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22:27 Dec 31 2019
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There is one page, in my reading, that is great, for me, anyway. Need to write it down.

Well, the mundane new year is upon me. So, let's see. Have a lot to work with.

I went 2 places yesterday, for a job. One, I think will be laying off. The other is for the next season. She told me she would call me back next week. Meanwhile, I talk to someone for a one day job. And, I thought that I would go back to that old service. To aid.

Not bad, for someone who was told that it was a bad time to look for a job.

Well, I might be wrong, but, I started to home in bringing the vibs to a coherent state. The ones from the Solstice.

Well, so much, to work on.

Reading on w eggs, some believe that the eggs balance, upright on a solstice. I did see them upright. Didn't know why at the time. But, they were upright.

Maybe, their like, in Aliens. Lol, kidding.

If you think about it. Like Tesla's balancing egg.

For some reason, I keep watching, on U tube, about those 2 girls who stabbed their friend, due to Slender Man. I never followed the story. Wow. Saw the court hearings. It all came out.

But, astrally, I think I heard one of the fathers' think, that he thought that they had intended to kill her since day one. And, he is worried for his other family members, if she got out of psych ward.

But, the court does believe both were insane. One sentenced, 25 years, the max. And, the other, sentenced 50 years. The outcome wasn't just because of the girl, the judge said. But, also, because of the community.

Very odd case. Truthfully, the 25 year one had therapy, for her parents breaking up. And, the judge did mention some homemade ouiji board, while in jail. That she thought expelled demons.

So interesting. And, they are eligible to get out, if ward so advices.

And, funny, that the girls don't have to take medication.

When I was young, teen, I had a best friend who read Anne Rice books and I think she wrote to her about vampires or something. But, never esculated beyond. I can see how it could.

With the Slenderman case, the victim claimed she didn't feel the 19 stabbs. Which is odd. But, she was told it was shock. Although, she said she was in terrible pain, when she dropped at the bike path. I wonder if they had given her something.




09:58 Dec 29 2019
Times Read: 942

There was one thing that unfolded, during the Stonehenge, Sabbath ritual, that I am still looking into. That is, . . . The appearance of large eggs, during the Sunrise, and vibration. I did use two Sabbaths at once, Astrally. To squeeze heat, out of waning time. But, the eggs were big. Certainly, not easter eggs. So, . . . Dragon. But, no such thing. A lil bigger, in size to a football. Hmmm

The other thing I saw, was my spell/intention burning on the slaughter stone.

And, I have to thank who ever gave me the word hub. Because, I used it. You have to be in the center near the slaughter stone, to get the full affect.

I was calling the Sun of the picture, I have, w heat. While partaking in the Winter Solstice. Looked up in Google. . . Says that druids use the eggs also. So maybe I messed there astral up a lil. Really would like to know what those eggs are from. I think there was 3. Not ostrich, not snake, not shark.

I have to be honest. If I went there physically, I wounldn't have been able to get that close. Nor would the outsiders, be quite.

I would like to get back on track w what I left off w Sonic. He was trying to widen my seconds window. I think he was trying some sort of device like they use on those old fashion scales. Where they move the metal piece up w weight.

Astrally, to be completely away from the body, into another chasm.

Well, reading other book of DJ. Had all deny's yet in a rut. Maybe, this book is not made for me. LOL

In morn, back to the real world. Job. Or, maybe I can start my own business w something.




New Moon

21:04 Dec 28 2019
Times Read: 953

Well, my phone for some reason, kept the high speed. LOL. Which is usually off in two days. Just, worried that the switch over next month, might be another problem due to the fact that the high speed is still on, and I can't afford to pay more for it. Didn't request it. But, nice.... So my Sabbath, wasn't that bad anyway! Sweet

OK, new moon, new job! sooooo excited. LOL

Really, wish I had another Raven,.... But, job first....

So, lets see that 2020, is the Year for Satan!

Not that any Salem Witch believes in Satan. But, I've seen quite a few horror flicks, that are what is happening.... LOL




23:35 Dec 27 2019
Times Read: 965

Ya know. I was thinking of making Nemo appear, astral. In something funny. But, nah. . . . Maybe, this is the breaking point. C'est la vie!

Bon soir!




20:33 Dec 27 2019
Times Read: 976

Wow, what is wrong with me, was suppose to start to look for a job, with a plan.


First, last night domestic violence, (the person didn't ask for help, sooooo) then.....

