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18:36 Oct 26 2016
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Had so much fun voting yesterday. But, it was a confusing, sweet process.

Had to go through scanner, and for some reason set it off. Uh oh,.... Corkskrew.

Then had to go to the 2nd floor in a very beautiful room, to wait. And wait we did. But, I had that book by Al-khalili with me, so I caught up.

Then they sent us back to the elevators, where we went to the fifth. And waited a short while. I was all set up in the computer so attendant gave me a card? Had to insert it and touch voted.

At night, I heard astrally, that it was Whiplash. The Computer System was suppose to speed things up. But, it actually, was slower.

Would like to see Trump win. Hillary has been in charge for two terms.

Meanwhile, here, at library checking emails. Just a ton of Insurance and marketing. And one cook, on hold.

Asked for a book here, and guy ordered it from Amazon. Showed him what I was reading and he laughed and said that Schradinger's Cat was dead and Alive, together. Sweet. But, I told him, that it better be alive when I look. Sweet. Yeah, that was Jim Al-Khalili, Paradox. Which I am almost done. Took out another of his books, at East Jeff. Think I am the first. Ahhhh a virgin book. love it.

What I saw in his book, I am frowning about. He doesn't think that we can change time. That you should be able to feel, touch, though. So that is good. Does have the cause, and effect. So, I am on the right wave link.

Came up with my own time machine, in my mind, meanwhile. This one looks a little weird with open cups at each end and the steel plate around the center you might call pod. Hmmmmmm

But, still working on astrally, meanwhile.

Job wise, yesterday interviewed for another cook. And signed up with a temp.




Have a Trump Rump

21:35 Oct 24 2016
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My email went off, and I couldn't check early voting.

I went there and it starts tomorrow. Better go in incognito. A lot of people are voting Hillary. I don't know why. She really isn't any better. And, it happened to be Trump that gave me the heads up on voting.

Walked two hour here, and will be walking back. Building up my stamina.

Wasn't exercising for a while.

I keep thinking of the of the qizmo, I saw in the ER=EPR, research.

The ends created the space, and the switch offs were just as good. Have to think how I can apply this to my research. Even if you put your self in a chamber, the chamber would be an end.

Oh, well .... enough of this. Need to job search, and make sure I vote early tomorrow.




16:25 Oct 23 2016
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Someone wanted to show me a pretty wooden floor w the sun shining through the windows. The question is why.

Prefer the kissing of the dark hair lady.

Saw an Jim Al-Khalili video. On birds, , entanglement, two slit....


Sorry to say... me and mine would be the Windex Prankster Birds.

So, to my fellow aliens, back off. No need to ruffle this ones feathers. It would be better to play w Nemo. He can handle it!

Actually, Nemo should be flattered. They never make an appearance. But, I understand, the Windex prankster birds.




06:05 Oct 23 2016
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It is as quiet as a cemetarie.

Did a link earlier, at a bad time, he was kissing someone. Whoops, sorry buddy.

Talked to last manager, he said his manager was fired. And Workers were trying to get rid of Charlie. Well, she got that coming. She said astrally, that I was going to get a lower pay. So fair is fair. There was a lot of restaurant customer walk outs. Guess recked. This is when a mote is needed.

Maybe, guy I worked for will get his courage back.


Say that Stonehenge walk, was actually a gutter. What was community it aided.

Going to do another link.... maybe will have better shelf time.




20:27 Oct 22 2016
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Well, went to the friendly spot. Got a big hug. So sweet. Such a sweet family. Kitchen perfect.

Went on another interview, today. Lol will have to learn healthy cooking. But, I don't care what restaurant you go to, you have to learn a new menu.

Had a dream with someone frisky. Not sure who the other guy was.

Got asked a few questions.

Got a voting notification from Trump. He really is the better choice. And, I like Putin, also.




14:07 Oct 21 2016
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Well, there was no end of world, this morn, from meteors. So back to job search.

I think someone dislocated my ghost. So I tried to put him back.

Hours after, heard... you may pass. I owe you one. ???? But, this time he said that might be last time.




18:47 Oct 20 2016
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Well, some male isn't getting 15 seconds of fame. That empty shelf maybe needs fluid. Yum! Ghost Towns have a Saloon . And its not good to leave it dry. Such a hard thing to measure in science.

Yup, I have an astral crank.

Went 3 places. One is hiring. Close by. Hmmm. Other is so nice, but has to be on line. Wait two days, go in w resume. But, no more library.

Third just took resume.

Tomorrow, goin to see about a job that I worked before, where I liked the family. Feel I'm good enough now. But, let's see.

