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20:59 Jun 28 2023
Times Read: 159

Woe, it is so damn hot. Hotter than hell. Are they sure the aliens aren't doing this.😂.

Thought about that guy, who died. Poor thing. Well, I guess his problems are over.

Oh. A religious group got me a storage unit. Wasn't bad. First month free, so 20 for lock, and than service fee. Next month I pay. What a relief not dragging that big heavy bin. Adding a wardrobe now. Which isn't too easy. Will try again, tomorrow.

I need to fix my hair, for a job search. And I got my EMA looking top notch.

Waiting till after holiday... Cuz of clothes, and Holiday. Need some resumes.

Ran out of Propel packs. The youngians like them. Was going to go to store. But, I have to drag Baby, ... so, will do in a swoop tomorrow.

So, one was nice in there, and the laundry lady was, the bad
. What to do. Maybe, it was good that I messed up. But, need it a lil cooler.




19:32 Jun 26 2023
Times Read: 186

OMG. The kid with the scabs, on his head... I was told, he OD'd.🌹. I'm trying to breath. Whew. So young
Every day, he would dress up. Awwwww. Wanted to play in a band. I guess he went to the wrong place for help. They need a natural Wellness center for these kids. 💧

Truthfully, that's my next chore. Reading about teas, remedies... Seeing that I'm not going to anymore doctors.

Well, anyway.... the skinny blonde dude... He never started a fight w no one. Never was hateful. So sad. God rest his soul.

His friend Chico, is much worst. Plus, as it turns out.... He's throwing the cloths in the porta John toilets.

Found out cuz.... The guy living in one got arrested for something. And, the other dude, died in there. Maybe, that's why they haven't cleaned the Porta John's in three weeks. Pretty soon we will be going behind bridge. From what I hear, the guy that cleans them was friends, and use to bring him something....

Too much goin on...

Well, need to concentrate on finding a wardrobe.




19:38 Jun 21 2023
Times Read: 215

Ok. That's the last lousy doctor. . I got attacked by a security guard. I leave the cat. Walk over to the desk. And, asked if she could look up the doctor, so I can cancel. They could in New York. She said she can't... so I go to walk out. Next thing you know, the gaurd is following me out the door. Saying... Get this.... That I better not double around just to get in. Maybe... She missed the cancel part. Which I said to her, and the desk. CRAZY. Woe. What a slutty crazy person. I've been in there before. So... I had to call the operators and cancel. They said she'd call back. She didn't. So I left. Area. But, Baby got sick anyway, so it worked out great. LOL diarrhea. The hospital app allows service pets, on the app. Mon Dieu.

So, no more talking to doctors. The medicine is swelling me up like the balloon lady, in Harry Potter. And, I'm getting crazies.
If I die, I die.

I must have done my spell on the waning part of the full moon. Gawd. Soon......

Plus, the day I went for medicine, I said the right address. But, wanted to double check. He put it in reverse. Didn't fix it.

University Hospital. If I get hurt over here... LOL. No way will anybody bring me there.

The pills ... When I don't take... I have worse heartburn. So I'm slowly getting off them.

The new carrier. Is so large, that food slips over. Thinking about putting cardboard down. Making slits... So that the bowl will stay in place. Will have to make tight. My next project

Today my wheel fell off. Made a mess.. than the trouble w the sliding food. Plus, now I'm short one blanket from the poopster.

And, somebody was all bloody, at the next corner. LSU, should have it on camera. I didn't hear anything. No yelling, no help me. I am getting more weapons., Cuz of this. That young couple that wear camaflouge, is right. The more the better.




20:52 Jun 20 2023
Times Read: 229

Omg. Thank God I had a crazy lady at the entrance. Cuz, Baby got sick, after I left. I bought bottle water. Cuz, I have a feeling. . .

Omg. Typhoon. . . . Rain rain rain..... I am soooo crazy.

I can't believe I bought a 20 chair. Their only ten at the food store. But, they break fast. Need it with all this rain coming.
Trouble w a capital T. . . .




