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17:20 Aug 18 2017
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This is my last entry.....
Truthfully, I have had it.....
Same thing keeps regurgitating..... No reason to even write about it any more
Lol. I feel like that guy in the movie.... you know: where everyone is mad.... In The Mouth Of Madness .....

Well, anyway, no job search today the phone is not connecting.... NO JOB FOR NEXT WEEK, EITHER... Just tired.... Too old.

Tomorrow, I delete my journal. Been given certain people to much fun anyway... for me an easy suicide....



18:52 Aug 18 2017

Haters will always do nothing but hate on others for no reason. Hopefully, things will be better. It may be extremely hurtful, but, hey, just be yourself and things will straighten themselves out. *hugz*


15:33 Aug 17 2017
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Oh my.... that tree/staff spell for the one year trial marriage of SH and myself is broke.... woe.... well that is it. Woe.... how the hell did that bottom break so cleanly, like it was cut straight across. Hmmmm. Ok. Just will be a wall plack. The Ribbon, which is the vital part, sort of the ring was all loose. If I wasn't home when it happened, I would have thought someone did it. the bottom looks perfectly cut off. HMMMMM I burnt the spell listed inside and clipped the loose ribbon off. I don't want anything happening to either one of us. Never had this happen before. I had one outside for a year, and it was fine. Very odd.

Well. Ate chips.... Baloney, Bread. Pills work good. Dog don't want to eat much. Might be the heat. Will leave ice in water. But, I am depressed. Maybe new pills. Well .... if I could afford chocolate shakes.... I would. But, meanwhile... to eat crap again!!!! Did three apps. But... need to go on line. Bombing out.... as usual..... have to go out in that extreme heat.... maybe my alter ego will help....

Uh oh. I really thought Nemo was responsible for a constant irritation. Really, nasty, as usual.... I think it was that girl from Two Men and a Truck. I would have never pegged her, what a bitch. She walked by me in front of Oschner Hospital, yesterday. And she thought...... that nasty statement.... only for herself..... Woe.... Wasn't sure, Was either Fat Girl, or Nemo..... My mistake..... Kisses Nemo.....! So thought it was him..... I could be wrong, but, today it seemed that it was her.

Well, put a ton of apps in,,,,, Can't believe, that I was on so long.... But, the last job threatened that I would be out a month. Motor cycle people like that po-boy shop, he was motor cyclist. People that nobody would go to religious why, but, yet doing it..... Like I said: something that was meant for religion, that every joe blow is doing..... crazy society we live in.....Mon Dieu.... Man..... I think a storm would be appropriate...... Well anyway, I appreciate it from the library.... the most time they gave me.....




01:54 Aug 17 2017
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Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.[1

I don't know why I thought of that.

But there is the other version

Now I lay me done to sleep
A bag of peanuts at my feet
If I should die before I wake
know I died of a tummy ache.]




01:48 Aug 17 2017
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Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.[1

I don't know why I thought of that.

But there is the other version

Now I lay me done to sleep
A bag of peanuts at my feet
If I should die before I wake
know I died of a tummy ache.]



01:53 Aug 17 2017



14:32 Aug 16 2017
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Well, the asprins worked. No dizzy spells. Actually, walked over two hours and feel great.

Yesterday, a test took too long. So today, I started applying on phone. :) already.

You know, I hear of all these crazy scientist, that see something astrally.... and they make good w it. Hmmmm. Lol

But, job first.




00:19 Aug 16 2017
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So my little connection w Nemo, last night did not diss way him. He should not have gone so high. He has the permanent laughed. Lol. This time.... he is strapping everyone in. But. The straps snap. lol. And every male had a condom. Yup, what my new science project looks like, minus the void. Ooooh. Yup. I get a tampon. Oh my. How fresh is that. Didnt know I was still in the war games. I have to think of a special death for yours truly.

For the record... I have gotten nothing to mention from any physicists. So, no one will know when the next step is.... nor when I set it up.... if it is any concellation.... probably will blow myself up to a void. Lol but, I have to be honest.... simply reading the books would have been less aggrevating......

Doe doe doe doe
aaahh Don't believe me just watch!
Too hot call the police and the fireman. Too hot make a dragon retire Man.




