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18:17 Dec 28 2007
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my premium has expired for now

*works on schemes to get it back*





05:52 Dec 28 2007
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So this person's on this site is the exact definition of idiot, douche bag, disrespect

had the nerve to tell my girl that her picks made him hard.

I wish people like him would drink bleach and destroy their gene pool so that none like him would be reproduced.





Rantings of a mad man

02:26 Dec 23 2007
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So I worked hard on coming up with the 10 reasons why Santa should be arrested and only 1 person even viewed it :(


Looks like I will have to find something cheesier and dorkier for next holiday.

I wonder what the Easter Bunny is doing.




inappropriate messages

20:10 Dec 22 2007
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so being an acolyte we get some doozy of questions

like just now

here is one

How do I get friends

and another

I need a lover

with the subject of horny

WTF that isnt for the acolyte message center

we are here to help with vr related issues not your own life lol




10 Reasons why Santa Claus should be arrested

16:37 Dec 22 2007
Times Read: 676

1. You have your door's and window's locked and shut, So he is breaking in through any means possible.Sounds like breaking an entering.

2. He steals your food you happen to leave out over night.

3. He steals the presents you've gotten your friends and families and replaces it with his stuff.

4. Does he have a degree in law and has a certificate stating he can judge right from wrong ? Sounds like a vigilante to me.

5. Does he have a piloting license ? then how the hell is he allowed to fly a sleigh?(sounds like air control and norad needs to get up to date on things)

6. He makes defenseless little elf's young and old labor year round giving them one day a year to relax December 25th. And then the next day its back to work. Doesn't that sound like a labor sweat shop in which we all frown upon people for doing.

I remember when a clothing and shoe company did this we closed them down and arrested them.

7.He whips his reindeer over and over again through out the night making them over work themselves so he can deliver his presents over night like ups. Sounds like animal cruelty to me.

8. He gives his reindeer some form of chemical how else could they fly. Sounds like animal testing in which cosmetic companies get ridiculed and sued for. along with those animal activists

9. Hmmm what else oh I know how can he be jolly year round never frown and always perky. Sounds like some illegal drug use going on to me maybe antidepressants.(He lives in the north pole, so where does he get the cash and the prescription filled does he have some doctor up there who somehow renews his med license) I mean snow all the time a wife who doesn't have kids. No wonder he is on meds, Which means his flying the sleigh is even more illegal.

10. The one I think is the most important is number ten. We send our kids to the mall to sit on some strangers lap in which he smiles and they cry.He then basically bribes them with candy to shut them up along with promises of gifts. And for what being a good Samaritan ??

If a mall Santa does this what happens to those kids who see's Santa on Christmas eve does he kidnap them to throw in the elf work shop. or Could he be a registered sex offender.

This is just some things to think about(more in humor then anything) however with all these issues put before you shouldn't Santa be arrested before something bad really happens ?




daily rant

14:58 Dec 20 2007
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Dec 20 2007


Block User



Move to Saved

Email to Self

thats what you gave me.I am just returning the favor.

On 14:51:00 Dec 20 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

so normally I dont ask

however what makes you feel I deserved a 6 on my profile ?

So I went to this person's profile just to see if she rate what I give.

I gave her a 9 not a 6 and next thing I know she messages me stating she gave me what I did


grow some balls and learn to rate fairly not based on what another gives. the rating system is for individualism not to do oh you gave me this so Ill give the same.

Along with oh you didnt give me a 10 so ill bomb you low.

that crap pisses me off




I like it but I hate it

15:39 Dec 18 2007
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So yeah dofus's new update is being fickle

and I want to kick it in their bums to get them off the lazitis


hey what are ya doing with that boot ?

wait no dont do tha.......

*kicks kicks kicks kicks*

there I feel a little better do you dofus ?


*cries in pain*




jc penny shopping

03:14 Dec 15 2007
Times Read: 688

So my girlfriend and myself went through a horrid experience listening to crappy music while shopping

teaches me for going there lol




issues at hand

17:44 Dec 14 2007
Times Read: 700

so with out going into detail as to be considered for the dreaded blinded button

A thread was opened that stated we could voice our opinion as long as we do not flame a person.

So we havnt just been quoting tos and manual issues.in it, acm told us stop bitching stop typing in it.

and basically if we do not listen when the thread itself by the other acm stated we could voice our opinion

now the other basically bitches at us for doing what we were told we could do.




So far from the newly made soap opera known as deciet in the garden

21:44 Dec 12 2007
Times Read: 711

So with all the issues going on in forbidden fruit I simply started asking to be traded or released in a rather polite way for me.

and this conversation as of recent is what it comes to.

