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18:45 May 11 2021
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Greetings, Hope everyone is having a good day. I am aware of all the hate and salt being thrown on my name. I am gonna make a post and consider it my closure on this.

You will continue to do the most, and if that's how you can look at yourself in the mirror, so be it. For over a decade I have loved and trusted you. To those that have gotten a good laugh at my expense , you were right. I never saw this betrayal coming.

What is close to almost 2 years now, I had made a choice to not speak with you again, to make sure you had mentor, and was gonna keep it moving, as I saw you breaking oaths, and crossing lines. But, against my better judgement. I allowed you to get close to me again, and close you were. I trusted you with everything, You were my council in life as well as community.

I have had plenty of time to think, and see your actions for the last 2 years.. I will say nicely played. With the exception of the bonds you tried to break on your way out. I have to admit one is still up in the air, but im sure you know that. The others are not swayed by your bullshit.

You know what all you have done. You also have to live with your actions. I was one that even in the mist of your betrayal, I protected you. I did so because of the oath I took, I don't take oaths or responsibilty lightly.

2 years ago, I protected you from the house. No one wanted to take you on, so I allowed you to come back. Yes, my heart is my downfall, as I want to see good in others no matter how small it may be.

I was warned by a few that you were not as you seemed, and I shouldn't talk with you, but I was blinded by a decade long bond.

You want to scream oh how bad you have been treated. You came here with a agenda to taint and divide the house that's being built. ( A house divided can't stand) Isn't that correct?

The whole time you were here, in actuality you had you meals brought to you, either I bought it, or I cooked it .. Your laundry I washed, dried, and folded for you. I waited on you hand and foot. Tried to get you outta the house to do things.

Your days consisted of either sitting in bed, or on the loveseat, on the computer. Did you help money wise, yes with somethings you did, but not to the max that you would like to claim.

But, hey whatever can make you feel better. There are very few people that I care their thoughts of me, and to those I have spoken with privatly. So by all means, spin it however you can live with it.

The facts are while you were throwing yourself at my fiancee, and trying to divide and cause mistrust between myself and a few chylder, and a prospect. I tried to work things out with you. What you felt was my heart break and my trust.

I have worked for over 20 years to try and be a better person, to be more spiritual. To lead by example, and honor my word and my bonds. Which with a clear mind and heart. I know I have.

The person I was 20 years ago, would have beaten you to death.

You can lie and say I drew first blood etc, when in reality I havent drawn any. Could I, hell yes! There is alot I can say and do.
What I chose to do, was honor the oath i took, as well as the promise I made your mother.

So all the while you were working your agenda, I cooked and brought food to you, I did without my medication to give it to you. As well as to choose to drive you to your daughter's instead of putting you on a plane for you to seize out, in the airport or the plane, I made sure you were cared for, safe, and had what you needed.

But oh yeah im such a horrible person. Even now, you continue to talk your smack. I refuse to allow you to take from me , the journey up till this point, I refuse to allow you to taint what I am building, and the person im becoming.

I have chosen to keep moving forward. To continue personal growth, as well as what my family and I are building.

I allowed you to walk away with no punishment for your actions.

You will not admit this now, possibly never, but deep down, you know I have always had your back, and when you betrayed me, and broke my heart, I still upheld my oath to you, I still made sure you were good..

Now, I am walking away. Those that remain with me, we are gonna grow and build.. You will not taint what we are, and what we will become.

I may always love you, But from this day forth, I want nothing else to do with you..

I will come online here, I will post and rate, but this is my last journal regarding you.

You will not have anymore of my time, I have wasted enough time, heart, and soul on you.. You get no more. Live with it!!!



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