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Cat recovery.

10:43 Jan 19 2022
Times Read: 7

My cat Pebbles seems to be fine. Got her blood test results via text message saying there’s no underlining health issues to be concerned about.




Hate gold plating.

23:55 Jan 18 2022
Times Read: 11

I hate gold plated decks and gold plated screws in RDAs or RTAs cause the problem with these gold plated decks and screws is that over time that gold is going to flake off and cause a short which has just happened with me. I had decided to bring out my old Wake Mods/DotMod gold and black RTA, stuck in a pair of my Fused Clapton coils and put it on my YiHi SX Mini G Class which is also gold and black so it was a decent looking setup. So yea got it rocking and rolling and I kept getting Atomiser Short. Took the tank apart and found a gold flake shorting on positive and negative post. I can resolve the issue by cleaning the tank but it means having to strip it down and rebuild it all over again and I just want to chill out. Agh fuck it! Round two!




That was expensive.

14:51 Jan 18 2022
Times Read: 20

Just had some vape mail. Pretty high-end stuff, got a Strangers Mod Minuta DNA75C single 18650. It’s completely custom with an engraved faceplate, engraved mod housing that’s also ergonomic so it sits comfortably in the hand and also a flush Fat Daddy 510 connection. Spend quite a chunk of money on this beaut, about £375. Also spend another 175 Euros on an ESG (eSmokeGuru) Millennium MTL/RDL RTA.

I decided to treat myself cause my eliquids have been selling well enough that I can afford a complete new high-end setup and still have a chunk of change left.

Also for whatever reason I couldn’t get on to Vampire Rave at all. For 5 hours I kept getting a white blank screen…




Can’t kill the craving.

21:03 Jan 17 2022
Times Read: 27

Right now I’m having cravings for Danish Cookies. Unfortunately I don’t have a tin of them to indulge myself on. I have no idea where I get these random cravings from. At the moment Danish Cookies are in my sights. Give it a few weeks I might be chewing on raw carrots.




Vet visit.

12:07 Jan 17 2022
Times Read: 30

Just took my cat Pebbles to the vets. They took a blood sample and gave me some odd cat litter to collect to send to the vets as a urine sample. Just got to wait for the results, hope it’s nothing serious. Pebbles was well behaved so she’s just enjoying her treat.




Gangster Chihuahua.

11:02 Jan 16 2022
Times Read: 42

My mother has a miniature chihuahua called Dude, he’s literally the size of a pint glass and he has a very relaxed temperament for a chihuahua. Dude is also a little player cause he likes to sit on boobs… yep, there’s no sugarcoating this. My mother will sit on the sofa, Dude will climb up and literally just sit in her cleavage and if my mother has one of her female guests over Dude will sit in their cleavage. What the fuck dog lol.




Pebbles is certainly getting better.

11:13 Jan 15 2022
Times Read: 51

Well my cat Pebbles is certainly feeling better. She’s mostly back to her old antics and she’s been talking to me. Yep, Pebbles is one of them cats that if you speak to her she’ll meow back. Very cute and we’ve also talked about a lot of dumb shit.




It’s back.

11:15 Jan 14 2022
Times Read: 63

Finally got my Rebel 2x700 DNA75 back from Esauces. Sent it for a screen repair back in December. Only got it in the post yesterday. I’m a happy bunny now.

My track of the day: Gojira - Vacuity




Cats meds are working. Kinda.

17:31 Jan 12 2022
Times Read: 71

Pebbles is certainly feeling chirpier than she was yesterday and this morning. She still feeling sore cause she won’t let me pick her up. I don’t usually look forward to Mondays but since that’s the day Pebbles has her visit to the Vets on Monday for a checkup and hopefully get her treatment started.




Steroids, cat care.

10:52 Jan 12 2022
Times Read: 82

Took my cat Pebbles to the Vets on an emergency cause for the past few days she hasn’t been herself at all. She’s been grooming and scratching herself raw, covered in scabs, dry skin and she’s lost a lot of her thick fluffy coat and mane. The Vets gave me some steroids that I wrap up in ham to treat Pebbles with until her appointment on Monday. Poor little duck, I hope these meds will bring her some relief.




My ragbag customers. Such a fun bunch.