02:24 Jun 17 2023
Times Read: 246

I am finally at page 300, yeah. . . . Einstein is popular now. . . .
Not, even going to mention Elsa's daughter.

I never realized what a social job, Einstein had. To talk about his work, w so many. Amazing, no one stole from him. They... Tried to rewrite. But, didn't steal.

I think the writer had a cold streak. When some scientist tried to study, light and space placement, during the eclipse... WWI started. And, a scientist got grabbed... then exchanged. The writer wrote like it was nothing. LOL. I couple of weeks as a hostage, seems awful, to me... What people did for Einstein.

231 pages to go. . . .




15:36 Jun 14 2023
Times Read: 266

Somebody, said they had a physics book after closing, for me. It was a text. Sweet. But, someone else got it, before me. I am so sick . . . . I would have been throwing up all week, after that free meal. It was a lot spicier. I think curry. I Was stopping pills. But last night, started again. Maybe, I shouldn't have and just threw up. Cuz, I'm battling it now. To pills, and a pink u4. 🤢.

Couldn't read any Einstein last night.




00:08 Jun 13 2023
Times Read: 285

Las Vegas has Aliens. So Cool. I hope we get some. Hoe come Las Vegas has all the fun.

Eight feet, big eyes. 👽.




11:46 Jun 11 2023
Times Read: 306

I had a crazy, ugly guy, seriously, scream in my face while I was reading Einstein. I was so engrossed that I jumped. You know when you look at someone and see these ugly crevasses on his face... Gross. Went looking for him, in back a few times. Hmmm. Did a lil screaming my self. Sure that we are going to play knife time again.

Well anyway. The book gets a lot better after the lovers section. Although, reading about his lost daughter was engrossing. The daughter that never was.

It does say Einstein did pick up lots from doing the patents. Reviewing in a good way. I wonder if the writer is going to talk about the nut that wanted to see Einstein 's brain,at the end. Truthfully, he should have examined Einsteins family. They are the ones who got him to advance by training himself.

oh hum. I've been giving out propel as a treat. But, there are two that wear masks, and gloves... So I probably won't give to them.




21:55 Jun 10 2023
Times Read: 323

Einstein looks bad right now. Plus, for certain... even though his first wife was a lil uneven, she was still better looking than the second. Plus, she did laundry to... Cleaned up his papers. Parents ruined his relationship. In my opinion... There would have been a shot gun wedding 💍. Unless, she hated him.

He didn't start with a real job till nine years after graduation. 😂.
Guess it's good being Jewish. (Till Hitler,that was.)

Are they sure Einstein came up with this stuff. Not stuff from being a pattern clerk. I guess you might need a real good imagination, to see the stars, if you know what I mean. It reads that he had one. Funny, he pushed like hell to get I, two years early. And, he doesn't go to class

I asked for flip flops today, and got shoes, also. The flip-flops are great. They don't cut. Plus, I had two hotdogs,which made up for missing one yesterday. Too hot though.

What is it with guys trying to kiss me. Lately. Did,Someone put a kissing spell on me. 😳.one had bills in both hands. The other put a wet one on the cheek, another offered weed. That's just today. There is better catch in the Sea, I hope they find one. What would it be like to meet a man,who wanted to start a relationship, not just sex. The impossible dream.




16:54 Jun 09 2023
Times Read: 342

Had young bachelor next to me last night. But, Id rather be stag. Was nice anyway. Hopefully, he'll find someone younger.

Still reading Einstein. His life and Universe. Turns out he didn't fail in his early years. Just the tech school, problems. Probably, cuz the school before gave him freedom.

He wasn't good w women. I can't believe w woman did his laundry. 😂. He wasn't that cute. Everything leads to proving himself. Probably, cuz what the said to him after they found problem after birth. 😂.




01:22 Jun 08 2023
Times Read: 357

Let's see, a Big Book of Einstein, I'm reading.
Pluto is playing Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom.
And, Pluto is playing the Star Treks Originals

It must be Nemos Holiday..... He he he 😁.

