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06:06 Jul 24 2019
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Watching the Proper People. Has a bunch of Louisiana places. I love the one w the park. Always wanted to go there but BF just wants to do nasty astral. Did go to 6 Flags w friends, family, and x husband. This La Abandone one is diffrent. Fun.

Makes me think of that Zafari across from 6 Flags. It was a drive threw. Lol. We were in his car with duct tape stuff outside. Went threw the striped ape section. Forgot name. And of course we had to feed them. They sat on car. But, didn't pull anything off. Lol.

Holy Cross, never saw. Bad shape.

Use to work in construction, so seen a lot myself.

Well took some pain killers finally. Not aleve though. Just had aspirin. Ahh

Heard man who calls himself King, now call himself Lucifer. So spy game is still on. Do I need to spy. No anything I see is openly done. Dealing, selling. Not something that I care about. I have a life. Don't need someone elses.




02:13 Jul 24 2019
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Heard alarm on someones TV, so charging phone. RAIN is kicking up. Maybe shouldn't have given dog flea bath. May get cool.

If this is Moon over Stonehenge, will only last one revolution. Not bad for a broken up orifice. If it is.




12:26 Jul 23 2019
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Pain pain pain. . Store close didn't restock liter after storm. Walked six miles.
Walked 3 up and down.

Cool front coming. Supposedly. Don't see the ecpected temp.
Think news is under foreign control. Lots of mess ups. Lol. Like that movie w Rowdy Piper.

Plus, looks like we are goin to war w Iraq. Let's see.

The Vatican, has a hugh amount of unidentified bones from one of the cemetaries, where dead girl found. Yup. . They Found missing girl under angel pointing down. The news is getting deep. They said missing princess, prince's bodies. Due to a clean up.
? Wonder who killed missing girl. Bet . . . Someone of importance.




01:15 Jul 23 2019
Times Read: 1,389

Diablo, is quiet. Ok a little extreme. But, quiet is not good for a goat. Up to something....

Did try library for a job.... nothin much....

Soooooo Broke

There has got to be a way....



01:53 Jul 23 2019

U mean Diablo II?


21:15 Jul 21 2019
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Ok* I looked up what that guy had on his badge. Pulled up Florida. First coast home inspector, llc. If I force it for Louisiana, it comes up w 3 places. For sure on the tape he said IDCI.

Truth is that I had an inspector over a month ago.

I think I am being goated.

So upset. Cant even look for job.

I still say. The lock, he wants to spy and taint. The dealers have permiss. A few had to ask for them to break in due to only one holder. Nothing done. But, I. Nah. Like that job in Harrahan. How did boss know I used a dog brush. He had to come in. Goated. Actually, that broke my hair less than the plastic brushes. Lol. Think it is called poverty, though.




22:37 Jul 20 2019
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Well, had another bogus call.... When..... will..... stop.....

LOL...…. Never

I owe for that family at the corner.....





09:37 Jul 20 2019
Times Read: 1,407

Watched Day of The Triffods. Fun.

Now would like to watch one of two flicks. Alaska type ones. Either, the one that the lab monkeys turn position w doctors. Or, Thing.




16:58 Jul 19 2019
Times Read: 1,420

Now, after today. . . . There is suppose to be a cool front, coming in.
Let's see.

Still waiting for Entergy.

Guess I'm in a stuper.

Back to playing Solitare.

Oooo kkkk. Didn't see Entergy.
No electric, not that I thought there would be.

So now we move to Monday.

I missed the one that ends at three. This is last day. By the time I take bus down Airline, and walk across and down. They will be packing up. Mon Dieu. It was for airport hospitality anyhow. Next time. So will walk to one of the two low paying.

Sun is blocked outside, so it is cooler. Parking light went on.


Sun back, freezing in library.

Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time


twenty one pilots: Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

just a bad mood!!!!!




14:55 Jul 19 2019
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K. Actually can hear talk on the phone recorder. Surprising through the door.

Just waiting for entergy? ? ?
If this goes tech, will just need a amp.

Next 2 things . . . .

Will break in pretending to have a issue like fire or water.

Or eviction.

Now, either way I will have to talk to a gov aid.

The two in the corner, for sure he does not have key. They are men.

Either way, I will have to start a new. And it will have have it pulled from check. That . . .well. Lets say . . Will keep trying for employment.

