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22:19 Aug 31 2023
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Well, I have a boo boo face. . . . I saw a pumpkin, that I worked so hard on to make not look clay. Someone even said where did you get the pumpkin. And, squish, someone broke it. So, much for my Halloween figurines. Boo hoo. I'm not going to do any more,now. And the bug was coming out so cute, w his costume. Oh well., 'll be over it tomorrow.

Plus the guy kicked the chair, that my cat was under. So, he jumped u fast. Starting to think that was on purpose, also.

Did my thing yesterday, oooops . . . . I didn't mention aliens.

Don't ask me how I made it this far. The beginning two weeks were hard, during August. Ate up a lot of money. Then the month was long. Believe it, or not. I have thirteen left for two days, and an. emergency five. Monday will be a new better month... Next week.
I have to admit, I had hel from two females. One I feel bad for, her dad is sick. And, the other is a person close buy. So, am lucky. Truthfully, I have the others phone number... I just dywant to bother her. Couldn't have done it w out them..




16:32 Aug 29 2023
Times Read: 190

I can't believe ,I walked to Taco Tuesday, again. Testing endurance, I guess. I think it will be the last till I get housing.

I have to see my case manager, today. She wanted to talk yesterday. Said.... I just called him a junkie. He wanted out anyway. Started saying he was going to skip, too sick, missed work. But, could be fib. Said he had his eye operated on, then said the reverse weeks after.

Was nice yesterday. But, had to do battle w two homeless guys. Guess I should feel lucky that my weekend prior, was quiet.




00:18 Aug 29 2023
Times Read: 206

OMG. We really had a stormy rain. Whew, I guess Hell is over.

This is the first time in a long time that I feel chilled. Nice

There is something I ran across, that I would like to pick up from. Will see.

Someone called that alien thing, a chain. I think Michio Kaku had it on his news.




02:03 Aug 28 2023
Times Read: 227

What u c, when u r waiting for it to rain, and the Saints People go by.

1. A few cars going down a one way, starting at the overpass. All the way down to the Library. Crazy.

2. Beware of people w guns. . . . I saw a black lady, pick up a revolver, open the door, after shoving it in her white v neck t-shirt; she had long braids. She went to the car in back, like he hit her. But, he didn't. She looked at their fenders, and went back to her car. Stupid ass started blowing his horn. Little did he know. She had a big cheap hand gun between her boobs.




23:32 Aug 25 2023
Times Read: 250

Whew. I have a friend who is going to bring me Friskie cans. Yeah. My buddy, who had said a million times in my head, that I will be homeless, broke up w me, cuz, I called him a junkie. Which he is. But, you know.... Well anyway, I'll have things covered. There is another lady who checks on me also.

It's a lil hard carrying all the dry. But, can't let it go. Lol. Ten pounds here, three pounds there. What I do for my cat. . . .

Need cool weather. And, will be nine months next month. Getting closer. But, I still have to get a job w cat. I wonder if the lady that lets people use the computer, has a printer, to print resumes. I have to ask next time. It can't stay hot forever.

Truthfully, it was a homeless lady that told me it was to hot to put my cat in his carrier. Just listening to advise.

Need to do a circle. Need to find a good day. It's still extremely hot.

103 degrees. Awful.

Well that nice lady gave me fancy feast cans, and some treats. So wonderful, so nice. . . . .so happy.




14:35 Aug 24 2023
Times Read: 272

It is toooooooo damn hot! Hotter than Hell!




12:26 Aug 23 2023
Times Read: 297

Well, I had someone from long ago checking on me. I had told him, no need to bother. But, he came and checked a few times. Which is big, cuz, he isn't feeling good. There was something. But, I didn't get involved. Stayed clear. But, some crazy put the big box of trash, on the wrong side.

Woe. The mayor got us cut off. But, he's not thinking about the problems that are occuring from the really insane, not the normal ones. Not fair.

OMG. I was talking to the lady who sat for my cat Saturday. And, she said, " are you sure you don't have a contract.". I almost had a heart attack. Lol. I finally read stuff. It does say no food. There was no mention of a contract. Had to call, he said no problem in leaving. So, I can pull. Worst...I saw ants on my cloths again... And there is something about the temperature dropping, which means no cold cold air inside tomorrow. Means.... More ants. So I'm out. Just waiting till my food digests. We actually had a great lasagna, today.

I might get another locker later. Smaller. But, I would like friendlier people., And no pests. And... Lol... It's always good to read everything, not just listen to word of mouth. 😂 I never hid the food coming in, because of not reading. But, everything was wrapped primarily.