For those thinking about dealing with FF or even Scareds coven you might want to think secondly due to the back stabbing nature they seem to have

promising a family environment if someone doesnt like it they will be released or traded,

and those who put a lot of hard work into helping the coven look a lot better then it ever could of

removing people from position.

FROM: Drakontion

Look. Go take your sarcasm out on someone else. The situation is I'm holding a place here until Cinnamon decides to come online. I'm just as frustrated as you are here. I had no desire to be ACM of this coven. I just found myself in the role, so I'm doing the best that I can with the instructions that I have. If you don't like that, fine. I'm not here for your or anyone else's approval. I suggest you go collude more with Greg and get things sorted out with him, as he knows just as much if not more than what I do about this whole mess.

If you feel you have something to say what's happened, send a message to Cinnamon, because I am not in a position to do anything either way.

On 21:30:26 Dec 12 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

Oh and what is exactly the "situation" ?

forgive me in my ignorance of not knowing what you sacred cinnamon and the other acm has been planning with the back stabbing

as with in my opinion of seeing it as such.

On 21:23:11 Dec 12 2007 Drakontion wrote:

Maybe. But I think we all know the situation here. Either way, I may have the powers but I have instructions of what to not do.

If you feel you need to delete your account, then there really isn't anything I can do to stop you. I would hope you wouldn't, though. Because that really wouldn't solve anything for anyone.

I'm not one to drive for number one Coven, that was Greg. I'm just here to hold the pieces and keep things rolling a little.

All I'm saying is, just hold on a bit. You can continue being not active in the forum, no-one's going to do anything against you for that. Just hold your peace until we get things sorted out.

On 21:16:09 Dec 12 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

I believe you can

in any case im either released or traded

or I will self delete and that will solve nothing for your coven

I can not trust cinnamon nor sacred unless it is in person

and i can not be in a place I do not trust the person running it.

For the act that has been placed in this coven.

I feel it is on the verge of disbanding.

You have highly loyal people for this coven now wanting out

you have those who never had a problem with the rules not obeying them

and im supposed to wait for someone who claims to be our coven master to log on when there is no proof its her.

Tell me if you was in my place what would you do

with out adding any bull shit to your answer ?

On 21:12:53 Dec 12 2007 Drakontion wrote:

I understand. However I think you should give it a bit more of a chance. In any case, I can neither release nor trade you out.

On 21:01:08 Dec 12 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

Ive debated this sometime however with the recent acts which are more vile then anything in my opinion

I would either like to be traded somewhere or released

to simply have acts from 2 coven masters one ours and one who honestly should have no power to do anything even if asked by ours should never be allowed.

It is called coven of forbidden fruit and I now nor will I ever be able to give trust to cinnamon or sacred since

there is no way to prove who is online with her account

also since She has not logged in to even know of my presence in her coven releasing me should over all be no issue at all.

Ive heard different rumors and im not one to follow them however with me being a rather new member in here

I think its kinda asinine for events as this to happen

I came here cause I heard this was the best and now all I see is chaos




The drones of the site

21:23 Dec 12 2007
Times Read: 716

So, I asked to either get released or traded somewhere else.

And all I get is I can not do this blah blah blah

im not just some number for your stupid coven which can not even keep things un chaotic.

I joined to bring help and aid but when you can not trust the person to be CM to be the actual person but yet someone who runs their own coven

what is the point?

especially when removing position from those who had been nothing but loyal and laying claim they were unloyal and just a pawn.




For those looking for a good person

20:51 Dec 12 2007
Times Read: 720

Ive decided to leave FF

due to some rather vile acts portrayed with in their walls.

Anyone looking for a good member message me and ill see what I can do if Im interested




The Fuss with people

03:32 Dec 12 2007
Times Read: 724

So, I like many other have had personal thoughts about people on this site but usually after getting to know them better.

One individual in this site who really isnt liked which at first I had a minor issue with.

I found has been a rather decent person.

And from all angles Ive seen has yet to break a rule on vr

and yet is un liked. probably because this person follows the rules better then most.

it causes those with projections of certain religious beliefs to show a hypocritical side and voice out showing they are not what they say.

shows usually sweet and quiet people to proclaim sins.

I almost wonder if the reason this person is so un liked is simply because they do follow the rules openly instead of like a little hermit and play goody goody

again I say from an earlier entry

we are not gods we all make mistakes and none without our faults.





04:09 Dec 11 2007
Times Read: 730

just because so many people have started the boredom survey journal entries

I refuse to :P

*stolen from no one*




So far in the day and life

21:21 Dec 09 2007
Times Read: 735

Hmmm so watched some anime to catch up on stuff ive been missing.

Ive still yet been able to locate a job.

Watched polar express good cgi for the time it came out and decent life lessons in it.

debating on transfering coven/houses due to the cahotic feel I have for it right now.(no decision made for that as of yet.




turmoil between societies

17:11 Dec 09 2007
Times Read: 747

Hmmm, It always brings a question to me

if one person is in control of a coven or house. And they have ACM's who do an outstanding job despite how most feel about this person.