Everyone, this morning, in the apts on the top floor. was held hostage, by a man who claims that his phone was stolen. (He has been living in the hallway, but, didn't seem to be that much trouble, not like the other) I thought it would blow over, but.....

I think he said that it wasn't on.... Kept threatening everyone that they are not goin to leave till he gets his phone back....

Of course, the usual problem apt. door kept being blamed.....

JP Had to come.... finally.... Poor guy.....

(Wow, some how I have to correct my frequency.....)
After, a long while....

It was the guy that my boo shook his hand, and says I here you brother..... LOL He said a lot Today! WOW....

Brother, was very ..... very ..... angry

(now when someone stole my phone from the laundry room, yes I forgot it, I shut it off, then it came back, couldn't get money for it anyway.)

I think I am coming out of that tunic. But, DJ is right, in the book, you are what surrounds you.....

Oddly, the kidnap was at the same time I was suppose to leave, Got to take a deep breath.....

Babe, you got to get a girl....Aretha Franklin - Think [1968] (Original Version)

Library had crazy.

Bus, 1st had crazy lady demand he change route. Now, crazy drunk giving bus driver trouble. Then, woman gets on bus and bursts out in laughter for the whole ride.

Then, when I got off bus . . . . Bus driver appolagizes. Must have heard us talking. I said, don't worry, crazy stuff started this morning, and explained.

Think I heard phone man in hallway.

Now, psychotic kid.

What is 2020. Year of Satan




22:38 Dec 26 2019
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Going to try something new.... Not sure for time or where yet.

My last astral came at the same time that my phone was suppose to switch over. It just didn't. Then, when I went to check the balance, because I had 30 on it. . . . It took money off and said I owe 10.... hmmmm Hopefully, not because of my astral. Was such a mess to get fixed. LOL Maybe, there was a little electrical charge.

Anyway, feeling better, didn't take any vitamins yesterday, or today! Don't know why my whole body hurt so bad, could barely walk. But, much better now. Maybe, I took too many.

Anyway.... Any time Any place.

1:10 / 4:12
Night on Bald Mountain - Epic Trailer Version

And, Nemo, this is for you .... If you know what I mean.... What happened at the last Astral Church meeting....

My baby got mad because he didn’t get a kiss goodbye 🤣🤣




15:53 Dec 26 2019
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Thank you Walmart, for discount shower stuff. Half off. The 6 o'clockers just threw everything in baskets w a single sweep. Lol. Burger King wouldn't open till that mob went bye. A worker claimed. And, she claimed that one lady pushed 3 baskets full all by herself. Well. Lol. I found a lavender shower set, hidden. And, I wanted perfume for job hunting. But, had to settle w body spray. Mon dieu. A lil makeup. Thats it. At least I'm stocked up, again. Oh, and found a pretty rose soap, w petals in it, (had peppermint at first) left in back of box. I guess the rude crowd left. Cuz we were all appologizing to each other. Wasn't much left, whew. Went to check prices, because I heard that not everything was half off. And, did a sniff test.

What you do when your broke. Lol




Happy Holidays

21:17 Dec 24 2019
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Was so nice when the Sun rose. Didn't want to leave the direct light.

But, was in excrutiating pain. Must have been something I ate or drank. But, got pain killers, which I haven't used in 3 months.

Someone surprised me today.

So, I have to surprise him tomorrow.
Will be a test of endurance, and have to be a lil sneaky.

Pets got a big fat chicken. And pillows.

As for me, waiting for pills to kick in.

Got a lil gift bag, for the surpriser. A work shirt, card, bag, lil candy and that movie w the green street ghost. Ok, thats not really a holiday movie, lol, but makes a great eerie link. Too bad not the real voice. Lol.

Don't think there is a bus across tomorrow. So early night.

Oh, and I have to put 2 cans of tuna, for lucy and boots.




17:02 Dec 23 2019
Times Read: 1,036

Just to let a few in on something. The night w DJ. Someone told me what she thought DJ was, so I quickly threw up another symbol. When DJ came to talk to Jafar. Jafar was laughing so hard that DJ, and I couldn't help laughing. Nemo roped himself off, I think.

As for the Solstice. I think we hit it on the head. Felt like a low electric current. Like that game, that they use to have at the Willows. Where you could up the voltage. Sorry, Druids. We got in. LOL. SWEET




21:08 Dec 22 2019
Times Read: 1,056

I had so much trouble w my phone. And, that rotisserie of a phone service, cooked me like a pig. But, girl was right across from me. Was the number. Just kept asking for more money. Then took payment and asked for 10 more. Finally, after a lot of calls. . . Fixed.

