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16:03 Jan 21 2021
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Lol. Had one job offer. But, way way out. No buses. Would have been good, admin II.

Muted everything w Biden on Twitter. Be real folks. He is allowing caravans of immagrants into the country. Massive amount of people here, are unemployed. But, hey. They paid for his Presidency, why not. And. . . . What about all those workers employed building the wall. Layed-off. On top of that, all the money wasted. God Almighty. All for a vote. Can I stowe away back to France. Let's not talk about the kindergarten be nice shit. Or, the already informed wear masks. Ooooh and that guy, who, by the way, looks like a guy, who hates his body, and wants to be a women. Wow. Well . . . . At least it has a great job, right. It looks like a guy. I don't care. Freaky.

You know, if this country treated women like they do in Russia, being equal. I wonder if these men would want to still be women. Food for thought.

No musicians, actors..... Talking about Biden. Maybe I can keep my blood pressure down. . . . Have to fill my Twitter w something. . . Hmmmmmmmm that's it w Biden.

Well, tried doing a new type of circle. And new links, are still in investigation. Will get back on that. The Aether.




15:28 Jan 20 2021
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Well, pets didn't come into bathroom with me. Awwwwwww. Ha ha. Was so cute yesterday. Scooby cuddled all day, Yesterday. Still weird without Boo. Poe asked to take shower yesterday. Huh. Brought him in w me.

Goin to look around by foot. Sick of typing. Isn't much this week. Had toast w coffee. Lol. Raring to go.

No angles.




14:27 Jan 19 2021
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“This discovery rewrites the history of Saqqara and more specifically the history of the New Kingdom, which began 3,000 years ago,” he said.

Yup, they dug up The Book of the Dead excerpt.

Hawass told reporters at the Saqqara necropolis that archaeologists unearthed the temple of Queen Neit, wife of Teti, the first king of the Sixth Dynasty that ruled Egypt from 2323 BCE till 2150 BCE.

Archaeologists also found a 4-meter (13-foot) long papyrus that includes texts of the Book of the Dead, which is a collection of spells aimed at directing the dead through the underworld in ancient Egypt, he said.
Hawass said archaeologists also unearthed burial wells, coffins and mummies dating back to the New Kingdom that ruled Egypt between about 1570 BCE and 1069 BCE.

Hawass said his team had discovered a total of 22 shafts, including one containing a “soldier, with his battle-ax resting beside him”.

Thinking about going back to the book of the Dead. Hmmmmm

Well, I keep linking, with the Emerald Tablets. Just see the nararrator. I see mostly the guy with a beard. Cute, but. . . Has to be more than that. . . . He was eating, this morning. Let me see flat bread with guck on it. Ha ha ha. Not much of nothin.

Let's move into the treasures that have been dug up. Think about 2 days ago.

Well, this morning, got up, went to the bathroom, lol, other two cats went at the same time. Lol. Sweet. Cute.

Checked messages. Another Remote request. Some guy from India. Man. Mustn't give up.

And, Hey Rolex. . . . Saw Unexplained. . . . Pretty creepy. . . . Hope things are better!




20:22 Jan 18 2021
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Well, still a lil sad, miss my crazy cat! Scooby, is always on board. Baby, seems a lil sad. He use to sleep w both of them. Even the dog. And Poe, I think, has to have a shower w me. And, will probably, wash the flea drops off. Bummer.

Somehow I spent a lot of time on an app. Hopefully, one day, I won't have to fill out any more. There are ways to support yourself, w the internet, I learned. But, I just don't have the money to put into it, yet. There was a temp job for that, but, l would have had a main terminal.

The POTUS, is pardoning, a hundred. Sure, he didn't link w my link, w the Green Tablets? Odd. Never saw him so clearly. If he wanted astral help, he should have sent a notice earlier. At least he knows what he wants. But, never know. . . Still investigating! To me, he didn't do anything wrong. Everyone can express their opinion. This is America.

Look at that silly Alien meet at Area 51. Now that was a program. Not just chatter. Most people didn't show. And, of course, they got a lil rowdy.

Speaking of, I am sooooooo disappointed that The Potus didn't open that 51 Area. Lol. That would have been: to go out, in a blaze of glory.

Still wondering which way this clock is ticking.




