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01:15 Jul 31 2018
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Man what a mess, I was suppose to get a steady job today, and the lunch wagon, messed it up for me. Well, I guess my dress was too wet from this morn. anyway. If it would have been me, I would have been walked out the door. Mon Dieu. Was worried about the gunman all day re:Claiborne. Must go home.

Anyway, AI, I am about to cut off from this journal, soon.

But, I did check my hand held journal. The Alien, LOL, had no time on the clock, when I went on into it's time. And, I said something about emersion. But, I don't remember. So, you are on your own. I have pressing matters that I must attend to. As usual.

Was interesting, if you get a chance to read this entry!




17:23 Jul 28 2018
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Well I started to dissipate the Mandala's.... Ooooops I made two Stonehenge, but, not ritually. The other two, I just need to lay the ashes. LOL

Someone, lets call him AI, made a note astrally, that Maybe the water on Mars is that water I had seen. First Alien LOL.... Can't hurt this civilization.... can only help..... LOL...

Forgot about that leap, sorry, you'll have to deal with it....

Still in the dissipation....

Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Official Music Video) ----------------------------------------------------------------------




19:23 Jul 27 2018
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Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Official Music Video)

Hmmmm actually, had a great day that I gave to do the interview. Friend even picked me up and gave me chicky and a ten. Which was needed. What a life saver. Was a great day!

Was cut some more hours. Not that I didn't expected. Which is OK, very racial in there. Really need another outlet. Just Applied at a few good ones. Have the weekend. Thinking positive, I am sure my therapist would approve.

And, someone left a ton of old candles in the throw out spot where the stairs are. Hmm got a bunch, some a little warped, not very good. But, most are great..... must be pretty old. LOL .33, I haven't see in a long time. Maybe will have my own spooky place.

Looked up the Manadala, symbol I am using. It says that it could be a sun, moon, universe.... Isssssss Veeerrry Hoooooot!!!!!!!!

My other spell was cut off. Have a bad feeling that it is a Sun. That might be why Carl Jung, talked about the vessel that I use in The Stonehenge Circle. I thought that maybe he journeyed there. But, nah Might be the Mandala. A lil too hot!!!!!!

Speaking of therapist, he likes to get people relaxed with the after death.




16:43 Jul 25 2018
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I left early, so I can use the end of my day past, for the mid library. Found another day pass, yeah! Then missed the bus, after buying a drink. got on the wrong bus. Next, on the street car. Went to closed library, and saw couple that I met yesterday, in front, from the restaurant. Awwwww, wanted to give me a ride. But, I have a free pass! So they walked me to the street car. LOL They told me where the new library is. Will change plans and go the opposite way, to a interview for the scary holiday. LOL Actually, everything today has worked out fine.... So far.....

Bebe Rexha - I'm A Mess (Official Music Video)




00:41 Jul 24 2018
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Lol.... Been keepin my New Mandala's with me.... The ones I did a ritual on.... Only the protection one, did a circle mount..... Hmmmmmm




00:38 Jul 24 2018
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I forgot to mention, Lol, Ms. Nancy Sinatra, had passed away, and I never mentioned. The mother of the infamous, Nancy Sinatra, and first wife of the legendary Sinatra..... Awwwwwwww. I'll never forget, when her daughters album came out, and my mother markered an outfit on her/lol..... on her album..... lol I had to listen to it, to see why my mother colored some cloths on her..... lol These Boots are Made for Walkin!

Well, found a fun seasonal part-time job, that pays good. Let's see if I get it!




22:44 Jul 22 2018
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Have to check my Manadala…. Cuz where is the rain.

Love the death scene the other Astral, was great after when I made noise.




19:58 Jul 20 2018
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Been Quite in the Home Front....

Splurged and got a velour Dino Blanket, with a cheap pillow, and bought a dollar red satin pillow to go with it. WalMart out of Jurassic Word stuff, Almost. Bummers. No T-Shirts. Found 2 cheap plastic dino's in clearance. LOL

uh oh! on the weekend off next week. Maybe will slice my ours, as usual. Must get a 40 Hour. LOL. Nothing on Indeed.

Ahhhh just me and Carl....