So, I spent money for nothing. But, one thing good came out of it. And, a cashier gave me 2 dollars extra. Which I could use. But, gave back.

This morn, no thanks to my music neighbor. Went to Stonehenge.
The astral was good. Did some diffrent things. Luckily, we used somesort of retrieval.

Had to do this at about one am. And, then the noisey neighbor started, after the spell. Mon Dieu.
To do this, had to do a spell before to set up links. And, used a mirror in the center. Whew. Did feel something when the sun came up. But, I am still not sure if for the good, or bad.

So, Happy Solstice! Whew!

At least they had Sun. LOL.

Oh,. . . . loved the look!
This was for the Salem ones. Although, I did see Jafar. If an outsider, you would have to ask.




17:14 Dec 21 2019
Times Read: 1,083

Goin to $ store. Got cat food for 2 weeks thanks to boo.

Did get check, but first gave me someone else's. Mon dieu.

Still smilin from other night.

Goin to see if I can sneak a peak, in England. Later Gators.

1:21 / 4:15
Shirley Bassey - Get The Party Started (Official Video)

Happy Sabbath to me.
Went and did something, I wanted to do with the Queen. Putting it on the pic section. Thanks to the library for the big envelope, and bag. Every day, hail the Queen, for faux fur. LOL

Caught a dollar overcharge, so got chips.

Noticed an unbrella. But, was bent like the one I left at the last job. But, truthfully someone stopped and gave it to me, when I was going home from that job, after doing the paper work.

So, went for bus found a great hugh umbrella. Lol. Very nice.

And, when went to pastry. Girl marked big coconut cake, to 2.39.

And, luckily, when I went to bus, message came up to pay phone
Turkey treat for pets.

To whom linked and said Abigail. Sweet. Googled, english vampire abigail. Have to read.




19:06 Dec 20 2019
Times Read: 1,093

Thanks to DJ who participated, was awesome. And, Jafar, that was awesome.

Sorry didn't touch ground. To much noise, and bad other link to block it. And, I know it is suppose to be private. But, I'm the link silly.

Have a wonderful Sabbath!




21:31 Dec 19 2019
Times Read: 1,110

Guess my boo was right, is goin to be hard to find job now.

Walked all over city yesterday, no new hooks.

Tonight/tomorrow, going to try to see if I can get Newbie, to join us. Maybe, I shouldn't do anything but the usual. But, I'm not sure if he is going to talk. He might be like Jung.(If I see someone on the street, I don't stop to talk.) Maybe, I shouldn't do anything and let him talk. Nothing is catching me.... His hobbies don't include Physics. Only, one thing catches, is travel. LOL

See all of you, at the New England Astral Church.

Nemo, LOL.... An astral relationship, is work! Glad the bunch had a giggle. Love hate, hate love huh.... The French music was a great touch. If I heard right. Thought it was more of Astral buoy·an·cy.

And, to Jafar…. I hear you, really I do! But, I think mine is more accurate.

And, I am asking the comic, to be nice, if possible.

And, If one's body is here, and can be seen somewhere else, for real, then am I here/there. Two places at once. The Cat in the Box, saga.

Just to be caddy. There are two apts. plugged into the landlords outlet. Hmmm holidays.




20:17 Dec 18 2019
Times Read: 1,121

Thinking of an easy link, and a job. Job first. But, maybe Tesla again. Or, a magician. Or, no, not an anima, maybe. Or, that black box thing. Only, one day left. Till church astral. Someone hinted w something batty. Lol. I get it, Batty.

Book w mismatch suit, is quite frankly.
Rel. Quiz
Answers to questions w them.
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No, never.
5. Yes, time and space
6. Yes
7. No never. IDIOTS. lol
8. Yup
9. Uh, no. Maybe of a future one. Lol
10. YES
11. Sadly, yes.
12. Always.
13. Nope
14. Yup
15. Mirror, dead center
16. Are they my kind?
17. No
18. Never
19. Never
20. Sometimes
21. Yup
22. Sometimes, lol
23. Yup
24. Uh, what?




