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11:40 Feb 28 2023
Times Read: 235

I think Stephen Hawking would agree to throw this book, in a black hole...... Joking.......

Is there a God, or a god equation, anywhere in this book. Should have been called..... Space, and time.....

There is a bad group where we stayed last night. They were there only cuz we were. I didn't see them there, while we were at the other location. And, we were there, cuz it was closer to shopping.

One of the group was suspended.... Wish they'd reinstate her.. LOL. The others are from the VA also. Lots of noise and problems.

Speaking of, I stopped calling, when I heard from Leggs, that a worker we both know, sai d; that people are leaving scared for their lives.

Can't put my cat there.

I know who was there each night we weren't there. Only Fernando was there, besides the two usuals that choke on crack. And, that was for one night.

Where we were, there must be a new drug. The guys laugh all day, and laugh, and laugh. Someone said it was old crack mixed w Kool aid.

Maybe 🤔.




20:10 Feb 26 2023
Times Read: 249

I'm in a funk today. . . .

Sucker for Pain (feat, Logic,...

Jokes on you... Charlotte...

And, there is someone who wants in... Maybe... Although I don't think he's crazy enough.

Tweny One Pilots




20:10 Feb 26 2023
Times Read: 249

I'm in a funk today. . . .

Sucker for Pain (feat, Logic,...




01:24 Feb 26 2023
Times Read: 258

Well, after reading more of The God Equation... There is a reference after antimatter, and spinning electrons; to... Gods equation. That's it, so far

Than, he went back to the same old decals, now I'm at WWII again....

Taking a breather...

Well, today went well.... The two religious groups stayed at opposite ends. Our usual, had the chair. ... We are either going to be a slave to sin, or a slave to goodness.

Talked to one of his members. . . . A very changed good man.

After, that group left.... The other order brought over fish platters.... Wow..... Was so scrumptious..... Lots of fish, hush puppies, and crunchy 🍟. Went well with the first groups wonderful gumbo.

Then tonight, had two more peices of fish on bread.... Then, someone gave Popeyes fried chicken. Toooooo good of a day.

I gave breakfast to two. Jimmy Dean, and Delight....

Went to a thrift, and found a nice Juicy Conture bag.

What a day, what a day ... I'm at fifteen percent on my old phone. I still have the cracked one w a lot of charge. Will have to download the book, again.




10:39 Feb 25 2023
Times Read: 271

Well, the book has the same decals, AS SO MANY OF HIS BOOKS HOLD.. I haven't got to anything about the equation. Although, he could tie in the decals later.

I decided to use my dead phone to read. It charges faster. The app is easy to read. But, I couldn't find the setting number. Oh, well. Up to page 72 of 359, or such.

Today, a religious group said they were going to cook fish. Yum.

Only problem, the Preacher comes this day also... He actually is good, to listen too.... They will be side by side. Last week we didn't go.... We were too frozen. This week, it's hot. I don't want to side swipe the fish. Hmmmmmm. What to do, what to do...
The new group, already gave us health bags, w Bibles in them.




18:52 Feb 24 2023
Times Read: 281

I downloaded an audio app, per library. And, she told me that I don't have to pay fine, cuz it's under twenty.

So.... I rented The God Equation...




20:59 Feb 23 2023
Times Read: 296

Lundi Gras, I walked up from Rouses. Gave some pizza to a policeman, who explained where to put the barrier. Then we waited. I put a back bag on the side front of the chair,... So that kids could not sneak in front of me. Although, I had a black family try, half way through. The mother was bitching. But, I said... It has nothing to do w them stealing it... I don't want any kids standing in front of me. Plus, I waited five hours for that spot. Unbelievable. Poor legs had a white kid in front of him, the night before, and frowned all night.

Well, anyway first bead was a blinking sea horses.... Got a metallic Mardi gras colored cap, a bag w beans, and spice... Chips, beads w harps, plus a lot of regular beads...I caught another hat.... This one was a train conductor hat, w Proteus on it...fun glasses... After, we were wiped out... Oh, I did catch a ceramic train bead.

Mardi Gras, we just rested... And ate.




01:01 Feb 20 2023
Times Read: 316

A buddy and I went to see the Parades. I caught a big crawfish plate. Coins, necklaces...

Started to watch Thoth, and some gay kids were spilling their alcohol all over... Me.... I kept telling him. Finally, I got up, grabbed his cup, and poured it on him. Then left, in the middle of Thoth.

