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02:54 Nov 30 2020
Times Read: 812

First cold night tonight. My friend donated a work heater. My pup doesn't want to leave the front of it. Nothing on TV so I have my CD goin. I think I have seen this alien movie 140 or around there.




16:30 Nov 29 2020
Times Read: 829

Yesterday,just before noon. There was an ambulance across, and a police car. So when I heard muffled screams, I thought the emergency clan could hear. Guess not, cuz the group, later, after the emergency crew left, started yelling at each other outside. I think it was the guy on the side of me. A woman saying he hit her. The only thing is that management came into the feud, to stop it. Not bad. It's a good Bates Motel.

Been storming for a while outside. What a day! Did something last night Full moon today!




12:59 Nov 28 2020
Times Read: 838

Finally, saw Key Largo. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Becall. . . . Awesome movie. Wonder who gets the money. Surprised he was fine w a bullet, LOL. Movies. I love the mob boss (Andy Garcia) and Roco"s woman Dawn(Claire Trevor) who played him at the end. Sweet!
Still. . . Who gets the 💰.

Well,. . . .time to feed and clean the 🐈, 🐈, 🐈, and 🐕.




19:46 Nov 27 2020
Times Read: 848

Today is Black Friday, and I really should see if I can find a cooking appliance . . . . cheap. But, storm warning. And, maybe it's too late. Didn't see anything in Wal-Mart. Hmmmmm where else. . . .

Well left the Bates Motel. Already did a switch bus. . . . LOL long distance. Crossing my fingers that I will find a cooker or something. City Walmart always empty, so I'm hoping the distance Walmart, might have something. Would be nice.

Wow. Nothing was on sale. So, had to buy a Easy Bake Oven. LOL. Toasted some 🍞. LOL. Only thing for cheap!




18:30 Nov 27 2020
Times Read: 850

Today is Black Friday, and I really should see if I can find a cooking appliance . . . . cheap. But, storm warning. And, maybe it's too late. Didn't see anything in Wal-Mart. Hmmmmm where else. . . .




Happy Thanksgiving You All!

23:47 Nov 26 2020
Times Read: 866

First my pets and I polished off an eight piece in less than 30 minutes. LOL. They were so sad before. Then they had bright eyes.

Last night they seemed sad over the chef boyardee. Or maybe I looked too bad from the Storm (drenched) and it upset them.

Well anyway, my friend came over later and I treated ice cream, which, in fact my pets eat. No more whip cream left, and packed ice cream on ice.. Coming to the end of the Partridge Family marathon. Soon. . . . Nity nite!

Help carrying the heavy litter bag on top of it. Thanks to him for that and all the help.

. . . .



02:33 Nov 27 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving You All!

23:47 Nov 26 2020
Times Read: 867

Ice cream over for pets and friends. Coming to the end of the Partridge Family. Soon. . . . Nity nite!




23:08 Nov 22 2020
Times Read: 882

I have a spot on the ceiling, that looks like a face to me. Reminds me of the Messangers. Lol. Maybe watching to much poltergeist TV.




03:26 Nov 20 2020
Times Read: 897

Yesterday, it was my cat Baby, that fell asleep on me for 3 hours. Now it is Scooby snuggling. So worried about Baby, doesn't want to leave the window. Maybe, I should start to look for another place. Awwwwwww. Just don't want a lease. Times are still bad, with Covid.

Really, have to try hard, to dig myself out of the new hole, I have fallen in.

On a waxing moon, need to work, work, work. . . . Astral!



06:31 Nov 20 2020

I sometimes astral


01:18 Nov 12 2020
Times Read: 912

Man. Did my full scale clean up. And found out that that round tub drain, leaks into the apartment below. So must remember not to fill the near that round drain. Mon Dieu.

Need to bath Poe again , he hates the flea powder.

Started watching dectective TV. Then went to the Nutty Profesdor. The Big guy down stairs told me about the leak. And, now I'm watching my 600 lb Life. But, hers was a success. The one that is on now. . . . Wow. Doesn't. Or can't wear cloths. This one seems, worse. Man. . . . Have to go on a diet myself. A bit pudgy myself. Lol. But, this one that is on now. Wow. Body is very thrown off. There is a doctor in Texas that does these cases.

The other one went down to 400 fast. This one is worse. . . . Wow. Doctor is admitting. Wow.

Well anyway, goin back to doing my seconds of travel, astrally. Wimped out, when I got better at it. But, determined.

Well, back to the heavy girl. She must be 700. She use to get punched in the head, when she was younger. Awwww

You know I watched two of the hack jobs. Wow. If you can do that. I have to hand it to you. The first, he cut out the hernia, and part of the stomach. Does a show and tell after.

The other, had 57 pounds cut off of her. Put it in a large garbage bag. A little show and tell. Aargh!

I feel like I'm in that comedy vampire movie. What was it . . .
Dead and Loving it. . . . When Mel Brooks, shows the autopsy, to his med students. And one by one, they pass out.. . . . LOL. . . . Stopped watching with the 3rd one. Wonder what he cut off w her. . . . Shock and Awwww




02:14 Nov 11 2020
Times Read: 931

I heard that they were sending troops to the Middle East, and that Biden didn't want to go through w Obama Care. I saw a brief about Obama's insurance. Which many people don't want. But, for the life of me, I can't find the troops being sent to the Middle East. Wonder where they got the info. Was so upset. Glad it was fake news. Not sure what channel I saw it on. It was one of those. . . . I hit the wrong button, and the TV started looking for a playing channel. Stopped a few times, in a dim screen. Fixed it when I got back.