18:08 Dec 18 2019
Times Read: 1,127

Stopped at Mcds for a quicky. Saw 7 police cars swirlin around. 1st thing u think of is, I. But, no, can't be. LOL. SO. WALK IN, and they takin guy out in summer clothing. Reminds me of the guy who tried to kill me at the bus stop once. But, that guy didn't have long hair. And, wasn't calm like this one.




19:45 Dec 17 2019
Times Read: 1,141

Wow. I really am slackin. Should have redid spell. Or, maybe I am still blistered from to much heat. OOOOO the link with the newbie, Forgot. Well, trying to do a link with some druids.

I want the newbie to see something special. Last time it was a link w Nikola. Which, in fact, the guy was ungrateful, and kept saying... I hate you all.... LOL

Travel.... Linked w Nikola before was easy to move. A flash of light, and then your there. With Stonehenge, a lil grueling. And, forgot w/ Einstein.

But, not sure which link to use with the newbie. Jung is a lil nasty. And, not a display.

Well, I'll think of one. . . .

PS What w the cover w a black tie, brown shirt, and blue jacket. Doesn't follow the code. Lol.

My church family is dysfunctional. Want to be a contrast, newbie?

I have Nemo, very playful, and honestly very young.
Jafar, very handsome, always hitting Nemo, astrally. But, likes to be acurate.
Sonic, we lost, very smart, and careful. Extremely, hard to understand in his works.
The Comic, just finished, what ever his thing was. Not, friendly, Nerd, so he says. Always, have something to input.
Edwardo, a demon. Always, joking....
S and K, love to communicate.
My coven, as it is....
The gay community, LOL.... demons in there all right.
Astro, Trouble, very hateful. Yet.... Very sentimental.
Oh, and we have a friendly, cop that comes in once in a while.
Others, are just interested attendees.

Also, Nemo: Saw you shaking the box. LOL Luckily, there is no astral cat. Even if you shake the box to make sure the cat is in it, you sure it is a cat? I'd say stop it, if it wasn't astral. Lol.




18:13 Dec 16 2019
Times Read: 1,150

Well, read Box the ni tac eht, a proper group of idioms. A poem about Schrodinger's cat in the box.

OK, what was the switch of place, Nemo, did you do that, in the church. I wanted DJ, in Sonic's spot..... I really have to do the Astral soon. Because of this. Was voted for Tuesday. In the Church.... Hmmmmm no. Tonight is too soon. Storm going on anyway.
Anyway, I need a Time Traveler theme.
How about Thursday night/Friday morn. At the New England Church to launch off Time Travel group. Astral, that is. See everyone there.

PS. Seeing that Nemo always has Astro, in an astral cell, he can come.




21:50 Dec 15 2019
Times Read: 1,168

Ok, I have a few that said before the holidays. LOL.... The old church..... The name is Door Jam,.... DJ

By the way, for sleep walking, I did make the wrong turn a few more times, but, the parents decided that it was lack of sleep. wore off eventually. My brother wasn't too happy. LOL. Man, DJ show people, hmmmm. But, it did make me think, when I was born, I had a leg underneath me. Lots of pain growing, maybe that is why I turned out so different. LOL forgot all of that. Screaming at night, crying, them rubbing my leg. But, it grew fine. MY only problem was playing the accordion. Threw my body off. Yup, parks, pool, swing sets... maybe cuz of that time.

ina #HauntedHeart #TheAddams
Christina Aguilera - Haunted Heart (Lyric Video)

Hey, I forgot, just saw, I swear a beach car. I swear. With the wood looking sides, front, back seats, and a place for everything else. Now those cars are family great. Parents use to throw a mattress in the back for those long scenic rides with the family. LOL.

Man, forgot the cell phone plug, I actually am looking seriously for a job. Have to get up very early. Man.

If DJ is looking at this, the ones that look like Mars Attack, are my coven. Outsiders to the right. The front seat, left maybe where you start. Sorry, only Physics people, lacking one important one. Anything on Time Travel would be appreciated.




19:12 Dec 14 2019
Times Read: 1,190

I need a Astral vote: if I should start with the new guy, which in fact I need a fake name for.

Also, on this one I want my coven to be present. Maybe, back at the old church in New England.

Should I introduce, before or after the holidays, is my question. Please respond promptly.

