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05:30 Jul 23 2016
Times Read: 1,034

I checked out my new place of work, and was checked out. He said instead of part time, will be full time. Monday I fill ou my paper work. And Tuesday I start official.

Was so beautiful to walk. Was wound up. So walked back.It rained so it was a great cool down. Sweet people, and place.




12:30 Jul 22 2016
Times Read: 1,040

Lips are burnt. And, very hot sun.

Haven't been eating much. So,, bought vitamins. Only dollar store. Type. Lets see. Lost enough weight to get in my thin jeans. Yeah. More weight loss to go. Hot dog diet.

Three franks a day, no bread, not even hungry.. Although, I drink sugury things.




16:42 Jul 21 2016
Times Read: 1,047

Saw my cat boo rubbing my face, in my mind. Someone said love. Actually, cat did do it earlier.

Need more resumes. Time to do more walking.

Still cant figure out how to pull this threw.

Landlord was written up, had to put fence around trash. Worried, see how it is on this street. It isn't just his. The carpet place, uses it.

Bet, it was hospital. He won't sell out.




23:42 Jul 20 2016
Times Read: 1,053

Everyone at the 330 cooking. Interview actually felt nice. He said that he'd pay me what I was making, in the last job. , and he'd call at the beginning of next week. But, how do I pull it threw the hoop.




15:01 Jul 20 2016
Times Read: 1,058

Was quiet, except for romey,, as usual. And mr. Voodoo...

Application was easy, for a three page. That place is close.. Not sure how to dress this afternoon. Interview is a little far.

Put, a ghost picture of myself, on internet. Pretty cool.




22:13 Jul 19 2016
Times Read: 1,063

Walked around, did cold calls, found someone hiring for two positions. So, first thing, when they open will bring my app back. Nice and close. Who knows.

Got a call for an interview tomorrow, afternoon.

Don't think I can do another one. This one is far away.

Have a crank from the internet, again.

Heard someone female this morn. I knew, that one, from two men and a truck, now romey, fess up. Gave his card to him/her, for business, a long time ago. Heard her when romey went off his perch. Unbelievable. I haven't had sex with him, since way before I worked at Bienville House. That is a long long time. So, he was free to find a squirm. No Problem. Truthfully, at one of the ball games, I said they were a perfect match. But, I was right about keeping my card, away from the duo. (I think they are suited.) Both, on the psycho realm. Woe is me.... living in the world of Satanist.

Heard again from a very handsome Russian. Nice to chat with a foreigner. Must get him out of mind, too old!




14:43 Jul 19 2016
Times Read: 1,069

Talked to Stephen, the Stonehenge slide man. And gave, my thanks. His slide show was a gateway. Had tried a cross link. Me, ghost, Stonehenge. Maybe, it tried to show me the passage. Must be to a different place, other than the internet for souls.

Did a ritual in circle, astrally. Using the druid globe. Instead of sun, I filled w each quarter. At each station. Trying not to use any cross.

Wasn't much to apply at. Got a call in morning but sounded phony. A temp service. Also, applied at something like Wal-Mart. But, it is close to home. And I like the lady. And, there was one on the internet, that was great.

Getting Warmer!




14:29 Jul 18 2016
Times Read: 1,080

Did another ritual. This looked nice. Used different method. Not doing well on the job hunt. think I'm in trouble, put A protection spell. Think it might be stopping me. Damn if I do damn if I dont.

Started reading, and seeing what I am reading, in my mind. Also, things needed, seeing in my mind. Mark of genius, or maybe losing it.

Other job, supposedly had a killer in it. Such a snag. The world is full of ears, he really needs to move on.

So sick of the same kind of job search. There has got to be a better way.

Russel, were u the dog? What to do about you.




23:28 Jul 16 2016
Times Read: 1,096

Was watching slides of stonehenge and picked this word. I think. Hard to spell something you don`t know.

Transliterated Word TDNT Entry

Chalaph TWOT - 666 Phonetic Parts of Speech khaw-laf'  Verb Definition 1. to pass on or away, pass through, pass by, go through, grow up, change, to go on from a. (Qal) 1. to pass on quickly 2. to pass away (vanish) 3. to come on anew, sprout again (of grass) 4. to pass through 5. to overstep, transgress b. (Piel) to cause to pass, change c. (Hiph) 1. to change, substitute, alter, change for better, renew 2. to show newness (of tree)

Saw a glimpse, of I think, female: was covered. Had white thick socks, w a hard sandal. And white hoodie, regular baggy cloths.

Felt like I was letting go from my body. Almost like going to sleep.