19:04 Jan 17 2021
Times Read: 54

Woke up not worrying what to give Boo. Weird without him. He was a crazy cat, in a good way. Never had one of those. So gave Scooby, and Baby tuna, and macaroni to Poe. Sat up for a while, and Poe licked my leg once, which means, more food. Lol. So, gave cocktail Frank's. Lol. He ate all the macaroni.

Yesterday, was sad. Scooby was sad, and Baby was afraid. Neither would go near him laying on my bed for so long. Had him propped on the pillow. Till, my friend came by to bury him. In, the, daylight, in front of people, he buried him. Surprised, no one came up to us. No Louisiana Funeral. Had to do quickly. But, he was here long enough for his energy to rise here. Weird not worrying what to give him, today. Put, the other food back, on the floor, almost gone. Thats the natural Baby Chow. Plus, There was fleas, so bought new drops for pets.

Been in the dark all morning, got a headache. Scooby cuddled last night. But, all three seem fine this morning. Just have to get rid of the headache.

Can feel vibrations, today. Not astral.


Did end of the day soft food, already. Scooby, and Poe at the new cocktail Frank's, already. And Poe licked me again. Lol. Never seen them sooooooo hungry.

Poe just cried out. Baby took his pillow. Awwwwwww. Don't want to get in the middle. Need to get him another. But, he ripped the other two up. When I get a chance.

Must.get those turkey Frank's, again. They all loved them.

Caddyshack, and the animal I sympathize with.




11:00 Jan 16 2021
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Awwwwwww my cat went fast just now. I so glad that he didn't have trouble walking or eating. Just wetting. Never take in old cats. They go to fast. At least he went in better living. Truthfully, I never bought so much meat for any pet. Always cat food before Wow, I saw him eating last night, good. Had child's spaghetti, cocktail Frank's. Wish he just passed, in his sleep. But he woke up, having trouble breathing, and went within minutes. When he called, I got up fast,. Like my dad he was moving around great. Fed him sooooooo much human food, for such a long time. Lol. Whole chicks. Lunch meat that was thinely cut was the favorite. Loved pizza. Sorry I got mad at him last week. But, he acted the same. Jumping, eating. It was till I saw him sleeping, at the food, and waking , eating, sleeping. . . . . Sooooooo sweet. . . . My coven, a long time ago, told me never to attach. . . . At least he went in mins. And ate till the end. I only have one young, he is the tuna lover. The other old guy, looks like his dad, won't stop feeding them like I am. Costly, but funny, in a way. He was really a nice cat. When I was working, use to stop every night, to get meat, on the way home. Cuz I don't have a fridge. Glad I could be with him, and tell him how much I love him. Was so strong, a lil shocking.




15:45 Jan 15 2021
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Well, my break, into a new field, is thumbs down. Lol. And, my old cat is having trouble walking. But, still happy to be alive. Feeding him pretty good. Soft, that is. The dry, he doesn't like much anymore.

Last week for Trump. Was fun. Not your typical President. He was Business, not Political. Back, to the old Regime. Let's see what rules this one is going to break, like the former Dems. Back, to politics.

We needed a scientist, in office, truthfully. But, again, back to politics.

You know, I didn't feel the new society, like the others. For the others, I should say: In regards, to the tablets. An inter-twined new society, might be refreshing. No jobs out there but. . . . They might be better then those foreign store workers, w the guy w a Coke pinky nail, and no masks on. (And, that is the powder coke.) Actually,. . . . I'm sure. But, when a foreign entity is introduced into another entity . . . Some times. . . . .

Truthfully, the water translation, of the tablet is fun. But, it is worn down. Can't bear w it, too long.

That movie I was talking about is called:
1408. It is free on YouTube. Pretty good. Truthfully, I was thinking that, maybe, he should stop drinking that alcohol. . . . Could be that funny stuff in it.




08:59 Jan 14 2021
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Note: There was a noise, of me being a flame, after the current meditation. If I can remember more, than I will make note of it.

In reflection of the books I read, in regards to Egyptian Heirographics. . . . It is very difficult to get an accurate reading. The symbols change in meaning. For example you see a bird, and you think it has one meaning like the word bird. But, no. The picture of the bird has many meanings: Can be changed by a prior statement, Maybe a look of attire, Maybe by an unnoticed dot (that has been worn off). So just to allocate: any Heirographics, that are expressed and/or displayed can not be soley defined. That is why I stopped researching. I thought it to be awfully difficult.

