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11:58 Feb 27 2017
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A Mexican man gave me a bill, that says.... 2 MIL PESOS..... lol.... What is that 2 cents......????? Has a strip in the middle like a hundred bill. A beautiful Mexican lady smiling.. lol.... may frame it. Soooooo fun.... must thank him...for something new.

OK... Mil means thousand so it must be two thousand in Mexican money. So what is it in us. Hmmmmm. In Syria.... thousands don't equal much. So back to Google.

Lol.he said about 20. It says 101.... lol......

Still may frame it.




19:04 Feb 25 2017
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4$@&+((-$#@...... am I swearing correctly.... lol.. Mon Dieu.....


;( well after less than 3 hours sleep time to get ready to go... again.

Mardi grass!!!! 2@%&*-++(+*&%$#@$%*-+*%$@@

OK. Feel Better!!!!!""




10:42 Feb 24 2017
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Damn, leaving work late, again!!!!! Lol... have to postpone my attack, again. Baldy. Has a reprieve, alright. And no, not turning him into a zombie reprieve: like someone suggested. Lol

Louisiana, has enough zombie. And no, he doesn't already act as one. Besides his toxic shock morning.... lol seems OK!;)

Truthfully, I have the utmost respect for this guy!. But, this it is war.... An I keep missing him. There is a 6 hour difference, on top of it!!

Must have patience. Will come boo... I will come for you!

The Q War Saga, Continues......

Plus.... would like to work w black matter, again. ;)




01:29 Feb 23 2017
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Took, Tuesday off cuz I couldn't sleep Monday morn... was afraid I'd sleep through alarms. Again....

So get to the testing.... lol... someone shows me a cheat sheet w a lot of wrong answers. Lol. Only where I work.

Luckily, there was a class before.... wink wink...

Started to fall asleep towards the end.... couldn't think anymore.... lol. Only got one wrong.... whew..... really, had trouble reading. ;)

Well, had lots of rest... but, doesn't seem like....

On Bourbon, waiting for crowd...... zzz!




09:53 Feb 22 2017
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First Kill...


Time 3:19 am

place: at his home

Killer: Darth Vadar

Particles turned into his favorite...

For the record: didn't put up much of a fight. Died by hard thrust hit!.

Weapon of Choice: light sword


Thank You For Playing The Q War




01:07 Feb 22 2017
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Email Print

"Heaven Knows" lyrics


Play "Heaven Knows" on Amazon Music

"Heaven Knows"

Jimmy's in the back with a pocket of high If you listen close You can hear him cry

Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Sing it Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Way down below, way down below

Judy's in the front seat picking up trash Living on the dole Gotta make that cash Won't be pretty Won't be sweet She's just sittin' here on her feet

Sing it Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Go Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Sing Oh, Lord, tell us so We belong way down below Oh, Lord, tell us so We belong way down below Way down below, way down below Way down below, way down below

I've had better days, man I've seen better days I've had better ways, man I know better ways

One, two, three and four The devil's knocking at your door Caught in the eye of a dead man's lie Start your life with your head held high Now you're on your knees With your head hung low Big man tells you where to go Tell 'em it's good Tell 'em okay Don't do a goddamn thing they say

Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Oh, Lord, tell us so We belong way down below Way down below, way down below Way down below, way down below

I've seen better ways, man I know better ways I've seen better days, man I've had better days

Gina's in the back with a pocket of high If you listen close You can hear the crying

Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Oh, Lord, tell us so We belong way down below Oh, Lord, heaven knows We belong way down below Oh, Lord, tell us so We belong way down below

Way down below, way down below Way down below, way down below

Sent out a few coffins early this morning.... that means your next , Baby.... sort of a death notice......it's coming Boo....I'm coming for You!!!;). lol. Brought, everyone back, from the dead, in the previous game.... because of the changing over to Quantum Physics, and Nemo, is soooooooo ;) fun to kill....So he will be my first kill.... Baldy, is next....... what you think about the coffin w the white satin.... classy....

Now when I sent baldy the casket, he put up a little fight! Lol not sure if he saw the red satin, so tasteful. Will try again.

Those who see astrally, have seen my energy turn to particles and move.... lol... not telling u what.... now to forward advance..... Into The Quantum War!!!!!! The Game has begun.....




Quantum Cat Fight Begins

14:36 Feb 20 2017
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Now.... not being matter could complicate things. To kill energy depends on an energy used. Or, of the person is still walking astrally, then can be shot, stabbed put threw a washer cycle.... But what if u astrally change form. Maybe use dark energy to expand. To find the perfect rod, to diminish energy, is my goal. Maybe Tesla, can aid help, to win the game. Dark Energy Army..... Prepare for A Battle. Practice w photons.... electrons.....




07:52 Feb 20 2017
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Have to get up early, to go into work. Lol Something I don't want to do I have to do. Will set the alarm for 2 hours. Lol.