Cheap Trick - The Flame




20:22 Jul 19 2018
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Man O' Man, This poor kid on the side of me was punched and crying, again. Usually I hear him overnight, early in the morn. Now, during the day. Screaming and crying. I don't think I ever did that when I was that young. How heart breaking, if I had a heart. I wanted to knock and say, Can I Help you, to the mother! The other part of me wanted to give him some plastic dinosaurs. (Although, that would be little console.) A woman down stairs walked down the hall saying you hate your kid, you hate your kid. I don't think she is handling this, too well, either. Maybe, I am becoming Sling Blade. How very sad. He should be out in the park, or playing on a computer in the library.... there are a lot of things that they could do for free together. Made a bit of noise.... getting tired of the abuse.

Seems that: that apartment, always has a abused kid....

The other night, astrally, there was a coven, lol, started to take there close off, I think that there was a dark hair guy for me, I think. I said na, not going to take part, then, I started singing: So Long Dearie - Hello Dolly (YouTube) Something, that I actually would do, he listened to my words made up after the original few words beginning. LOL.....
LOL.... the grey hair guy (Who actually is there leader.) actually sang it with me.... although he used his words, like Chevy Chase.... LOL I did threaten him! Here is a song for him......Vegas Vacation opening scene

He went to the circle of a mandala.... hmmmmmm Mearrrrrrrrrrrrr Yup made a good one the other night!

Then he sent a killing scene of me with a dismembered arm. With a mic in it.
Then I attacked him as a ghost. And he tried to get my ghost..... LOL this is toooooo much fun! Reminded me of Carl Jung's Ghost stuff.... Sweet.

Who is this Coven!




21:22 Jul 17 2018
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Man O' Man, nobody lets us know that the waiter turned oys,, then the new sheet says somebody who is not there. Then ms snot nose, snaps on me when inquired. Saying I should know. My God what an Idiot..... If I had done that.... There would have been a drug test.... LOL Have to get out of the Food Biz!

(While I'm at it.... Might as well finish, the guy I talked about on the first day about family, uses the same technique as the Irish GAY fag. No Offense, What a dumbbell.) Actually, Edith BunKer, Mon Dieu! Not as nasty as what he did, is what I am saying.

Meanwhile, a couple of days ago, I went into my personal library, and wrote no more Stonehenge till winter. Although, was tempting for Mr. Carl G. Jung. But, toooooooo Hot. So, did my usual after.

Speaking of library, I gave a set of keys, that I found on the road, that looks legit, a lot of keys, to the librarian, in hopes that they will call the person, that has lost the keys; seeing that there was a library card on them.

Mr. Jung's disproval was correct! Will have to link to with his energy again on a later date.

Need lots of energy around to find a good job!

Never Give Up, Never Say Die!

And I am so sick of scrawny, Ugly, People, claiming they are beautiful.... Get a Life! And making fun of everyone walking by, oh, who ain't black, that is. Maybe I need fake hair, also!!!!

Well any way, back to job search, or should I say .... Star Search.... LOL

Alright, Found a cute Dragon Game....

Making my own Dragon Up Now, Just like they do on Jurassic Park!!!!




01:23 Jul 11 2018
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Walk the Dinosaur performed by Ice Age

Thanks to WalMart, Jurassic World is stronger, with t-shirts, blankets, pillows and movies....

So, got to get a good job......


working on something new...




17:15 Jul 06 2018
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Uh oh.... GODZILLA 2: King of the Monsters (2019) Teaser Trailer #1 Concept - MonsterVerse Movie [HD]


Boo better practice up with the Jurassic Park game, and the shoot game, AT THE THEATER....
Yeahhhhhhhh…….. Bet ya Again!!!!!! LOL


Walk the Dinosaur performed by Ice Age




21:53 Jul 05 2018
Times Read: 1,197

Man, I have such a dinosaur fetish. I love anything with dinosaurs. But, has to be on sale.... I can see my collection growing. Sweet. Never should have seen Jurassic World 2. So, Awesome. Everybody cheered at the end!!!!!!

Walk the Dinosaur performed by Ice Age …………. Walk the Dinosaur (Disney Style)

Picked up on, my experiment, w/ Jung. Started his thing. And did do a Stonehenge Astral. Ended up with a ball between the outer stones and the wood posts, at :45.

Oh, did a storm Mandala!




18:44 Jul 03 2018
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MC Hammer - 2 Legit 2 Quit

Cousin It - Too Legit to Quit

Or more like

Mc Hammer-Addams family groove



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