23:32 Jan 10 2022
Times Read: 108

As you know I work in a vape shop and I have frequent customers that all have nicknames and they gave me one as well. We all get a long in our weird way and we’ve all accepted these absurd nicknames and we do have a laugh.

My most frequent customer and a stalker of mine is called Legbeard cause she looks like a stereotypical legbeard and acts like one too.

Neckbeard is also stereotypical neckbeard. Trench coat, fedora the works. He has a crush on my stalker Legbeard. Tried to match them up but Legbeard is fixated on me and it’s creepy.

Belly Man is a typical white van man with a beer belly who works as a contract construction worker. He doesn’t usually show up till 5.45pm.

Colgate is a rapper wannabe with heavily stained teeth he tries to cover up with a grill.

Gandalf is my oldest customer. We call him Gandalf cause he looks like him but he’s one of these old school bikers.

Now my nickname is Knoxville, as in Johnny Knoxville from Jackass cause I do stupid shit at work or at the bar. Just last week I thought it was a funny idea to get my nose pierced just so I could short a 9V battery across it just to see if it hurt.



01:40 Jan 11 2022

I like playing around with names. My current nick name is Meatball.


Steam Crave Mini Robot kit.

20:12 Jan 10 2022
Times Read: 116

Got a Steam Crave Mini Robot kit. Kinda odd for Steam Crave to make a single battery Clickfet MTL tube mod setup cause Steam Crave make big fuck off tanks that are 30mm 40mm in width that house builds that enormous and mods that can do 300Watts with 4 batteries! But this Mini Robot kit is small. Hate the RTA that comes with it cause the glass won’t stay on the tank and it uses airflow pins you switch out with a screwdriver instead of a typical airflow control ring that you can just turn. Really awkward RTA. Might invest in a Taifun GTR or a Kayfun 2019 RTA for the Mini Robot mod.





11:11 Jan 10 2022
Times Read: 132

Got up this morning to make a coffee and found my cat Pebbles sleeping with her head in her dry food bowl. What a cutie.



12:35 Jan 10 2022

aww how cute


I got 5 on it.

11:29 Jan 09 2022
Times Read: 140

Yea crypto is dropping quite a bit so I invested another fiver on LiteCoin and BitCoin Cash. Handy PayPal have added cryptocurrency in cause now investing and withdrawing is super easy. Just hoping for a nice big fat return in a few months to a few years time.




Isolation ended.

20:45 Jan 08 2022
Times Read: 154

Finally I’m free. Had to isolate during Christmas and New Years cause I had Covid, took a lateral flow test 10 days later I was still positive but the lateral flow showed a very faint positive so I waited 2 more days to get it out of my system. Took a lateral flow test today, came back all clear. Taking 1 more tomorrow to be sure then Monday it’s back to normality.




Tank cracker.

14:08 Jan 08 2022
Times Read: 159

Just got done re-wicking my ESG Skyline RTA. It has a slam kit on it so I’m using a Smok Baby Beast Bubble Glass to increase the capacity from 2.5ml to 4.5ml and I’ve smashed the glass… Got the tank put together after the re-wick and knocked the mod over and heard *CRACK* as it landed and eliquid starting to pool up on the table. Shit.




Cryptocurrency drop, investing time.

14:54 Jan 07 2022
Times Read: 175

LiteCoin on PayPal has dropped quite a bit this past week. Just dumped £5 to see where it goes and if it drops further I’ll put more money in. I put a pound in back in September and the average amount for LiteCoin was £220. Today it’s at £98 so a significant drop and it’s predicted to drop further to £35 in October this year. Going to start investing for the long run.




Potato cannon.

10:47 Jan 07 2022
Times Read: 185

Need to dig out my potato cannon from out the garage and give it some love by taking it to the beach and launching some spuds into orbit. Usually draws a crowd and gets everyone giggling.

My potato cannon is no joke. It’s not made from PVC piping, it’s all solid metal with a 64mm bore with a muzzle break so it’s not just limited to launching spuds. It’ll fire tennis balls and anything with the same diameter. Think one spud I fired broke the sound barrier last year lol.



13:20 Jan 07 2022

Have you tested the speed to which it shoots out spuds yet?

When I was in the Army many moons ago, we had a guy who would also tweak and adjust one he made to be faster and faster until the MPs had to stop him because it went from being a regular spud shooter to almost an anti-tank missle launcher with speed and strength.