Day went well w transportation sandwich was great. The rest.... a little shaky

Took pictures of place I was working in.... in case!

Game adjustment..... going to use a little science. Lol.... going to set up a machine in mind.... I haven't offed anyone y8et..... something technical .... but, funny.....

In particle physics, antimatter is a material composed of the antiparticle "partners" to the corresponding particles of ordinary matter. A particle and its antiparticle have the same mass as one another, but opposite electric charge and other quantum numbers.

Lol..... how does that song go... Heaven Knows....the pretty reckless....vevo bid.




21:38 Feb 19 2017
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Just thinking about the light in the oval glass case. Matter and antimatter, have two different charges. Same only different.

Someone suggested to make my room electrical. Lol... may be a little hard on the cats. Lightning being pure electric,,isall.

And not to be boring, we could. Take our astral game, to quantum level......




19:06 Feb 18 2017
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Not a good day going to work yesterday. Went a little early and got held up at this end. Then I tried to walk, and txt at the same time . Down I went..... lol so am getting ready early.... to leave an hour earlier. Mon Dieu.. Think I dried out by now.

The soda killed my TV box, the other day

Truthfully, It was due for a replacement.

Pets will have to look radio waves.... lol




00:43 Feb 17 2017
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Today's ghost story....

Monster can cover must have turned on it's own. Spilled in shoulder bag, all over table, onto wires. Lol what a mess. I'm messier than my pets.

This happen ed after, I forgot to ask for yesterday off. But, for some reason I thought it might be off. So, I called waiting at the bus stop. Girl said that she didn't see my name. But, she would tell the other, when she comes back. So I called Jerome, that we could get together.Never got a call back from the other. But today when I went for the phone number, there was a call back. Maybe she called when I was talking to Jerome. Didn't show on top of screen.

Later, I buy 2 energy drinks at a local gas station. Walk to bus. Take bus around town. End up at party city, for Mardi Gras cutout. Was a kid in there I didn't like. Just felt angry about everyone that worked, at the store. Went to register, and my can was leaking. Had a small pin hole on side. ????? Lol. Actually, glad about that one.

Friend picked me up, and went to cc' s. No leaks... definitely has a poltergeist. Lol. My ending draw last night was 666.-- hmmmmmmmm

On a nice note, was going to buy a star w 2 dragons on it, for my next staff, on May 1st. But star looked to dark. Dragons looked great....

Was going to take today or tomorrow off to get the card. Cuz Thursday morns are packed. But, hmmmm how can I do it? And maybe I should just buy a pay. Card for it.




18:49 Feb 16 2017
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Mon dieu....

OK..... French flag up.... Mardi Gras ....

Found an equivalent pet bed for the cats.... seeing that the dog grabbed the other. Cute ...only 6 dollars and a monkey! But dog tried to pull off the couch.... need to tuck.

Made a Hugh mess, w the monster drink, I bought.

Need to set up mirrors to bounce reflection better, and found some more candles, cheap.

Mon dieu! Almost took down my staff, from last may 1st.... full moon ritual. But,......

But, found another place, for my new ornament.




04:46 Feb 15 2017
Times Read: 1,236

Ghost Story

OK, yesterday was the fire alarm while I was looking at the stuff for work. But, after I logged off and got up ... it went off.

Then the door beeper went off for a while, But, I figured that another employee, was standing on it. Went to punch in, an it went so fast, that I couldn't identify. So I re keyed to double check. On the register , in the store, as I was counting back change, I doubled checked. It said 19.But, I hadn't typed nothing in. And I know I saw it correctly beforebecause I was giving her back 68 cents change, which I saw after I rang up the 12.99 cup. So I thought, maybe I leaned on a key that did it.. But, how I don't know. Weird. And it really was typed in. Because, I had to cash out. Weird.

Either that, or that new drink I started drinking, is effecting me.

If it is really poltergeist...... soooooooo awesome! ;)

This is a long shot. But, in 1699, Mardi Grad began.




22:05 Feb 14 2017
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Mon dieu.... day started w clumped yuck under dog tail. Forgot how I removed before....had scissors lol.... this time ..... ohhhh. He a bastard went to bite me a few. So went to get paper to try a new way... and he jumps... man, could have broken a paw doing that.... So, I hit him 3 times w a paper. Put him back in the sink and pent to work again.... at least he didn't growl and bite. What I needed was a hose.... but, had to make do..... he got edgy again so I had to hasten. Hope it was good enough. Put, heat on and gave him back his dog bed.god, mundane life.




12:23 Feb 13 2017
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Up... I can't believe it. Need to get the newspaper and check the internet. God... there has to be a decent job somewhere. Lol.

Was another fag alert at work... asked me about Mr. Peanut Head

Need a lot more energy drinks....


