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02:26 Aug 29 2020
Times Read: 37

I have been watching a lot of "kinktok" lately. It makes me miss a lot. My husband isn't really into the whole kinky thing. *sigh* I have been wondering if I could talk to him about it, but I am not sure how he will react.




22:41 Aug 26 2020
Times Read: 50

Today has been a long day so far. I woke up at 630am. Went and took some money out of the bank so my husband could get his Union Operator card. (YAAAAAAY!!!) Went and picked up my sons chrome book for virtual learning, went to walmart to get his other supplies he needed, had to GO BACK to his school to pick stuff up from his teacher that they didn't give me the first time, went grocery shopping and now I am at work. I am trying to get this assignment done for class tomorrow, which isn't really due til Sept 4th, but I can't seem to stop watching TikTok and being on here. Hah.

I am gonna be working 60+ hour work weeks starting in September, so that's fun. But hey, money money money. Plus, I do have enough time to do class work while I am working, so that's a plus. Boom.




Pokemon Go

05:41 Aug 21 2020
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Does anyone reading this play Pokemon Go? I still play every day, and I do not care about the whole "grown up playing kid games", so fuck off if that's what you're going to say.

I play mostly on my own, but I have some friends who I get together with sometimes, and do raids or just events that they have going on. My son loves to play, when he remembers to play, aha. Or when I get a shiny and he is jealous.

If you're interested in being buddies, my friend code is 896164496902. I may not gift everyday, but that's mainly because I forget about it completely. I do remote raids if I have passes, and I always invite those who are online if none of my close friends have remote passes.




05:27 Aug 20 2020
Times Read: 69

My first day back to college is tomorrow, and I am a nervous wreck. I finally got my laptop, but I don't have it set up the way I want it yet. I have been sinking into my depression and anxiety hard again, and I can't seem to try and not let it happen. I went and seen my best friend today, and usually that helps but it just left me worse. I do nothing but sleep and sit around eating my feelings, so I have gained probably 20 pounds or so, and I am already over weight. I am just super stressed, and I can't wait til my husband goes to work. I know that me being the only source of income is whats really bothering me. If I don't make enough then we have to chose what bills to pay, and then I get behind and I am just tired of living this way. I want to move. I really hope he goes to work soon... I honestly don't know how much more I can take.





02:36 Aug 16 2020
Times Read: 81

It has been a stressful week.
Monday - my electric went out due to the storm. My outlet in the livingroom caught fire. Thank god I happened ed to be wat hing tv at the time.
Tues - electric was finally restored after 20 hours. My house reached 102°. Fire Marshall showed up and cut power to my burned outlet. Discovered my kitchen lights, front bedroom and living room was all on one circuit breaker, so without power to all of those.
Wed - no one shows up to replace my outlet after multiple back and forth texts to my management about someone being on their way.
Thursday- went to take my placement test and get set up with college classes. I qualify for a free laptop, so that's awesome, and I start on the 20th with my on campus class, the rest are online classes and do not start til the 27th. I am only a half time student as i am still working 60 hour weeks.
Fri & Sat - still no one has showed up to fix my outlet, so i have been without power at one end of my trailer since monday. I am going to withhold a week of my rent, or $150, because of it. I have already informed my management and landlord. If no one comes by tuesday, I will be taking legal action.

So, yeah. Fun.




23:27 Aug 06 2020
Times Read: 119

Anyone know how to fix the "IP Address Error" thing? It is doing it to me literally every five to ten pages. I am on my cell phone, in the browser... dunno if that's why or not.



00:35 Aug 07 2020

It has to do with what IP you are using to access the site. If you have your phone wifi on and it goes in and out, it may be switching back and forth. It is also possible if your computer is also logged in it could cause errors like that.

01:43 Aug 07 2020

I run off my own internet all the time. I'll have to restart my phone and maybe that will fix it. Thanks!


22:13 Aug 06 2020
Times Read: 130

I have been in my head a lot lately. All my friends and family are having babies. Dont get me wrong, Jacob will always be my son no matter who has anything to say about it. I just want to experience it... I am so.. jealous?... maybe that's the right word.

I feel broken. I want so bad to get there, and every time I think maybe we've by some miracle gotten it right, it's always a negative test. I wake up crying, cry multiple times a day, and go to sleep crying. My depression has latched itself deeper this time, and no matter what hobbies I make myself get back I to, it doesnt help. Jake is out of town and I really have no one else to learn on. It's just like sitting in a dark room, and the o ly light you can see it coming through the locked keyhole in the door.

I hate it. I'm drowning. I cant fucking breathe.



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