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19:53 Nov 29 2021
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Well, I saw Blackie today. He ran for his spot. Not to me. And, finally, I meet with his neighbor. He has an adorable dog. I apologized about his plate. He seemed ok. I don't come back till next day. Fed him a lil late.

I tried Boos expensive pan. Whew. I didn't burn the handle. Haven't used it for 3 weeks. Thought I would ruin it.

I had a black beetle come in. But, he is smart. He is out again. LOL.maybe he heard Beetle Juice.

That other neighbor left. She had cancer. That's the one we were goin to give Popeyes.

I had a new neighbor. Was a man. Called to me, after I drew the shades, LOL. Thought it was the TV at first. Just an invite.

There is one memory game, which is sneaky. It asks you to do a math problem, after the list to remember.

LOL I saw that Coke Sprite Mentor experiment. What a waste. Wonder if you can eat the foam. Can't find that faery stuff. Wonder if it's liquor.

I don't know. I'm almost at the end of the pizza man, but my score isn't getting higher. LOL In other words, my memory isn't getting better. Stopping at 3 to end.




18:31 Nov 28 2021
Times Read: 321

Well, I haven't seen the black cat, in two days. I rushed yesterday, w Boo w me. I might be feeding coons. LOL. And, they are big enough. I called and called. She/he always runs to his feeding spot, from the tropics. It's so wet, maybe she/he has found a dry spot. So, tomorrow, I'll take a walk, if I don't see her/him, I won't leave anything. But, I'll keep checking. I don't see the calico, either.

Had windows open, and started to freeze. Weird, it's 58 outside. Have heat cranked. My poor pets won't like it. But, it will be good for my dogs eyes.

The new Covid, makes you tired, w slight headache. Lol. I have that feeling, a lot. I'll never know if I got the virus though. Natural for me.




01:19 Nov 27 2021
Times Read: 334

Oh no. The Bayou Classic, is this weekend. Might be in trouble. I didn't see that anywhere till today. Always, a shooting in the Qaurter.




05:41 Nov 26 2021
Times Read: 355

Now that the Holiday is over, have a few notes. A few days ago, there was something astral about some kind of war. Wasn't sure at first, cuz from a friend of a friend. I saw something on Twitter, from Russia. Turns out, that we had war drills on the line of Russia. Maybe, not misconstrutued as war. But, came close. What the hell is Biden doing. All we need is a war right now. Least not forget; that the Soviet Union, was a strong friend during World War II.

And, they now said that Brian L. . . . Shot himself. Yet, I don't remember a seeing a gun in the items found. Could be wrong. Now, what are they going to do about the parents. And, what about the people they thought he might have killed. Like that gay couple.

Started doing astral work, to correct a situation.

Natalie Woods Fortnite anniversary is almost here. True Crime was talking about it. She had bruises all over her body. And, a full bladder, which means she was dead before the water. They say unconscious. But, you know if someone puts your hand in water while sleeping, you will release. And, she was submerged.

Speaking of submerged, I was checking out something. And, still doing an analysis. Let's see. Astral, and such.




Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

13:22 Nov 25 2021
Times Read: 367

Yeah, after eating that horribly, yet Delicious meal last night, I am alive!!!!
Whooo hoooo.
Only Burped and Burned 6 times!
WTH Popeyes spicy chicken, rice, and ice cold Beer!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Holiday




Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

22:23 Nov 24 2021
Times Read: 388

This is how I felt with Popeye Chicken, Rice, and Ice Cold Beer. . . .

Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): Say there, I just can’t help that it is so lovely out here today, but if I could just spare it for a piece of your … chicken?
Lover at Picnic: Oh sure, and some wine?
Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): I never drink… wine
[thinks for about 3 seconds]
Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): Oh what the h***, let me try it.
[tastes the wine]
Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): …It’s good!
Renfield: [Running towards him shouting] Master! Master!
Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): [Happy to see him] Renfield, I’m drinking wine, and I’m eating chicken!
Renfield: Master, what are doing you doing, you can’t be up during the daylight!
Dracula (Leslie Nielsen): Oh ho ho, relax Renfield, I’m cured!

Till tomorrow. Hopefully, not a daycare.