Picked up something about an earthqake.


Heard it from me first.... lol

SCIENCE Mystery behind Einstein's theory may soon be over



Research suggests that Einstein's Constant may still have a part to play in accounting for dark energy.

Astronomers are testing an idea developed by Albert Einstein about a century ago to resolve a longstanding puzzle over what is driving the accelerated expansion of the universe.

Researchers have long sought to determine how the universe's accelerated expansion is being driven. Calculations in a new study by researchers at the University of Edinburgh in the UK could help to explain whether dark energy - as required by Einstein's theory of general relativity - or a revised theory of gravity are responsible.

Einstein's theory, which describes gravity as distortions of space and time, included a mathematical element known as a Cosmological Constant. Einstein originally introduced it to explain a static universe, but discarded his mathematical factor as a blunder after it was discovered that our universe is expanding.

Research carried out two decades ago, however, showed that this expansion is accelerating, which suggests that Einstein's Constant may still have a part to play in accounting for dark energy. Without dark energy, the acceleration implies a failure of Einstein's theory of gravity across the largest distances in our universe.

Scientists have discovered that the puzzle could be resolved by determining the speed of gravity in the cosmos from a study of gravitational waves - space-time ripples propagating through the universe. The researchers' calculations show that if gravitational waves are found to travel at the speed of light, this would rule out alternative gravity theories, with no dark energy, in support of Einstein's Cosmological Constant.

If however, their speed diers from that of light, then Einstein's theory must be revised. Such an experiment could be carried out by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in the US, whose twin detectors, 2000 miles apart, directly detected gravitational waves for the rst time in 2015.

Experiments at the facilities planned for this year could resolve the question in time for the 100th anniversary of Einstein's Constant.

"Recent direct gravitational wave detection has opened up a new observational window to our Universe. Our results give an impression of how this will guide us in solving one of the most fundamental problems in physics," said Lucas Lombriser, from Edinburgh's School of Physics and Astronomy.


Speaking of Science, saw some cute lightning bolt earrings, at the gas station. White would be Tesla, so I left that alone....

So .... red, blue, hmmmmmm no..... I choose black.


Next project, is linking w that metal thing.... just might work. Or maybe I can link and move w it. If that be belongs to sir galaxy.... then will give it a try

If not..... then I will make my own.


TIme To Submerge In Employment

Starset- Last to Fall




07:18 Feb 13 2017
Times Read: 1,266

OK... must clear my mind. Take a short nap and look for another job. Early morn.




07:03 Feb 12 2017
Times Read: 1,277

Well.... well..... well....

I almost get killed... have a constent fag problem... they tell me all of a sudden. ...That I need a license... here I am waiting for the word for class. To find out that I have to go quickly and pay for it...pretty sure they sent cops after me... lost my bike.... I guess I can't rule them out...lol... I don't exactly, blend...

So ..... to the next step! Don't think I want to be a waitress, so hmmmmm slip hmmmmmm.

Meanwhile, on the only up side.... my buddy said he was going to take me back to Walmart.... Awwwwwwww ..... no way.... not his fault!;)


Lots of birds and whales, found dead???????



22:23 Feb 14 2017

we often [too often] have them washed up on our shores an all.


19:38 Feb 11 2017
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OMG.... went to Shell for energy and candy cigs, and noticed a picture on the desk. Someone this neighborhood knows too well. So I started to giggle and stopped. He's dead. My. He was Mexican.... but, very very bad.... always causing trouble.... drunk and disorderly.... one day he passed me on his bike after the neighborhood police frisk left.... and road his bike into the medium and fell off.... Mon dieu.... one time he walked up to my buddies car and acted like he was my boyfriend, giving him a dirty look.... use towalk a ladies dog, and he stole something so the cops were there reprimanding him..... he reminded me like that ugly guy, in the western, The Good, Bad ... and the ugly....so I put a little in the box.... what a character!

Buddy, hasn't spoke to me about bike yet, but, did leave a message.

Bald guy was kicked off, but to rehash.... when I heard my dad talk to him.... I thought fake, cause never talks... But, he mentioned the stock market, and only he would be so cleaver. So needs not to worry, not. Those who controls the marketis god..... may visit there once the Telsa museum is up. Think I will have to take the Staten island ferry....must check....




06:17 Feb 11 2017
Times Read: 1,298

Oops someone stole my bike, because I was switched from a store cuz of their mishap. Someone doesn't want me in that store. Mon dieu. The helper said he went for pizza and got hit on the back of the head. But, again he said that he called dominos for delivery and messed up. Truthfully, my buddy had given it to me, for Xmas. Was having problems w it for the bus. Thought twice about it for Mardi Gras.

Plus, for some reason I felt like having a beer the other night after work, and yesterday at the restaurant . Which, just so you know, I had paid for before we sat down. But, lol.... seeing squiggly lines in front of my eyes..... yup..... Dehydrated!!!!!