Well, years ago, when I did give a key for every, would be boyfriend, said he couldnt find key, too many keys. Hmmm




04:27 Jul 19 2019
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Yup, July 18th, 1918, I was complaining how hot it is.

Some stupid Journal entries. But, yup no electricity.

So, lets see. . . May need aid from outside sources. Will get numbers, before. And, need, camera.




01:04 Jul 19 2019
Times Read: 1,448

Ok. I better see an Entergy uniform or badge. Cuz this is gettin scarey. I have been without electricity for about a year. Mon Dieu. Tomorrow.

Is a job fair. Not even goin to worry. Nothing is permanent. Just goin to go and see.

Maybe, I should go back to the Crowley Golden Dawn book. My life was a lot better after. There is an encyclopedia. And the knock off. A lot has to do w Thoth. And ceremonial. Need to brush up.

Yes, I actually paid for classes back then, in the Order. At the same time, I was part partner in the store Metagion. Which. Was a Wiccan store. Actually, I was living w the nurse at that time. Who in fact was a x satanist turned wiccan. Wendy. And, I was working at Blue Cross, Blue Sheild, till they lost the federal fund.
The Enochian, I forgot. Was't in the class. Was a side.

Really, shouldn't have paid. Hmmm.
Not working.

On the mondane note. Maybe, will check out a club. For a guy check.

After, the Venue, I came back and married the foreign doctor. So that I wouldn't be beneath a man.
Then moved to New York, and had a career. Before, that when the venue started, my Grandfather died, and lived on that till the venue was over.




20:33 Jul 18 2019
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Shouldn't have paid my Landlord. But, I felt that I owed him. Anyway. In city. Going to look around, maybe can find a place to apply, tomorrow. I have two emergency one's, that aren't goin to pay much. But. Maybe, he is the one gettin people after me. Never know. But, I owe him, in my book a cost. A price I have to pay. Plus, I thought that crazy chicky, at work was callin me, before my phone went off. LOL. I haven't had electricity for over a year. Please. How was I goin to charge.

She has Bipolar, really bad. Was avoiding. Oh. Let me flag this number. I shouldn't have given out mine there.

That will help in the future. (Now that person, that is bipolar is saying she was a nurse. First CIS, LOL. So, the other, who claims to be a nurse must be bipolar also.) Man O Man..... (Some one astraled Landlord thinks that I'm a yankee. LOL. My grandparents, are from Canada, Please.) Truthfully, I use to live with a real nurse in Rhode Island. She left the profession, because of Aids. Went into Real Estate. Then took a test, to be a nurse for cardiology. Never know though.

Really, starting to look for a real boyfriend. Talked to two men yesterday. One married, looking for a ride. The other, was talking about where I live. But, nah. Nothing sustainable, yet.

And, out of the Snake Pit. Woe. Never worked w/ so many people with issues. Needed Carl Jung for that place. Just shackin the bugs off.

When, I did the spell with Stonehenge, what I call, Moon Over Stonehenge, I did not include my regular weather entity. Let's say I use what the Moon Child uses in Crowley's Book. So, do a lot of Wicks. But, today I had to call her, I guess my link with the stone went off.




21:17 Jul 17 2019
Times Read: 1,466

Oh boy, another outbreak of Ebola. Not even goin to think of the 2 slimey mice. Hopefully, sewer mice.




21:17 Jul 17 2019
Times Read: 1,467

Oh boy, another outbreak of Ebola. Not even goin to think of the 2 slimey mice. Hopefully, sewer mice.




16:37 Jul 17 2019
Times Read: 1,473

K. If the restaurant is reading this, please stop, not going to wade. Over. Not giving Elvira her chance. That is that. Over. I need more than 18 hours. Got attire ready for hard hunt. Have to think how much to give landlord now.




03:36 Jul 17 2019
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Gawd, 2nd slimey mouse found at my bed. Wish that my cats would leave this bunch alone. Man, they look nasty.
This one looked so nasty, that I threw in garbage. Usually, I lay to rest. Wonder if they are comin from the sewer. Aaargh.

Whats that movie where they lock the building up, from a mouse. Lol.



07:06 Jul 17 2019

They only do it because they love you. My 2 do the exact same thing. Only problem I have is when they bring a still live one in the house.


15:33 Jul 16 2019
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Ok, have 110 for landlord. Need to add more.

Need Family Dollar, pain killers. But, they were out 3 days ago. Only ones that will take swelling down. Damn.