Sky seems weird lately. Maybe, paranoid.




23:42 Oct 19 2016
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Lol. I love cooking. So, I went for the top dog. Yummy. Oh, my God. Fun. Made a cooking joke. In the question, name five cooking books. I made a joke with one. I said prison cooking. Use lots of noodles and candy. Lol.

True, just came out at the library. Lol. Might need it some day.

Maybe, I shouldn't have used that book. Was a cooking joke. But. They may be too sombre. Let's see!!!!

Did include Wilson and Julia. Yum




13:39 Oct 19 2016
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Saw someone threw black balls all over, within Stonehenge, yesterday. And its Sun.

Mon Adieu, I live in a very uncivilized place. So you can imagine what I thought it was. So I did not give a mention.

They slid off and rolled to the ditch.

Last night I saw meteors going to be seen at Stonehenge.


Someone this morn mentioned that it is an umbilical cord.

That is showing up in my experiment. Good word. Sweet!




13:43 Oct 17 2016
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Because of my new experiment:

No, I'm not going to look like , drool. I drink my own concoction. Thank you. Think, I'm going to call the person who said it, Spark. Spark, I'll be more like Jykle and Hyde. Kidding.

Spark and I worked together, in food. One day I was joking about my experiences at Rouses. See.... I would leave at night with my T-shirt covered w looked like drool. So much, that I always was treated extra special, at Rouses. Probably, because they thought I was a retard. Lol

The whole sketch was rubbing my hand over the messy shirt and saying drooooooooool.

So Spark made a comment a while back, that I looked like Steve Martin, in what was that .... the one where he acts like a retard. Not All Of Me.... More like Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ..


Sticks and Stones.

So now Spark thinks I'll turn into spit for brains. With my potion.

Actually, she said drooool.

Sometimes a spark, can set a fire.

But, think the funniest..... lol Was when you asked me for a picture of my red hair........ lol..... said I didn't have one.... but.... god, I was laughing so hard I could just about say it..... I Would Give Her a Picture of my Crotch, Instead.

Spark I miss my little killer Raptor.




Everyone , it is time to put on your masks.

13:53 Oct 16 2016
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Have pumpkin candles for Harvest. So another year will soon be over. Think the land, skies, rivers and breezes did well, wish everyone a wonderful rap up! May we have a wonderfully mild year to come. And may the next year be filled with wonderful gifts, for mine, me and for ours alike. Blessed Be

I was wondering what to where for harvest, thought I'd go v3ry old ritual forbidden, and wear that of an animal.

Animal should represent soul.

Think of which, William Shatner, is coming out with, Spirit of the Horse, book, next year.

Everyone, as they say in Salem. Put On Your Masks!

Burn it Down, Linking Park




13:41 Oct 16 2016
Times Read: 1,381

Some voodoo bimbo, of the astral skies attacked about those t shirts that were given. Had to do an astral head chopping. And threw it in the garbage. Used one of those Given t-shirts already. To wipe up dog. Excrement. Hope dearie stays on the ground. You and Marcus go well w the 27 chicken wings.




19:00 Oct 15 2016
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Super moon tonight. Could be a good night.

Need to try something new. Might take something. Legal that is.

Chum surprised and picked me up yesterday. After a good job search. Took me to fill up at Bears. Such a big surprise. Love their onion rings. PO boys were over the top. I still owe him. Sweet

Back to straightening my hair. Mon adieu.

Linkin Park Divide!




03:38 Oct 14 2016
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Man, this guy went off on me. Started walking to face him, ad he projected. But, then thought: just a stupid ugly piece of crap. So said a few disclaimers myself, and gave him one of Cabots hand signals and he actually did it. Another time, (I threatened to call cops, for a black lady, from him, a while back. Forgot about that.)

Wondered if he was the guy who went by twice saying hey beautiful in the restaurant. Oooops was too busy working on something to look up. Typical.

This is why I told my niece not to visit. War zone. Like the south Bronx. Looks cute on TV. But,

**********Faint, By Linkin Park.




14:25 Oct 12 2016
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Well, my Vertigo is better today. Much

Wonder how the room actually looks like it is spinning. Weird.

A real Ouch Google says it is due to crystals in inner ear.

Jokingly I looked up Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo trailer. Lol it actually has my square slinky only spinning. The original trailer.

Truthfully, Jimmy looks more like fear of heights. Guess all, together could be considered Vertigo. Me and Jimmy, we are there.

First time I feel like getting up. Coffee at Mccydys. Ooooops got to watch out for that clown. Lol Need to job search. Coffee and job search.




02:01 Oct 12 2016
Times Read: 1,426

Ah ha!!!

