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19:16 Jan 27 2017
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To see what can't be seen..... hmmmmm to touch what can't be held.

Well Edwardo, better than To be or not to be.


Yup goin in, somehow to see and touch what looks like.

.... isn't there. Lol

Like a building block..... ? Or

Somewhat lie the media used to create a portrait. .... sort of like paint thinner.

To start my New Year Resolution, tonight.!!!




17:56 Jan 21 2017
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OK.... getting up.....

Had bread earlier.... could use some sugar. "what a life what a life"

Now, I was suppose to get that stupid clock w eyes and tail that move. But, was switched store. Then day off and then was sick. Crossing my fingers. Might not be there. :(

Went across to Subway, That was on the news yesterday, for a sugar drink. Saw a bus coming. So held a little back... thought it could be anti trump. But, no they threw Mardi gras footballs at me... lol.......

Sucking up my powerade.




19:29 Jan 20 2017
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Mon Dieu.... sick day!

Lol could have been any of the twenty different eats.

So need some medicine..... arg

Thought I was calling Karen. But was wrong one. Just need some bismal. But, to sick to go to the store to get. Friend was goin to take me in. But...... really need medicine. Mon dieu. No more Chinese, for a while

And no more eating.....

Friend stuck on river road.... he walking


Man. Black guy on bridge, who shot two people.

News will be telling why not to eat seafood. Now they tell me.




20:39 Jan 19 2017
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Well, just picked up my third copy, of Hyperspace. Lol. Not only a great read. But, a cat correct tor, dog mat and a hot plate for pans.... lol

And the Farmers Almanac, special Edition.

(Can't have one without the other.) ;)

Love the recipes, and the old tombstones.... lol

Chinese...... soon..... yum!




08:45 Jan 17 2017
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Have two books ready to be skimmed, for a sweet link.

The Windex man, put a circle, triangle, square. Actually, had significance. I just had a cat ink blot w disappearing whiskers.

He may had won this battle.

Don't know why, they want to stop the tunnel, in England. Could be interesting, what is underneath. The Time travel, I do, looks similar to Stonehenge. I am always closer to the circle wall on one side. The time points are in comparison. The bed. And a few other truffles. If I prove to myself that this is correct. Then, I might have to lose my virtue, to have Stonehenge re-established.





17:55 Jan 13 2017
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Lol.... edwardo..... that image was so accurate. Always look like you did nothing, after the hit. Lol

Maybe, he was, the guy that hung out, asking for money, in front of Brothers. Last time I saw him, he had a hat and coat on. But, last two times, he wasn't there. That one is a real looney. Talks to himself, all the time. Mostly, mean. Had them laughing when he said a few things, about kids and what not, in regards to me. But, first half was nasty. Hmmm. That guy is really crazy.

Meanwhile, got new book on my friends projects. Not what. I asked for, in regards. But, usable.

Lol. Poor Michigan. 105 fm




18:51 Jan 11 2017
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OK... favorite Chinese, tomorrow. Payback, is sometimes fun ! May get Hyperspace, for 3rd time... lol. Need a book case.

Lol. My Kit Kat stereo radio went down. So need a new player. Or maybe CD w micro anp. The old fashion players, take 25 dollar albums. Ouch. Need to budget.

Hmmmmm Disturb, Starset, Linking Park ;)




19:41 Jan 09 2017
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OK.... smart guy... made a new machine w fluid.....

It is a no go.... stopped the door from closing...

Anyway dead guys can't kill. Lol. Still Alive. Lol

Did a little spell last night... may need a little work.

The Windex guy is a little problem. But, can be blown off.




17:24 Jan 07 2017
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Had to link w something.... torrent weather. The globe was a little odd. Time to lay ground again.



06:01 Jan 08 2017

I like how you write in your journal. It's so, honest and there... if that makes since. Just wanted to tell you that.


01:56 Jan 06 2017
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Finally, bought the Hawking hardcover I wanted. And a Tesla book... fun awaits... starting tonight!



05:41 Jan 06 2017

which hawkings book did you get?


03:41 Jan 05 2017
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Tomorrow, O finally get a chance to get some books. To return a book, and what not... yup! Taken a day off....Sweet!

Omg.... cross dresser, that was last night,....asked me for number.... Tonight....on a date... and if I could be his dominatrix!!!!!! Lol

Eat your heart out Walmart!!!!!




Walmart cannot compete!

08:12 Jan 04 2017
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Mon Dieu....

At the French Quarter store where I work...

This guy, dressed in tight black pants and tight tank top comesin.... lol.... tries to hide his face.... tries a mask .... but, doesn't work. So he wraps his face up in a purple scarf. He puts some boob beads as his breasts. Then tries to see if he should show his belly...

So I go over to my helper to see what he wants to do.... he just stares.... lol

So I go back to my post... he then walks around to were I am... takes out a non stretch dress... and tries to put it on

... backwards.... so I told him he should have let me help him... so he gives me the dress. And, I setting it up.

As he puts it on. I tell him the truth... too tight.

He says no... but straps aren't right.....

Hump. All I have to say... is he is a medium.... and the Walmart utube videos of customers.. , do not compete....




03:52 Jan 03 2017
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What do I do, with a muscle spasm, on a bicycle, going to another location.... in a terrible rain storm. ...keep goin...

but, now... ouch...

And, at midnight... cease fire is offff!!!!!!"

Need to check out a ghost hotel. Will, also, have a study session. For my new husband to be. Lol. And I hope Edwardo plays nice with him. Nice.

The other guests, are suppose to stay behind the glass.

And, my replacement....

Starset.... Halo




13:40 Jan 01 2017
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Man, still not home yet. Not a good morn.... was short a small amount on register. Man. There goes my perfect count.... Mon dieu..... did a lot but still.... lol.... what was it.... it is killing me. Was two guys w same order, thought there. But I checked. Would be same amount. Mon dieu.....2 months every day....

Nobody's open. Damn. Needed to shop. Can't even stop at Burger King.



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