To do this, I had to fix my buggy. I took all the washers and such out of purse, and redid loose wheel. It looks pretty good. Soon, it will be tested.

I still can't believe how I just brought food in, on Sunday. You know snacks, on a flat bed. Lol. I should have been hiding them. I am such an idiot. Must read. The rental cops said I should just get a air tight locker. It is, I didn't have any in till I took the cover off.🥹.




17:01 Aug 22 2023
Times Read: 321

I can't believe I walked for tacos. Crazy. But, heat is heat, wherever I am. Nobody was there. Got the security guard his tacos and left. Nobody, hardly. Usually takes an hour. The heat wave is crushing. Walked slow, and kept cat in shade through 90 percent of it.

Tomorrow, I'm cleaning out my locker. Wasn't such a great Idea. You know, they asked us if we wanted insurance. Can u imagine if I gave them the grocery receipt. Lol. They would have said sorry Charley. No food. Luckily, I said no. Well, I'll keep the lock, in case I find a good one. .... Never give up. . . .

I remember watching the Andromeda Strain. . . . The book looks equally enticing. There is diagnostics on it.

I finally switched my jewelry. Lol. I never change them unless they look scrappy.

Well, I told the guy I met a while ago about the hits, last week and this week. I shouldn't, I didn't think he would still care. I have to stop him from coming tonight. Cuz, he said that I look too tired. But, honestly, he looks too tired.




18:22 Aug 21 2023
Times Read: 335

Almost done ✅.... Just for u Nemo... 😂 What's that in the background....

I think it's done . . . .

That guy, keeps going bye, getting out of car, talking. . . . He's been trying to pick me up, for a while. I don't know. He's a handsome black man. Two trucks. Has been going to meetings for his alcohol, and drug problem. Says he has been clean five years, for both. This time, I kept his work number. He has his own business. But, let's face it. He could do better. Why me. And what if he's a crazy. Hmmmmmm

I don't know. Maybe, I'll start to just chat, to find out. And, Google him. . . .

Could use a friend. But, this is Orleans. . . .




09:30 Aug 21 2023
Times Read: 356

OMG. I woke up to a man kneeling in front of me.

I told him get away from me, he walk across the street, and it looked like he was rezipping his trousers. Next thing you know, he walks by again, claiming he lives on that side. When he walks by again I act like I'm calling the 🚨. Stupid me, I had let my phone die Saturday. I thought there was still a plug across. When the kid came back, I ran across to get a charge to call the police. Noooooo plug. So, I ran to the schools emergency box. Luckily they came swiftly. Cuz, when I walked back... He was there, again.

They did a block. And, he didn't come back.

Meanwhile, they charged my phone for me.

I swear, as of today, seeing that there has been so many problems w junkies... I am never, going to let my phone, go below twenty percent. Damn. Luckily, the rental cops came. Talk about being stalked.

Right, now, I hate junkies, so much. Their lying, their nasty attacks, and crazy talk.

Plus, I was talking about the problems w my locker. She advised me better. But, I really don't want to be at the mercy of a junkie, on top of the problems. Still have a few days to decide.


I thought the closed weeks, we're going to be a problem. Last week, and this week, has been worse. That young looking man, that attacked Saturday, went to the tent section, and threatened the two women, I know. I think he was looking for Rod. Someone mentioned something about him not taking meds

I still don't know about the locker. If I pay, and they start stuff, Id lose the money. I don't like being illegal. Honestly, the woman in the office said astrally, that it would be ok, as long it's not cooked food, or anything like that. But, the guy said for real, something else

If that guy moves, I might get a tent, and move near the girls. There is a bus that sometimes passes free tent out. Would have went today. But, I had to get litter and Ice.




06:27 Aug 20 2023
Times Read: 376

What a day, what a day. Started w me getting up. This kid coming over to me talking nonsense. Him trying to get my phone. Truthfully, I should have sprayed him. But, if I spray, I have to call the cops. And, I didn't decide to do that till he threw the tar at me. Then he ran off. And, let's not forget the litter. What a bum.

Truthfully, he did look like that kid Joe. But, if it was... He went crazy. That would explain, a lot.

So, then I saw a set up for dogs. I have a cat, so I didn't pay it any mind. Turns out... it was for pets and people. A food give away. I got a few things. So that's good. Some got more. But, then I have to protect it.

I saw one women carry 3 Hugh dog food bags, at one time. 😂. I watched them for her. She got me some chips for it.

But, the other who wants me to watch her stuff. Forget it. Just too hard to keep people from rummaging. Too much... So I had to decline on that one.