Well, that's over, good. Found some Banana Liquors.
Time to relax.




01:54 Nov 10 2020
Times Read: 945

My dog Poe, is talking to the dog on TV: in the Day After Tomorrow. How cute! Awwwwwww!

He is content. He had grilled chicken from the lady w precooked meals. I ate the noodles and broccoli. A few nibbles of Chicky. Don't want to eat something they love.

Nothin to report on my Astral work.



01:57 Nov 10 2020

That is too damn adorable:)


13:50 Nov 07 2020
Times Read: 957

Up early, don't know why. Maybe, cuz I'm drinking. Lol. Pet bathroom clean. Fresh water, food. I just ate some crap.

For me , nerds, a sandwich, drink w a shot. Yup. Up.

Will have an egg sandwich, for lunch.

Need to start working astrally, w Stonehenge.

And, been checking Indeed. I only have about two weeks left, and there is not much out there. They pushed our opening date for people back, again. Still mail ins. And, no testing here. Boooo

Now how come Trump didn't win. Well, the demos can't say he is controlling the votes w Russia. Mon Dieu. But, the Demos, like Blank ballots. Truthfully, he should have won. I actually voted his way. There were no signs for him, and he won in Louisiana. But, people here have been voting all month. I just went in and voted in the boothI. Bet, Hillary can't wait to get back in. With Bordon. But, she shouldn't be, in. Truthfully, Trump should have won. lol. I remember when they use to count the voting in one night. I think Trump is right, crooked. They don't want spectators. Corrupt USA, as usual.

This month sucks. 21/2 days off. Including, Election Day. And, now Vetrans. Aaaaargh. Contracting w the State, not good.

Saw a bunch of Videos w Sigmund Freud's. Sweet. On some National line. Interesting.

Drank some Rip It's. But, walking got worse, again. Trying to switch to coffee. But, need a killer Coffee.

Wow. Wish I lived in Florida, would be in the water. Wow. Fun.

Well, back to Astral work tonight.




09:38 Nov 04 2020
Times Read: 971

Mr. Telephone should have won, by now. Where is the back up. Going to court, again. Ridiculous.




20:35 Nov 03 2020
Times Read: 983

Thanks to RTA, voted for almost free. And. Yes I voted for Mr. Telephone. I noticed no sign up for him. LOL.

On way to get pets food was accident. Nobody hurt. Just one person slipped to the floor. I'm sure it was on camera. Figures, was a quick voting, no line. To be held up here. Lol. Should have gone to the bathroom, at the other stop. Lol.




14:45 Nov 03 2020
Times Read: 993

Something horrible happened yesterday. My poor boo. He must have felt perky and sat in the window w baby. When he went down his right paw got caught, his claws got caught in the fabric. He was crying and hanging, when I came in. Awwww. Took him down fast. And, checked him. Paw was stretched, poor thing. All the pets we're shook up. Baby stayed under the bed with him. Poe was shivering.

Half way through the night, I saw him lay on his favorite chair. Then by morn, they all were back on the bed.
So they all had a food fest. Meatballs shrimp chicken. And, Boo is walking almost perfect. Some food, that someone gives me, and I slip hera bill for it. Awwww. Poor babies.

Was so worried, my baby. Awwww. Will have to tie curtains up. Needs to be baby proof. Meow!

Got to do something. . . .

L.G. Telephone




22:54 Nov 01 2020
Times Read: 1,006

What a beautiful day, yesterday. No Trick or Treaters. I wish there was, I ate their candy. Mon Dieu.

Just cleaned the apt. And, the doggie. Really, need to clean the carpet. Have to think about that. But, they only use Fabreeze. Need a plunger, and a scrub brush. Hmmmmm.

Going to be a poor month. Maybe, I can find a steady job that pays better. This hurricane season is killing me.

Was no more banana liqour, so drinking whip cream.

Can't believe I'm working for the Gov. Not going well. And, I'm sort of a jinx. Let's see when I leave. Definitely not able to pull up. I only worked 2 and half days last week. Fixing my hair for job hunting.

Went for hair stuff at Walmart. Close. Closed. Closed. Had to pay more at CVS. Which was barely open . Plus, had to go back to Rouses, which is a little rich for me. But they are life savers.

Watching the vampire saga. Made me miss Trulane, a lil. Weird, that is.

Finally, saw a movie I didn't see. A Quite Place. Would have been great, except for the ending. The baby, should have been prepared for, w a sound proof room. Seemed like the kids were smarter. Glad I didn't pay for it. Was in the mood, for an Alien saga. But, nothin.

They have been posting Sean Connery's death, on TV, if I didn't spell it correctly, forgive. Awwww. Was he Celt? Like that whole Scottish thing, he use to portray.




05:51 Nov 02 2020

I love reading you. Your thoughts written down and shared are pretty damn cool:)

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