14:04 Aug 15 2017
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Checked the tan pants one. No. It is cell phone insurance commission. You are at their mercy on commision. Plus, out of state. Want to do interview by computer. Can't do it anyway.

The time lapse... is suppose to be fast cash thing. Might hear from them. If I get it.... maybe I can use my buddies bike. I think it is down his end. Only, 8.... let's see.

Going to go to local library.... is suppose to be bad weather today. Let's see. Let's see if I get that call.... meanwhile.....

Saw that whites were suppose to march in Texas. Was canceled. The truth is.... they have rights ... too.... yup.... those whities have rights....lol maybe they need a group like naacp or something like that lol.... oops I'm white also.

That other one I think have to do w Thomas Jefferson... isn't he who wrote the constitution. Mon dieu. There goes the US.




01:13 Aug 15 2017
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Should not havelayed on floor. All pets want attention. And, I want to cool off from a hard day of job search.

Well, quiet time. Started reading the void. I like it. Different. Like saying .....we came from nothing. So are we something. Void.... ur- matter. Has it's possibilities.

Not sure where he is goin with the open bottle, w holes. Versus the closed bottle w holes. Sure he means more than what it is..... maybe something I can use in this.




13:57 Aug 14 2017
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Heard something about where I live, not being a barracks. Must be a link, in UK. A certain person, always uses the word barracks, instead of shelter. So, maybe we are getting a storm. Have to find out.

Have to do some on line call back. Which, hey....
So up and atoms. Lol .... just need my aspirin. Helped a lot. Not as bad. And I'm eating just raman noodles. Lol

Book does hit, a lot, on the meaning of one synapsus, used for another. Like identity. All different packages, but considered the same.

Goes into dicribing the speed of a atom, in a reference that is over.

After reading more about Bohr... just seems like a physics heckler. Oh. I like that giant artwork, in UK. It is hmmmm forgot the name quantum leap or something like that. I saw the cloud. But didn't notice the man inside, till after the reading. That was great.

What, I am thinking.... an astral being, who has no life connection, of course could seemingly leap in his/her connection. But, it certainly, would not be the same, w a live connection. So the link of the geometric figures, wouldn't be the same, or would they.

I read way back, that it looks like an action has ended, but it hasn't. Like a referral to an apple dropping. Something to keep in mind.

Think I will finish the box.or do I mean book.... half way done anyway.... but, have to make sure I settle the account.




18:00 Aug 13 2017
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Maybe, I shouldn't have read Einstein. Lol. All of a sudden... we have an American in Germany... giving Hitler wave. We have white supremist here. Mon dieu. The Truth is... everyone is at fault...these people are going about it the wrong way. Or, maybe just fed up. What is there complaint. Government shouldn't turn their backs. Need to address their rights. Dangerous times here, we are on the brink of war W N. Korea. These problems need to be heard and resolved.

A long time ago. You know, I had got my x to go way out in the sticks, to go to a German Fest. It was from some German sausage farm. We went through the ride section, and they kind of looked at us odd. Well, we got to the food section and ate away... lol. We were under the tent. But, really didn't seem As authentic as I had hoped. You know me, I'd dance anywhere... lol... but, we left awwwww . But, they did look at us oddly. Lol.

There was a real authentic place I got my dad to go to. It was Scottish. Way way out in the sticks. He wanted to kill me. Finally, we found it. It didn't even look like a restaurant store. Just a large shed. We went in, and it was like being in a different world. The store had Kilts and sweaters. Very expenaive. Awesome food. Whew. He would have killed me. Lol. Think in New Hampshire somewhere.

So looking threw the new book. Nothing yet I can use. Just quanta bullets. Hmmmm same stuff. But, what would I do w these equations, if I'm not sure what I am going to use.

Checked threw some things in my mind... some geometric shapes. One of them really does work. But, next is to determine the material involved. And a mechanism to generate it. Or maybe just the hand held geometric figure. Lol. I'll be a candidate myself for Sigmund Freud.

My blood pressure was so bad for three weeks. Seems that the less food, the little salt hurts more. So, trying asprins to bring pressure down. No more Bears poboys and onion rings from my buddy. Although they outdid themselves, in cooking. Tee he. Yum.... went back to old food. Yup. Couldn't do raw Vegs this week. Doesn't matter... blood pressure still high.