Sooooo hot, on top of it. Surprising, Hillary, isn't helping us at all.

Anyway, was nice for the free giveaway. And, thanks to the lady, that told me about it, and took care of my cat... When I rushed the stuff to
the unit. Still fire ants inside the United. Probably, going to drop it.

The first time I saw any, was when the temp went up. I had a bunch in my cloths. Next day still see them. But, less. Still see them. Called, got bad news.

I think I'm going to have to rebuild my stroller tomorrow. Hopefully, it will cool down.

At least I have a bunch of fruit. Something, a lil hard to get. Going to live on that, for a while. Lol. Too much heartburn eating the Jack Daniels Barbecued ribs, and mash potatoes. 😂.

I have some new art things to do... Nemo wants me to paint a shell...the art teacher gave me more clay... Plus a bigger cloth, and frame to paint, and some easy fill inside. Hmmmmmmm




07:02 Aug 18 2023
Times Read: 409

Xxx rent a cops, so suck. I have seen them pass this crazy guy, who has his dog tied so tight, by a chain that he can barely move. And, this gay guy, excuse me, I've seen before,. . . who is a prostitute. . . . doesn't care. Plus, the dog is tied to the fence door. It keeps moving it's mouth like something is tied there. Poor thing.

Shall I call the cops,. But, I didn't get close enough to see why that dogs mouth was moving so tight, he must have something , in it.. I have pointed to the dog to two different, twice. Maybe, cuz he's black. Probably. Mon dieu. I can't believe, I have to watch this. I think I'm going to move.

Ok. I walked by. He must have given him something to gag him. Could be anything. A lot of performers w dogs use Benadryl. I think the prostitute is from the VA. Lots of rent a cops there.

It's early. Damn can't even walk to the free breakfast. Anyway, too upset to eat. Maybe, I should shop. Could bye my Baby something, away from there.

Soon, it will be cool enough to drag my cat around looking for a job. But, not next week, some kind of dome heat at beginning of week but soon, September weather. yeah.

I was so upset, that I actually named names. . . . I have to delete that.

Plus, the second car I pointed to, finally asked, when I came back. After, I talked w her, it dawned on me, it must be the collar. He must of tightened it. Ouch.

I tried to get away from everyone, and of course, someone has to approach. Not even saying what they did. Mon dieu. Cutting off. There has to be a solitude place. Baby is watching them.




01:59 Aug 18 2023
Times Read: 421

What did they say, Moon in Virgo... What a bunch of crazies. One right after another. Hmmmm. And, yes everyone is fleeing the white crack head. . . . . Should I , Should I not. . .

Two regulars left, so did Victoria. Now the crook, who almost fell on me... The other usual, at the door. The two dealers, I guess that is one pigeon they can't get rid of . The only one there, is a recent usual. He didn't start w him yet.

What a night ..
Plus this dude,who could be a serial killer, tried to pick mee up again.




22:32 Aug 15 2023
Times Read: 444

Ring of fire, solar eclipse, October 13th.

I found something on my phone picture app. I can find out what it is in the picture.

I took a picture of a dead cricket. It was so perfect, mouth, eyes. . . .

I found out it is a Japanese burrowing cricket. Velarifictorus micado

So those lousy things are from Japan. Nasty.




23:54 Aug 11 2023
Times Read: 458

Wow. It's so hot today. It looks like another weekend where I'm going to have to skip breakfast, and church. It would be too hot to drag my poor cat, in the carrier. Especially, when the Sun is up.

I was thinking of using Stonehenge, again. But, Id have to trick it. The old way is impossible. I was thinking about a new way. . . But, I'm sure I used a photo, and a druid ritual. The photo I couldn't get.

Maybe, to late anyway, we already had first to weeks of August. Truly, the worst. If this weather doesn't get better next week. Won't be able to do Taco Tuesday. awwww. The Security guard will be sad. But, too hot in the carrier.. Too bad I can't rig something with dry ice. 😥😂.

Well, the showers will be open Monday. Will miss the nice girl, who was in charge. Wonder who is the replacement.




21:23 Aug 07 2023
Times Read: 477

My art teacher gave me a water color kit, that her son didn't want. I finally bought some pens. . . . So. . . . I started practicing. Had a sketch book from long ago.

The first is my last one, didn't put color on yet!

The partial bodies, are because they moved. And, they didn't know I was sketching them.

A little amateurish. But, getting better. Lol

At least I get to do some art on my two weeks off.



05:17 Aug 08 2023

i wish to see :) interesting


05:31 Aug 06 2023
Times Read: 501

Wow. It's been sooooo hot, that I stopped doing all activities. I'll have to watch the minister on Facebook.