Although, now I'm going to look further. And start to research and meditate on the perscribed sketches. (Just to see if real. And/or, to see If there is any connection with Thought (Thoth).)

Have to go back to a job search. But, I left the vocals, who are probably reciting from books.

Supposedly, this was found in Great Pyramid of Giza. If it is true Thothian: then it would have been in Heirographics. It is written in Arab. Which could not be the original Thoth. Although, they say that he has been proven to come back, incarnate, 3 times. Which could explain the tablets. If it is true, then his original works would suffice, in showing some evidence of this work, to be.

I'm going to check around, before going back to the tablet.

Note: a flame is actually good. Has to do w the spirit. Whew. That's good. Maybe I won't see red. It is in the Tablet writings. Truthfully, I wasn't listening, I was meditating on the readings.

I'm trying to stay away from Stonehenge, I think it keeps me out of work. But, there is some circles in the foundation, in the outer perimeter, that, too me, could be a Signifier of the Tablet. But, like I said, trying to stay out astrally.

Now, the tablet talks of joining in the vibration. The vibration is where you do the work. And, there are a few other things, which I'll keep quiet about.




14:48 Jan 13 2021
Times Read: 134

Job searches: so disheartening. I should have never moved here!

Well, another connection to the Green Tablets. Think, I'm picking up from the translators. But, this one was a lil more motivated, it linked w the Potus. . . . Astrally, I was talking to a female, young, who didn't have schooling or a past in schooling.... She didn't want to go into that category. So I explained that if she went and did such and such, she could go straight to college. And somehow the Potus and his wife was there. Said I could, but didn't approve of her or something. . . . There was, I think his car. That we needed. . . . Then he came back. . . . The Potus, that is. . . . Rest is writher sketchy. . . .
Think somewhere in there is a park.

You know I use to have two great translation books, of Egyptian Heirographics. But, that was a long time ago. Don't think I can remember. Maybe, I should try.

Like I said, I still think that Stonehenge compares to the water world, anyway.

Or come to think of it, isn't the Potus trying to get research articles, on aliens. Lol 👽

Got to get up and pay a bill. . . . woe is me!

Boo, slept behind something, think he was tired of being up so much yesterday. Gave him a lot of can meat. Didn't eat much. He didn't eat the dog food, last night. Was Poes favorite. . . . Cheese, and sausage. Ate it all. But, Boo and the others had some also.

Well, let me clean, dump, and pay. Like doing. . . . drop, roll and scurge.

New Moon today! Moon of the Wolf. Good time for outdorsey stuff.

Now let's talk last job. Truthfully, the occult crap was at a low. Till I left. After, hmmmmm. So. . . . .the hit. . . . .will it be towards the individual, or the owners of the position. Time will tell. There is a retard, in question.( Sorry, so cold) But, she understands the crimre. So. . . . .

Speaking of. . . . Monday, I didn't watch TV at all. Tuesday there was a movie that I was watching that depicts my situation. Couldnt leave it. Was actually a writter intertwined w ghosts. But, he went into a place where he went threw it, and threw it and threw it. . . . Couldn't get out of the hell. . . . So the room 1048, at the end, gave him an ultimatum,: again, to go again, or check out. He was a tuff guy, so he checked the room out. Lol. (Instead of hanging himself And, died with it.)The hotel manager was greatful. And, the writter got to be w his deceased daughter. I sympathize with this writter, for having to go over and over w the same peril and having to do what he had to do. which was, to outsmart it outsmart the hellien room.

.......... Well, my hot dogs are gone. Had one anyway. Didn't know the pets love hotdogs, not that much, anyway! Cute. I have never seen them eat w the dog. Sweet.

Now, if Trump was part of the establishment, represented by the retarted brick. Which could be another explanation, of the astral. If that is true. Then maybe, I should look into home security. Before, something may come tumbling down. Not by me though, I'm not that powerful. Keep that in mind. Lol

Lawrence - The Joke is on you. (Birds of Prey). . . .