02:51 Aug 13 2017
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. Luckily I finished the other book. Because, when I went to grab one of my Hawking books.... there was an old library book, I forgot. So I renewed, before I owe more. Lol. So... The Quantum Moment.

Starts off w Schrodinger's (relally have to stop using auto correct.). cat... being both dead and alive. Then talks about a girl who sees herself dead, yet being alive. Reminds me of me. Going back, and not seeing myself. But, yet are. Hmmm what a feline.

Then goes back to Newtonian times... 1600s to 1700...lol. what's the name.... principia. Same old... 3 laws.... mass stays at rest till something moves it. Force.
Let's see f equals ma.
For every action... reaction.

Then it pops to Quantum Mechanics... what Newton couldn't answer.. . seems like same stuff. Might not finish it....or maybe I will at the same time!




15:05 Aug 12 2017
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Soooo went off my diet.... head in shame.... let me explain.... had bad headache... hadn't touched energy drink in two days.... lol period started cuz of...... buddy loaned me 25. Took me to split onion rings and poboy.....ouch......yup..... gave in.... but, before took three asprins and energy drink half....
So...period stopped... lol... wonder if it only works w me....

Girl at last job.... said she was paid for it.... Mon dieu.... Move on!

Let's see where job hunt will take me!




00:33 Aug 12 2017
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Where I arrived home, someone said there was a Hurricane coming. Good. That's my final word.

Did different job applying.

Finished book on Einsteins. Was vacationing in RI. Was where I left off. One of his sons stays a schetzaphrenic. The other does well. First wife dies..... forgot.... hitler suicide..... then Japan gets bomb....statement war is done, but the: peace is not . Still tries to peace Arabs in palastine... always refused makeup w Germany.... sister dies ... husband still in Geneva.... still pacafist... talked against H bomb... no one wins..... died 1955... someone takes his brain and eyes...

For eclipse coming....confirms gravity on light..... Relativity.....

Clip not song: Rogued Robots - Wall-E




14:24 Aug 11 2017
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No matter what.... job search... no more listening to the radio. The storm yesterday never happened.
Just have to remember, its Louisiana, there ain't any good employers. Can't expect much.

Well, my Einstein saga..... he got most of his stuff from Germany. The Nazis took over. With that Hiel Hitler thing.... eventually took a position at Princeton..... Meanwhile... they jumped the gun in book ... grandchildren mostly died....ooops forgot about the refrigerator.... sold idea to a sub of GE......
... Einstein admits biggest blunder... he still promoted pacifism....forgot to mention that Nazis took over German bank accounts... but, he had accounts all over... well his second wife died, Hans moved to America... was one noble prize winner, that is sad... Carl vanOssietzky, nazi prohibited him from money, for nuclear fission tech....Einsteins sister joins him....leaves husband, in I think, Geneva.... warning letter on the atomic bomb... 1940s... war and letters...Chicago...chain reaction for atomic bomb started.... oh... forgot... that he did have a Vacation spot in Rhode Island....




19:33 Aug 10 2017
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Well, very dark. Think I should vacuume incase power goes. Hmmmmm radio been stating bout the low puMps. So, everything is at a stand still. A lot of cancellations.

So, so far in my Einstein Almanac. He gave a child away. It might have died. Because family didn't want him to marry. And... it wasn't a boy. Ended up getting married... new kid....job. Moved all over... school jobs... lecturing.... another child..... cheating on wife, did a Woody Allen thing w girlfriend. Wife was in hospital.... child put away for a year... finally divorced... married other....oooop forgot strong hold during Werld War 1...
Had severe stomach problems, probably cuz friends w Marie Curie. If you know what I mean.... new a lot of politzers..... Hitler wrote mein keimph.... wrong spelling.... released after 6 months.... meanwhile Einstein gets Pulitzer. Takes care of x for life..... let touring in US..... England....... problems mounting in Germany..... atomic substance mentioned throughout early 1900..... and I forgot China.... which he did lecture for.... enters in Nemo....




16:15 Aug 10 2017
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I was looking at this Humunist thing. Its good. Something like when you go in a store and the deals only apply to the card. When, the deals should be there w out a card. Open you might say.