Thank you,


Royal Deluxe - Dangerous (The Magnificent Seven Trailer Music)




07:24 Dec 13 2019
Times Read: 1,205

It is one am and the people next door have woken up their kids again. Wow. When I was very young, my parents had us asleep by nine. Wow. One of them are in school. Wonder how that is. Why isn't anyone callin the Dept for children. Guess when I was young I was lucky. A bedroom that I shared with my sister. My brother and parents had their own. Two floor house w a basement. And, peaceful nights. Was lucky. Just slept walked sometimes. Thinking my brothers room was the bathroom. It a simple bad turn. To the left, not right. Lol. Never actually did anything, though. Lol




20:07 Dec 12 2019
Times Read: 1,223

Well, a statement for direct deposit was on my email. Saying it was altered. And, if I didn't do it, I need to talk w the office. So, I have to go to that place tomorrow. Took more pictures of the screen, in case. My last job, that is. And, I was correct, she did put me in for Long Term Disability, which I said no to. I just withdrew.
And, she put me as terminated. LOL you sure this is a Ministerie. Could have sworn I quit. Probably, trying not to give my last week check.
Well, I have to wait till pay day to go further, professionally.

Let me warn. It is more like Voodoo, at the min., you know, you smell, your eyes are closed, and so on.... plus, you'll be going to pee a lot. (Magic Mush Maybe.) Are they sure they are not evil. Mon Dieu. Someday, it will be nice not to meet one of the Borg, from Star Trek, if you know what I mean. So, tired of their programs. The same program, only in diffrent word types. Just voodou mostly, satanist, ministers, so on and so on.

Having a late start job searching. Somebody, tried to come in last night, but, I was up already awake, think it was the full moon. On top of the fact that a JP person knocked next door. Truthfully, she gets jokers doing that, I bet she didn't believe it. And, the gentleman with cancer, I haven't seen. awwwww

Someone astraled me, that I resemble the guy, Duece Bigelow. Lol. Thats right pets get the better. Well, maybe I'll meet a tall blonde. LOL

HEY. that code book is really easy to read. I don't know if it can help me w my problem, as Duece that is. But, pretty good. I took psych I, and adnormal psych, and read almost everything from Jung. Which makes me a layman at best. But, Dr. PHIL'S book is so well spoken. Obviously, established in a different way. I think he new before the card mishap w Aunt Bea's husband, is all. And an admin doesn't usually do book keeping, which would have been a good break. Well, will just have to stay from under the bus, till I finish the book.




13:45 Dec 11 2019
Times Read: 1,239

I am reading Life Code. Lol. Can I make an astral list, too. Damn. Certainly, not reading Carl Jung. I read something so funny. "A lot of these People are so crooked they have to screw their socks on in the morning." So original. Lol. On that note I am stopping, for now. LOL. Why can't I come up w one liners like that.

When the author, talked about his experience w his admin. Lol. It brought me back to Blue Cross. This woman and her brother, very religious. Almost, rented w her brother. Got knocked off when he wanted me to help pay for the maid. Turned out that they were writing checks for themselves. Got caught. Believing doesn't mean being. Yup, back then was a member of a big group. But, they did get me a great glass and metal pyramid shelf unit, for my bday. Was great. Come to think of it. I hope they didn't do that check thing because I declined. I'm not paying for a maid.

Wonder if he ever ate bread w milk. Love it w sugar and a lil whipping milk. Carl was a lil stuffy, on the subject.




18:57 Dec 10 2019
Times Read: 1,250

And, lets not forget Me,

Happy Holiday's to me....

Dark Christmas Music - Carol of The Bells

uh oh, I turned to Pain Giver....

I doubt it, my dog told me off this morning.

I gave him another shower, cuz he didn't like the Hartz shampoo, then he told me off again, plus he wants a step to get on the bed....

Are they sure I'm the pain giver....





18:41 Dec 09 2019
Times Read: 1,268

OK, food binge is over, still one more for the pets. LOL. Maybe, I should read DJ, hmmmmmmmm? Or, maybe, I am hinting at a few grown professionals.

Anyway, looking for new job today, by foot. The Computer way takes to long. Hey, I lasted in the ministry longer than I thought. So, far I seen 4 pass, and one die. Hmmmmmm

Anyway, feelin better, just a headache. And lots of work to do!

Oh, I forgot, to leave a Xmas Song for Nemo....

You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina Carpenter


And, one for the person that is never invited, but, shows up....

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Lindsey Stirling


Too, my Boo

Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm (Lyric Video)

And, too the new Guy....

Mickey Mouse Disney's Fantasia




03:00 Dec 08 2019
Times Read: 1,278

Jafar. I thought of your song w the n sync crew. . . Mariah Carey - All I want for christmas is you (live)
Happy Holiday!