15:32 Jan 12 2021
Times Read: 147

The PetFarmSaga goes on! My Boo, stayed on the floor, and ate ate ate, last night. Never seen him go into the dogs plate. Lol what they do when the lights are off. Lol. Baby, still swimming in the dog bowl. What a mess. Scooby a lil sloppy but not bad. And, Boo likes Ramen noodles, like his human buddy. Dog is having more fun. Let's see. I wanted to give them rice and burger, but, can't find burger cheap. The Dog, is a Saint.
Me, I was voted the messiest, when I knock off a plate of cat dry food off the bed.

Did a lil of the Green Tablets, not much to say!

Another day working on my apps. . . . Thought, I'd be back by now working. Going back to phase one isn't good.




22:44 Jan 11 2021
Times Read: 154

Man o man. . . I applied for a job w lots of stairs. Is that stupid or what. Maybe after year off, from RipIts. Lol. I was thinking. . . Can I hide it. Well, I could grasp the hand rail, and look normal. Lol. But, the stairs w out it. . . N. N. N. O. I would look like a problem. Have to use the left leg. Now, flat land, is great.a few stairs, hmmmmm fine.

Looked at jobs all day. There is one close-by, I think you need a car, went for one similar, and she told me I had to drive around the building. Tried to do it anyway. Knocked me out every time I looked info up aaaaargh. It is a different app.

Really, if I ever get money, like in NY, I have to get a lap top. This one fingure stuff, is stupid.

One more app to go. Lol. . . .

Boo ate good today, didn't wet anything that I know of. A lil cold today, in the app. I have the heater, on the desk, and still a lil chilly.




22:44 Jan 11 2021
Times Read: 155

Man o man. . . I applied for a job w lots of stairs. Is that stupid or what. Maybe after year off, from RipIts. Lol. I was thinking. . . Can I hide it. Well, I could grasp the hand rail, and look normal. Lol. But, the stairs w out it. . . N. N. N. O. I would look like a problem. Have to use the left leg. Now, flat land, is great.a few stairs, hmmmmm fine.

Looked at jobs all day. There is one close-by, I think you need a car, went for one similar, and she told me I had to drive around the building. Tried to do it anyway. Knocked me out every time I looked info up aaaaargh. It is a different app.

Really, if I ever get money, like in NY, I have to get a lap top. This one fingure stuff, is stupid.

One more app to go. Lol. . . .

Boo ate good today, didn't wet anything that I know of. A lil cold today, in the app. I have the heater, on the desk, and still a lil chilly.




22:34 Jan 11 2021
Times Read: 156

Man o man. . . I applied for a job w lots of stairs. Is that stupid or what. Maybe after year off, from RipIts. Lol. I was thinking. . . Can I hide it. Well, I could grasp the hand rail, and look normal. Lol. But, the stairs w out it. . . N. N. N. O. I would look like a problem. Have to use the left leg. Now, flat land, is great.a few stairs, hmmmmm fine.

Looked at jobs all day. There is one close-by, I think you need a car, went for one similar, and she told me I had to drive around the building. Tried to do it anyway. Knocked me out every time I looked info up aaaaargh. It is a different app.

Really, if I ever get money, like in NY, I have to get a lap top. This one fingure stuff, is stupid.

One more app to go. Lol. . . .

Boo ate good today, didn't wet anything that I know of. A lil cold today, in the app. I have the heater, on the desk, and still a lil chilly.




15:29 Jan 11 2021
Times Read: 162

Well that company is outside Louisiana. And, if there is a problem with money. Can't resolve w an inside lawyer. So. . . . Belle chase has some. But, no bus there. To bad, it pays great. Got to keep looking.

My oldest fell asleep in his food again. Lol. But, is more perkier. He is unassailable, due to age. But, because of him, I slept with out sheets/blanket, on the coldest night. Truthfully, they were clean and dripped out in the shower. But, when I went to check the dryer, there was no light. Can't get my two back, if I try. But, doesn't matter, there was no light in room.

All sheets and what not, back on bed. When Boo jumped on, I put him in the box, then put him back. Lol. Old cats. . . .

The dollar tree has plastic sheets. Should get one, now that everything is clean . . . .




19:53 Jan 10 2021
Times Read: 175

My oldest looked like he was starting to sleep in the new litter box. So, he has a get out of jail card and I cleaned up after him twice, without saying anything. Everytime, I go to the bathroom, I put him in the box, now. And, he goes, so that's good. He laid on me. And, ate his kitten chow, and spaghetti. It could be that he is tired, due to the dog, and the fact that he wasn't allowed on the bed. But, he wets. Let's see. Baby, just came out of a sleepathon. Maybe, a virus, who knows.

