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Beautiful lie.

18:55 Sep 25 2021
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So I heard you like reading and correcting each mistake that people make in human error, Perhaps you should start with you're self ,I often think that some people are good than I get this feeling in my gut that allot of people are not good as I think they are they can claim so much in life and different perspectives I know why people will dislike my entry and frankly I do not give a shit perspectives are perspectives and that's that I'm not like anyone else I 'am me and always will be myself unlike others who half to cover them self's up I do not, I will always be nothing but the truth while others live in a beautiful lie, I do not want to be caught up where an enemies thinks they’re going to win or lose in fact what I state are factors and facts of how I live and they lived like for instance if they harass me over and over I would not be very fond of the person anymore rather it be Verbal/Written,Physical,Visual. All three of these things are heavily looked down upon in my own thought's it should not be done to a person or you're friend or family or someone done on the internet I think respect from both sides should be given 24hours a day and 365 days a year.



14:18 Sep 29 2021

Okay, I know I'm an asshole to the bone (and I've come to be proud of it, for numerous reasons), but even I don't quite go to that level, that I know of.
I know you're not talking about me, there, but I can easily see where it gets annoying (and pisses a person off). Hell, I just give people a little bit of crap every now and then, just because I can and to show that I'm not pissed off (though the world seems to enjoy thinking I am).


04:32 Sep 25 2021
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Want to know how I kill my emotions I go play a video game that I can kill stuff in like I love being a snipper and just sitting there killing people in COD.




Inner expressions feels.

03:20 Sep 25 2021
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How can you even love parts of your family when your mom or dad don't call you for almost two weeks and just flat out ignore you next time they call I should be like them and totally ignore them for a week and forget they exist and pretend to be busy because fuck making time for people and showing them you love them fuck giving your time to time when all they do is sit there and say nothing.

You know for once.

I would just like a nice simple talk like a grown up like other grown up's do with there adult child.

I guess some emotions are just every where Parents can be kind of shitty at times than you half to remind your self the things they got you but it's not about the money it's about the time and care like you exist and your not dead so like when my dads wife died all eh thought about was her and for got I existed I even said in my thoughts but I'm still here and alive dad don't I count ........

I mean I get it someone died but I'm still here your daughter ........

I'm 28 now if you don't remember.

Same with mom she forgets allot too sometimes I feel like she forgets I even exist and makes too much time for other men and caught up in false love.

And heather.

I think she hates me most of the time because I'm blunt about her aunts tv being too loud which is true and she forgets I have a disase in my head sometimes I don't think she cares what I have in my head and her aunt is rude blasting the tv louder each time where in the call and I cant even hear mom..

I also know that allot of other people hate me to for several other reasons and I know they don't want me to exist.
I'm pointing out to all the people who dislike my post or just make random rude comments instead.

Or you got those fake people who claim they are your best friend than talk behind your back than spread shit too.

I mean.

yeah totally not okay.

I mean would you like it done to you if you don't want it done to you don't do it to others.




03:09 Sep 25 2021
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journaling about your emotions privately is a good thing to sort out thoughts.




23:31 Sep 24 2021
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Walked on foot to one store drove my bicycle to the other store and now I just half to go to the second floor to do another coin transfer. I'm glad the bank was working this time. I didn't run into dumb wads.
this time if I run into them again I think I'm gonna lose it.




23:06 Sep 24 2021
Times Read: 79

Brb going to the gas station on foot this time. I hope I dont run into dumb wads again.
just like I did going to the store....




23:02 Sep 24 2021
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when you piss me off for the last time I'm going to call you dumb wad




This is towards my apartment complex.

22:33 Sep 24 2021
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Fucking god dam men cornering me in my apartment area again for the 3rd couple times I swear to fucking god mike and nut case number too next time you touch my bike or get close to me again I will call the god dame cops and high manager And you need to stop stalking me I swear to god dam god I get a new person stalking me every fucking new year.
You fucking werido.

I go to the store he follows me I walk in the hall way he follows me and tells me the same god dam shit than corners me I fucking dont like that you piece of shit.

Your just as bad as my god dam x for cornering me you will be god dam sorry.

I cant even go to the store with out some werido trying to stalk me or follow me.
I want to live on a god dam island away from Horn dogs.




So my sixth sense told me this to future outcomes.

21:21 Sep 20 2021
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Dear Members of Vampire Rave the main reason I wont post anymore from here on out starting now is that every gut feeling tells me not to post anything positive or a negative perspective at all because it does not matter at the end of the day.

This post will now be going private only for my eye's only all my journals will be changing as I can not find my self to trust open eye views to anyone on this place though with that being said this is the final public out come if you want to know how I'm doing find out for your self. You all know how to use this site and message box's properly like a grown up adult.

I'm also lacking interest in posting on the site because no matter what I do or what I will say does not matter or fit in any place at all from my perspective view point with that said it was and now is a finalized journal entry.

if I do post it will just be my rage music.

That's all I have interest in posting here now.

I don't even have motivation to post or reflect to what people say at the end of the day it's just me over them.

I'm going to watch you all.

I'm going to anonymous you all.

I'm ghosting you all.

Toxic to my energy.

something does not feel right now with this place so I'm ghosting.



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