Bus, news says. Rain. But, was suppose to rain tomorrow. Arrgh. Love my Gap T Shirt, and wall flower jeans.

Went to Value for litter. Other out. They have bread again. So much for hurricane drama.

Was full moon. Males me think of,





21:13 Jul 15 2019
Times Read: 1,495

Mackelmore, Thrift Shop Song applies.

Shouldn't have had a drink. Yesterday. But, yesterday lost bread. No bus. Was achey. Maybe arthritis all this moisture. Couldn't walk today. And when waiting for bus. . . It poured. Lol. Did Crawley do that. So drenched I made to thrift. Lol. Least I have jeans, socks, t, pillow for dog, purse, underware for 8. Lol. Needed second pair.

What a mess I look. Even drinking coffee. After work tomorrow. No sleep back to business.

Good news . . . Dog asked me for shower. Sweet thats why the pillow, his other must be wet.

Aa oh, saw the Coon Elvira, same stretch outfit. She made me think of my one pair of jeans. Luckily found another. What is going to be short the boxes, or the pouch, will have to check draws after it leaves. At least one of the cooks had good news. Just waiting for a new employer check.

Now that I locked door, roaches are coming back. I better get some bug spray.

So, who was comin in. . . . Maybe, what the police officer called the syndicate, where I worked last or. . . .




17:36 Jul 14 2019
Times Read: 1,504

Got to work, and the Mistress of the Coon Ass Dark, was there. So, seeing that I had to split the draw, off I went. Not that I could afford it, Either Way. But, no choice.

It's bad enough w the other. She told me a story of a family member. Thought she may have meant herself. Can't help it, I guess. But. . . .

Buses come back today. So job search tomorrow.

I wouldn't have made it a week. Bread is already moldy. Out of paper, paper towels and low on TP. Chould have bought melba toast, cracker instead.

Luckily, it wasn't much of storm. Lol

Someone woke me up w Olivier Newton John songs late last night. Stayed up rest of night. Lol . . . Thats a first. Lol




State of What

14:42 Jul 13 2019
Times Read: 1,509

I thought that was it. Because phone news said done by 2am.

Now being told it didn't hit.


K. Checked. We do have crazy news.

Well, if this is part of my moon over Stonehenge spell. Thanks. Was loosing a quart of water in sweating.

Beatles, Can't Buy Me Love




06:53 Jul 13 2019
Times Read: 1,517

K. Put window block in. Getting humid. Storm getting ready to strike. Charging phone. Had no time at work. Cleaned cloths. Ready. Showered. Hopefully, it will come as I charge phone. Otherwise will have to wake up and block window.

Worst of all. Animals had a poop fest. In right area. But. . . GAWD

BARRY is coming 3 miles an hour. Lol.





State of Emergency

14:35 Jul 12 2019
Times Read: 1,520

Wind is stronger. Great. Feels so great in apartment.

James Brown . . . I FEEL GOOD



AND started getting money for landlord not emergency stuff last night.




State of Emergency

07:02 Jul 12 2019
Times Read: 1,524

Beautiful breeze. Not oppressive heat.
Heat. Had one short rain. Bus, driver said he thinks bus will run to 8. Wonder which one, for later.

Some people evacuating.

Waiting. . . .




State of Emergency in Louisiana

23:09 Jul 10 2019
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Tried to go for job. Determined. But, was no Tulane. Heard city problems. Was only one local bus for a while. Left about 11. Got on bus about 1. Wanted city. Ended goin other. So got all day pass. Went to library to see what is goin on. Was closed. Went buy Walmart. Was moated so went to apply near Race Trac. That place was closed. Called friend by accident. But, sister left State of Emergency message. Called Sis. Might be hurricane. Wind 89. So w what little I have. . . . Backed up pet food supply. Good for week. Longer w dried food. Called friend for ride, so I can get 5 gallon of water bottles. Whew. Lol
Set. I have bread. Peanut butter. And jelly. My emergency food. Lol

40 bottles of water on the wall. 40 bottles of water. Take one down and pass it around. . . .

Oh, and my sis did state of some kind of tornado goin through. I did hear it approach and hit. But, was nothing but water. Didn't sound like train. Sounded like a low rumbling.