Dracula has a daymare - YouTube




16:43 Nov 24 2021
Times Read: 405

Fake hair in the bathroom, all over. . . . Aaaargh. She should use clips. I did when I got sick of dying my hair black. Had to cut short, and go from there.

Poe was hungry. Ate his puppy chow. Babies Purina, then ate cocktail Frank's, then when I left, ate Babies Sheba food. Man o man

My Lil Demon was waiting for me in front. Ah oh, there was somebody there. Gulp. Couldn't wash plate just put fancy feast and dry, and ran. LOL. The cops are going to get me. LOL

My pets got out of my bungalow, and waited for me under the table. LOL. They are busted.

Aaaargh, Machine is out of Coke.

Told Boo, not to worry about tomorrow. Everything will be close. And, my eating habits, are not good. LOL. Day Off Boo!

Wouldn't mind a beer today. But, might not be able to swallow tomorrow. Should I chance it. Hmmmmmmm

Down loaded another game. The last one was those words not put in order. Which is why I read that supposed alien sheet, easily. Now, I'm doing memory games. When I got to nine, ten, eleven. They make it harder w same color plants. I passed, but not perfect. So switch for something new and will go back. Pizza toppings. The other one is easiest. Just colored blocks. Bored




16:52 Nov 23 2021
Times Read: 421

My Boo, and I play this game where we say, "watch out, the cops are goin to get ya." (For the record, he started it.) We do this on stupid things that matter not. But, today is my sneak the stray food, hour. She came when I called. Yeah! Now, if only, I could pick her up, or get her in the cat carrier. My Lil Demon. . . . Kisses! Uh oh cop beware!




07:09 Nov 22 2021
Times Read: 452

Woe, just saw 5 dead 40 injured by that red SUV. . . . All hit during a Christmas Parade. Tragic. What. Is Biden claiming white supremacists, again. Because, that's like the pot calling the kettle black. Mon Dieu.

There was something about Oakland, I have to check. . . . . Oh, it's crime!

People, at the end of their ropes. Thanksgiving, is not to great for the Indians. And, Family Tradition, being thrown out the door: 2 generations back

What is it about rain and mosquitoes. There out in force, this morning. I like cool night air better. Had a hard rain so everything outside is wet. Nobody ate the leftover roast beef, and hotdogs. So, no more outside cat food, and leftovers. I lived many parts, in Louisiana. Never had a problem with mosquitoes. They spray every week. But, in the woods, wow, mosquitoes are always there, even w spray on.

Going to check on the wild one, once everything dries. If I call and she comes, I'll give her something. Poor baby. Left enough Saturday, for about 2 days, if no one else eats it. I don't even see the calico over here., And that one roams.

Can't believe Poe didn't eat his Dinty Moore Stew. Had lots of stock. Problem: he wants to eat cat food, this week. Unbelievable. He is so finicky. Like when he ate lots of pizza, the other week. Last week he wouldn't eat it.
Puppy chow packets, look like cat food, so I'll give it to him today. And maybe Frank's tonight: with the usual dry, of course.

Walked over to Kitty Witty. She was cleaning herself. Gave her a bit of food. Cleaned area.

Fixed mine in case of to much sun, or to hold in heat.

Boo hasn't mentioned place we visited Saturday, at all today. Nice place near the Bayou. But, there is nothing much around, for a job there. Just a Bayou bar, and a private business.

I was so shocked to see a article stating that the 48 injured, and five dead was Karma. That is such a sick, and evil statement: by a Democrat. Maybe, people need to smarten up. Both, legal representation pick the jury. Obviously, the the lawyer for Kyle was stronger, and brought better evidence. Name calling is so lame. Maybe, the other side, doesn't know how to pick a jury, nor bring out the right footage, for evidence.

But, hey, the president claims it's white supremecy. Nah. A better lawyer.

Look at Simpson, he had the dream team.

Look at Robert Wagner. Supposedly, his wife got on a life boat. . . . Off of her families' yatch. And, drowned. I wonder why she didn't call the coast guard. But, who really knows what happened. He was not charged, either.




14:36 Nov 20 2021
Times Read: 468

LOL. I have no idea how my left over beef ramen got knocked off the outside table, and devoured. That Racoon must either be pretty big, or he can climb high. LOL. Plus, it had a plastic cover. How, on earth did he smell it. Was in the foil pan, plastic cover thing.

