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Eurovision 2024

17:33 Feb 21 2024
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Eurovision fever has well and truly started . For the last 3 weeks I have been not to impressed by a lot of the songs that will be representing their countries . I was really pleased to see Ireland taking a chance and sending a crazy gothic lady to Malmo . Most of what I have seen is very bland and not memorable . Until yesterday when Croatia showed some of their finalists . There is high hopes for act called Baby Lasagna to represent Croatia . I think it’s definitely the best song I have heard so far and it’s stuck in my head now . If Croatia choose to send this to Eurovision I think they could win . It would nice to see a country who has never won get the win instead of seeing Sweden and Ukraine walk away the winners every year . 2022 was the UK best result in 20 years and sadly we were robbed of the win by Ukraine taking away the public sympathy vote . Only seen 20 seconds of our entry for this year . A lot of people are not that impressed . He is a well established artist in the UK and has a good voice I will wait until we hear the whole song next month before I cast it aside and say we got no chance . Just hope the result is better than last years disaster picking someone who can actually sing is a good start for this year . Theirs been a lot of ill feeling towards Isreal entering this year . Finland being one country who have threatened to boycott the contest this year if they are aloud to enter . After seeing Finlands entry last week it would be no big loss and less of an assault on everyones eardrums . I think the Finns must of lost their minds with the act they picked . Iceland have also threatened a boycott . I highly doubt they will as the general feeling is they will be sending a young guy from Palestine to represent them . I know Iceland have never won and their best chance for the win was 2020 but the pandemic cancelled the contest . But I think trying to cause trouble and get a sympathy vote is just cheating and unfair to everyone els . But nothing is decided and still a lot more entries to come . Can only hope the contest is fair and not a political disaster .



22:23 Feb 21 2024

Love the eurovision contest!!! Voyager and Loreen blew me away last year!

22:30 Feb 21 2024

Mine was kaarija



03:03 Feb 20 2024
Times Read: 55

Moon ash little bubble of foam
Driven by the wind I burn and I catch a cold
Between my dunes lie my misfortune's
Its naked that I learn virtue
I am Libertine
Im a whore
Im so fragile
Hold my hand
Splitting the moon kisses of thorn and feather
Lulled by a little wind I wander
Life is sad like a glass of grenadine
To love is to cry when you bow
I am Libertine
Im a whore
When on my body you fall asleep
I evaporate
My love you sleep and I wait for dawn
When you leave my lips a bitter taste
Reminds me Im in heaven
My body is afraid and my skin is wet I have no moral soul
They violated my heart
I am now Libertine a whore Im fragile hold my hand

Mylene Farmer




The Vampire Charles's inanition into James's satanic coven

04:21 Feb 18 2024
Times Read: 78

I have been working on a scene from my book which contains a satanic ceremony. I deleted most of my journal a few weeks ago as I was unhappy with my work . So Im starting from scratch . This scene brings my Character's together to practice their obscene rights and initiate Charles Hammond officially into their coven . James Sutherland being the head of the coven and Richard Hallow and Thomas Trelawney already initiated and a willing female victim . Im toning it down a bit for reading here as I don't want to get in trouble for being too graphic . So I will say now this is not suitable for younger members . So sit back and enjoy Charles Hammonds account of his initiation .

I had been summoned back to James's house James wanted to make this night my official initiation into his coven . For weeks James had helped me study the black arts and had pushed me to my limits during our nightly ambushes out on the roads . James had kept me close to him and forced his beliefs on to me . He made me divulge my own inner demons such as the night I murdered my employers only son and stole their belongings and ran away to London . He made me see I had no remorse for my actions that night . I enjoyed killing him I had wanted him dead for so many years for his cruel behaviour towards me . Never calling me by my name just referring to me as boy or servant . His father gave me the name Charles and when I first came into London I took the sir name Hammond . James knew I enjoyed my life of highway robbery . Using violence was part of the thrill and I believe this is why James chose me as the final member of his coven . I had impressed him with my barbaric tactics when we robbed traveler's of their belongings . My ability to look the other way when Thomas would drag young women off into the woods and rape them made James pull me into his dark world even more . I knew my feelings for James were more than just friendship and devotion to his satanic teachings . I had fallen in love with him and I was prepared to give up my soul just to please him . I knew Richard and Thomas were making cruel comments about me when they thought I was not around . They knew I had no interest in women and my sexual desires were for male flesh . I had tried so hard to rid myself of these impure desires but every time James was near me I just fell under his spell . He was just so beautiful his dark eyes and perfect face his gorgeous long black hair and his tall muscular stature drove me wild with desire . Every woman he met wanted him and I had to witness the stupid bitches throwing them selves at him . My jealousy was becoming noticeable and my desire was becoming increasingly hard to hide .