Doctor Sachet has figured out what she has! :)


To treat, I am going to do the head tilt up.

Head down, and to the right.

Truthfully, would rather have Jimmy Stewart.

The cemetery.

The Tower.

Where is Alfred Hitchcock when I need him.

Actually, I have Stonehenge, there is my cemetary.

But, lack Jimmy, and the tower.




20:00 Oct 11 2016
Times Read: 1,428

Well, went on an interview. Ex Assistant Manager called just before. HMMMMMM Weird.

Feelin still a little quezy. Maybe, lack of lots of sugar.

Ouch had to pay my old bill for the other library. LOL. Had to do an online. Mon Dieu.

The Sun worshippers, had to be the ones with the dog. They found a dog tooth, God! Would you believe. LOL

I'll get you my pretties. LOL (Wizard of Oz)





23:24 Oct 10 2016
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Astrally, I saw someone attack the man who tore the slip off the machine.

Someone said they were going to hold onto my hips when I go through. Maybe he was the animal.

Today he broke the man w the slips globe. He said that he never had someone do that before.

Still have to find a safe interesting place to try to touch down in.

My new friend, has been protecting me astrally. Even Hilda attacked.

But the slip wasn't an attack. Was just trying to touch down.




18:42 Oct 10 2016
Times Read: 1,441

Job search, again. Library accidental printed an extra set of resumes. Saw one, but, it depends on tourist. Will check out, anyway, tomorrow.

Sent another through email. But, someone tried to break into my Gmail. In Texas.

Ooooops just got another sign in failure.




13:15 Oct 08 2016
Times Read: 1,446

Was going to do something last night. But, needed a new space and time. Need lots of practice. Need a place/person . What have I always wondered about. Something of my interest.

OMG. I thought of something. Someone actually. But what time

Or maybe it should be the future.




23:25 Oct 07 2016
Times Read: 1,452

Jim Al-Khalili, has come out w a new book, Aliens. Looks to me that the men in black exists.

The astral jackass, is baffling. Saw a flip. Pretty good.

But, actually, I owe my mom one. Kisses.

Heat and flips are not holistic. Time never stands still.. for nobody.

I thought also, if my alien leader is so perturbed, she can get the OK from the gang, to divorce. It is the way. But, could be considered racial. An intergalactic issue.




16:47 Oct 02 2016
Times Read: 1,480

House of Shock is back. Thinking that we need rain.

Reading p. 134. Paradox. Reminds me of work in Stonehenge . Think he likes the future.

Me... what if someone went back in time, and helped Christ. Would there be a bible?... or a satanist, for that matter. What about the time of the Hammer. Wouldn't that be canceled out.

I like Jim Al-Khalili, makes me laugh, maybe more dangerous. The cat, with the curve. Standing in back watching, isn't always the safest place.

But, I understand, the past has its pains. I often think, why do these people I know aways do as before. Maybe, regurgitation gives comfort. But, is there a future. We are what are particles are.




12:02 Oct 01 2016
Times Read: 1,490

I did another set of lines. This one, not i including Nemo, and giving lines that OK my change. So my group can stop doing stares.

Saw a few real things, but only seconds. Trying to work in past. Saw line going square down continuously. Around me down. Something like a slinky toy.

Thinking opening. a private journal.

The first real try, was going to a place to see the first ritual done.




01:43 Oct 01 2016
Times Read: 1,372

My phone has been giving me so much trouble. Typed to quit earlier, on it own.. It didn't save. Truthfully, they were pushing me to quit, and now that it is all black, think best I do. Did. Well, at least my phone type works now. Ghost better help find a job. Please not another cook job.

My experiment started. I'm trying to go inside out, just like a black hole. My first started w a few links. Was very fast. Next will be soon. Just have to keep reformatting. Memo wanted me to introduce him in the past. But, no. Need to go my own way. Next time.... will change a little more.

My group: I see you staring. Cute.... lol

To my ghost... I want my Comet TV back.




01:42 Oct 01 2016
Times Read: 1,372

My phone has been giving me so much trouble. Typed to quit earlier, on it own.. It didn't save. Truthfully, they were pushing me to quit, and now that it is all black, think best I do. Did. Well, at least my phone type works now. Ghost better help find a job. Please not another cook job.

My experiment started. I'm trying to go inside out, just like a black hole. My first started w a few links. Was very fast. Next will be soon. Just have to keep reformatting. Memo wanted me to introduce him in the past. But, no. Need to go my own way. Next time.... will change a little more.

My group: I see you staring. Cute.... lol

To my ghost... I want my Comet TV back.



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