Then why is it even conceivable to allow someone who has their own coven or house even sign into a different persons account. IE A different coven master where he has no true authority and no clue what truly is going on with in their walls.

change positions around and sending a system message stating he was told to.

That just seems rather rude, immature and chaotic

if it was someone from with in the coven I could understand however someone from a completely different coven, SO what if a person is friends with another its still not kosher.




ignorancy continues

18:44 Dec 08 2007
Times Read: 756

Now They Approached Me As I Am A High Level Member And Im On VR Almost All The Time....Now Yes Vampaprika Did Approach Me Before I Knew What Was Going On...Now I Have No Idea If Cinnamon Knows About What He Is Doing Or If She Instructed Him To Do So...But I Will Have No Part Of A Coven That Does Dirty Things Like This...It's Wrong

I Am A Premimum Member And If I Was A Coven Mistress I Wouldn't Do Anything Like This At All....

This Goes To Show You What Goes On In Some Covens...

again I reiterate on the standing all society in some way does the same thing

whether they do it open political or just bluntly

is besides the point.

This goes to show that it is all about tact in some issues.

I dare one coven or house say they do not do similar things of this whether it be for one reason or another all do it its part of the standings so far I know of 2 who dont as frequently

however I keep names out for such just as I keep names out of each thread unless their name is needed.

So what is underhanded or bad about what is being done

hey i want this member Ill pay this much or trade for this member because I feel this person will do us good in the coven/house

blah blah blah so many need to get off their high horse of trying to be all high and mighty and innocent of such things.

I know a specific person who wrote the above'd statement who is just as guilty of spreading lies and such saying I was the father of their kid I refused to pay child support and so forth simply because I refused to meet the person cause they wanted a husband in a weeks time.

and then had a decent friend of mine on this site stop talking to me because she believed the lies.

we are human and all humans error and do things not right if we didnt we would be saints who even a saint did something wrong no one is perfect.




More on flamming.

18:01 Dec 08 2007
Times Read: 769

Wow so many takes one person's side with out actually having experienced other's

to take one side with out knowing the full fact is considered to be ignorance in some cultures ( not calling you that so please do not take offense)

however, any who make a coven look at purgatory

they lay claim to keeping people till they hit sire self delete or so forth.

FF really doesnt hold people unwillingly I have only been in this coven for a few days, and so far all the coven asks for is to be active.

and to simply listen to one side of the story or take those who lay claim to tyranny is kinda stupid in all accounts.

Experience is the lesson here unless you have experience in something dont post a judgment we are not judges we are normal people.




Hmmm Allowed to flame or not allowed that is the question

17:48 Dec 08 2007
Times Read: 775

Profile for NightBlossom


Sire (28)

Posts: 884

Member of The House of Nocturnal Retribution

NightBlossom carries the Mark of Master Vampire Nicnivian.

Member is a Vampire Rave Premium Member.

The Coven of Forbidden Fruit

Posted: 12:08:38 - Dec 08 2007

Times viewed: 34

They're looking for your high level members. Be warned.

So a sire posted this no long in the main forums.

And later wrote that it being called a flaming post is misconstrued.

So what is it to warn someone of another person or group??

well the definition of being warned is the basic disregard that someone or a group of people or area is unsafe not good bad for you.

So if basically telling a entire website to be warned of a group going after specific people isnt flaming then what is it a friendly advisory HA.

What is the main purpose of any house or coven on this website.

Over all be number 1 how do you get to be there,

by having the most active people along with highest levels as such.

So why would one coven which will be remained nameless here get flamed for doing what almost every other coven does ???

And the hilarious intent of this person basically to warn everyone of the coven by promoting it lol.




21:19 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 787

let me tell you something i did not want to be in that coven also i don!t go crying to my friends for helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp i am a real knight not like you goof

On 21:09:23 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

um I am a site admin as is my girlfriend

we might be low ranking site admins however that doesnt change a thing

you are no vampire I am a lot higher status system then you are

you are also blinded in your own coven, so that shows how popular you really are you are one utter and ridiculous minded old man

On 21:07:13 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:

um what friends did I go crying to ?

you go and make level 18 then try the acolyte test and see how hard it really is.

secondly I live with my girlfriend, in the same place

and so its kinda hard not to hear when she screams out loud about how creepy and old you are. and responding with flirtations to her.