23:49 Jul 09 2019
Times Read: 1,550

If only I could say what the hell happened today. Lets just say that a crack person, and someone who told me that they need Free Bird meds. Explained. Free Bird is what I hear from a type. Those who can't control temper. Worked w one in Waffle House in Fl. And one at the donut place. Bipolar. That is their favorite song. Free Bird. Although, I didnt hear her say that song. So maybe those meds arent needed, just wanted. Hmmm

Someone from Treasure Chest sent me Solitare. Gave me nice brake. Think I am in balance.

Did something fun w Stonehenge. To see in time, Aleister. Yup, Crowley himself. So, befitting of VR. LUCKILY WHEN THE GATE OPENED, I SAW BLOOD FLOWING BEHIND IT. BEFORE IT CAME THROUGH THE GATE CLOSED BEFORE I GOT HIT. LOL. ALMOST GOT IT. FORGOT WHAT HE SAID Before. LET THE GATE OPEN OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. REMINDED ME OF THE GRAIL CUP WHEN WENT RED. WHEW. Well I an x Golden Dawn, and a real red head. Or maybe got lucky. Lol. 777




23:07 Jul 08 2019
Times Read: 1,557

Well, called about schedule that I was cut on, last week. And not on. So, what she said, that my hide wasn,t strong enough, was not true. I held right through. Hers didn,t hold. Whew. So w all the shortages and fake problems I actually held. Although, looked like a vandetta. Whew.

Could be part of the spell. Protection. Now I have a new t shirt rag. Shoot. Have to change resume. Again.

At least I didn't give. Lol. Stupid huh. Lol




17:30 Jul 08 2019
Times Read: 1,560

I was goin into the city. But, lol, both jeans have holes. Lol. Was wondering. Are old. God, more money I don't have. Aaargh.





15:37 Jul 08 2019
Times Read: 1,572

SuperTard strikes, again. Please, keep your nonsense to your astral, not mine. Or, nonsense someone else. Need to really look for a job. Ain't, got a friend who can beg me and him in, like you have. I think they have meds for this stuff. And you can sell on side.

Get off my back SuperTard.
I know you read this.




02:21 Jul 08 2019
Times Read: 1,585

Well, worked on tub, some more. Still slacking. That plastic thing won't go in drain.
But, it worked in the sink. Yuck. Ended up taking trap off. Tried to get it in wall pipe. No luck. Going to drop bleach every day. But, could be rusted pipe.

Step one done.

Logging my work w Stonehenge. Giving it the normal 3 days to see effect.

Goin to rest now. Solitare and reading.

Book is about an addicted psych. Lol.
As usual, had to stop and see to children running in the hall. Lol. My parents had us in bed by nine at that age. Yesterday, it was eleven thirty. I dont see how you can have 2 adults and 2 children in these small 1 bedrooms. Poor dears.

I was lucky. We lived in a big house. Had to split room w sister. Parents had one and brother had one. Down stairs had a big dining room an 2 rooms adjourning. A pantry and a basement. And a big yard. Dad work in the Corning glass building his whole life. Plus a security job. In RI. Guess I was lucky then. Truthfully, If I stayed in NY, I would have been ok. Here, to hard. There are no laws for employers.




06:39 Jul 07 2019
Times Read: 1,592

Did and redid new ritual using the moon and Stonehenge. Redo for the 3rd x. Lets see if moon phase is strong enough.

(Blow by Ed Sheeran)
Close to Way Way Out Song
And the beginning of registered time travel.




01:34 Jul 07 2019
Times Read: 1,597

Looked 2 places for that piece for the vb. Guess its best. Plungered a lot. Not great yet. Took shirt from hole. Lol. So have temp towel.

Rest food.

Dollar store had a drain cleaner. Lets see. And I got one of those bags to hold hot or cold food. Trying it w ice.

Have resumes. . . Sooner or later I am bound to get a nice employer. Can't give up!




05:40 Jul 06 2019
Times Read: 1,611

It is so hard w two retarded people who think their gods. One, tries to touch me in a way unfitting. Which means that I can't see him, again. Both, can't talk for real; just astral. In real life they are so messed up.

Now, I have a fat f@@@, up my ars.
Says I should wear my leg strap under my pants. Seriously.

Wonder why, I'm not married.

It was dead as a doorknob, today.

Then the 10 shift doesn't come in till after 5 or 6 tables, 30 mins late. And, I wont c a tip. And, she starts sceamin at me when I'm heating one her tables pie. F/@@

Then, there is a breast one that is on crack. Mon Dieu. Not to mention the others, I have met.