Just saw the Chinese kid... Where's Edwardo... He had that part nailed, for Nemo. 😙.




00:17 Jun 07 2023
Times Read: 370

I finally, have a new Doctor. Took forever. LoL. Going to sit and see what this one says.

One of the crazies, w shaved head, left a shoe, she was wearing, in front of my spot??????

I realized, I don't have much soap left. Asked at food stop. Have some cute ones. They use to have those bottle soaps. Need for weekends

Was a great dinner. They had bread pudding, beans meat

Cantaloupe, desert, and desert sandwich. Yummy.

I have the GPS. I need to set it up a little more. For convenience. Works though. Battery lasts half month. I think they are ten dollars.




01:40 Jun 06 2023
Times Read: 386

The full moon has brought them all out, for a few days. I have one guy, that hasn't bathed in months, in my face. Which I had officially lost my temper w yesterday. Plus, he likes to ramble, and flaunt his arms around. I thought he would look cleaner, w that tarantula rain we had.

There is a new shaved one from the tent section. That is just waiting to go through everyone's stuff. Plus she talks crazy.

The other is a very thin girl. She kept putting a health bike in the middle of the road. Glad they took the bike away. It was damn heavy to move. Plus, she talks crazy.

Well, so much for the full moon.

I have to find a better storm safe spot. Where I was, doesnt cut it, in 60mph winds. I need a wall. Luckily, I didn't buy a new umbrella. Would have snapped for sure.

My phone finally came in. There goes my storage unit. I didn't think he'd get them anymore. It's been a while. That was a bill. Plus, that high wind had diet in it. Grit. On top of rain. What a mess. So had to do extra wash.

No breakfast sandwiches this week, either. Plus, wheel is not good. I bet it was a defective batch. Oh hum...

The weather in river city.

Going to go back and read Terror on Tuesday.

Well, anyway, I can start pricing the lockers. And, check police reports. Not that I have anything that is worth much. Just a convenience.. Then I look for work, again. With my partner cat.




19:39 Jun 04 2023
Times Read: 402

Did some type of ritual. LoL. Couldn't find a pen. Now I have tons. LoL.

That Shelter in Place was great. 530 pages. Shocked me when she got to the reporter. Wow. Didn't expect her to kill her so fast.
The closing, I'm surprised wasn't more. Cuz the whole book was intense. But, I guess the writer wanted to keep the killings quick. Even the protagonist, did pretty quick. 😂. I like how she eventually added the letters, from the protagonist. But, I thought there would be more of a stand off. Great book anyway.

If it wasn't the killers, then it was the hate of interrelationships. Only to be ironed out at the end.

😂 The reporter, I thought was going to be a chapter or two. But, no, the protagonist got rid of her before the next video. 😳😀. Was too Good




07:29 Jun 02 2023
Times Read: 418

Still need a private place to do ritual.

Book I'm reading is great. . . ." Shelter in Place." Starts off w a mass shooting. Shooters are killed. Then, you learn that the sister was actually the ring leader. So, finally, after killing more of the survivors, she makes a misstake, and one of the original survivors figured her out. Now, she takes off, after killing family, and shooting survivor that turned cop.. . . w false IDs. Reed stays on island to heal, and watch for the killer. . . . And not even half way done book. Great book.




14:38 Jun 01 2023
Times Read: 442

Nooooo breakfast sandwiches all week. Boo hoo. Can never afford lunch. Out of snacks. . . . Pigeons, are hitting me for food. They ate all my Ritz. So, I have peanut butter, and potted meat left. Will shop tonight. Love that bread a young man gave me. Think it was .... Something, broche.all natural bread 🍞. I'll know the package.is so good.

Ritual soon. Have to find a private place.

Have a new bed seller. Shelter in Place. Finishing another boring book. Terror on Tuesday.

I love Science books. But nothing here. And, when I read on my phone, I need a charger.

Going to see a main doctor tomorrow, I 🤔. Unless I have the days wrong.



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