My religon. Is a true one. It follows nature. Whats wrong w that; All the holidays, match. It is legit. Linking with people, places and time is a perk. Although, now anyone can link. Gods and Goddesses, well we link w it. Nature doesn't lie. My kind are usually focused in their realm. Not so physical w progression. But, for the majority of us.... we keep it a religion. Not to be forced on in school, work, friendship or on the street. One of those faiths that, if it is for you, come in. There is no phony stuff. Might be a few secrets here and there.

Now the Salem Witchery, has a board, or I might say.... panel. Because, of their past, they try to make it legal. Now, keep in mind... Now when you sign in, it is because of the trouble we had during the witch trials. (Might say, the pot calling the kettle black.) It might be a little scary, but, true to face! ;) If you want to sign in, you can do there. I myself, do not take. My goal is for other things. Blessed Be!




15:42 Aug 10 2017
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(Aug 10) - Emergency Alerts
SWB power outage lowering pumping capacity for East Bank. Stay tuned to local news.

So much for today. Although, on top floor. Should I go out job searching or not..... hmmmmm.... hmmmm

Man, I shouldn't have stalled. Need to do leg work, though. Hmmmm watch me go out and it storms. Lol could be my fault on top of it! Lol.

See the news said rain rain rain. Mon dieu




04:55 Aug 10 2017
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Saw a beautiful crystal in my mind. It had beutiful refractorary light. After job search, i started to read. It reminded me of a x ray section, in Einsteins Almanac.
Alpha particles made me worried.

For some reason , gramophone, comes
to mind.




15:12 Aug 09 2017
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There was a time where two slices of bread was impossible. Yeah. So good. Loading up on peppermint tea. Library opens early.

Only two interviews. Both are financial. Maybe, Althoughthey didnt see where I live. AlthoughLol. Although, some looked at resume, on new app. Lets see charging phone. Got to get something today!

Now that I'm back on my old Facebook.... seeing Salem Ma. Blogs again. How nice. Need to walk down to where the Essex museum is, .... cross the street. Grab a chamomile tea from fuel stop. Walk to the back and go to the Ye Olde Cemetery. Then, sit under the middle tree there, ground, and talk to the wind.... after, get up, say Hi, at the Cabots, walk to Pyramids. Check out there books. Check out Hawthorne s. Cross street, to candy shop...... oppppps WHAT about a witch burger at..... oooopd forgot name. Witches brew! Said,I could order one anytime. Yum.... got to go after..;) hmmmm a time when religion, was the only way!




02:11 Aug 09 2017
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(Aug 8) - Emergency Alerts
Flash Flood Warning this area til 9:15 PM CDT. Avoid flood areas. Check local media. -NWS....
Seance Weather

Truthfully, it sounded like Tornado, earlier. Rolling thunder.

Put my book away. In it I like 1888'

Was reading about, someones tragic life. Mon Dieu. Guess they didnt like little girles in the early 1900s.

Oh well. Listening for the heartbest of the storm....




00:01 Aug 09 2017
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Don't anyone let someone put stuff on your face, at the Hughs Mall. Mon Dieu. I sai no, but she was fast at puttin it on. Suppose, to get rid of wrinkles. She said. Look. I said, I don't see any difference. To make her feel better, I said that I must be dehydrated. Just looking for a job, anyway. This morning my face was swollen, around cheeks. Mon dieu. Well less wrinkle. Lol




16:56 Aug 08 2017
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Heard clouds are rollin in. So, stayin at this library.

One place came back. But, is to far out. It says New Orleans. But. No. It wad Reserve. Nowhere near. To bad. Was a casino. Explains the 985 number.

Applied at a bunch yesterday. Hmmmm

If I go back to a restaurant. Has to be a busy one.

Well, diet is ok. But, have high pressure again. Lol. Probably cuz of last job. Which, I see advadvertised often. Maybe, should have left on site, and give warning. But, really wasn't there long.

Oh well. Texas has lot of rain. I bought a all day pass, like I did last Sat. But, never got to Dollar Tree for the Gourmet cat food. Yesterday, I did same and Dollar Tree was closed. The emergency trucks were there. Will be closed till further notice. They didn't make the storm. Well..... up and adams!




14:46 Aug 07 2017
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Redid storm nails. Just waiting to fully dried. Almost ready to go.