Trying to get the (blank) out of it. Hit a time wall. Started to wrap in it. But, I dont know.

There was another word, the night before. Didnt see it in english. Discarded.

Someone mentioned Khalil. There is no interplay there. Just watching.




14:30 Jul 16 2016
Times Read: 1,108

Need to get up. Have to start program. We talked yesterday, about a job I liked. They closed because someone, didn't perform the show right. And someone under her took the other client. I remember, w sea grams, the lawyer saying if you lose it, you close. But, again, the lawyer told me he use to handle money for high paid escorts, in the business.

But, let's face it. The bat the Saints have, isn't a good example. Media crucified them w drug use,and injury payoffs. Team member leaked. Other info is great.

Was person there from convention center. Hurricane season time, lay offs. Not a good job.

Her center was Scientology. But, like rich people, she started w a attractive guru. Went down. Plus the school was edging in.




02:16 Jul 16 2016
Times Read: 1,114

Last night, I tried to get my ghost to move the hanging disco ball. Last night. Was a no go. That is really, stupid. if I was a ghost., I'd be mad.

Watching outer limits. Like the one w deformed babies. Don't think the parents would act hateful to them, in real life. Look at the virus, today. Parents still love them, even w a bigger head.

The Outer Limits w the streaming, might be a good thing.

Its dark now. ..................

..poor ghost




17:43 Jul 15 2016
Times Read: 1,126

Treating myself to a cup of coffee. Whomever, barked, thanks. It was awfully load. Arrived a few minutes late. But, it was like going to the convention center, for a lecture. Really, was great. I lack empathy. And I like that center, principles. Although, there aren't too many jobs with principles. Awesome lecturer. Even have a certificate.

Rain, Rain. Love it, it makes things cool. But, it rained a bit too much, ducked out in east jeff library. Going over what I should go into. Applied for a different array. But, not sure if they are legit. If they don't ask for walk in, then maybe in limbo. Must, look like a fright, I am.

Thinking restaurant, so that I can do my studies and stay part time. Once I get a job that is full time. But, really do not want to be bothered with alcohol. Really, have to get out of limbo, myself. Gave one hundred towards electric, and pretty much wiped me out. So really, have to focus on a position, position, position.

I know my landlord had something to do with last job, cuz he started talking druid at the end. (little did he know that I would link with the Green Street Ghost. Now is he druid, or is it that the energy is just linking with the image, that the landlord gave.) Hopefully, there will not be anymore interplay. I don't fit there group. Can't put a circle in a square, nor a square in a circle. Hopefully, the butt and booby movement, will come to an end. Maybe, you haven't notice; I can't blush. Haven't since I initiated, in wicca. So, why bother. How nice it would be if you wouldn't disturb me, with trivial nonsense. I realize Louisiana is a small town, But... Will try not to go into your backyard, if you try not to come into mine!

Tried to do a ritual, in Stonehenge last night, astral. Started it, but, trying to feel my way around. Working a circle that is. Please don't anyone give me there advancements. Trying to do an very old ceremony. Very old.

My coven changed. So when I have time, I have to upgrade, and rate everyone. Sorry, all really have to rate soon!




01:40 Jul 15 2016
Times Read: 1,137

U know, looking at a key, actually, is like looking at Stonehenge. You have the cut blade. Shoulder

Bow. They do have a inner circle. The hole would be where they do the ritual. That is why he banged on the ground. And showed mr the circle, lit up.

So what does it open. Maybe the abyss. Aren't the stones of metal property. But, again, no levitation.

2009 at Forward Operating Base War Eagle in Baghdad, Iraq.

A key is a device that is used to operate a lock (such as to lock or unlock it). A typical key is a small piece of metal consisting of two parts: the blade, which slides into the keyway of the lock and distinguishes between different keys, and the bow, which is left protruding so that torque can be applied by the user. A key is usually intended to operate one specific lock or a small number of locks that are keyed alike, so each lock requires a unique key. The key serves as a security token for access to the locked area; only persons having the correct key can open the lock and gain access.




22:48 Jul 14 2016
Times Read: 1,142

Took three attempts: took forever but, enrolled w state. Won't get much. But, enrolled in brush-up courses. And I am on the system. So another employment option. Now, if I can find something till I get all the courses over with, how wonderful that would be. Awesome, Idea. But, took all day. Plus, did some new apps. Think I am heading in the right direction.

I can type, but need brush up course. And all the software, I am sure has been updated since last used. So Need to advance. Think I did a good idea. Going to do some class tomorrow, before looking for work. Lets' see. Otherwise, on-line. Brush up.