Tonight was the night I had to prove my worth to James . I knew this ceremony was going to make me just like him . I can't lie the whole thing terrified me but James kept reassuring me that evil and violence were the only two measure's that held any real power and he needed me to appreciate the thrill of disgust and obscenity nothing was to awful or to vile and if I did well Satan would reward me with immortality and remove death the common enemy . I had over heard Thomas and Richard discussing the ceremony . They were talking about the sacrifice that needed to be made in order to initiate me into these obscene rights. James had chosen a willing female victim for this occasion as he didn't want to frighten me off . Thomas was making his cruel comments about me and believed this would finally make a man of me .

I was called into the room that James used for his evil practice's and where the four of us would gather to call upon the Prince of Darkness . The room was filled with books on witchcraft and devil worship . I had studied these books with James for many weeks so I knew what to expect tonight . The room had a large altar with tall black mass candles at each end and satanic symbols painted and carved into it . The altar was in the middle of a satanic circle . There was large black table also had satanic symbols painted on it . Upon the table was a chalice and a dagger with a plate . Beside the table was a small cage which contained a live cockerel . James was not in the room yet he always made a grand entrance on these occasions he always let be known who was in charge . Thomas and Richard walked in a young woman dressed in a white tattered shroud . The girl looked like she was in some kind of trance . Thomas and Richard began ripping and pulling away at the girls shroud until it fell away completely and she was naked . They began running their hands all over her body and they lifted her onto the altar . They called me over to the altar . I had to witness them violating her flesh . Richard fondling her breasts and kissing and sucking her nipples . Thomas had his hands between her legs inserting his fingers into her and making her moan . I felt sick watching this as I knew they would make me join in . I could hardly believe any woman would want this but when it came to James women would do anything just to get his attention . As I feared they made me join in . I did not like touching this woman in an intimate way at all but I knew if I did not this would anger James and I had to prove my worth . Finally James made his entrance and we stopped our violation of this woman's flesh . She gazed up at James and he ran his hands up her body and put her arms behind her head and tied them down .

James began to recite a satanic prayer and pointed Richard and Thomas to the table . Thomas removed the bird from its cage and Richard brought over the dagger and chalice and gave the dagger to James whilst holding up the chalice . Thomas held the bird upside down whilst James cut its throat and let the blood pour into the chalice . He called upon the great demons of hell and spoke of our dedication to their service and how they needed their guidance to bring me into their coven . James handed me the chalice and I poured the blood onto the woman's naked body . James said this was a baptism of blood to give us all power over frail mankind . He put his finger into the blood and painted on to his forehead an inverted cross on his forehead and called out to satan Richard and Thomas did the same . Now it was my turn my hand was shaking and I could see James and the other two impatiently waiting for me to anoint myself . I put my finger in the blood and drew on my curse . James shouted out by the six thousand terrors of hell that was now damned . James picked up the dagger and announced that I was now officially a disciple of the coven a brother in blood a true servant of the devil and to prove all of our unquestionable loyalty to the Princes of hell we give them the woman . James plunged the dagger into her heart and her screams echoed through the room like an explosion . Thunder began to drown out the sound of her screams . The room began to shake and fill with a weird eerie energy I could feel it all over me . James began to drink the blood pouring from the girls wound . Thomas and Richard took their turn and James forced my head down and made me drink too . I thought I would vomit but I didn't instead I felt a rush of obscene pleasure and power . We all took so much pleasure in our blasphemy and James announced I was now a true devils disciple a child of Asmodeus . It had happened at last I had accomplished my own destruction and made myself a hostage to the devil .