Found that 3d funny face emoji stickers. Yeah, so cute.... Ok... if I read this correctly. He was flaudering in bed. Got up and started playing videos... I said exercising. Hey said no way. He is rotting. I sent shocked look. He sent bed jerk. Lol

Nsils dry.

Almost set to go.... hopefully, no storms: need to bring books back And work online.




04:13 Aug 07 2017
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My pwhats that facebook app that u send messages .... Messenger. Didnt hweree from my buddy tonight. YupMaybe I should Emoji him.

YUP, took the tv apart. Got it on finally. But, I don't hear static. Dog did a number on it. When I fixed the coverter. Woe is me. Almost broke my phone, at the same time. But, fixed the plate. What a yank he did.

Tried kiss gel on nails. Hmmm different. Nice

Found out those rice rolls are good and 30 Calories. The dried Apple slices are good. A bag is 60 cals. Been drinking diet cola. Miracle. Did good. Only ate a little bread and dog ate a little. Pickles are filling. But, salt level.not good. And instant oatmeal... isn't as filling as eggs, and salt level is no good, either.

My sister doesnt think that job I went for, is good. I scolded her, she is slacking. Didn't warn me about that rain storm. Lol

Will do floor exercises tomorrow. Lol. Aaaargh.

Only problem is job. And my fat cats fur. I started cutting. Whatever it is off. But, he started getting mad. Maybe I will try a bath. He is much more tamed now. Who am I kidding.... he is goin to kill me. Lol.
a little a day.... keeps the doctor away.

Well time for beddy bye.

Quit night tonight!




11:46 Aug 06 2017
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What a river on the streets and sidewalks. Didnt get home till 9. After a long time waiting for a bus, outside of Subways.... which I can't eat..... desided to walk to other bus line. But ... back in city was flooded. So ... walked up to The Dome.... waited on wrong side for bus, in hopes.... finally, yes.

So water logged!

All this, for a half hour interview.

Once I get a job this week. Going to do fully awake nd standing time Sorcery....




22:23 Aug 05 2017
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Went for an interview. Meanwhile, when I came out, lol, the storm of the century. Haven't seen the water go up to the doorways, on Canal, ever. Wow. I cleaned my shoes for nothing.

Decided to hold off, at the library. There was a severe warning, on everyones' phone, here. MON DIEU.... Stuck in it again....
Last time there wasn't a warning: not even late like this one.

The thunder is still kicking up.... The warning gives this mess till 6:00.... Truthfully, they should honestly, start the pumps....

Well, at least I made it without, falling. But, yuck, Louisiana water, in the streets, yuck..... Well, guess, job searching is done for today!!!!!

Meanwhile, my Facebook buddy, has been Emoji- ing all of his day, and vise versa.... LOL.... My couch started this......
oooooops there it goes again.... lets see.....Ooooop his Emoji is hitting his head against the wall.... OK.... will have to find one on the computer.....

What you do on a rain day.... Now my Sunday will have to be different....




Lizzie Borden Day Anniversary Aug 4, 2017 (My friend gave me such an idea)

21:37 Aug 04 2017
Times Read: 1,253

FALL RIVER — When Andrew and Abby Borden were murdered with a hatchet 125 years ago on Aug. 4, people visiting the city by train and by ship flocked to the house on Second Street to satiate their morbid fascination with the gruesome deaths.

The story of the elderly man and his wife being hacked in their home, and their daughter accused of the murders, ran in newspapers all over the country, fueling and spreading the sensation.

Lizzie and her sister Emma even put up a sign in front of the house that forbade trespassers, hoping to deter the daily visits.

Today, the attraction to the crime scene endures, and visitors are welcome to the house, now the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, where the murders are not celebrated exactly, but investigated by amateur sleuths, historians, true crime aficionados, psychics and ghost chasers.

“People are still coming after all these years,” said visitor Valarie Ortelt of Middleboro. “If Lizzie only knew...”




16:27 Aug 04 2017
Times Read: 1,265

Well, back on Facebook. Lol. Under my correct name. What I do for BBOD. Brought, a old friend and somebody from around here, back. Lol. Put some of the books I read on. Lol. Odd. Hopefully, nobody from Men in Black, will read.