The coon, ate the cocktail frank's I accidentally dropped, and the old spaghetti, from Mr. Poe, on top of the ramen. Crafty vermin.

Was a beautiful early morning. I could see all the stars in the dark sky clearly. Breath taking.

Three macabre movies coming out: Silent Night, and Mother/Android, and Scream.
On the funny side: Marry Me, the Ricardo's....

Well, we threw caution to the wind, and looked at a getaway. LOL. First. . . . turned was wrong, second was a hidden alley. LOL. Said maybe we shouldn't go further, might get stuck. . . . He started laughing, and went around. Way out in the sticks, surrounded by water. What a character place. Very interesting. He is still talking about it. Didn't think there was anything open. But, would be wise to check out.

Meanwhile, bought a dollar DVD. Turns out it has 3 CSI episodes. The last one, the black guy gets stabbed in, right at the end. Woe. Think it was called Meat Jekyll. Interesting.




16:11 Nov 19 2021
Times Read: 484

Someone told me about a free place to stay. I think my Boo had mentioned it at the beginning, and laughed. Near the levee./Swamp. Truthfully, I thought this Apt complex was open, it's mentioned a lot. But. . . . I should have gotten the him here, when I saw so many places closed, and lots of blue tarps. But, there has got to be a way to snag a place. Not a good place though. Everything else over a thousand a month, which is ridiculous.

Should be waning moon. Took a nice picture of the moon. Saw the eclipse on YouTube. Sweet.

Well, if we stay in this place. . . . We are going to check out the place, way down. Need a deposit, for that one. If not, then to the sticks. . . . At least I new everyone there. Just, that it is small, and no black cat.

They had a trailer for 1800 on Facebook. I saw this couple who renovated two antiques. But, they spent a lot re-doing the bathroom. Barbie isn't my thing. But hers was cute. The other looked masculine. LOL




13:09 Nov 18 2021
Times Read: 506

I don't know what happened, but the black cat isn't getting friendlier. Awww. Maybe, I fed to much, and she doesn't have to. :o
Maybe it's the 4 dogs. But, they seem friendly. Maybe, cuz Baby wants to play. Maybe, just feral. I would need a small animal catcher.

Full Moon at 257 central. And I think there is a long solar eclipse. Ooops wrong. A lunar eclipse. And, can be seen from America, to North America, in morning. Tonight.

Tried calling 2 apts. And others. One, isn't a legit number, and other have no answer. So much for apt. Hunting today.

It's still light outside, from the moon.




04:49 Nov 18 2021
Times Read: 517

Well, Boo came over w pizza, too expensive. X Nice. I would have been happy w 2 cheeseburgers. LOL. Very nice.

The black cat is still hissing. When I ignore it, he seems fine. Won't be able to grab him when I leave, yet. Awwwwww. Boo thinks we will have to switch, again.

Tomorrow, is Thursday. Time to look for a place, again.

Earlier this morning, I started my circle. Did the draw, and salt. . . .Don't think anyone saw me. Might be weird. Then during the day, when everyone left, I did the rest. First time I did it outdoors. . . . Since Mayday!

Happy Full Moon




16:04 Nov 16 2021
Times Read: 534

Turns out that hair yesterday was backup.

Baby got out by himself. And, Poe followed. Saw his butt go. LOL. Got up quick. Have to do chores. And, decided to throw out old dog food. Will leave for coon. I have a big bag of puppy chow anyway.

Moon phase is good, for falling in love. . . . If you know what I mean!




10:21 Nov 15 2021
Times Read: 556

Uh oh, fixed beef stew breakfast, already. And, Set up Mr. Poe. Then, gave Baby his soft.

I checked out that place Saturday. But, they're doing demolition. Left a calling card. And, the other place I left a message for, in case they're open. Saw two others, only they are in very bad areas.

Moon phase is late 70s or early 80s. It's good.

Supposed to be hot, today. Don't think I have to defrost, too much.

Just left Mr. Poe's Ceasar outside. Maybe the coons is around. He ate the spaghettios, already. I call him Mikey, cuz, he eats everything. LOL.

That Coon didn't eat that cheap cat food from Walmart, either. Might as well throw it. This week, I have Kaboodal, Purina, and Farmer's Deli.