Got to find something and cut loose fast.

Can't wait till I leave and I can put A closing spell.

Tomorrow, library for job. And, only the bathroom, I lack in. On to do list All other rooms great.

And, will read new psych book. How to deal w LSD, users.

Saw on news that a mob ran into a store and stole everything. On TV. SHIT.

I have water blisters on my hip. That is a first. Small though. Maybe, heat.

Learn't how to play solitare. Maybe, I should play the easy way.




18:45 Jul 05 2019
Times Read: 1,617

I didnt look for work. Forgot about Essence. Aaaargh

Trouble a brew.




Happy Fourth

20:01 Jul 04 2019
Times Read: 1,621

Bought another loaf of bread. Me and pets had cheap smorgesborg. Lol.

No activity here. Although, two black men ran out w two hugh cases of beer. As I sat and rested at Race Trac. Cop was there in a minute. Manager took photo. Lol. And other guy told him where.




04:36 Jul 04 2019
Times Read: 1,628

Can't believe that I went and got needed item. And like always, I try and take a short cut. And it becomes a lot longer. As always. I try to not to change but one part. And as always they dont fit. And.... I can't make it fit. LOL. But, hey, de ja vu. Never try to force a square in a circle.




23:07 Jul 03 2019
Times Read: 1,635

I swear. I lost a loaf of bread today. And 2 cans of cat food yesterday. Odd. Have to change my lock. Should have when the worker came in my apt. Without knocking. And my cat died the same day. Realize Im at mercy. But, guy in corner had to have his lock sawed, which means. Person across the same. Cant afford. But.

Also, hair looks like crap. Have to fix for interviewing. Jeesh.

Watched way way out on phone. Was eunny. Cant believe I remember it. Shmidlap wasnt the funniest on the moon. It was the guy w no teeth.

Should I undue spell. Maybe to early.




11:51 Jul 03 2019
Times Read: 1,642

Found foam cooler, at Shoppers value. 3.99. Worked great. Baby loves ice water. But, had to chip at ice this morn for pet water.

And baby loves feel of foam. Not good. Lol.

K. Got to get some money for landlord. Have to go to work, for 10 to 4. So got to get up. Aaargh.

Only could get 60 from store. So 55. And low on ice now. Gave them chixy. And now have to clean. Gawd. Phone bill. I forgot.





19:38 Jul 02 2019
Times Read: 1,648

Dino dropping is back. Aaargh.
Was thinking of Harvey for job. But, would be hard by bus. Was a job fair.

Should go to library. Hmmm

Looked at ice cooler for me and pets. But, walmart was priced at 7 for foam. Saw it cheaper close by. Was a good size plastic for 14. But, foam holds cold better. Don't even know why I keep thinking this.

Not even going to talk about job anymore. In someones words. Nastier than nasty. Although, had nice cook. Was helping w my dishes. That was a first. Was like birthday w boss that night. Didnt think there would be much business. Cuz of 4th. If I was in New York would leave at 3 Wedn. And come back when the stock market regains. How do I miss that.

Well, new moon. Going to undue spell again w stonehenge, and go to a moon link. Instead of sun. Hmmm. Should I wait for full.

Thought, of Stephen today, when at Walmart. Thinking of those pots I haven't used since.

Speaking of. . . Also, there was an entry from buzz, that we should populate the moon, instead of mars, according to Hawkings. I think that might course problems w tides and security. Reminds me of a old movie. I think it was called Way Way Out. W the Russians. And Schmidlap, in space. Lol.

Speaking of Walmart and Whole Food. Someone found high levels of metal arrenic in the bottled water. What a bad deal.




21:06 Jul 01 2019
Times Read: 1,655

Weird storm we are having. Was, Lots of thunder. No rain.
Now windy. That feels good.




20:21 Jul 01 2019
Times Read: 1,660

Ate a bunch of pringles and was walkin like I was drunk. Oh well. Haven't ate them in a while.

Goin to start workin w Stonehenge soon. Have to build it up again.

This week only 3 days. Job closed on 4th.

Hear thunder, hope it rains.

Lol. I bought a deck of cards for 50 cents. Havent played since youth. Lol. Had to call sis. Lol. She had to look up. Now can play solitare. Forgot the one w rows and matched cards. Might be 4 across. And 4 down.



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