Sue posted about , OMG, the girl... how does that chant go. Oh yeah.... Lizzy Borden, took (thank you)an axe and gave her mother forty wacks, when she saw what she had done, she gave her father 41. Yup, think that is it. Childhood stuff.
She, is so, the way she was always. Sweet though. Had a dream about her. Lol. About her parents being abusive. Don't really know them. She was always w me. But, we broke off, I went w Tammy, she went w Cathy.
We were always buddies though.

I check out that job tomorrow. Which reminds me to wash my shoes. Lol. Its a roaster out there. The rain made it muggy.

Anyway, job.... will also, look for a part time. Hopefully, food. Lol.... not to eat. Will leave soon.

Maybe, clouds will be back.

Well stormin. Yeah. Gettin cleaned up.

Although, lightning.

Some money came in so , lawyer is off. But, labor dept. Is a good possibility. Will go to hospital sunday, and write and check everything out. The final thing. At least it is enough for one week rent and electric.

My assistant had said better business. Mon Dieu! ACTUALLY, she talked me into stayinf. Till I found a job. Think it was because of hold. But, she was right. Just couldn't get to library, too often.




14:23 Aug 03 2017
Times Read: 1,277

So dark. Should I or Should I...

My buddy on messenger sent me a dinosaur sticker w three-d glasses.... sleeping....

Ill take one of those stinger pills, and lets see.

My other buddy baught some groceries for me last night.

And, some how I have seven dollars on my library card ....yeah!


Storm over.

Made an appt. to meet regarding a marketing job.... Could be a new venue..... A reliable company......
They are going to show me the interface.... Said that it is a 5 day job..... plus perks if I can get 2 a week or something like that.
Will have to cover my Tattoo, and hmmmmmm What to wear. Must be professional.

Someone else left me a month, temp, job possibility. Have to find out where that temp. is stationed. Plus, it sounds like a place I went to before...... only 20, 30 hours..... (If desperate!) Oh no, the place in Atlanta, Georgia.... I had to get a lawyer for that one. Truthfully, I'm pretty sure I have to get one for the last job, also.

Someone else sent me a email, on a warehouse job.... again a temp..... lets see where that is stationed. Nah, it is a all black temporary company... Must think my name is black.




14:34 Aug 02 2017
Times Read: 1,282

Watching Fright Night. Poor helpless vampires. Rodney McDowell, certainly not his best. Liked him better in HellHouse. "Who are you to stop my night time feeding." Lol

Ginger Snaps were last night. Sad ending, ss always the wolf dies. Lol.

Up most of the night, shouldn't have drank the diet soda. And no more little salt on eggs. Was a lil dizzy. NOSalt.

Well, back to the protein drink.

Soon, I'll be back to that see threw dressing gown.... lo

Ok. lWent to dollar store. l got oatmeal, sugar, pepermint tea, vitamins.... for a few days. But, was so hungry... so saw picle jar... 5 calories a pickle. Whew.
yucK should never mix pickles w oatmeal. ....

Well... back to watch Rodney...

Only one call from Jersey outfit. Not Good.




Happy Lammas!!!!!

18:59 Aug 01 2017
Times Read: 1,296

Man, my landlord is going to kill me. I saw yesterday that something close by was on indeed. But, I didn't see it. Only reason I new it was there, is that I applied at the company. Mon Dieu. 6 Days ago, it was on...... Shoot ME!!!

How ;) nice it!

Well school starts very soon, should be something

Only, thing was something at Target, in Kenner, part time. And I don't have an I phone.
Then, this morn, a sampler. .... But, need a phone. Plus, only here and there.
Recently, New York Life.... Tooo long to start up.... Agents, need a car also.

Aaargh....... went threw Rouses.... aaaargh. That wonderful fresh bread. .99
Aaaargh.. cant believe I walked out with a diet Dr. PEPPER. AND CAT FOOD.

ATE 3 scrambled eggs, protein drink. Energy drink. Diet drink. When I get home... hard boiled eggs. At least it is filling...

A Bat w Blinders

Enough torture for today!

Home Bat!




15:33 Aug 01 2017
Times Read: 1,298

Done another workout.!!!!!

I am moving a lot better. Not so stiff. Did all jumps.yeah.

Rented Mr T one more time.

Yup those wings are fine. Sweated up a storm.

Ok.... did so many apps yesterday. Ouch. Messed up on resume, before. Did some for close bye .... hopefully.



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