Thirdly, drink a gallon of bleach

fourthly a knight it says on your profile your inactive thus you are NO knight not to mention as Ive stated before, you must be the only knight with no morales values or even respect to say the things you say. when all i have been is gallant for the honor of my girlfriend.

finally bleach




and the decrippded old man continues

21:12 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 788

what is wrong with is that you know i am coming up to be a sire i have people who are my friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you can!t do anything because I AM A VAMPIRE

On 20:59:58 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

miss you I think not

due the world a favor drink a gallon of bleach and help with some population control

hahaha this guy has mental problems




21:00 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 789

ok you will miss me

On 20:54:23 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

no you are an idiot

being a persons friend is one thing basically telling them because they answered your question on why they had biting turned off and you basically insulting them is not becoming someone's friend

and be a lil vampire all you want Like you worry me.

On 20:52:55 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:

hmmm miss him about the only thing I miss him for is not having a bottle of bleach to help with population control




This is a fair warning to all this guy should be expelled from this web site

20:55 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 792

hey i never wanted to hurt anybody but be a friend if you and your girfriend that ok but grow up because can i hurt accept your mind you i am a vampire

On 20:47:52 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

ok so you admit to saying your going to try and rape my girlfriend in a non conventional text.

You are about stupid and I highly doubt you are anything more then a crazy old man who needs to go to a psych ward for the remainders of your pathetic life.

On 20:43:20 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:




creepy old 55 year old still at it

20:48 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 793

so the creepy old man in my last entry is still at it basically saying he was going to unconventionally rape my girlfriend.

in a vampiric way tonight HAHAHAHA here is what he had to say.

and here is what I posted to his intentions LOL

ok so you admit to saying your going to try and rape my girlfriend in a non conventional text.

You are about stupid and I highly doubt you are anything more then a crazy old man who needs to go to a psych ward for the remainders of your pathetic life.

sorry it took so long but i was feeding

i can quote saying

i feed from another person blood emotions energy sexually

i guess i am comming for your girldfriend to-night hey while she sleepss

On 20:18:42 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

ok there is a big difference in me calling you stupid and saying you sound uneducated or just cant type

if I called you stupid I would point blank state you are stupid

you should as a knight of columbus re think yourself because I highly doubt the esteemed people involved in that order would appreciate your actions here.

On top of that you have to define which version of a vampire as there are multiple types

you have the Hollywood un dead who runs the night as their own

you have vampire of myth who have no real weakness but live forever even after a stake in the heart.

you have the white wolf edited version of a vampire where a stake simply paralyzes them

you have the modern cult vampire those who think they are vampire who go to little stupid meetings and play pretend

then you have

empathic,prantic,psychic, sanguine, succubus/incubus forms of vampire each with their own abilities

to ask what a vampire is you must define the word vampire itself

vampire- feeds from another person. blood emotions energy sexually, mischievously.

or if you use say standard book knowledge vampire a creature that feeds from the blood of the living to sustain their own life, lives forever, sleeps in coffins, able to sire another by draining their blood and offering their own to the victim.afraid of crosses holy water garlic cant cross running water.

so tell me does this meet your requirements

oh and learn to spell(I hate typo's)

On 20:08:25 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:

you call me stupid what is a vampire

On 20:02:40 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

ok for a 50 something year old man you definitely dont know how to type or sound educated in the least

so you tell me to grow up I tell you to go back to school.

Also this site isnt meant to play around with people or hit on people its meant to be a web site based upon knowledge so as I stated please do not mess with her again.

that is all I am asking i am one to hate confrontational aspects of the species however I do what I must.

On 19:58:56 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:

buddy i don!t hate people but grow in your mind that maybe your in the wrong site duh

On 19:50:03 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

ok you are an old pervert leave my girlfriend alone I can promise you she isn't not a lesbian so why even tell her to go to a lesbian site other then the fact she shot you down and rejected your come on when she has a boy friend please leave her alone, if I hear of you messaging her again I will take higher actions other then an idle email.




what really annoys me

20:23 Dec 02 2007
Times Read: 794

There are just some people who should not be allowed to own a computer or any means of communicating with the world.

This douche bag decides to not only hit on my girlfriend on this website but also insult her and I.

FROM: cainestillalive

you call me stupid what is a vampire

On 20:02:40 Dec 02 2007 RazaelRiezen wrote:

ok for a 50 something year old man you definitely dont know how to type or sound educated in the least

so you tell me to grow up I tell you to go back to school.

Also this site isnt meant to play around with people or hit on people its meant to be a web site based upon knowledge so as I stated please do not mess with her again.

that is all I am asking i am one to hate confrontational aspects of the species however I do what I must.

On 19:58:56 Dec 02 2007 cainestillalive wrote:

buddy i don!t hate people but grow in your mind that maybe your in the wrong site duh

I mean really, if a girl says she has a boyfriend what would most do say ok and leave them alone, or say damn wish i was faster.

This douche wants to tell her since she doesnt like being hit on by him oh and he is 50 something,

that she should go to a lesbian site.



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