My friend, I feel so bad for. He keeps helping us. Hate, spending his money. Rather my own. But, was so nice of him to get the big Kitten Chow. Truthfully, this is the first time I have ever seen it. And, the scoopable, again. Although, I have a big bag of the other.

Scooby, is back on the bed again. But, he seems normal.

Started taking those vinegar pills. Lol. I think there giving me a slight headache. Been taking them all at once. Probably, need to take them before meals. Probably, burning off brain cells, instead of fat cells.

Had an interview for next week. But, said they would Gmail. And, I only see that marketing job for teamster insurance.Truthfully, my family was a member. But, the company ended up closing, and after all those years, were left w a package. Not good.

Still working on jobs, and the Emerald Tablets. True or not true, for tablets.) Hmmmmm. I never saw that Egyptian stone spoon before, and I use to pray often to Thoth. (Ended when I broke up w someone.)




22:56 Jan 09 2021
Times Read: 182

First Suicide Squad, then Night School: which is very funny. The hypotenuse jump, actually was really funny. . . .

And, thanks to Boo, my friend for the new litter box. Because, Boo, the cat, wanted to use it first. I don't like it near the bed but. . . .




18:53 Jan 08 2021
Times Read: 202

Lol. I just saw a wonderful video at the Capital, from the ITV, Garrahan. Was great. He went into the Capital, with everyone. Nobody even stopped him. Goes to show you. What did the Democrats say about cutting back police force. As usual, they are wrong. The funniest part is the name plate. Saddest, is the shooting.

The virus has hit high again. I think, because of those shots, and Xmas. People thinking they can get the shots quicker. And, the Holiday folk, who wasn't careful. But, let's not forget when the gov. said we didn't need masks, it doesn't do any good. And then. . . Plus, honestly, for all the taxes. . . They could give masks. But, hey. . . .

Disappointed that Trump won't be at Biden inauguration. He's stronger than that.




14:52 Jan 07 2021
Times Read: 218

Boo, is Passive Aggressive. What a horror. I know he is doing it on purpose now. Had to give him a lil bath. Really smelt. Seemed fine till this morning, when he peed on me, like he did the last time I bathed him. Aaaaargh. That's it instead of a hit, he went to jail. Yup. Jail. Just for 3hours. Don't think it did much, when I opened the door he didn't come out. Lol. I give up.

Going to see if the old litter is at the store. Been using scoopable. And got to get new boxes. There has to be a way.

But, I am suuuurrrre he did that on purpose. What does he think, like I wouldn't feel it, when he did it. Aaaaargh

Another, day.

Awwwwwww. Lol what a day. . . I came up w this idea, till I get a job, and get one of those soda mini friges. I bought condensed milk, for coffee. Worked, didn't go bad. What my mom had in the cubbart. W butter and sugar. Maybe, I should by Maxwell House. Lol

Still working on the Tablet. And, getting a job.

Oh, and let's not forget, that The Empire Striked Back!, Yesterday. When it was the Democrats, it was ok. But, I guess Darth was a problem. Lol

Already, Biden refuses to answer. . . . If he gets worse,. . . . I am sure the Election made up results, will come out.




17:23 Jan 06 2021
Times Read: 231

Well. Have to charge phone. Started to go through apps.
Had one call yesterday. But left an icon on phone. When I called, asked if I wanted to order. Gawd. . . .must be that fry job. Will try something else.

My wetter, is laying where food is, in front of the bathroom. No wet on bed. And, the Sneaky Pete, ended up sleeping on my bed by morning. Lol. Didn't have the heart to throw him off again. Gave the pets tuna casserole. Lol. They are set till tonight. And, always dry.

Luckily, I put paper on the desk, when I left yesterday. Boo hit that. But, that is an easy clean. Thought of getting another litter box for the bed area. But, Scooby is too messy. If he goes in it.. . . Well. . . No . Has to be in the bathroom.

But, dilema over. Got Boo back to the other area. Lol.

Back to working on apps. Whew!

I can't believe that they made a movie of the game that me and my dad played, when he was a goat. Lol. Umbrella. . . .
But, the games seems better. Lol. Had to cheat with the cheat book. Lol. Was fun though.