Forgot to mention, Brit Spears is Free. All she has to do is stay in charge. 3 cheers for Brittany.

Aaaaargh. What did someone with black hair do. Wash her hair in the sink, and loose it all. Aaaaargh WTH




15:50 Nov 14 2021
Times Read: 570

Well, the cold night is over. I have 2 heaters. Did a test. Can't put on the same box. Even with shutting off lights. Blew fuse. Poor Blackie. I would have to plug into someone else's box.

Tried to give blackie w warm Frank's. But, no. When it gets dark, I have to hide his food somewhere

Had a long nap. . . . The party people left, meanwhile. . . . Actually, had their child bring me a plate of food. But, I, and pets already ate for night. Just snacks now. He didn't want to bring it back. But, really, wouldn't be able to eat. Two meals a day, unless one meal big.

Can't believe the Mountain Dew didn't keep me awake. Lots of caffeine.

I touched Blackie. LOL. But, he wasn't to happy. Snuck up behind him. LOL.

I love Boos heater, shuts off on any tilt. Mine, takes a while for coils to overheat and shut off.

Quiet people now. . . .




15:24 Nov 13 2021
Times Read: 591

Aaaaargh. I just dropped a whole coffee from Mcy Ds, on the blanket, and roll, I just washed. Gawd. I hope person of interest doesn't call right away, to my Boo. Have to wash before stain sets in.

Both the blanket, and roll is clean. They have a spot remover/detergent near washers. Yeah

I put my carrier out, w a towel, and sheet around, next to a vent, in case the black cat gets too cold.

There is a boy that keeps running near, so keeping my cat in for the weekend. And, the black one hasn't come out too much. Changed over the food, so, should be fine. Didn't see the Calico. LOL too many dogs.

I ate for the day. LOL. Breakfast, w out coffee. And, soda w chicken nuggets. Just candy as a fill.

Lots of dogs around. The pit bulls are friendly. They came up to me to be pet. I joked to the guy, about when a female large ran across the corner to me: and I was hoping she wasn't going to attack. LOL. Truthfully, she wanted to be pet, also. That was at the other place.

Too windy to do anything, outside. Bummer

Ah ha. . . . I caught it red handed, eating my dogs old food. Picture now in!

He is also eating the black cats food. Will have to hide. I don't think he can climb or fit where the black cat is. I don't mind the old dog food, which is human food. But, the cat food, no, have to hide.




16:46 Nov 12 2021
Times Read: 604

This area isn't built up yet. Maybe a wrong choice. There is a place I saw being built back, in back of a open restaurant. But, have to manually check. Pets are an issue. But, they have been, so good. They wait for bathroom breaks. And, love the outdoors. They never once messed.

The bus here has a early daily ending. So I'd have to find place and job close. Still, a lot of restaurants and stores are down. We did better after Katrina.

Places affordable, are taken. Probably from outsiders in construction. Lots of price gouging.

Could go back to other nice place and wait for trailer to open. Stick it out here, but, lots are down. Or, try a new spot. Maybe w a restaurant within. LOL. Although, Boo likes us closer. But, I know he is missing the point boys. The one here is still closed from Ida.

Mr. Poe ate so much pizza w me last night. And, had spaghetti and meatballs this morning. Baby having fun, likes to run on trees over swamp. I am a lil worried about the black birds. Seem like hunters. Have a loud crow. Few times I caught them squaking over him.

Will feel bad for the hotdog eater, that lives here. It ate a whole can of cocktail Frank's. Lol. If male, should call him Oscar. If female, Maybe Cocktail. LOL. Still hissing if I try to touch.




14:57 Nov 11 2021
Times Read: 618

Well, got the dog bathed fast. The water pressure made it fast. Mr. Poe is done-up, again. Didn't see any ticks. Maybe, that cheap stuff worked.

I thought that the two strays we're eating all the left overs. But, no. . . .Plate is too clean. Must be a raccoon.

Starting to get mountain gear. LOL. Maybe, a hint of what is to become.

Had one crazy, had to on-gaurde, again!

My Hspace book, got wet, and moldy. Looks like I'm going to have to get another copy.

Think I'm going to set-up a perm circle later.