18:17 Feb 14 2024
Times Read: 108

My daughter works for a shelter that helps men that are fleeing domestic abuse . My daughter was crying today because she has seen first hand how charities and campaigner's refuse to acknowledge that men can suffer abuse severe mental health crisis and even death at the hands of their female partners . She was involved in a discussion for local radio and every time she tried to answer a question she was shot down feminists who don't want to believe that men can just as easily be the victims of domestic abuse and women can be just as aggressive as men . She said the whole debate kept coming back to Andrew Tate . My daughter kept on asking why they kept bringing him up and he was not the issue but they didn't want to hear it . Its a ludicrous situation that people do not want to believe that domestic violence effects both sexes




Yew Tree House Part 4

02:10 Feb 13 2024
Times Read: 138

The morning came and the agent reluctantly made his way back to Yew tree house . It was a beautiful summer morning but in spite of the glorious sunshine Yew tree house still kept a shadow of darkness upon it . He unlocked the padlock on the old house's gate and waited the arrival of the potential caretaker . He could hear a car in the distance and composed himself . A car pulled up to the gate and a young woman stepped out of the car . She was of average and height with a slim build . Her long blond hair and dark brown eye seemed to shine in the sunlight and she had a smile that could brighten up anyones day . The agent walked over and asked if she was Miss Kara Lane . She replied yes and remarked that the house was a beautiful sight the agent agreed and took her into the house. She was mesmerised by its dark gothic beauty and she ran enthusiastically up the stairs. The agent knew only to well just like all the others she would say that the house was perfect and would want to stay . Was there anyway to put her off staying in this evil house most likely not . Kara came back downstairs and said she would like to take the house for the next six months . The agent asked why she would want to stay here all alone for six months . She explained that she had recently divorced and needed time to concentrate on work and forget the events of the past year . The agent tried to interest her in other properties that were on his books as he was worried she would get bored being alone here . She smiled sweetly and told him that being alone and away from the chaos of London was just what she needed and the house was just the right setting for the book she was writing . The agent enquired as to what kind of book she was writing and his heart sank when she replied horror . The agent feared she would soon find out what horror really is and she would end up another damned soul that would never escape Yew tree house alive . She seemed far to nice a person to fall victim in this house but their was nothing he could do to stop the inevitable from happening. He showed the lady into the living room and asked her to sign the lease and handed over the keys . He asked when she would be moving in and her reply was right now . The house was fully furnished so their was no need for anything els accept for clothes and her office supply's . The agent offered some words of caution about not going into the forest especially at night . She seemed intrigued and joked about someone hiding in the forest . The agent told her about animal traps and steep inclines and how easy it is to get lost in there . His advice was just to keep away and most important of all keep the windows closed at night . Kara laughed and joked about Count Dracula hiding out in the forest . The agent looked away from her because he knew her joke was not far from the truth not Count Dracula but something undead . The agent made his excuses to leave and shook her hand and wished her luck . The agent left the house and watched as Kara emptied her car of her belongings and went back into the house and watching as the door close behind her . He pulled out his phone and called the owner of Yew tree house. A mans voice answered with a deep baritone voice . The agent informed the owner he had just leased the house to a young woman who would be staying alone for the next six months . The voice coldly replied that it was good to know and the agent had done well and their was no need for the agent to contact him again for at least the next six months . The agent jumped when he heard the phone being slammed down . The agent took one last look at the house and got into his car and left . Once he arrived back at his office he placed Kara's information away in his desk draw . A young man who worked for him asked if the lady had taken on Yew tree house and the agent sadly replied yes she has . The young man shook his head and said their was something evil about that house and why could they not just take it off their books . The agent asked the young man if he would like to inform the owner himself . The young man became afraid and apologised and returned to his work . The agent sat at his desk and hoped that Kara would be safe and hopefully would leave the house very soon but he knew that was not likely the owner knows she is there and he will bide his time until he makes his first midnight visitation VvvV




01:44 Feb 10 2024
Times Read: 168

There appears to be a teenage orgy going on in my next door neighbours house . All the windows are open next door and lot of funny noises sounds like they are lifting a heavy wardrobe . This has been going on for a couple of hours and I just could not resist shouting out of my window Half time change partners please and no hanging round the back 😂



03:08 Feb 10 2024

Drop your keys and see lol


16:27 Feb 09 2024
Times Read: 194

I just need a rant today . Im really sick of seeing and hearing AbbA everywhere I go . I feel like it’s being pushed on everyone with a view to saying we are all just supposed to like it . It’s the same when it comes to Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith . I really can't stand either of them and it drives me hearing songs that are so basic and do nothing to make me feel good . Puts me in a really bad mood having to listen to this rubbish .



21:09 Feb 09 2024

Wow Abba. Long forgotten band

21:13 Feb 09 2024

Not in the UK sadly


01:46 Feb 05 2024
Times Read: 231

Walking to Asmodeus



22:10 Feb 05 2024


23:02 Feb 05 2024

Well its a quicker journey than Tipperary

17:19 Feb 09 2024


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