13:44 Jul 14 2016
Times Read: 1,146

The druid and the stone circle

The stone in front is called a key. Doesn't look like one to me. But.

He was using the image I created w my hand tapping fast in the center. Thought he was telling me off. But, no. Wanted my attention. Showed me where the circle is cast. That's it so far. Fell asleep last night. That was from morn. Could be from that I love to tell stories, guy. Kidded with him before I did it.

Lots to do today. Best be off. Headache. Ate wrong.




21:41 Jul 13 2016
Times Read: 1,152

Looking for jobs, temporarily stopped. Early start, in morn.

Think the druid did one more thing. A few of my enemies he threw thick blankets over, a few. Astrally. Thr blankets we re two inches thick, Astrallylike a runner. AstrallyStarting from the cchest over the back astrally. . Thought, it was to make it dark, for them.. Not sure

He likes to work in the dark.

Internet for the dead, I've seen astrally. It is like a void, where you see images of people. They don't talk, or look complete. Think they lose there image. How the druid broke free, and is thoughtful, is amazing. I've got a pic. But, to me, it was connected, to the internet. Should try to get another pic. It would have to be w him behind me. Will try to connect him with Stonehenge, later.




17:33 Jul 13 2016
Times Read: 1,160

Had some silliness this morning. Belated Birthday wishes. One of the utube, was singing space aliens, in a pod. Giving a flower. Perfect.

Then tried to link druid, w the stone circle. Saw one arch, and fell asleep. CANT do that till after job search. Had dreamt that the fuel bucket was a gateway. Some get ground, few pass threw. Still like mine, hydrogen fuel separater is better. Speaking of hydrogen, N. KOREA LOOKS EDGY.

BACK TO JOB SEARCH. Thought person texted. In Bucktown. No transportation, at night. Saw some others. Person for part time canceled. Would have to be available, in case of call out..




23:11 Jul 12 2016
Times Read: 1,167

Hugh water spout on lake. Lake view. Sweet

Got two calls one, I applied to before. Waste

Other, asked if could just do them, part time. No but

Another is a thought.. but.....

One, I saw, a temp service thought about.

Just wasting time. Raining.




14:40 Jul 12 2016
Times Read: 1,182

New bill place is so far away. Not theived. Told me old place, must have been asking for illegal dollars.

Was going to stop at Rouses, and saw peanut butter. Felt full. Had some for breakfast. Didn't go in. Felt full.

City, don't know why I bother. Druid, is odd. Talked strange. Started saying, I'm picking up on sadness, and gloom. I like tourist, though.

Saw Heidi. So much better on new meds. She should get her teeth done. Would look like a model. Romey, should think about meds.

No flea bites. Damn. The couch was covered.




03:45 Jul 11 2016
Times Read: 1,194

Checking help wanted ads, not much. But, did apply for a few.

Found a hidden bill.. Under someone's name. Mon Adieu.

New spell. So far other is good. Bindings, for enemies. And weather.

But, need a rush one. .. doesn't really matter what... always the same.... just rush.

Meanwhile saw this molecule box. Pretty cool. One sideunordered, other ordered. Interesting.

Somebody talked about drug enhancement. Well, it alters, yes.

Someone talked about fuel and orbital alignment, for Stonehenge.




00:55 Jul 10 2016
Times Read: 1,208

Mr. Drone is such a tree swinger. Definitely likes being tied up. Guess his hooker days are coming to the end. Know what happens to old hookers,............... mandrake root is best. Maybe looks best. Someone thinks that I should call Mr. Drone, Mandrake. Ohhh OK!




00:55 Jul 10 2016
Times Read: 1,208

Mr. Drone is such a tree swinger. Definitely likes being tied up. Guess is hooker days are coming to the end. Know what happens to old hookers,............... mandrake root is best.




14:57 Jul 09 2016
Times Read: 1,215

Saw I cue picture, of a child, standing in front of a hanged man putting a silent signal on. Have to download. So..... what is going on astrally, you know, they say mandrake root grows under a hanged man. You know why.




14:47 Jul 08 2016
Times Read: 1,224

Well, let's see who's ground I have to spit on today!!! Maybe I should get some white slips, myself. Hmmmm. Mr. Voodoo's influence.

OK, redid spell. Whew! Need to get payments rolling.

Goin to get pet food. Job search on way home. Maybe check out city. But, essence is over. Doubt if there is anything.




01:09 Jul 08 2016
Times Read: 1,238

U know the spell I did lacked time. Ooooops lucky it is waxing moon. See wording is everything. Let's try this again.