Watching one of those baby sticky frogs. Cute. He's playing with one of my things.
It's legs are like those spring toys. And, the Calico is back. Maybe, nobody owns it, it eats a lot. But, it has a Spca cut, the black one doesn't. Both are skiddish. Not people friendly.




14:59 Nov 10 2021
Times Read: 635

Uh oh. Out of Camp Crystal Lake, today. Will leave pics. LOL. I can give Mr. Poe a hot shower, now. Giggles




19:46 Nov 09 2021
Times Read: 645

Seeing that I am out in the sticks again. I was thinking of doing the tree bond, that I read about. (In an easier way.) Supposed to keep you alive longer. But, there were so many trees killed by Ida, I decided not. Interesting though. Not like Jung. But, same Idea. More of an English thing.

Saw my favorite Xmas video. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (live)
Of course I am thinking in a different context. LOL.




19:29 Nov 08 2021
Times Read: 658

Great doin chores. Got fire wood almost ready. Would love to sneak Poe in for a hot shower. But, it says no pets. LOL. Hate to put him under cold. He has his winter coat.

I gave Mr. Poe roast beef, and he ate my cat's food again. Mon Dieu.




00:39 Nov 08 2021
Times Read: 668

I thought they weren't going to do daylight saving time. LOL. I got up at 530. Aaaargh. And, mosquito time is 530 at night, now.

When I let the pets out, the black cat was in front, and kissed Baby. Cute. She got a lot of hot dogs today. LOL Was thinking of making her a Teepee, But when I leave they will throw out. Has to be something that can hide. She still won't let me touch her.

Was sick after eating ramen, and two Frank's.
Ate, 2 hotdogs for dinner. Think it will hold.

Watching, As Good as it Gets. My favorite parts, are coming up!

Going to do a project, this month.




00:39 Nov 08 2021
Times Read: 669

I thought they weren't going to do daylight saving time. LOL. I got up at 530. Aaaargh. And, mosquito time is 530 at night, now.

When I let the pets out, the black cat was in front, and kissed Baby. Cute. She got a lot of hot dogs today. LOL Was thinking of making her a Teepee, But when I leave they will throw out. Has to be something that can hide. She still won't let me touch her.

Was sick after eating ramen, and two Frank's.
Ate, 2 hotdogs for dinner. Think it will hold.

Watching, As Good as it Gets. My favorite parts, are coming up!

Going to do a project, this month.




18:19 Nov 06 2021
Times Read: 690

So nauseous, not a great day. That's it for eating, today. Phase one of waxing moon.

Been doing a lot of walking. So going to try something tomorrow, just to see.

I worked on something astral, the other day. And, I opened a door so we'll, that I was amazed. Another knick knack, to play with. You know, there was an astral, long long ago, I saw fixed. It was from another witch, of caliber.

The men here, are asking me where to go to the bathroom. I hated to be a bearer of bad news. . . . But, it is nice. (There is a history about it w helping w Covid, I read. Guess that's like a lot of places.) LOL truthfully, I was going to go in this other place, to check, and see; if usable. But, kids the day before was messing around. So, it was bolted SHUT. Darnit. Bummer, I couldn't get a coke, either.

BOO, gave me a coffee, and a breakfast sandwich. But, choked to much. LOL. McDonalds.

I didn't think I'd be at the same place, this week. So, I was trying to explain to that black cat, that she is going to have to ask around. (Still hissing when I go near) But, I'm still here. Bought her a inexpensive dry food, and gave her some of the dog's rejects, which is human food. The calico usually finishes the food off. Didn't see her today.

And, found a beetle, outside, pretty yuckie. A must see pic. LOL

Uh oh, Trump blames Alec Baldwin, regarding shooting. I don't know. . . . . All of them are supposed to check, granted. But, usually, that isn't the job of the star. Plus, there was 50 real bullets. If the gun was given by the assistant, and someone else heard him say a cold gun, then I would assume that the assistant is to blame. He is over the Amorer, and over the star. But, the dying words, are weird from the woman. Why would she say; that won't do. Did she set it up, and screwed up. Should link, but, don't care that much. Maybe, the funding ran off. Maybe, the star turned her down. Maybe, she wanted a divorce. Who knows.




