smells of methane and smoke, smoke from tobacco, Past midnight, I drink my wine, and begin to write, my story is another, retiring are I'm in all, Lit cigarette again, I miss you, Miss you write, write with ink the white paper, sheets, longing to I stain the skin with ink, to write poems, and eternal world, plate them, Miss the times that not to be lived now, in the era of modernist and taken to an extreme, the last era, including the castles of stone and wooden tables, and sweet wine, made by people not polluted factories.

Ahh and I am dreaming, close your eyes, it's simple, get good bye, and I went to the road, but wake up often in my dream s, I face the reality where everything is black and white, colorless, everything, I want to sleep, i last midnight, smells like methane, Dean's cigarette tobacco down now, In front of me is and, I do not see ink nor skin marred not see, and bright red light make me fall asleep,,



21:02 Nov 18 2012

I liked this one!

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