Why Hannibal is talking to me about going door to door. I don't know. You really need to advice someone else. Your company isn't doing well, either. Unimaginal basterd. Sure even without labor ready, u are not doing well. Solicitations are not welcome these days.

Noticed Australia is trying to do something for everyone to survive. Mentioning that they were thinking of paying everyone the same here. But, wonder if that is communism.

What about the union. Nobody I saw was there that long. So what is w all of that. Just bull.

The union was in charge. At corning glass, Ri. Sold out to Sylvania. Then to .Osram. Or vise versa. Lot of people had to take early retirement's or lose everything.

I here a lot of church goers astrally. Hate to tell them. Their bible stress differently. According to that, they are evil.

Every year, this drug/drone thing gets nastier, and more warped. Can Trump bring the state of the government back. Doubt.

I don't even know why we bother to have borders. Maybe all the countries should open up.




15:10 Jul 07 2016
Times Read: 1,249

Found a free mathematics book. But, no answers. Looks like fun. A different world. No better. But, different. Saw the circle with the lines. Is 2 perpendicular diametric chords separate a circular region into four parts having equal area. Now, if I put a sphere at each end. And there is a different community.

Bought few stuff, for pets. Looked through ads for two hours. Applied a few places. But, a lot apply. Saw two to go to. One is for kids, the other, needs a car. Going to look again soon. Will hold payments till I find something.

Skank started on me this morn. Shorts look like underwear. A chuck wagon. Mr. Voodoo would be so proud. I spit on her ground. Now see.. didn't that look smart.

Trying not to call, Romney. Went nuts on me. Looked like crazy guy he was talking about. Drugs are OK, though.

He would say.

Hot day, in LA. Well goin to check new ads.




13:42 Jul 06 2016
Times Read: 1,260

Well. Was so exhausted. The call that was blocked last week. The woman started talking and the sound cut off for a while. Said hello, a few times and after 30 seconds more, came back still talking. Turns out insurance. The guy, wouldn't say exactly what he was interviewing, in regards to.. Was worried, GES. Google has nasty commits, about, their union. Hmmmmm But, again insurance. Not something, I would apply for. Takes too long to build, and needs licences.

Oh and GPS, left me at west metarie rd. Was, actually on other side.

Fleas are going down. Know, for sure, it was from job. Saw two on on my arm, from the carpet. Maybe, brought, spiders from there also. Have them this year.

Lost temper last night. Must keep in check. Maybe, just exhausted.




23:52 Jul 05 2016
Times Read: 1,272

Two interview s and SS. On a very hot day.. Cost a lot for buses!

U know, my little ghost reminds me of a book I read, Esparanza, I think. The story is about ghost that take people over. Push them into a room, in their mind. And, use their body, briefly. It is extreme. But, the point is made. Wonder how he became like that. Drugs?

Also, wonder if all those white slips, are SS Cards. Mon Dieu. The cop said ten years. But, with a experienced lawyer, min. Just fine. Mon Dieu.




09:17 Jul 05 2016
Times Read: 1,275

Touched something twice, that I know not to touch. But,my body seems to do it automatically. Odd. Holiday week over. Going for interview, and going to check about another company, that I was setting up for. Plus, someone grabbed my ss card again. So, have to do that. Hate this place, for that reason. Too many Mexicans. Always missing, voters card and ss. So, will be busy.

Was a few fireworks. But, stress ... a few. Apple pie wasnt bad. Really, havw to find a stable job. Seems like this place will be condemned, or bought out, by hospital. Not to many old buildings, left, on this street. HmmmHmmm




12:24 Jul 04 2016
Times Read: 1,281

Bummer, no fireworks! Nothin last night. Maybe, they were made illegal. Very quite.

So Mr. Drone tried to do something,, but Im no longer there. Nemo was in distance, also. No ghost appearance. And no fireworks.

Well, Happy Fourth!!!




21:06 Jul 02 2016
Times Read: 1,299

Have an interview Tuesday. And no, not Walmart, suburbia. Sounds like nice lady. But, phone cut on and off during expose. A little worried.

So ... what might be the restaurant, on the ghostly Green Street, England. Looks like a house ... with pointed roof. How odd. Thanks, Google. When he pointed, thought it looked like a house. Surprisingly...

"Ain't that A Kick in the Head"




16:31 Jul 01 2016
Times Read: 1,306

Last night dreamed of evil family members. Dead and alive. My Godchild made the list. My aunt, on my fathers side was there.they first came in an stared, at me. Left, came back, and talked nice to me. Hmmmmmmm

Know how that is.... "That's Life". Huh Frankie.



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