Lol, maybe, we are infected w the T Virus.

Take it back about Boo. He isn't better. Had to give him a bath. At least he didn't scratch.

Ok. Applied, Applied.




13:26 Jan 05 2021
Times Read: 239

Well, you know who, woke me up, by wetting you know what. So I threw him off the bed. He jumped back on, hit him once again, since two days ago. He looked at me shocked. Gawd. I give up. No more one slaps. I hate doing that anyway. So, I have to try to be smarter. All the food is back in the area that it was originally in. Put him there twice, w his favorite, tuna in oil. So now he has to walk back to the other side of the room. Not getting threw to him, so, I have to be smarter. He jumps all over the place. He can walk back there, nothing stopping him. Maybe, I'll set something up nicer. Dollar store permitting.

He jumped on me to the bed table. Gawd. Watching him. He is looking at the clean bed. Lol. I just put the clean sheets on. Gawd. He is about 70. Sooooooo actually he reminds me of my dad at that age. Sweet. I bought my dad a game to amuse himself. He use to break it, by flinging it, when he couldn't do something. Was easier to by another. What a goat. Boo, isn't a goat. Just stubborn. Lol.

There were better things for me to apply at, this week. So let's see. Feel better. Poor Scooby has been so good. Maybe, tense at the anger w Boo.

Gross horror flick is on. My friend would love it. He likes those killer clowns. Me. . . I'm a sort of a Captain Kangaroo person myself. Lol. Certainly, not Romper Room. . . .




15:41 Jan 04 2021
Times Read: 255

Woke up and did twenty five sit ups. And, will do more later.

If I can get in a habit, of getting up, excercise, clean and set pets up. ... Bleached sheets and blankets , matress, to keep nice.. . . Perfect perfect. . . . Poor Boo, got so mad at him last night. I really cater to him. But, he has it in his mind. . . . Finally, gave him a scare w the pillow hitting the desk. But, he was same this morning. Hoping. . . . Got through to him! I'm the boss. Lol. What I think anyway. Hopefully, will find more litter boxes at the dollar store. Have been out of that nd the scratch pad.

Appled at another temp, but, would prefer a permanent job.

Almost all cloths are washed.. . . Blah. Blah. Blah

My pets would have died a long time ago, if I didn't switch the food. My poor boo, bought the big kitten chow, but, it is the natural. Gawd. I have a bad feeling. Maybe. You know That was so nice . Beyond the norm.

Maybe, I can learn to make my own dry. I have a toaster oven. Next time I go to the library. I'm going to see if there is a recipe to print out.




01:44 Jan 04 2021
Times Read: 264

Watching Dracula - Dead and Loving It. For an old CD. . . Really is in good shape.

So bored. Locking myself in so I don't spend. . .

A job I never started might start soon. Let's see. . Virus is up due to the Holidays. That one is only an extra.

Was reading about symptoms you have after the virus. Well, I definitely had the fog brain. And scar tissue. Body ache, not sure. Came out of the fog. But scar tissue. . .

Hopefully, will get a job fast. Tired of being locked in.
Even with Covid all around.

Been studying the Emerald Tablets. Stonehenge actually seems like a description that is used. Who knows, maybe a preist built it.




Happy, I think, 2021

19:45 Jan 01 2021
Times Read: 290

Another year! Surprised I made it. But, I had a lot of help from my friend. Kisses

This year, I am going to stay away from RipIts. Hopefully.
And, goin to start to excercise. Lol. Wouldn't mind goin back to school. But, broke right now.

Jafar Jafar. Goin to rename you Warden Gad Hassan, if I see that Roach again. You know what happened to him. Lol

Started my study. . . . Saw a stone spoon trying to enter my mouth. Egyptian. Bit it and spit it out. Lol. Maybe I am still in a bad mood.

The orchestrator of a reading, I attached to. . . . She was not to be trusted. To cut to the quick.

Sportmix, killed 28 listed dogs. Sad. Really can't trust dog or cat food.

My boo bought Poe,Chef Boyardee, and the cats the new kitten chow. Maybe, I'll open it today. . . . Aaawww what a sweet.

Drinking, coffee! And watching Monk.

Ah oooo. . . .

Nemo. . . . It's a Godzilla Marathon. . . What ur people are really known for. 🦎




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