Got a nice crawfish platter, Thoth necklace, and few other trinkets. Even a Thoth phone charger.

Somebody stopped, gave me, and my buddy twenty, cat food, and pop tarts.

Mardi Gras.....



20:27 Feb 20 2023

Sounds like fun, but for the beer


12:41 Feb 16 2023
Times Read: 332

I asked the guy who gave me my first phone, how much for another phone, and can he switch sim card. Than, asked about the tablet. He said no more tablets for 30. But, another phone would be twenty. So I bought another phone.

It's bigger and better, so that's ok. But, I wanted to keep that money for an emergency 🦺. Geesh. Leggs.... I'll never see that twenty.

Well, had two sandwiches from last night. Still can't eat much. Caught the flu during the last rain storm. Was terribly weak, even though I had energy drinks. Tuesday, I tried to get strong. Still coughing up flem. Otherwise, not as 😔.

News stating that there is a bad storm today. All day. So I packed up for a bad day. Won't be able to sleep here tonight.

I set up my resume with a disclaimer. About my clothes, and cat. Just have to put in some. You never know. Was too exhausted, after walking to this other help spot, farfar away.

A hour and 20 to go... Sitting.... Storm is supposed to come in about ten am.

Meanwhile, working on getting off the street.



19:13 Feb 19 2023

Wishing you the best.


Happy Valentines Everyone

22:45 Feb 14 2023
Times Read: 344

Went far out to check a place for housing. Damn. Was a all day trip... Walking. But, I have to watch Baby myself. And, Leggs, cracked my phone. Mon Dieu. Pulling his back pack out, at that place.🤪 Place says... No can help till after Mardi Gras.

Otherwise, I gave my Valentine's. That place gave me a great coffee cup, w. Metal straw. Sweet. No falafal, but, was spaghetti, vegetarian.

I sang, You are The Sunshine of My Life, to my 🐈.... And gave him two tunas.😘




02:58 Feb 09 2023
Times Read: 366

I've been thinking of a movie, for a week, that I saw a long time ago. I thought it was life is the pits. But, wouldn't you know it, the title is... Life Stinks. It's on Tubi... The sea captain reminds me of Leggs. Such a real depiction of what goes on. LOL.



14:56 Feb 14 2023

Saw that movie. I wish everyone could have that ending.


00:56 Feb 09 2023
Times Read: 369




04:59 Feb 08 2023
Times Read: 382

Well. The loving couple split. Probably, nothing legs said was true. It did look like they were back together. But, Legs pulled a fast one. He picked up his bags, and said he was going to Walmart to pick up money for them.... But, he flew the coup.

It looked like Legs was just playing his mate. Just trying to get.

I told him a while ago, that if he does it, that he better hide. I bet he went to the mission that he calls a cult. He better not come out of there. LoL. Gay men...

Plus, I'm glad that he didn't do that when I hired him for cat sitting. He could have. If he comes back, I'll avoid.

Homeless isn't easy. I think I'm going to start applying, and ask if I can bring my 🐈. Weird. But, I've got to try.

I did give Legs friend some food. And, showed him the Arab food place. They had something that tasted Chinese. With peas, and a strawberry melody, and danish. I missed the falafel.

Tomorrow, I take out the old pen, and start looking for a job. Meanwhile, the place for housing is too far away. What to do, what to do.

I don't think I'll get my medicaid, so I guess I can move on from here soon.




15:25 Feb 07 2023
Times Read: 398

The guys that were supposed to leave tomorrow....
Love affair I think is over. I think I'm here holding the bag. Let's see if what legs was saying is true.

Cuz, legs left w his bag.

I told him that if he was going to stiff his lover, he better hide...

Moment of truth.




01:21 Feb 05 2023
Times Read: 415

I can't believe that I got everyone away from me, and did a ritual, at where I am. So awesome.

Legs has been flirting badly w men, and finally picked him up one. He's leaving for Kentucky Wednesday. Says he has a spot there, for his and his lover.

Meanwhile, GA broke up w me a while back, comes back, breaks up. LoL. Lots of booze and drugs, for me to deal with.... With him, and others. Always have to deal with it.

All by myself tonight. How does that song go...

Have to find a job, where I can bring my 🐈. Maybe, someone w rats will hire us.

Either got a cold or the smoking of the three guys is geyto me. Coughing all the time.

Ga. Burnt holes in my blanket, among many comets. He can't understand why I don't want him to buy me stuff. He knows. Cuz he's homeless and it would be mean for me to do that. End of story.



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