14:21 Jan 07 2022

Lol, I’ve tried measuring the speed it shoots the spuds out with one of them devices that reads the velocity a projectile but the spud shot out too fast for it to register. Plus it’s highly inaccurate, had one spud ricochet off the sea so might upgrade the barrel to have rifling.

I modelled it around a WWII German Pak 40 and has a bore of 64mm so I can also launch tennis balls.


Pissed off Hybrid Fused Clapton.

17:26 Jan 06 2022
Times Read: 194

Just got done making a Hybrid Fused Clapton that’s a dual 28AWG A1 Kanthal core with 38AWG SS316 outer wrap, installed it in my ESG Skyline RTA and came out to 0.72 ohms. Wicked it up, got the cotton saturated, primed and set to my preferred Wattage. This coil is angry, popping, snapping and spitting eliquid out the drip tip. Flavours great but it sounds like I’m sucking on a rattlesnake.




New battery charger.

14:34 Jan 05 2022
Times Read: 215

I’ve decided to buy a new Li-Ion battery charger cause my Nightcore I4 Four Bay is old and bare-bones basic LED display.

The charger I bought is XTAR VC8 Eight Bay with smart charging so I can discharge and recharge batteries to measure the capacity (mAh) and power (Amps) the batteries put out. I can see how fast the batteries are recharging depending on how many other batteries are on charge at the time.

The first battery charger I had was BASEN BO-4 but I had a battery that exploded whiles on charge so that charger is nothing more than a mangled mess of shattered, melted plastic with wires and metal all over the place. Quite a spectacular display of destruction when the battery detonated in that old BO-4.



14:58 Jan 05 2022

So, you like electronics?

15:46 Jan 05 2022

Vapor electronics yes.


Nasty parasitic drain. SX485J fail.

14:46 Jan 04 2022
Times Read: 230

Holy shit! Don’t leave a battery in the YiHi SX Mini SL Class. The parasitic drain has destroyed my 21700 battery. Normally a Li-Ion battery will drain from 4.2V fully charged to 3.2V discharged but my 21700 in the SL Class was drained to 1.1V and it’s not even charging anymore. Time to tape it up and bin it.




Testing the waters.

23:42 Jan 03 2022
Times Read: 269

Had my journal temporarily suspended cause I insulted white people and it’s trendy nowadays. Chalking this of as testing the waters so I know what I can and can’t say. Oh well I’ll just stick posting benign hobby shit.




Pebbles is showing a lot of effection?

11:32 Jan 02 2022
Times Read: 315

My cat Pebbles is having one of them “Hold me” moments and doesn’t want to be put down. How am I going to make a coffee cat? How am I going to wash the pots? Cat looks at me as if to say “I don’t fucking know!” so I’ll need to bribe her.




My Rebel is fixed.

21:28 Jan 01 2022
Times Read: 322

Had to send out my Rebel DNA75 2x700 box mod back to Esauce for a repair back in early December cause the screen was faulty. I could have repaired it myself but it was still under warranty so thankfully I didn’t have to buy parts for it.

My Rebel DNA250 or 167W however is old and is no longer covered under warranty so I had to fix it myself with new actuators. Simple enough fix to do. I could have paid Esauce for a mod service but it would have cost way more compared to fixing myself.




New Years means new rules.

11:22 Jan 01 2022
Times Read: 336

Every year I always try to give myself a set of rules that I try to stick at for a full year or the rest of my life. To give an idea about my rules I’ll list some resolutions from 2015 and up.

Cut down on gaming, get a job and set myself a career path.

Dating is a waste of time, never get involved with white women ever again. Save up, buy a car and get it taxed, MOT’d, insured and if need be repaired.

Quit smoking, had smoked for 12 years of my life. Gum and patches failed so try vaping.

Cut back on the alcohol cause it’s not doing me any good in the long run, unless it’s a celebrations like Christmas or New Years then I can indulge a little.

Save up more money and buy myself a small home. With lockdowns in effect I had to learn to make my own eliquid.

Turn my hobby of vaping into another career prospect, start making hand made coils and sell them off.

Go into business with my eliquids and coils. Making a bit of extra money on the side thanks to this.

Invest a little money in the stock market. Start to care less about others that are not involved in the direction my life is going.



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