19:04 Nov 05 2021
Times Read: 705

Came here a week ago. Only few people were friendly. But, been nice. Only bad, is a half mile walk, that I have to do a bunch of times a day. LOL. Eerie. So many downed trees. On the bright side, lots of fire wood, and exercise. Poe, I bundled up last night, even with the heater on high. . . . Drafts. Baby, likes to climb on the dead trees.

Just saw the coke guy drive bye. Have enough change for one more. Machine doesn't take fives.

LOL, didn't comb my hair before it dried. So, that's a mess.

Blackie, outside, is not warming up. Still hissing. And, still meows when she needs food. Definitely, she is a she. She has a belly now, but it hasn't fattened all of her. She even ate the smoke sausages, that the dog wouldn't eat. Awwwwww. Got a can of cat food for her for later, and gave her the rest of 9 Lives. Walmart doesn't have too much pet soft anymore. Not sure where to go next. Not the Walmart in the sticks either. Wish I could have found a trailer, in the sticks, but full-up.

Made a 🔥.




Godzilla's Birthday Today!

15:19 Nov 04 2021
Times Read: 728

The black stray cat hisses every time I try to touch him. LOL. That's the thanks, for all that food. Gave him the forgotten 9 lives, this morning. He didn't like that, too much. But, not enough of the other to feed all three. So, two outside eats 9 lives. Believe it or not, the calico stray was eating the beans and frank's, that my dog didn't eat. Wish I knew what to do w Blackie. He won't let me near him. Will have to leave him soon. 2 days ago he ate a Hugh can of soft nine lives, and yesterday he ate a regular Soft 9 lives. My cat won't eat that.

Nice and cool today. Supposed to rain.

There is no change machine, in the laundry room. Aaaargh. Just need one qaurter, to do wash and dry. Bummer. Have a five, but, sofa machine only takes ones. Sooooooo. What to do, what to do....

Drinking second can of coke. . . . Uh oh.

Other neighbor left, heard a pipe dragging. Wonder if he noticed?




07:37 Nov 02 2021
Times Read: 750

Can't sleep. So went to YouTube. Saw the new Scream. That looks like, must see.

And, saw more writeups on rust. Now they say, the assistant manager handed Baldwin the guy. So, there are three hands touching it. Plus the union staff walked out prior. Who had motive. And, where is Columbo, when you need him.

I just heard that Biden pooped on himself, in the Vatican. Not laughing. Ok I am. That's worse than when Ford threw up on himself w the Chinese Emperor. I think. Maybe not.

Poor Poe, he doesn't want to come out. And I had to put the Baby back in. People working on surroundings. I think Baby sees the strays walking around and figures he can also. Maybe Poe is afraid of the black cat. Lol

I was going to throw out Carl Jung's cow. But, decided, weeks ago to keep him. Sort of a mascot.

I don't know what to do w black cat. Calico, must have left. He was another meowing for food. LOL. Just Blackie, out there.

Not feeling too good, might just drink water tomorrow.

No sauce, coke, chocolate. . . .




13:17 Nov 01 2021
Times Read: 763

Poe is shivering. Wrapped him. Last night blew fuse. Had heat too high. Cant put TV, w heat. Fixed in minutes. But, there was frost on everything, this morning. Already took shower. Sweet.

Have a lil window open w the heat to adjust pets.

The black cat is getting a lil friendlier. Still skiddish.

I don't think Poe likes the new place, I have to force him to go out. Baby is fine. he was out most of the day yesterday. So today, so far, I let him, in and out 2x.

Tried doing what boo did w the grill. Not good, too few charcoal, maybe. Better e a layer of paper, then dry twigs and grass, than bigger prices of wood filled with dry twigs and grass. Then, I light the paper, and everything lights.

The coal, I put fluid. But, didn't all light. Was a lot harder. Maybe, just me. Maybe, need a YouTube video for that. LOL.

Wonder if laundry room works yet, need to do blankets.

Weather goes from extreme hot, too extreme cold. There was a frost. Hopefully, knocked off mosquitoes.

Getting a lot of exercise. Might say, nature have hikes.

The end of the year wasn't good, for a few. . . Naming the incident, at the Japan rail station, for one.

MACKLEMORE - Next Year Featuring Windser (Official Music Video)



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