Well, going home to read and drink lots of water. Mon dieu... only two small beers in two days. Sometimes I wish I could be like everybody else. Not just look like......

;). Sorry Jerome




18:47 Feb 10 2017
Times Read: 1,303

Mon Dieu..... went back to that Chinese rest. W my buddy.... lol..... not sick, didn't eat clams.... But, my fortune cookie.... let's say.... not quite Confucius..

I know the guy that use to write them ran out of sayings .... but.... on one side.... it says I need another fortune cookie.... with a number.... on the other side.

It says I should pay for the bill, and be generous..... twittered and face booked, who's the card. Mon Dieu!!!!!!

Meanwhile, had to push off from the bald guy... not that he is garbage(PS he never talks, odd to have heard him.) Trump, I back. They are coiffing him. Banning him is wrong. Must give him a chance. He doesn't have Muslim ties like the other, so must be careful. Let's not forget the uni- bomber. Was a History professor. And my history professor kept talking about him every class.




20:07 Feb 09 2017
Times Read: 1,306

On the mundane side..... splurged and bought Red Door. Love the smell. Found some cheap knock a rounds. Found a great animal bed that my dog took over. It is a valentine stuffed animal that opens up as a pet bed. 20 bucks. Sweet. Went and got my card account goin again. Stopped about plumbing, but, needs pieces. Then checked for worm meds.... but, she didnt have in shipment. Few more days. Well off to give another valentine. A t shirt w a skull.lol




05:07 Feb 08 2017
Times Read: 1,313

Now this whole touching a substance thing....

As written prior in the diary.

One... did spell to touch dark matter.... was something to do w tornado.....


Or, other spell linking w the dead guy......





18:58 Feb 07 2017
Times Read: 1,323

Alright... that's it.... storms have to end. Lol... have to go towork soon. Mon dieu.

Woman camehome dog OK. She OK. Lol

Star set - Telepathic




16:34 Feb 07 2017
Times Read: 1,344

(Feb 7) - Emergency Alerts

Tornado Warning in this area til 10:45 AM CST. Take shelter now. Check local media. -NWS

Just woke up.... maybe should move pets to bathroom

Had dream.... I was w my mom in her house. Someone knocked to be let in. I asked them what they wanted. They just wanted in.

Looked out the door, saw people in deep water. Called 911. They bike in.... ??????

Wide awake now..... hmmmmmm. Very dark.

Asshole is playing music to loud next door. Won't be able to hear train noise.

(Feb 7) - Emergency Alerts

Tornado Warning in this area til 11:15 AM CST. Take shelter now. Check local media. -NWS

Looked like it left.... but now night light is back on. Everything quite now....

Lights keep going off. Woman in hall complaining.

There was a bad breeze. Think we got swept.

Now a different warning. In 10 mins. Storm might hit in New Orleans. Something about monster storm.


Don't see any flashes or train.

Lol touchdown in My Jefferson... guy happy dogs are fine w him. Lol. Welcome toLouisiana. Sweet. No house but dogs OK.

Was touchdown on on Jefferson high. 1045.




19:37 Feb 06 2017
Times Read: 1,352

Electromagnetic large and dislarge


Also, matter


Saw my hand like it was moving threw (Lightly) something.

Later saw astral hand moving threw white substance. Like air static.

Phone malfunctioned. At work charge machine malfunctioned and later could only get religious music, on the FM Stations.

On the funny side....

May have to sign a prenuptial ,for my next May 1st wedding .... too funny.





19:49 Feb 04 2017
Times Read: 1,368

And they say we don't talk smart on vampire rave.

Lol. Saw a wonderful buzz, on NY News....

They are recreating:

Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, was an early wireless transmission station designed and built by Nikola Tesla in Shoreham, New York in 1901-1902

So awesome.... was posted two weeks ago on YouTube.

What a coincidence.....

And no, sub sonic, not Edison.... kisses

Wireless For Everybody!!!!!!

Maybe that wireless bulb, was like the bus. A little push then apull.... guess I'm free to pass!!!!! Sweet




22:49 Feb 02 2017
Times Read: 1,377

Have another Time Book. Picking up that he is a fraud. But, what I read. So far.... is pretty good. Of course duplicate info.. Now

Stephen Hawkins signed a promise, w Tesla. Sweet. Now if he could explain the glass oval bulb. W something in it. That pushes, pulls. Almost, like a hold. Hmmmmm Possabilities.

Gravity of You, Starset




it's Once Again Groundhog Day!

09:29 Feb 02 2017
Times Read: 1,382

Punxsutawney Phil will make his forecast for the rest of winter in the morning. Let's once again, coax him! Hi Phil.... kisses....



10:46 Feb 02 2017

Again? How long have you been stuck on the same day? lol

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