00:20 Dec 08 2019
Times Read: 1,281

Not too bad. One cupcake, and a chocolate bar. Edge is off. Taking deep breath. Got pets edge off food.

Oh, and S, wants to know if DJ can help her daughter. She has problems talking w people. Aww. But, I didn't link w him yet. Oops. Did I say, yet?




02:40 Dec 07 2019
Times Read: 1,313

So upset, w the job. On the low note. That I am eating a hugh container of Cheesecake, w a coke chaser. And, two vitamins.

Let me explain. Cathy Bates broke into my profile and pretended to do my insurance correctly. One, it asks for my boos address, which, in fact she did not ask me for. I know, because I looked at the insurance. Two, she started playing around w it. Got to get a job fast. Think she charged insurance. Too far back to see. Which I might have to go to the state about. This is not surprising. I've seen a lot of diffrent people every time I walked in there. Truthfully, I think she is a relative of a poboy shop, I use to work for. I remember someone there talking about her, getting a job at where I'm working. Saying something about prices.

Just in case my pets are upset. I got them sliced turkey, w cocktail franks, and purina.

It is a binge!
And, my boyfriend is off the hook for the minister xmas party.
Didn't want to exchange gifts. Makes no sense. So juvie.
Would have preferred toys for foster or orphans. (I remember doing that, at Foxwoods.) And, certainly didn't want to take part, in the ugliest sweater contest. ???. . . . At that party.

On the high note, my trip to see Sonic should only be w me, I was thinking of bringing the church movie crew. Plus, w a surprise guest. It would have been a fun one. . . . Dr. Phil. Seeing that Astro was so mean. And, that Sonic was always backing out, w the others, when he was alive, that is. Astral, that is. Although, Sonic was ok as Pike, on an one on one astral picnic.

Well, back to my cheese cake.

Wow, the dog ate cocktail franks, mighty dog and turkey. LOL. The cats ate turkey, farmer purina, and some cheese cake. LOL. And to all a good night.




02:27 Dec 06 2019
Times Read: 1,322

Was thinkin Rachel Ray, for cat food. But what if they don't eat it. Expensive. Food for thought.

So tired. Need a supplement. What, is a question.

Going to start channeling threw that u shape path, again. Need to get strong in it again. So that I can visit, whom I call Sonic, for champagne and yummies. LOL

Want to get rid of the roach motel oven. Was think of that indoor outdoor grill. Whats that black guys name. George Foreman.



02:36 Dec 06 2019

George Forman is very good, to cook on. I paid 10 dollars for my Betains food from the vet, six small cans one a day until the get his shipment in for his dry food that is almost $30 for a small bag that lasts a month. MCT is all nature mad from Coconuts oil, it gives you energy, mix it with Coffee with real butter and it will give you tomes of energy, its called a bullet coffee.

21:53 Dec 15 2019

Thanks, Sweet!!!!!


02:21 Dec 06 2019
Times Read: 1,325

Was thinkin Rachel Ray, for cat food. But what if they don't eat it. Expensive. Food for thought.

So tired. Need a supplement. What, is a question.

Going to start channeling threw that u rhape path again. Need to get strong in it again. So that I can visit, whom I call Sonic, for treats and yummies. LOL

Want to get rid of the roach motel oven. Was think of that indoor outdoor grill. Whats that black guys name. George Foreman.




01:29 Dec 03 2019
Times Read: 1,336

Finally, did some reading. I think I linked w one of them. Or, both. Was too drowsey.

Was hurtin so bad from drinking 2 liters of soda. Worse, I have to go back to work, I have the dressing room key. Then, the library, have to renew. Then, job search. Mon Dieu. At least sales were great. Paper work. . . Not so great.

At least I have my state ID, AGAIN. YEAAH

It is so wierd having 3 boy cats. Miss having a female. But, can't afford another. Baby was so funny. I have my legs crossed, lying on bed. And he jumped up on them. Lol. I don't know how he got under the covers last night. Lol. Luckily, I woke up when Boo wanted to lay there. Lol. Pets, pets pets.




03:24 Dec 01 2019
Times Read: 1,253

I read a long article, and ended up linking w one of the actors, from the article. He was really sweet. So paternal.

The odd Stonehenge link, was from a weird book, talking about the summer soltice. The lamb sacrifice. The Suns of Stonehenge, and that healing stone that was missing. It was a long shot. But, . . .



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