I have to admit, that my ice bill, is further up there. 😂. Are they sure the aliens, aren't doing this heat thing. They don't wear clothes, sooooo.....

I saw this old movie w Nemo, and Trelane. Maybe, the aliens are something like that. Truthfully, it looks like that movie, w Rowdy Piper. (He use to be my favorite villain. My sister had gotten me tickets for my birthday, to see him. .. . But my mom passed, the same day. )

Maybe, I should toy w some sun glasses. 😬

That whole thing w the Alien whistle blower, is sooooo cool.

I almost lost my cat, when I was detangling him. Luckily, I found him . I took him out tonight, he feels better.




16:02 Aug 03 2023
Times Read: 526

Finally, it's the day before. . .

Someone left a strawberry shortcake, and cookies, plus to ice cold waters. Cool. I guess while I took a nap.

I gave the pigeons that surrounded me lots of cookies, and a guy. But, I had that personal cake. Yum.

William Shatner is sooooo boring. . . . First he said space was death. But, truthfully, it's life, without it there would be no planets born, nor him.

Then, he said that the aliens aren't hiding, they would be to smart. Uh hum. . . Our race is a bit uncivilized. Maybe, there's too. . . . Id hide, and strategically take over. . . . Didn't he ever watch Signs, or the X- Files. . . .

He is certainly not like James Kirk. . . . Which is on this week, by the way. 😂

Hey, and did he ever have an affair w one of the Desilu people. . . . .Inquiring minds would like to know.



18:27 Aug 03 2023

I need to feed the birds, cats, and squirrels this evening.

20:31 Aug 03 2023

I feed the squirrels and birds broken up peanut butter sandwich everything morning out my front door. Believe it or not we have a neighborhood chicken who's comes sometimes but the mailman won't deliver if he is around lol! We've gotten notes exc. I told the mailman he isn't ours. We live in a city but people can have a chicken or two.


21:48 Aug 02 2023
Times Read: 549

Woe. I thought this area would bottom out. But, this is a lil early. The center that gives food, and showers: went on vacation for two weeks. For me, that meant, no candy. . . . Just food. Lol. So I collected cans early. . . I just bring enough for the day.

I thought I might have to move if it bottoms out. Damn. My chair went, and I'm buying so much Ice, that I won't be able to get one till Sunday. Bummer. The jug is great, Stanley, was an expensive one. I put two cups of ice, twice a day. . . Each cup is 75 cents plus tax. Have to, cuz, the water is melting the ice too quickly. Although, it stays cool inside jug.thats an added expense. But, someone else gave me 6 yesterday. I guess he didn't like me eating Ramen, w corn and spaghetti sauce, yesterday. 😁

My buddy grabbed me some powder for drinks. But, woe,nasty. Tastes like Alka seltzer. Yuck. . . . My delicious energy cherry drops, are drying me out.vits good that it's almost gone.
This morning, I came back from my locker, to see the guy in the van with his pants down, facing in his van. I turned off side walk. Cuz, let's face it, it's not a beautiful sight. He came running around the corner asking about a girl. I told him to move on, I saw too much this morning.

Next, after a guy gave me his chicken, that they give him every day, after work. This skinny guy, who supposedly has a job, and lives inhouse, starts showing me his dick. I said, I don't need to see this move on. I've seen dicks before. He walks by a few times, and decides to get in front of me. Showing again. I kicked his knee, and pulled my pepper spray off my wrist. What the hell. I said . . . This isn't like you, what are you on. But, I do know one thing, I won't talk to u again. And, I will call security. Actually, the cops. Unbelievable. This is a lil early.

Woe, shocked. But, let's face it.... Common.

It's only been two days. C'mon now. I'm living on my own food. I guess they are living on drugs.

What a world, what a world.

Well, my legs are finally deflated. Just healing now. After, this shut down. . . . Hopefully, I will be able to get a job. . . . Hopefully, not in the city.

I can't believe, what came into my head. That damn song about Maxwell's Silver hammer. I have to look this up. Lol

It's actually more like . . . . You Can Do It Nicky. . . .

Oh, I know who that must be. Little Nicky (2000) - you can do it Nicky. . . .




14:33 Aug 01 2023
Times Read: 576

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Not for you Nemo

Jokes on You, from the Birds of Prey


Someone finally figured out that eyes song, from the horror flick. Hmmmmmm.

Could be. . . . , Let's Face the Music and Dance . . Ahhhhh Fred Astaire. . . .

Hint. .
. Ethel Waters full version. . . .



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